ABC Orlando Goes To Paris….Coco Chanel Style

ABC goes to Paris, Coco Chanel Style……well at least in decor …Our Association of Bridal Consultants meeting was held at the beautifully renovated Castle Hotel in June.  This meeting was all about membership at ABC and what that means to all of us.  Our speaker was Master Bridal Consultant Mark Kingsdorf.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-32

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-19

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-45 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-46 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-55 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-57

Our day started with  pink champagne to get us all in that Paris , Coco Chanel feel… everyone mingled.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-34

When  it was just about time to enter into the ballroom Paris style….we were welcomed by the music of Orlando DJ and Lighting, they amazed us with  the color scape of the room matching  perfectly the centerpieces unique to Flourish Productions.   As if that was not enough, Dogwood Blossoms let everyone know about the menu with her beautiful Paris themed cards.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-14

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-1 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-2 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-4 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-21 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-29

The menus let us know that we were having mixed field greens  with a pomegranate vinagrette.  Our main course consisted of Petit Filet and herb marinated shrimp with potato  croquettes.


You may ask yourself, how do the co directors coordinate these events, and make them look great?  Well it does take team work to get everything done.  However every planner always needs a fairy Godmother.  To co-director Rosie Moore, that was Diane Jensen of the Wedding Party this month.  She jumped in to help coordinate the  meeting event when it was needed. Diane was able to plan out the Coco Chanel Paris theme with Flourish Productions, the elegant linens from Over The Top  and Dogwood Blossoms for the menu.

Now can we talk desserts?  There were several different flavors of Pies on the beautiful pedestals  from A Chair Affair, who are avid ABC members.  Anytime you want to know what it feels like to be a member, call and ask them.  They have been members of ABC for many years and they can tell you the perks of membership.  Now did you get a look at these minis pies, P is for Pies made those.  Diane was able to secure these pies for the wedding professionals at the meeting to go nicely with the Coco Chanel theme. Thank you Diane!!!

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-22 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-23 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-24 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-25 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-26 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-33

The ABC co-directors were so appreciative of all the wedding and event professionals that sponsored this meeting.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-41

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-40
ABC Luncheon 2015.06-49 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-55 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-60

This meeting was all about what it means to be an ABC member.  Being an ABC member gives you monthly education on the latest trends brought to you by the experts in the industry.  We can certainly have a good time at a networking party and meet other professionals and we can make a career out of it, because after all we are in a party atmosphere all the time.  However, being an ABC member gives you the best of both worlds, fun and education.  We have had some interesting topics such as,  how do wedding planners work with venue planners, tent weddings, marketing to get new clients,  wine pairing to educate your clients as they plan events and so much more. This coming month in October you will be hearing from an expert in the field of Themed Weddings, the lovely and talented Debra Shea.  If you have not bought your tickets yet, buy them here

Debra SHea

Flourish productions wanted to have a simple Coco Chanel look to give us the feeling of being in a quaint restaurant in Paris, coupled with the delicate lace linens  from Over The Top, this decor really captured the theme.  The chargers from a chair affair with the Bon Appetit menus from Dogwood Blossoms was eye-catching as each guest found their seat.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-3 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-18

Now no event would be the same without uplighting….Orlando DJ and Lighting provided us with pink uplights to match the theme of the event.   But here is the great part, as the dessert time came and the music got lively, so did our ballroom with the lights changing colors by patterns.  A great selling point for us planners to talk to clients about as they select professional dj and lighting companies.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-29

The photo credits for this meeting can be given to Rudy and Marta Photography! We had only Rudy at the meeting because his beautiful wife was too far along in pregnancy to be with us and we can certainly say congrats on the birth of their baby boy!

So that is our June meeting in a nutshell.  What does that mean for you ? Stay tuned next time to hear about wine pairing and what we can offer our clients.

If  you would like more information about becoming a member, please reach out to any of your ABC co-directors and we will be happy to help you get started in membership.  We will waive your registration fee if you ask us at any of our meetings.

0130_GAL_8555 0123_GAL_8544

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting October 22, 2015 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort at 11am where you can learn about themed weddings!  You don’t want to miss this one, there are some neat things to hear and learn about.

Themed Weddings and Events

Your ABC Co Directors

Allan Saltman of Allan Jay Images

Mark Kingsdorf of Mission Inn

Diane Jenson of The Wedding Party

Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles

Thank you to our team of wedding and event professionals who sponsored our meeting!

My ABC! Member Only Luncheon Tickets, Orlando | Eventbrite

Castle Hotel /Newly Renovated Venue

A Chair Affair /Chargers/Chivari Chairs- ABC Members

Flourish Productions  Floral/Decor

Rudy and Marta Photography /Photography -ABC Members

Dogwood Blossom Stationery  Menu Cards

Jerry Alicea Productions /Videography

Over the Top /Linens

Orlando DJ and Lighting DJ/MC/Uplighting

The Wedding Party  Décor/Coordination – ABC Member

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