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Mrs Hebbeler  /Mother of the Bride: 

My daughter Ivonne had a dream, have a beautiful wedding. She models bridal gowns. She loves weddings. Her fiance proposed and they started the planning.
Then Ivonne was diagnosed with Cancer.
As she battled the sickness, God sent two angels to her life, Minerva from Minerva’s Bridal (bridal store where she models for) and Rosie Moore owner of 27 Miracles. They decided to help Ivonne with the wedding of her dreams.
Rosie Moore was the planner of my daughter’s wedding. She truly has a gift and you can tell she really loves what she does. She is very organized with every detail. The result was absolutely beautiful, flowers, crystals, linens, cakes, invitations, photo booth, coffee station, Cinderella carriage and much more, nothing was missing in my daughter’s dream wedding.
We never imagined for anything to look more beautiful or to be more perfect.
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for making Ivonne and Andrew’s wedding so special and memorable!!

Ivonne defeated the cancer and Rosie made her dream come true!! Thanks Rosie Moore…


A Wonderful Wedding Planner!    

The 27 Miracles team always does a fantastic job! Decorating, and service is excellent!


27 Miracles Wedding Consulting Works Miracles  

Rosie Moore is a Master Bridal Consultant who knows her way around a wedding. She’s organized, honest and efficient. Rosie will help you have your dream wedding. As an event rental company, A Chair Affair, Inc. knows every detail will be taken care of flawlessly when 27 Miracles is on the vendor list. Rosie is always a pleasure to work with.


She Went Above My Expectations    

Rosie was amazing!! She recommended the perfect shoes to dance in all night… which are Angela Nuran shoes… usually heels and comfortable don’t go together but Angela Nuran shoes are comfortable high heel shoes… you can purchase them through Rosie… Rosie took care of everything for me and I was relaxed in the planning process, I never had to run around stressed on my wedding day. If I was getting married again there is no doubt I would have Rosie as my wedding planner again. Highly recommend her services and the shoes!!!


Groom    Review….

She did a great job at organizing a very busy wedding day. The time and attention to detail that Rosie and her team take shows how much she loves and takes pride in her job. I would recommend her to future brides and grooms.



Rosie and her team did a fantastic job at making our wedding magical. We had a Disney themed wedding and she made sure we thought of everything and if we missed it she knew to add it. We were very happy with her service and would recommend her to everyone. She went out of her way to make our dreams come true. She’s even a travel agent and helped us with our honeymoon. Definitely a muti tasker.


Amazing Company To Work With  

Rosie Moore is very good at what she does. We have worked with her on many occasions from Weddings to your corporate events. 27 miracles is a company that I would highly recommend to use for all your events.

Great job and we look forward to working with you soon. From Orlando DJ and Lighting.

It Was Great Working With Rosie.

Rosie worked together with my sister to plan the most beautiful wedding day I could have asked for. Rosie, her husband and her assistant were kind, observant and attentive. 27 Miracles has my recommendation! Rosie is a wonderful wedding planner.

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A Chair Affair Reviews 27 Miracles

Ann Taylor Known by most , meetingprofs, eventprofs and wedding planners for offering superior event rentals for a great value

“Through A Chair Affair, Inc., I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rosie on several occasions. She was very detailed and professional in her work. She was a pleasure to work with. When planning your wedding you want to work with an award winning consultant she’s one of the best bridal consultants in the Orlando area.”

VIP Transportation Group Reviews 27 Miracles

Barbara White Co-Owner/Managing Director at VIP Transportation Group

“We love working with 27 Miracles when it comes to weddings. Having a wedding professional makes our job easier as we can coordinate the wedding day to make sure all the transportation fits the needs of the couple. You will not b disappointed with 27 Miracles service.”

Z Street Band, Band Source Productions, Reviews 27 Miracles

Mark Zauss Band Leader and Trumpet Player, Z Street Band, Band Source Productions, Inc.

“Rosie is a seasoned professional who I have had the pleasure to work with. Her work is artistic and thorough and she takes the time to listen to her clients to help them see their vision come to life. Rosie is reliable, has excellent communication skills, and her work is consistently excellent. I highly recommend her as a professional in the wedding and event planning industry.”


KBJ Recommends 27 Miracles

There are times in all of our lives that we are given an opportunity to do the right thing and make a difference in another person’s life.   KBJ Photography was given that unique opportunity when Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting contacted us about participating in a special wedding.   What made this December 2nd, 2011 wedding different was that Rosie had coordinated with all the vendors to make this a blessing wedding.  This wedding was to be completed totally free and from the heart.

