Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 7…When A Man Loves a Woman….

It is true what the song says, When a man loves a woman, he can’t keep his mind on anything but her.  When Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles met Nayya, she got a chance to hear Nayya’s story of Love between her and Jose.  Jose was an active duty soldier in Afghanistan. She and Jose wanted to plan their wedding for September because that is when she thought that he would get leave from the service.   In early November, Nayya got the word that Jose would be coming home soon, and they can push the wedding up to May on Memorial Day Weekend.

What excitement Nayya had to hear that her true love, would be home soon.  He told her that it may not be until January or February, but he would be home.   Nayya continued her wedding planning with Rosie and leading her every day life. Waiting for the love of your life when there  are so many things going on in Afghan and other places was not an easy thing.  Many times Nayya would share her concerns with Rosie about the wait, but would be comforted by words of hope and prayer that Rosie could offer that he will be home soon.

As the holidays approached, Nayya proceeded with her busy life and getting herself ready with her family for the holidays.  On Christmas Eve there was an unexpected knock at the door, she opened the door and to her surprise,  there was Jose standing in the doorway with his arms open wide saying, “I am home!” What a Christmas blessing!  Of course he still had some monthly trainings to attend,  but he was home from Afghanistan, he had served his time!



This happy couple was married On Memorial Day Weekend at the beautiful Shades of Green Resort.



When there is love…nothing stands in the way….

Nayya Cover no watermark




27 Miracles


Thank you to Demarco Films for their Wedding Photography!


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