Christmas Countdown Day 17 Celebrate the Funnies

Did you ever have something go wrong during the holidays?  Yes, I am sure everyone has had an incident or two, cookies get forgotten for a party after you baked them, oven doesn’t get turned on with your ham, or any number of things.  Learn to laugh about them, write them down and these will become your memories for Christmases to come.  One year I remember being so busy and doing so much, I made a cheesecake the night before, chilled it and it was ready to serve on Christmas day.  I served it and everyone said boy this is good ( saving face, gotta love family) I took one taste and realized, I forgot to add the sugar!! Today, my Dear Husband reminds me every year, don’t forget to add sugar to your famous cheesecake!

Christmas-dinner-1000x500 exps9988_RDHE10671D70_WEB

27 Miracles

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