December 27th Finally Here!!!!

You may be wondering why is it so important for December 27th to finally be here ?  Well for starters on an evening like today in 2005, Marcus, business manager for 27 Miracles and Officiant, proposed to Rosie, Master Wedding Planner for 27 Miracles, with heart-shaped Disney fireworks in the background as they watched them from her house.  You may still be wondering why should that matter…’s a long story…but if you really want the whole story…you can find out here …

Rosie’s Book was also published on December 27 2012…coincidence?  Hmm….StoryofFaith

Day After Engagement

Our Green bride Tiffany and Kyle, were excited to find a date that had a 27 in it that would work for them, and they sure did 10/27/12 see their story here ….


Not that it was planned that way, but Rosie and Marcus’ son was born at 27 weeks, way too early and not something that you want a 27 in.  However, that is another day’s story. A good trivia is Rosie and Marcus had 27 in their bridal party accidentally, one dropped out due to going on a mission trip so we had 27 for the ceremony.

Kaleb_1year (2)

Rosie and Marcus Wedding Pics Hi Res 162

But the other reason this date is important is because Mary and Philip are getting married, no not today,  in June. You see, when Mary was on a search for a wedding planner, she could not believe her eyes when she saw that there was a planning company named 27 Miracles.  27 is Mary’s favorite number.  It so happens that her photographer was married on Mary’s birthday Aug 27, her caterer has a 27 in his address and her florist has a 27 in his address.  I know it sounds corny, but everyone has their special things and 27 is Mary’s special day as it is 27 Miracles’ special thing.

Mary and Philip’s engagement story:

“Philip and I first met in middle school. Looking back now we would pass each other in the halls but had no idea we’d be husband and wife down the road. We then met again in college, we saw each other, again in the hallway, and it ended up we were signed up for the same class starting in the spring semester. Something kept bringing us back to each other! We started dating 12-12-2008 almost 7 years after we met in middle school. We got engaged  5-9-2014 to be husband and wife 6-20-2015 …..Eternal Light Photography, captured their beautiful engagement session!

DCJ_7218 DCJ_7233 DCJ_7229DCJ_7261DCJ_7299DCJ_7285





















Mary and Philip couldn’t leave their college spirit out of these pictures….University of Kentucky!










Mary and Philip are both such free spirits and they love the gardens and open areas so they wanted to make sure that their engagement pictures reflected that. Congratulations from the 27 Miracles team to Mary and Philip on their engagement.







DCJ_7468 DCJ_7472 DCJ_7497 DCJ_7501 DCJ_7516 DCJ_7537

DSC_1815 DSC_1828 DSC_1833
DSC_185627 Miracles

Eternal Light Photography

Love at First Site Is So Sweet For This Special Pair!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today’s blog is a special one of thanking God for Love at First Site!

Both Migdalia and Edwin hoped to find true love and prayed for a special soul mate for several years and on this one special day in the month of love, February, it finally happened!

As we are all sitting talking about the wedding plans, Migdalia shares their engagement story as Edwin laughs and looks at her like a school kid in love…gotta love it… Ed (as Migdalia calls him)  knew that he was going to propose to Mig  (as he kindly calls her), so he spoke to her sister and her daughter to just let them know that he wanted to propose, but did not say when.  He had a special day planned to ask her.  He had bought some dessert to bring for dinner and some other things,  Mig being her helpful self, wanted to help bring stuff in.  She went in the trunk of the car and saw a little bag from a jewelry store.  When Mig saw the little bag she turned to Ed and  said, what’s this?  Poor Ed, he turned all sorts of colors and nervous and just gave it to her and said can you pretend that I did not give it to you yet.  He wanted to ask her after dinner in front of everyone, but Mig says she was so nervous herself that she came in to the house and just told everyone.

Stay tuned for the big date when this fun-loving couple will tie the knot on the anniversary of their engagement! How cool is that !

Many blessings are wished for Migdalia and Edwin as they start their new life together soon….

Now that is something to be thankful for !! Happy Thanksgiving!