Rosie told us the couple’s touching story of troubles and triumphs and after hearing the passion in Rosie’s voice, we knew that we needed to get on board and make a difference in this young couple’s life. 

Rosie went above and beyond to meet all their needs.  It was true honors for us to see Rosie go above and beyond to make this couple’s wedding become a reality.

KBJ Photography has had many opportunities to work with Rosie and we are always truly amazed at her organizational skills and her attention to details.  Rosie has fresh ideas and is always working for the client’s best interest in making their wedding the most it can be while saving money.  Anytime we know we are going to be working an event that Rosie of 27 Miracles, we know that the event will be fun, well organized and professional.

We recommend Rosie of 27 Miracles to anyone that is thinking of planning a Wedding, Quinceaneras, or family or corporate event.


Bruce Johnson

KBJ Photography LLC


Review from Christine MacPhail

It was my honor to perform harp music at the wedding of Alyssa & Francisco on December 2, 2011 and work with Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting. This was a very special couple and Rosie handled their needs perfectly.

As with other times I have worked with 27 Miracles, everything was organized and thoroughly outlined for this wedding.  Rosie provided a timeline and vendor information sheet to be sure no detail was forgotten. 

But in this case she went even further with her wedding planning duties because it was a Christmas Blessing wedding.  To help make the day special for this couple, Rosie sought out a variety of wedding services and coordinated everyone’s donations and contributions to come together for a beautiful evening.  She knew how to please the couple, the vendors, and the wedding guests.

I always enjoy working with Rosie and the 27 Miracles team. Rosie is not only a wonderful planner, but she also has a lovely personality which is such an important attribute in the social event business.

 Christine MacPhail

A Review from Nannuk Media

February 20, 20112  

I appreciate the opportunity to highlight the work that Mrs. Rosie Moore performs as a wedding planner.

I’ve been in Florida  for three years working in the Wedding Field. During that time I have been following through the Internet the career of Mrs. Moore. Finally, on December 2, 2011, I had the opportunity to personally work with her. I would like to emphasize several points:

  1. Mrs. Moore is a highly organized person.
  2. She is in control of time constraints while performing her work, thus allowing for the event to take place within the established parameters.
  3. She is a team player, acknowledging the work of the vendors collaborating in the event. 
  4. She is down-to-earth, sensible, polite, and interacts easily with the public.
  5. I could see first-hand that she enjoys her work and is passionate about it. 
  6. She exudes confidence and serenity, desirable qualities for clients requesting first-class service. 

Finally, I would like to provide an example of the quality of the work that Mrs. Moore performs that speaks volumes about her passion and integrity as a professional.

 Mrs. Moore was recently in charge of the Alyssa and Francisco’s Christmas Blessing wedding. She made every effort for it to be very beautiful, full of details that would become happy memories for the bride and the groom. The wedding was very elegant and delicate. Mrs. Moore took great care in seeking the best in order for this lovely couple to fulfill their dream of love. 

 I do not have any reservations in recommending Mrs. Moore as a Wedding Planner; my words are not sufficiently eloquent to describe the passion that this classy lady brings to her craft.

Marisol Rodriguez

Invitations by Nannuk

A Review from RJ Glamour and Innovation

Dear Rosie,

 Thank you so much for your professional work as a coordinator we look forward to doing more events with you in the future.

 Best regards

Juan Carlos


RJ Glamour & Innovation, Inc.

             Event Décor-Design

“We are here to bring your ideas to life”

                 2705 East South St, Orlando FL 32803

Florida (321) 527.80.77

San Juan (787) 470.49.90


Facebook: www.facebook/rjglamourinnovation

A Review from Orlando Party Rentals

January 25, 2012

 Rosie Moore

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting

 Dearest Rosie,

As always, we are so grateful for all things “Rosie”!  You are gifted in the art of wedding planning and more.  We applaud you hard work and unyielding enthusiasm.  Your level of service is a cut above the rest and we are ecstatic to give you an impassioned recommendation for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting.  Here at Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, we recognize the importance of going the extra mile for our clients.  I am proud to say that you feel the same way and show it in our every exchange!  It amazes me to watch you interact with the brides and grooms, family members, and our staff.  I want you to know that it is noticed and appreciated.

If you find yourself in need of our services, we would love to assist you in any way possible.  We look forward to working with you in 2012 and wish you the absolute best for this exciting wedding season!

 Greatest regards,

Darrin Shifrel


Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals