Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 9…….Love at First Sight? Do you believe in it?

Love will find its way to you.  Sometimes you search for love in all the wrong places and you get frustrated looking for love.  You find someone and the relationship struggles because love did not find its way yet to you.  Love is easy but not easy.  If in the dating relationship it is a struggle, then is it love or just someone to pass time with.  Does everyone have love at first sight?  Not really because some folks have to spend a lot of time together to see if they are a good fit.  Some people do find love at first sight and when they do….wow …bam…watch out…the room is electrified and their love spills on everyone around them.

That is Migdalia and Edwin’s story…

Both Migdalia and Edwin hoped to find true love and prayed for a special soul mate for several years and on this one special day in the month of love, February, it finally happened! We had to share their story since they fell in love in February!

One evening while planning their wedding, Migdalia shared their engagement story.  Edwin  just laughed and smiled  looking at her like a school kid in love…gotta love it… Ed (as Migdalia calls him)  knew that he was going to propose to Mig  (as he kindly calls her), so he spoke to her sister and her daughter to just let them know that he wanted to propose, but did not say when.  He had a special day planned to ask her.  He had bought some dessert to bring for dinner and some other things,  Mig being her helpful self, wanted to help bring stuff in.  She went in the trunk of the car and saw a little bag from a jewelry store.  When Mig saw the little bag she turned to Ed and  said, what’s this?  Poor Ed, he turned all sorts of colors and nervous and just gave it to her and said can you pretend that I did not give it to you yet.  He wanted to ask her after dinner in front of everyone, but Mig says she was so nervous herself that she came in to the house and just told everyone.

G&D (55 of 96) G&D (59 of 96) G&D (77 of 96) G&D (78 of 96)

Whenever you are around this happy-go-lucky couple, you can feel the energy of love between them as they look into each other’s eyes.  Many blessings are desired for this couple as they await the big wedding day coming soon!!

27 Miracles


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