G&D (90 of 96) G&D (1 of 96) G&D (5 of 96) G&D (6 of 96) G&D (9 of 96) G&D (11 of 96) G&D (12 of 96) G&D (13 of 96) G&D (17 of 96) G&D (19 of 96) G&D (22 of 96) G&D (24 of 96) G&D (38 of 96) G&D (46 of 96) G&D (51 of 96) G&D (54 of 96) G&D (55 of 96) G&D (57 of 96) G&D (59 of 96) G&D (60 of 96) G&D (61 of 96) G&D (64 of 96) G&D (65 of 96) G&D (67 of 96) G&D (69 of 96) G&D (71 of 96) G&D (73 of 96) G&D (75 of 96) G&D (77 of 96) G&D (78 of 96) G&D (82 of 96) G&D (84 of 96) G&D (85 of 96) G&D (87 of 96) G&D (88 of 96) G&D (89 of 96)27 Miracles

Michael Anthony Photography



Chilly Weather Isn’t Stopping This Couple

Vikki and Chip are getting married on 12/13/14!  Each century contains twelve such sequential number calendar dates, the first being 01-02-03 and the last one, 12-13-14. So, December 13, 2014 will be the last such sequential calendar date in the 21st century!

This happy pair, met on eharmony and for their first date Vikki shares that she wanted everything to be perfect and ended up being 2 hours late and with her brother as a chaperone just to be safe!  But Chip waited for her  and enjoyed their bowling night.on June 12, 2012.  What is quite interesting is that these two grew up in the same town and their families were friends before they were even born. These two were destined from the start!

Vikki is in graduate school for Pharmacy and Chip is a Computer Science Graduate….busy busy lives these two have…but not too busy to hang out a few hours with Michael Anthony Photography and have some fun!

Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 084 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 002 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 006 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 008 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 009 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 014 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 019 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 026 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 030 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 034 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 035 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 036 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 052 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 055 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 058 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 061 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 066 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 080 Vikki and Chip Engagement Pictures 082

Congratulations to Vikki and Chip! Stay tuned for their Winter Wonderland Wedding !

27 Miracles

Michael Anthony Photography


Proposal On Board the Cruiselines

A proposal on board the cruise lines to the Bahamas…..What a way to propose….That is how Cedric and Lauren got engaged.  Cedric tells the story that he was at dinner and they had the cruise photographers asking who wanted to take pictures, so he took advantage of that moment and decided that he would ask Lauren to be his wife.  Sure enough after dinner they went to get their pictures taken and as the photographer kept Lauren entertained, Cedric got down on one knee and proposed.  By the look on Lauren’s face she was totally surprised!

Congratulations to Lauren and Cedric on their upcoming wedding!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

Happy Engagement to Alicia and Michael on Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Alicia and Mike our Engaged Couple of the month!!!! 27 Miracles loves to tell a happy couples story on how they became engaged along with their engagement photos.  Today let me introduce to you Alicia and Mike.

Alicia and Mike got engaged on August 2, 2013 at the Orlando International Airport.  When I asked Alicia to tell us the story of how that happened, here is her story.  ” We were on our way to visit my parents in NC for the weekend.  Little did I know that Michael had already contacted my parents to ask for their permission to marry me.  So as we were waiting for the plane, Michael told me that he had purchased a wedding book and handed it to me.  We had been talking about getting married, but I didn’t know that this was THE MOMENT,  As I opened the book, there was the ring.  Michael had cut a hole in the middle of the book and placed the ring inside.  I was in complete shock!  I asked him if this was really happening.  He then said you aren’t saying anything and I jokingly said you didn’t ask me…so then he asked “will you marry me” and of course I said YES!

Julie Brewer Photography and the couple chose Lake Eola for their special engagement photo shoot.  It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, but the warmth of their love made for beautiful pictures.  Thank you Julie for creating special memories for our happy couple Alicia and Michael.

Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant met Alicia and Michael the same day that they arrived home from NC.  As they were driving back to Orlando they were calling 27 Miracles.  27 Miracles can’t wait to see this happy pair get married on their special day!  Follow us on our blog to see when and where this happy couple ends up on their wedding day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the happy couples out there!!

27 Miracles

Julie Brewer Photography



144_JMB_3410 003_JMB_3040 010_JMB_3053 012_JMB_3058 015_JMB_3065 023_JMB_3080 028_JMB_3094

Look at the book from the wedding proposal, what a neat idea!

030_JMB_3098 044_JMB_3125 046_JMB_3131 064_JMB_3176 078_JMB_3222 086_JMB_3260 100_JMB_3315 123_JMB_3370

Snow In Love Rebecca and Jonathan are Engaged

Sometimes you don’t even have to wait until you say your wedding vows to show your future wife or husband that you love them anyway, in sickness and in health.  That is what 27 Miracles wedding couple Rebecca and Jonathan proved.

Rebecca and Jonathan sent us their engagement story:

“We went on a Disney cruise with my best friends, Lydia and Grace, and my parents. I had caught a cold from my dad and was just getting over it.  I didn’t feel like doing much because I was not feeling my best.   When the ship stopped at Disney’s Castaway Cay, Jon asked me to go for a walk ashore.  I was unsure if to go or not because I didn’t want to leave the girls by themselves but they said they would be fine.

Jon wanted to spend some time with me and we decided to go to Serenity Bay Beach. I noticed Lydia and Grace( my best friends) were following us after they said  they would stay behind on the ship.  After a while they joined us and when we got to the beach, it was empty. The girls started looking for shells and Jon and I walked down the beach.

We sat down enjoyed the view and each other’s company. Then Jon lead me down toward the water and told me how much he loved me. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” And I said yes!”

So as you see despite the bad cold that Rebecca had it did not stop Jonathan from making his pitch perfect proposal happen on that day!

Rebecca and Jonathan will be married on December 21, 2013, the first day of Winter.  Although in Florida we don’t anticipate a blizzard snow, just hoping for beautiful weather for this outdoor wedding ceremony.

Recently the couple went to Spencerville, Ohio and decided to do their engagement photos with the help of  Morgan Jenkins of Daelight Photography.  The day that Rebecca and Jonathan  did their engagement session, Rebecca told us that it was freezing.  By the end of the day, it was so cold that the camera stopped working.   But as you can see they made the most of the cold weather and had fun!

Snow In Love

blank 5D3_2449 5D3_2501 5D3_3074 5D3_3174

27 Miracles


Daelight Photography


An Engagement of 50 + Years

27 Miracles wants to share the story of Antonia and Julio.  You May say an engagement that lasted 50+ years but really no, it is a love story of a couple that met over 50 years ago in the city of New York.  The bride Antonia was introduced to the groom Julio by one of her best friends and he just so happened to be the brother of her best friend.  They met at a dinner party and it was love at first site!!!

The happy couple dated for 3 months (not a long courtship back then) and 3 months later they were married on 12/21/63.  They were not the average teen age young couple; they waited to meet the right person and get married.

So in about 35 days, Antonia and Julio will be celebrating 50 Years of marriage in a wedding vow renewal.  Follow their story here for their big wedding celebration.

In the mean time you can see that they still have that spark as Bruce from KBJ Photography captured that spark that has kept them together all these years,

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 075Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 017Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 024 Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 056

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 058

Congratulations on celebrating 50 plus years of being engaged in your marriage Antonia and Julio!

27 Miracles

KBJ Photography

The Count Down to the Dream Disney Wedding Begins

” A Dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep….”

But 27 Miracles is wide awake! Why? On April 10, 2013 Michelle and Eric will be having their Disney themed wedding at ……Oh you will have to watch the blog posts over the next few weeks to learn where and what will happen….Here are the two love birds enjoying some quality time at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel and thanks to Andy Martin Photography, these special moments were captured.

27 Miracles

Andy Martin Photography

engagement-47 engagement-2 engagement-3 engagement-7 engagement-8 engagement-9 engagement-10 engagement-11 engagement-13 engagement-14 engagement-15 engagement-16 engagement-18 engagement-20 engagement-22 engagement-24 engagement-25 engagement-28 engagement-29 engagement-31 engagement-32 engagement-34 engagement-35 engagement-36 engagement-37 engagement-38 engagement-39 engagement-43 engagement-44 engagement-45 engagement-46

The Traditional Nigerian Engagement of Bukola and Francis

27 Miracles started their day bright and early at 5am making the commute to the beautiful Lake Mary Event Center where at 7am the place would be buzzing with vendors ready to start the festivities for Bukola and Francis!  Bukola and Francis are from out-of-state but they chose Florida to marry as this is home of Bukola’s father.  In Nigeria, the tradition is to have the daughter marry in the village where her father resides.  In this instance Florida.

This will be the king chairs where the bride and groom will sit! Thank you to Pinky from Nikun Events and Orlando DJ and Lighting for the backdrop and lighting. The family brought different gift items that signify many things for instance honey for sweetness in the marriage and salt to be the seasoning of the marriage and the world.  The Nigerian wedding ceremony is everyone in the family coming together to financially and spiritually support the couple.  In lieu of gifts the families supply cash to the couple to help them get started in life.  You will see those pictures later on.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 001 Bukola and Frances Engagement 002 Bukola and Frances Engagement 010 Bukola and Frances Engagement 011

Orijanel Hair and Make up started to work on Bukola for her special wedding engagement ceremony that would be taking place.


