Jhanay and Deandre’s Dream Wedding

Marcus Moore, with Sensational Ceremonies had the privilege of performing the wedding ceremony of Jhanay and Deandre  on February 23, 2014.  I had been putting off writing her story, just because we get busy in our life.  But this morning I felt a compelling need to sit at my computer and share her story with you . Read until the end, her story will touch you.  What is so special about this wedding?  Read The Dream team’s story about Jhanay and you will see.

“On Friday, February 8 2014, Jamie Holmes, Founder of Jamie’s Dream Team, had the privilege to meet a wonderful mother by the name if Jhanay along with her family at Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC.

Jhanay, who is a 28 year-old loving mother, with two amazing young sons, and with a very caring extended family.   Jhanay’s health issues started for her at the age of 25 with breast cancer, and has since spread to her spine, lungs and brain.  Unfortunately the doctors have given her no a chance for full recover.   However, Jamie’s Dream Team stepped up to give her that one dream she had, which was to take her two sons, age 5 and 10, to Walt Disney World, like the memories she had as a child with her family.

Then on Thursday, February 13 2014, Jhanay informed Jamie’s Dream Team, that her long-term boyfriend had proposed and that she and DeAndre are planning a surprise wedding for the family while in the Orlando area.   Again Jamie’s Dream Team stepped up to plan a wedding in less than 10 days.

However thanks to the amazing Pittsburghers who made donations and for the amazing wedding vendors in Florida, not only did Jhanay have a wedding of her dreams on Sunday February 23, 2014, but she was surrounded by her wonderful and loving family.

Click on the link to see the media coverage of the wedding Media Coverage

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1972465_702747246413742_836205855_n photo-11

On June 13th 2014 Jhanay lost her battle, please keep her children and her husband and family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their daughter, mother, wife and friend.

Jamie’s Dream Team http://jamiesdreamteam.myfastsite.net/dream/jhanay/

Rosie Moore/27 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Honoring A United States Soldier on His Wedding Day

When Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles met Nayya in July of 2012, she got a chance to hear Nayya’s story of Love between her and Jose.  Jose is an active duty soldier in Afghanistan. She and Jose wanted to plan their wedding for September 2013 because that is when she thought that he would get leave from the service.  Rosie and Nayya started the planning of the wedding.  In early November 2012, Nayya got the word that Jose would be coming home soon, and they can push the wedding up to May 2013 on Memorial Day Weeekend.

524932_10201063111043583_294884956_n 179728_10201517086912696_1493134331_n



Nayya and Jose were ecstatic to be able to plan their wedding on a military resort….Shades of Green…




What excitement Nayya had to hear that her true love, would be home soon.  He told her that it may not be until January or February, but he would be home.   Nayya continued her wedding planning with Rosie and leading her every day life.  On Christmas Eve there was a knock at the door, she opened the door and to her surprise there was Jose standing in the doorway with arms open wide and saying, “I am home!” What a Christmas blessing!  Of course he still had some monthly trainings to attend but he was home from Afghanistan, he had served his time.

On Saturday May 25, 2013 we celebrated with Nayya and Jose a special ceremony of Love at Shades of Green (a resort for military families). DeMarco Films captured their story through  pictures of the wedding.


Look at the American Flag colors behind the wedding dress in the distance.



And so starts the preparation of the ceremony site…..




The decor of the ceremony site was  so romantic in red roses by RJ Glamour.  The bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets were made by a friend of the bride’s as a special gift to the bride.







Getting Ready……


A moment  with the bridesmaids…


The Bride was stunning on this day, with a glow as she anxiously awaited this day to come….



One of our favorite pictures of the bride, deep in thought

Nayya Cover no watermark




Now Jose has not seen his bride to be since the day before.  So as he gets ready he thinks about his beautiful bride…and looking good for her…





The groom is  having a great time as he awaits the moment that his beautiful bride will walk down the aisle to meet him. But he and his best man are enjoying some last-minute stories ….judging from their looks….pretty funny ones…






The Groom with his mom as his son looks on with a proud face for dad!


