Tribute to the US Marines and the Toys for Tots drive

During the holiday season you see a lot of places that have collection boxes outside their office or place of business collecting for toys for tots.  Sometimes people go through the motions of just placing a toy in the box, but not really taking a moment to think of what is actually happening.

The Objective as listed on the website:

“The objectives of Toys for Tots are to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable resources – our children; to unite all members of local communities in a common cause for three months each year during the annual toy collection and distribution campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the future.”

27 Miracles had the honor of US Marine Robert Ward and his partner attend the 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza on December 2.  US Marine Robert Ward spoke about the reason that they do this collection.  He shared with us that due to the deployed soldiers there are only 10 Marines in Central Florida involved in this toy drive.  That is not nearly enough help.  But these men and women give up their time during the holiday season to do this service for the communities that are in need. 

Thank you to all that attended the event, we collected 4 full boxes the day of the event and another box the week after……

While there at the Extravaganza, 27 Miracles wanted to honor not only US Marine Robert Ward, but other guests that were in the service at some point, with a tribute  to them.

KBJ Photography Presents “27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza”

Bruce Johnson/Owner of KBJ Photography and Fireman in the Osceola County District, Gave His christmas Away when he decided that he wanted to photograph 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza.  Bruce and 27 Miracles have worked several events and weddings together and when this team gets together, here is the product that they can put out!!!   Thank you Bruce for the memorable pictures…..The pictures really captured the joy that everyone had as we welcomed  Christmas 2010 !!!!

Watch the video below for pictures….

27 Miracles and Volunteers are Making a Difference This Holiday Season

As we start the busy holiday season we sometimes get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking, cooking, and decorating and holiday parties.  But we forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy our loved ones.  Let this season 2010 be the one where we don’t save all our love for Christmas Day but we give it all year round and believe in Christmas Miracles.

This was sung at the 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza by Laura Knowles and Christopher Gaitan both Music Majors at Rollins College of Music in honor of the Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club..


Selena and Alberto Hoyos Gave Their Christmas away from life Dance International:

Studio K Dancers Yessenia Myers and Mike Schroeder Gave Their Christmas Away:

Every vendor that worked this evening donated their service to this event, there is no doubt that they gave their Christmas away to someone who needed it, but there is one vendor that gave his Christmas Away and quietly slipped out of sight that evening before the Formal Thank you’s were given on this night.  he has the biggest heart in my book.  He took on the catering of this event for 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza and made sure that each child present had a hot meal in their tummies.  That is not a small task to do.  His staff attended to the vendors that came out to work that night from 1pm in the afternoon in his own private dining room before the start of the event and then made sure that all the guests were butler served for their appetizers and deserts.  He made sure that we had enough hot cocoa and cider for the chilly night ahead.

His name is Michael Scorsone of Winter Garden Pizza Catering Company.

Santa decided to stop by and see all the good little boys and girls


Santa decided to stop by 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza before he started getting too busy at the North Pole..he heard there were some good little boys and girls there ….let’s see who he met up with first….hmmmm  …listen.. Thank you Sivan Photography! Sivan Grossman of Sivan Photography, gave her Christmas away this year to help photograph the boys and girls club of Winter Garden with jolly ole St Nick!

What’s the buzz after 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza?

This was 27 Miracles first Christmas Extravaganza…the request have come in to make this an annual event… We are definitely considering it!!!

Here is what people are saying about 27  Miracles Christmas Extravaganza!

Thanks to Rosie and the  27 Miracles  team for a great nite , it was super cold but beautiful event. I loved it. Micca Adolphe

Thanks to Rosie Moore and the 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting team for a nice evening last night at the holiday celebration. We survived the chilly weather! ☺ Christine MacPhail/Harpist

Congratulations to 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting (Rosie Moore and Marcus Moore) on your new office location and the wonderful open house event tonight, wonderful entertainment and the food was really good thumbs up to the chef.

