Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 10….Marrying MY BFF…..

When 27 Miracles planner Rosie Moore, met Joann and Glenn, it was obvious to her that these tw were each other’s BFF’s .  Joann came to Rosie to plan their honeymoon so off to planning they went.  As they planned over the next few weeks, Joann shared her story on how Glenn and her met.


“Glenn and I met in December 2000 through a co-worker of Glenn’s at Universal Studios.  When we first started dating we both had similar goals and we were both not interested in marriage.  Through the years we’ve shared a lot, seeing family and friends go through divorce, birth’s, marriage’s, death but our love grew stronger and stronger.  For Glenn’s birthday in 2012, I  surprised him and booked a room at one of our favorite hotels, Tradewinds in St. Pete, FL, little did I know Glenn had a bigger surprise waiting for me.  The night of his birthday we went out for a nice steak dinner but he was acting weird and didn’t even finish his steak.  We went back to our room then decided to  take a walk on the beach, and watch the sunset.  As we walked down the beach hand in hand, we talked about things we’ve been through and how much our relationship has grown.  Next thing I know Glenn stopped, looked at me straight in my eyes and started to tell me how much he loves me, he drops to one knee, and says how  he can’t see his life without me in it.  At this point he brought out a ring box and as he opened it, asked me if I would be his wife.  Not only was I shocked and crying my instant answer was “YES!”

“The ring is beautiful and means so much to me because the middle stone was my mother’s diamond from her engagement ring.  She told Glenn, before she passed away, if he decided to marry me not to buy a diamond and to use hers. We chose December 6, 2014 as our wedding date because this was the date of our first date. ”


Yesterday we brought you a story of Love at First Sight and today we bring you I am marrying my BFF and although it took 14 years,  they were never apart.  They were always in love! So when you meet that special someone you will know whether on day one or 14 years later, you will just know because you wake up thinking of that person, you go to seep thinking of that person and the mere thought of living without each other cause heart pangs.

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10313812_10204011091421894_5943870451478330313_n 10325551_10204076413254899_2745229390948191848_n 10337759_10204076419135046_5562946269130458799_n 10348206_10204076399054544_1493070616810174058_n 10352779_10204076407294750_8068070639950617775_n 10356350_10204076415054944_5630726492121857652_n
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10407788_10204076407574757_4463884911534322642_n 10410100_10204076399974567_175867406792134229_n 10411419_10204011091461895_5499288099106281282_n 10414583_10204076422615133_6340245169181709195_n 10417613_10204076411734861_6708068362703418480_n 10418240_10204076409454804_8575928057461781527_n 10418339_10204076419895065_4682912692605547396_n 10422963_10204076402894640_8295483266222344720_n
10426685_10204076415494955_4230825639713984636_n 10426771_10204076405254699_8958177579696509459_n 10426777_10204076421575107_970835240081749311_n

Congratulations to Joann and Glenn on their wedding …

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