Bukola and Frances Engagement 032

Bukola and Frances Engagement 086

Everything was coming together preparation wise for Bukola.  As she got her head-dress on she took advantage of the quiet morning to take a phone call!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 124

Bukola selected the coral colors for her engagement ceremony as you see in the shoes, fan and purse with traditional gold jewelery to match.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 093 Bukola and Frances Engagement 039 Bukola and Frances Engagement 091 Bukola and Frances Engagement 133

One of the brides friends came to help her with her head-dress so that she was perfect for Frances when he finally would get his bride!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 134

Finally our bride to be is ready to await her grand entrance to the ceremony but while she waited she had some time to pose for some pictures.



The bride’s sister Lolly, looks on as Bukola,  her baby sister and the last of the girls, is about to embark on a life time journey called marriage. Lolly was so supportive to Bukola, her and wedding planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles were the ones that planned this beautiful wedding together along with Bukola.  She was a great maid of honor!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 083

Bukola and Frances Engagement 087Bukola and Frances Engagement 067The Ladies are ready for the festivities to start!!! And now it is time for the traditional ceremony to begin.  If you have never been to a Nigerian wedding before you will learn after you read this story all the details involved.

The ceremony begins with the reading of the proposal letter from the groom’s family.  This proposal letter is presented to the mother of the bride who dances around to present it to the family and  her husband. The  ceremony starts with a Nigerian spokeswoman that directs the ceremony.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 058

Frances’ family comes in playing the drums and singing as he meets the bride’s family seated below.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 062

Bukola and Frances Engagement 154 Bukola and Frances Engagement 105 Bukola and Frances Engagement 106

The Bride’s father accepts the money that the groom’s family starts to pay out.

So starts the reading for the acceptance of the engagement.  Usually read by a member of  the Bride;s family.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 109 Bukola and Frances Engagement 112

The Groom’s family below looks on proudly!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 115

Once the Bride’s Family reads the acceptance letter, the groom enters
the room escorted by the men in his family to ask for the bride’s hand
in marriage

If a favorable reply is sent to the grooms family, the groom then comes in with his friends.  As the groom enters the room, he drops some money in the room that will help the bride’s family.

The spokeswoman  starts to explain to the  men and the groom what the next step is.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 136 Bukola and Frances Engagement 138 Bukola and Frances Engagement 141 Bukola and Frances Engagement 142 Bukola and Frances Engagement 143 Bukola and Frances Engagement 144 Bukola and Frances Engagement 146 Bukola and Frances Engagement 147 Bukola and Frances Engagement 148 Bukola and Frances Engagement 149

The groom then kneels before the bride’s family to beg for her hand in marriage along with his male friends.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 159
Bukola and Frances Engagement 161Bukola and Frances Engagement 168

The groom awaits the bride with anticipation!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 169 Bukola and Frances Engagement 170 Bukola and Frances Engagement 172

Bukola and Frances Engagement 173

Bukola and Frances Engagement 186

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for!!! The bride is coming!! The spokeswoman prays for the bride’s entrance as the guests await her entrance.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 175

Bukola and Frances Engagement 176

The bride gets the final touches before her grand entrance.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 171

Singing the bride in!!!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 189

Here comes the bride with her friends!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 199 Bukola and Frances Engagement 194 Bukola and Frances Engagement 195 Bukola and Frances Engagement 197

The groom’s first look of the bride…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 201

Bukola and Frances Engagement 202

The bride’s entrance!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 206 Bukola and Frances Engagement 207 Bukola and Frances Engagement 210 Bukola and Frances Engagement 212 Bukola and Frances Engagement 213 Bukola and Frances Engagement 214 Bukola and Frances Engagement 215 Bukola and Frances Engagement 216 Bukola and Frances Engagement 217 Bukola and Frances Engagement 221

Once the bride  enters with her female friends and is covered with a veil.She goes to her mom and is unveiled and this is where a prayer is said for her.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 230 Bukola and Frances Engagement 224 Bukola and Frances Engagement 225 Bukola and Frances Engagement 228

