Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 3…..From Phillipines With Love

Do you ever wonder why people travel to another destination to get married?  Sometimes it is family, sometimes destination for honeymoon, but in Lan and Ken’s case, it was love.  You see, Lan and Ken have been together for 10 yrs.  Ken proposed to Lan in Florida so it made sense to get married in Florida. Ken and Lan are from the Philipines.

Lan and Ken were married at the beautiful B Resort in the heart of Disney Springs.

Nolasco Wedding-5

As Ken was getting ready, he thought about Lan and shared in his vows that he really only had one love and that was Lan.  He said,  “a love like this only comes once in a lifetime.”Nolasco Wedding-102

The Flowers were provided by Debra Shea of Atmospheres.  They were the Bride’s something blue for her wedding!

Nolasco Wedding-107 Nolasco Wedding-130

As Lan got ready, she pondered and thought to herself, she has been with Ken for 10 years.  She thought of all they had done together.  One thing she shared in her vows was how comfortable she felt with Ken.  Comfortable enough to speak her mind and never worrying about his feelings changing for her.  She thought to herself, she really was marrying her best friend.

Nolasco Wedding-215 Nolasco Wedding-283

As Lan entered the ceremony site, escorted by her father, Ken looked on as his beautiful bride walked in. The emotion overcame him at the thought of marrying his one true love.
Nolasco Wedding-340 Nolasco Wedding-343 Nolasco Wedding-349 Nolasco Wedding-354

As Rev Glynn Ferguson led them in the ceremony to the moment of their special vows to each other, even the best man was taken with emotion as these two soul mates shared what was in their heart.

Nolasco Wedding-365 Nolasco Wedding-381 Nolasco Wedding-387 Nolasco Wedding-391 Nolasco Wedding-398 Nolasco Wedding-400 Nolasco Wedding-402 Nolasco Wedding-406 Nolasco Wedding-416

You may kiss the Bride…..

Nolasco Wedding-420

As the guests enjoyed their cocktail hour, it was time for some bridal party pictures and fun!

Nolasco Wedding-498 Nolasco Wedding-501 Nolasco Wedding-522


The B Resort helped the blue themed wedding with their beautiful reception room and blue up lights to enhance the decor.

Nolasco Wedding-572 Nolasco Wedding-573 Nolasco Wedding-574 Nolasco Wedding-579 Nolasco Wedding-582

Their wedding cake showcased a custom-made bride and groom .

Nolasco Wedding-585 Nolasco Wedding-646

The Bride and Groom danced their first dance to the tunes of Harpist Christine MacPhail for a romantic moment….

The rest of the night was filled with toasts , cake cutting and the guests dancing and enjoying the love that these two shared.

Nolasco Wedding-650 Nolasco Wedding-719 Nolasco Wedding-730 Nolasco Wedding-793 Nolasco Wedding-794 Nolasco Wedding-799 Nolasco Wedding-802 Nolasco Wedding-854 Nolasco Wedding-869 Nolasco Wedding-883 Nolasco Wedding-974

And to end the night, a moment with a caricature artist drawing the bride and groom.

Nolasco Wedding-1029

The end of a beautiful night, but the start of a life filled with romance……………..

Nolasco Wedding-1213

27 Miracles

David Lilly Photography

Atmospheres Floral

Sensational Ceremonies Rev Glynn Ferguson

B Resort Hotel

Christine MacPhail Harpist

Mandilyn Company


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