It’s time for the ceremony to begin…..Christine MacPhail, The Harpist, serenaded the guests on this hot breezy Saturday afternoon with tunes like, “Endless Love ” as the mother of the groom entered, ” I knew I Loved You” as the groom and his groomsmen entered and ” My Heart Will Go”  On as the bride walked down the aisle escorted by her son. The romance of the music with knowing this couple’s love story, made for an emotional ceremony.


Here comes the groom and his groomsmen with the officiant…. _S0A1215

We even had Julia Roberts attend the ceremony( no Just kidding, but could be her twin!)


Here comes Nayya, the bride escorted by her son……


The groom and the best man taken with emotion as they see Nayya walking down the aisle…


Marcus Moore performed the ceremony of Love flawlessly…..




The tender look of love as she admires her groom…


The Vows and the rings…





The blessing of the hands…….



Marcus Moore, pronounced them husband and wife…..


What joy after being pronounced husband and wife, they could not believe it…..





You may kiss your beautiful bride…..





After the ceremony the couple spent some time in the gardens of Shades of Green taking pictures and greeting their guests.





Bride and Groom alone time for pictures…





But before the end of the day…some fun times…




A beautiful end to a beautiful wedding….


Nayya and Jose decided to celebrate a private dinner at Bongos with their closest family in downtown Disney.


VIP Limo, came to pick up the bride and groom for their private family dinner at Bongos Cafe!



The happy couple ready to celebrate!





We wish Nayya and Jose a Happy One year Anniversary.  But Most of all we salute you Jose for serving our country ! 27 Miracles was honored to coordinate and plan your special wedding on Memorial Day Weekend.


Let us take a moment today and every day to honor our soldiers, those currently serving, those that have passed and those that are retired.


27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com 407-905-5454











Wedding Of Ruthie and Jeff Royal St Cloud

Sensational Ceremonies’ Marcus Moore Officiating the wedding of Ruthie and Jeff at the Royal St Cloud!

Thank you to Simply Different Photography for the beautiful Pictures!!!

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies




Simply Different Photography http://www.facebook.com/simplydiffphoto

579879_3700080653287_1634398237_n 11810_3700091573560_796322198_n 37015_3700088173475_307714116_n 148987_3700088573485_1346585965_n 149380_3700088853492_749157069_n 150412_3700086213426_293699762_n 150461_3700083173350_661795575_n 156152_3700084653387_258786900_n 156418_3700091893568_1616972985_n 178902_3700080373280_1603748194_n 178941_3700089733514_192002091_n 179593_3700083693363_1391561002_n 181198_3700086533434_1867133944_n 182312_3700092653587_1733349973_n 301804_3700204496383_867637026_n 301804_3700204496383_867637026_n (1) 303403_3700085653412_824775017_n 317923_3700205136399_518590666_n 317923_3700205136399_518590666_n (1) 380310_3700091733564_874348447_n 385654_3700085133399_403970599_n 389358_3700093773615_362350674_n 392435_3700204816391_1193182566_n 392435_3700204816391_1193182566_n (1) 403460_3700093013596_1101932394_n 428515_3700087573460_234394894_n 428515_3700087573460_234394894_n (1) 487189_3700092133574_980441135_n 522224_3700080173275_643127174_n 522861_3700093173600_1917225836_n 522861_3700093173600_1917225836_n (1) 527787_3700204096373_713871016_n 527787_3700204096373_713871016_n (1) 533050_3700082053322_1820570225_n 536350_3700086013421_381626564_n 536804_3700080853292_864317692_n 538715_3700093533609_1079343777_n 538786_3700095093648_1107744959_n 540054_3700081653312_1063209001_n 540497_3700094693638_966911945_n 542169_3700081853317_2127131048_n 546453_3700083453357_1388750147_n 547549_3700094093623_2057213363_n 550529_3700090293528_1835097150_n 550874_3700094453632_412990669_n 551040_3700084213376_201098071_n 551769_3700203416356_1188318117_n 551769_3700203416356_1188318117_n (1) 554596_3700082453332_563406339_n 556084_3700087293453_362098790_n 560109_3700089333504_516879462_n 560121_3700081053297_1731797219_n 560156_3700089973520_424889397_n 562184_3700087973470_389219403_n 576780_3700089613511_1654085270_n 576872_3700092373580_686149174_n 577061_3700095293653_1405255778_n 578185_3700086853442_2024523010_n 579409_3700084893393_591233963_n