It is a very emotional time. The veil is placed back on the bride by the mother. At that point she will seek prayers from the groom’s family. It is a very emotional moment for the bride and her family as well as the guests.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 242 Bukola and Frances Engagement 231 Bukola and Frances Engagement 233 Bukola and Frances Engagement 234 Bukola and Frances Engagement 235 Bukola and Frances Engagement 237 Bukola and Frances Engagement 238 Bukola and Frances Engagement 241 Bukola and Frances Engagement 244 Bukola and Frances Engagement 243

The Groom’s family looks on as they get ready to receive the bride to be.   Bukola and Frances Engagement 232

The bride is ready to meet the groom’s family

Bukola and Frances Engagement 246 Bukola and Frances Engagement 247 Bukola and Frances Engagement 249

Bukola and Frances Engagement 250 Bukola and Frances Engagement 243Bukola and Frances Engagement 244

The mother of the groom wipes a tear with the bride’s hand-made veil…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 253

The bride is accepted by the family of the groom..
Bukola and Frances Engagement 259 Bukola and Frances Engagement 260 Bukola and Frances Engagement 261 Bukola and Frances Engagement 263 Bukola and Frances Engagement 265

Bukola and Frances Engagement 257Bukola and Frances Engagement 256

Now Bukola is welcomed into the family of Francis and is their new daughter to be…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 272 Bukola and Frances Engagement 271

The happy bride to be…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 279 Bukola and Frances Engagement 274 Bukola and Frances Engagement 277 Bukola and Frances Engagement 278

Meeting the groom….

Bukola and Frances Engagement 286 Bukola and Frances Engagement 282 Bukola and Frances Engagement 283 Bukola and Frances Engagement 284

The groom showers his bride to be in dollars….

Bukola and Frances Engagement 288 Bukola and Frances Engagement 287

The groom accepts the bride and carries his bride to be to her chair so that  he starts to take care of her from this moment…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 298 Bukola and Frances Engagement 292 Bukola and Frances Engagement 293 Bukola and Frances Engagement 294 Bukola and Frances Engagement 296 Bukola and Frances Engagement 297

The Bride has a special gift for the groom, a matching head-dress…Bukola and Frances Engagement 307 Bukola and Frances Engagement 300 Bukola and Frances Engagement 301 Bukola and Frances Engagement 303 Bukola and Frances Engagement 304 Bukola and Frances Engagement 305

Praying together…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 309

The Maid of Honor, sister of the bride, shares some words of wisdom for the happy couple.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 323

The Bride to be looks on to see what the special gift Francis her groom has for her…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 329 Bukola and Frances Engagement 324 Bukola and Frances Engagement 325 Bukola and Frances Engagement 326

Bukola’s family gifts are yellow with accents Francis’ Gifts are Blue
They are not opened there. Bukola will select the Bible, that has the
engagement ring tied to it.

They are officially engaged!!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 338 Bukola and Frances Engagement 334
Bukola and Frances Engagement 336 Bukola and Frances Engagement 337

The happy Bride to be shows off her beautiful emerald ring …Bukola and Frances Engagement 346 Bukola and Frances Engagement 345

As the groom shows his affection to his bride to be..

Bukola and Frances Engagement 347

It is now time to cut the cake and feed it to each other.  It is a tradition where they each feed it to each other, including the drink and wiping the person’s mouth.  It is symbolic of how the husband and wife have to take care of each other.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 365 Bukola and Frances Engagement 349 Bukola and Frances Engagement 350 Bukola and Frances Engagement 353 Bukola and Frances Engagement 354 Bukola and Frances Engagement 357 Bukola and Frances Engagement 358 Bukola and Frances Engagement 359 Bukola and Frances Engagement 360 Bukola and Frances Engagement 361 Bukola and Frances Engagement 362 Bukola and Frances Engagement 363

The couple and the parents are presented to the guests so they can share some welcoming wordsBukola and Frances Engagement 368 Bukola and Frances Engagement 366

The happy bride gives the photographer a happy look..

Bukola and Frances Engagement 370 Bukola and Frances Engagement 374

The payment to the bride’s family…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 375

The bride also had to change to a Benin dress which is also part of the traditional heritage of Nigeria.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 411 Bukola and Frances Engagement 394 Bukola and Frances Engagement 396 Bukola and Frances Engagement 401 Bukola and Frances Engagement 402 Bukola and Frances Engagement 404 Bukola and Frances Engagement 406 Bukola and Frances Engagement 407

Stay tuned for the traditional Nigerian wedding coming soon…

For more Engagement pictures visit us on our newly engaged facebook page

27 Miracles

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Thank you to the following vendors for making this wedding engagement a success!!