 Home after a great event with 27 Miracles! What great entertainment! Thank you Rosie Moore ! Elizabeth Barrow

 Rosie Moore put on a beautiful holiday event — she even ordered up the perfect holiday weather!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of a magical holiday evening!! Michelle Sanderson

Elias was the life of the party at Rosie’s open house. Congrats on your new offices Miracle 27! Chad/Pilster Photography
Great event by 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting last night in supporting Brides Against Breast Cancer and Toys for Tots. There were boxes overflowing with toys!!! Amazing 🙂 Lots of fun!! Sivan Photography

Hi Rosie,Thank you for the invitation last night, Dillon and I had a great time! Nice Job with all the entertainment and food! Everything was great!  Michelle Williams  Conference Service Manager Rosen Centre Hotel 


A Public Thank You from 27 Miracles

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting and Event Planning would like to extend a special thank you to the following vendors and volunteers.

Kerline Doctuer of Joy De Vie/Brides Against Breast Cancer Speaker, Santa Claus for his special apperance for the children, Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ’s, Juan Carlos and Rigo of Glamour and Innovation Florals,Christine MacPhail/Harpist, Sivan Grossman of Sivan Photography,Kati Manna, Marykay, Darrin/ Fun Factory, Eddie Sosa/Letz Dance On It, Linda Hawkes/Diverse Entertainment Photo Booth, Kati Manna Entertainment( ventriloquist and face painter), Paul Duhon/PD Videography, Bruce Johnson/KBJ Photo, Kristen Weissman/ Studio K Ballroom Dance Studios, Alberto, Selena and Elena Hoyos of Life Dance International, Michael Scorsone of Winter Garden Pizza Catering Co, Robert Mc Donald of New Beginnings and Events DJ, Christopher Gaitan, vocalist, Laura Knowles, Vocalist, Victoria Doyle, Vocalist, Micca Adolphe vocalist, US Marines with speaker Robert Warden, Jaronda Hills of the Boys and Girls Club of Winter Garden.  

And we cannot forget the team of volunteers that contributed hours to this event:

Luzia and Erik Garner/actors, Ally Correia, actress, Troy Schmidt/actor , Tess Poleschuk/volunteer, Melissa /volunteer, Liz Rivera Otts, volunteer. Evelyn Duran /Selective Events/volunteer, Ofelia Palecek/Lilly’s Bridals and 27 Miracles,  volunteer, Kari and Peter Fleck from the Real Estate Collection/building owner, Michelle and Luis Gonzalez, volunteers. 

But Most of  all the support of Marcus Moore/business manager and officiant for 27 Miracles,   without whom this event would not have been possible, with his great ability to multi task to help make the event a success!

27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza Huge Success for Charity!!

Well who would have thought that after a week of beautiful 80 degree weather that on a night like December 2, 2010 the temperature would drop to the 40’s on the night of 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza?? Well it did!! But that did not stop fellow vendors in the wedding and event planning industry or brides and grooms from attending the event.  What was so important about this event?  Well, during this time everyone is busy preparing for Christmas, shopping, baking, parties , etc…that we forget to  take a moment to remember those that do not have what we have.

You see, December 2, 2010 27 Miracles wanted everyone to Not Save All their Love for Christmas Day.  Instead 27 Miracles wanted everyone to share their love every day, starting with their own families, but then with the US Marines, with a Toys for Tots donation and the Brides Against Breast Cancer.  One might ask, why talk about Breast Cancer during this  happy time of year, Christmas, well here is why:

 There was a mom that was born on Christmas Day 44 years ago, who has a 3 year old boy who will be going through his first Christmas without his mom.  

But then there is another woman who was at the extravaganza and she fought the disease and has reason to celebrate!  

We do not know what life has in store for us, but we know that we should appreciate our family and friends because today they may be here and tomorrow they may not be.  Let’s not wait for an illness of this sort to bring us closer to our family, instead develop that relationship from the start.

On December 2, 2010, 27 Miracles with the help of her fellow vendors, collected 4 boxes full of toys and filled up the van of the Marines that came to the event.

And that is the real reason for Christmas……giving of the heart…..