The Wedding of Lisa and Shawn Rosen Shingle Creek

A Sensational Ceremonies Wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

Thank you to Rhodes Studios for the beautiful pictures captured on this very windy day!! But beautiful none the less.  Congratulations to Lisa and Shawn!

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies




Rhodes Studios http://www.rhodesstudios.com


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Wedding of Carissa and Robert/University Club

Thank you to the team of vendors that made the day special for Carissa and Robert on their wedding Day 10/6/12 at the University Club.

The Team of Vendors on this day can be seen below.  Google their names and you can see their work and reviews!

The wedding was coordinated by Taren Schwartz.

Chris Gillyard/Photographer

Jeff Verschage/White Rose Entertainment

Debra Shea/Florist

Just 4 U Photobooths

Party Flavors/Cake

Chair Affair/Chivari Chairs

Quest Drape/Draping

Backstage Limo/Transportation

Marcus Moore/Wedding Officiant Sensational Ceremonies

Many blessings to the Happy Couple Carissa and Robert.


pastor1 ad1y ad2

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies





Dream To Reality Show….Brides and Quinceañeras

Brides and Quinceañeras come on out to the Dream to Reality Bridal and Quince show!!!  There will be three fashion shows one for the Brides, one for the Quinceañeras and one for the Prom Girls.  You will have an opportunity to meet with qualified vendors for your event needs. Some of the vendors include photographers, videographers, wedding officiants, florists, bakers for your cake, DJ’s and get to see the season’s wedding/quince/prom dresses and tuxedos without having to travel.  You will have an opportunity to see the ballroom at the hotel and meet one on one with the only Bilingual Master Bridal and Event  Consultant in Orlando, experienced in the wedding and quince industry.  For questions contact Florida Hotel at 407-414-7404 or contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454…..

Florida Hotel Flyer

Sensational Ceremonies Weddings and Marcus Moore Officiating

Marcus Moore, Wedding Officiant for Sensational Ceremonies…

Photo Locations:

Cypress Grove, Orlando

Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek, Disney

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Friedlander Farms, Lake Wales, FL

Bella Collina, Mt Verde

Winter Park Civic Center

Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee

Lakeside Reception Center Orlando

Fulton’s River Boat, Downtown Disney

Hilton Hotel, Clearwater Beach

Davis Island Garden Club, Tampa

Grand Oaks Resorts, Weirsdale, FL

Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando

Shades of Green, Walt Disney WorldSabrina and Bradley Cypress Grove Orlando Maria and Eddy Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek


Alexa and Keegan Winter Park Farmers Market Cara and Allen Friedlander Farm Lake Wales, FL Cristen and Frank Bella Collina Mt Verde Elizabeth and Steven Winter Park Civic Center Jaqueline and Christopher Orange Lake Resort Kissimmee Jean and Jesse Lakeside Reception Hall Orlando Katie and Eric Fulton's Riverboat Downtown Disney Amanda and Russell Hilton Clearwater Beach Brooke and Jason Davis Island Club Tampa Brooke and Jason Davis Island Garden Club Tampa Joiner_DeFranco_www.carriewildes.com_0345_0_low Pam and Jai 19509_464538733605909_1616556840_n Sarah and Bryan Gaylord Palms Hotel.Orlando Owens_Snyder_www.carriewildes.com_0276_0_low 542734_10151186546632795_43271750_n


Contact Marcus Moore 407-905-5454 or email him at moore@sensationalceremonies.com