Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and you are probably wondering what happened to countdown Day 22, 23, and 24?  When you are born 3 days before Christmas you tend to get a little busier!

This year we were very busy on Dec 21st delivering bears , hats and thermal bags with goodies to the preemie parents in the NICU.  Visit my birthday link:

Christmas Countdown Day 22  Christmas Cards

In this techy generation that we live in, many people skip the snail mail to send Christmas Cards due to time, cost of stamps and the ease of uploading pictures to many families.  That is a great thing for ease, but do you remember the last time that you received a card in the mail and how you treasure it because the cards these days are so far and few between.  Take a moment and send someone a Christmas card, it’s okay that today is the 24th, we have the 12 days of Christmas after 12/25 where people still are in the Christmas spirit celebrating!


Christmas Countdown Day 23 Walking for Christmas

It is a lot of fun to drive and check out the Christmas lights, but how nice is it to walk and see yrou neighbor’s homes decorated.  You get some exercise, fresh air( yes even in Florida where it is extremely warm this year) and you can wish other neighbors a Merry Christmas.  So get some walking shoes and go see some lights!

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Christmas Countdown Day 24 Be Blessed today

There is so much going on today that can keep us busy, get us down, or make us feel disappointed.  Some families are struggling with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, others struggle with their loved ones in the service, others are dealing with divorce and families split up for the holidays, others are sick, others have lost a loved one, others have financial struggles, but at the end of the day, we have much to be blessed for.  Take a moment and say thank you to those who have made a difference in your life. Count your little blessings because as little as they are, we consider them a blessing.


My gift to you this Christmas, is a blessing that you have a wonderful and memorable Christmas this year.  No matter what your circumstances are, we all have them but we are all in one family.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


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