Diane Jensen/Assisting 27 Miracles on this day from The Wedding Party

Marcus Moore/27 Miracles

John Michael Catering

Jesse Giles Photography

Orlando DJ and Lighting

Orijahnel Make Over Group!__website

Lake Mary Events Center

The Story of Michelle and Eric’s Engagament

Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles met Michelle and Eric 16 months ago in Downtown Disney at a show, barely a month after they were engaged.  Both Michelle and Eric love Disney so it was only natural that their wedding theme would be Disney.  Rosie of 27 Miracles can’t wait to show you all the wonderful details on their wedding day to enhance this Disney wedding and location. It will be a wedding fit for the two of them showcasing their love of Disney! They are funny enough Rosie’s “other Tuesday couple” because work schedules make it difficult for both to be off on the same days unless prearranged and that is what this lovely couple did.  Took off on Tuesdays together.  Now Rosie is of the school of thought that just posting engagement pictures without a story is not much fun.  But when you get the real story of how the couple was engaged that helps you learn who the couple is.

The Bride shared her story in her own words.

“Eric was just starting at Publix and Michelle was transferring to that Publix store in Deltona. Who would have guessed that in a year’s time they would be dating. When she first met Eric,she told her co-worker that was the man she was going to marry and  never thought about it again. One year later, they were talking about past relationships and how they  should hang out together outside of work and he turned around and said, “Michelle would you like to go to the movies.” Well of course she said yes, not even thinking about anything but a friendship.

Their first date was April 10, 2010, they went to the movies and saw Date Night. After the movie they went their separate ways. A couple of days later she received a phone call, it was Eric. He asked her if she would meet him for coffee. Well of course she said yes even though it was 9pm. They met at Sonic and had coffee and talked for hours.

A couple of nights later they went to dinner at Tijuana Flats. Michelle could not help it and she spilled the beans and told him everything about herself.   After dinner they went back to his place, listened to music and stood on the back porch. The moon was shinning brightly and the air was breezy. It was a great night of conversation which led to their first kiss and before she knew it they were dating.

A year and a half later they went on vacation to North Carolina to visit his family. His nephew’s birthday was that week and they were celebrating it at a pumpkin patch. They had  cupcakes with pumpkin rings on them. Eric took a pumpkin ring and put one on Michelle’s finger and she put one on his. What she didn’t know was that he had her engagement ring with him from the time they left Florida 10 days prior.  The next day was October 10, 2011 exactly 1 year and 6 months since they started dating. Mid afternoon they were just hanging out  looking at each other and out of the blue Eric asked Michelle to marry him. She  was in total disbelief and kind of  laughed at him. He said to Michelle, ” I really have a ring.”  He pulled the ring out of his pocket and she said yes!!!  After he put the ring on her finger she kissed him and ran down the stairs telling everyone in his family and calling her family.

Today March 10, 2013 a month before the wedding they are celebrating Michelle’s bridal shower and counting the days until they are husband and wife.

Congratulations to Michelle and Eric on their upcoming wedding. Thank you to KBJ for their first engagement pictures taken!  The couple had a lot of fun taking their pictures at Leu Gardens.  Besides,  how often do you have your best friend. a hair dresser, be at your wedding and travel to the engagement photo shoot with you?  Thank you Donnie!

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for their upcoming Disney Themed Wedding coming soon!!!

27 Miracles

KBJ Photography


Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 120 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 001 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 002 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 003 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 004 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 005 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 007 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 009 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 010 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 011 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 014 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 015 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 018 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 019 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 020 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 021 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 022 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 023 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 024 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 025 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 026 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 027 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 028 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 029 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 030 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 031 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 032 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 033 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 035 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 036 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 038 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 041 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 042 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 043 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 045 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 049 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 053 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 055 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 056 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 057 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 058 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 059 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 060 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 062 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 065 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 066 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 069 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 070 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 074 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 076 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 077 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 078 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 079 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 080 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 082 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 083 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 084 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 085 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 086 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 087 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 088 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 089 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 091 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 095 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 096 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 097 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 098 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 110 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 111 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 112 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 114 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 115 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 118 Eric and Michelle March 27 2012 119