Dee’s Rose Surprise Celebration at Her Quince

When Quinceañero Planner Rosie Moore gets requests to surprise the Quinceañera she uses her Rose Surprise to rally up the vendors and distract everyone from what is really happening.  In this instance the surprise was a mime dancer that prepared a special dance for the Quinceañera.


27 Miracles


A Thank you from Mother of Quince

A Special Thank you from Dee the mother of our Quinceañera Dee:

Hola Rosie:  ya descansada y todavia recordando el maravilloso evento de mi hija.  Mis amistades hablan muy bien del quinceañero.  Gracias a Dios, y todos los que colaboraron para que el mismo fuese un éxito.  La dueña de la tienda donde compramos los trajes de la corte (Mark Occasion) quiere tarjeta porque su hija se casa y quiere que la boda quede tan bonita como quedó el 15.

Espero seguir en contacto con ustedes.  Dee te manda saludos y te dá la gracias.

Recibe un abrazo, Dios te bendiga, saludo a tu esposo y a Diana.


Dream To Reality Show….Brides and Quinceañeras

Brides and Quinceañeras come on out to the Dream to Reality Bridal and Quince show!!!  There will be three fashion shows one for the Brides, one for the Quinceañeras and one for the Prom Girls.  You will have an opportunity to meet with qualified vendors for your event needs. Some of the vendors include photographers, videographers, wedding officiants, florists, bakers for your cake, DJ’s and get to see the season’s wedding/quince/prom dresses and tuxedos without having to travel.  You will have an opportunity to see the ballroom at the hotel and meet one on one with the only Bilingual Master Bridal and Event  Consultant in Orlando, experienced in the wedding and quince industry.  For questions contact Florida Hotel at 407-414-7404 or contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454…..

Florida Hotel Flyer

Celebrating Dee’s Quince

27 Miracles was honored to help Dioberkys and Cesar celebrate Dee’s Quinceañero at the Radisson Resort in Celebration.  Her theme was high heels.

Dee was dressed in a beautiful purple dress that later in the evening became a short dress for dancing by Minerva’s Quince Shop.

Her centerpieces by RJ Glamour Innovations were beautiful converse sneakers with flowers inside.

RJ Gl;amour did the stage decor and draping of the room to enhance the decor in Dee’s theme of purples and turquoise.

Her cake was from Party Flavors and it was a high heel shoe as well.

Photo: Party Flavors

The evening started out with the court coming in to await the grand entrance for Dee.  But prior to her entrance was the presentation of her fun video when she was with all her friends having a grand time, if you missed that blog click here..

Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ was the MC for the night going through the traditional exchange of shoes as Dee went  from little girl to a young woman. To the placement of the crown.  Dee had some special dances choreographed by her friends to entertain her.

A beautiful Night for Dee as you will see in her video filmed by Nannuk Media.

27 Miracles wants to thank all the vendors that helped make this day spectacular for Dee and her parents as we celebrated her Quinceañero.

27 Miracles

Party Flavors

Minervas Bridals and Quinceañeras

Nannuk Media

Miami Pro DJ

RJ Glamour and Innovation

Radisson Resort Celebration

Dee is Getting Ready to Celebrate Her Quinceañero

Turning 15 is a special time in a young girl’s life in the Latin culture.  It is an honor that parents take as they present their beautiful daughter to the community.  When 27 Miracles gets the call from a mother and father to help coordinate their daughter’s special day, it is with great pride that Master Planner Rosie Moore takes on the event.  It is a day like no other presenting 15 years of a girls’s life in to one 4 hour event, so the planning has to be impeccable.

Part of the planning process is when Rosie Moore works with a videographer that specializes in filming Quinceañeras because they know the right questions to ask in their interview to capture the personality of the Quinceañera with her friends in a more relaxed day before the formal party.

That is what Nannuk Media Group did on this day.  They captured Dee having a great time at the beach while talking about her favorite things.

Stay tuned soon for videos from the Quinceañero…..

27 Miracles   email:  Phone 407-905-5454

Nannuk Media Group

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About Michael Lombardo, Soon to be the Hottest Music Recording Artist

Okay here it is everyone wanted to know who is this Michael Lombardo and what do you mean up and coming artist? 27 Miracles Planner Rosie Moore got the opportunity to work with Lombardo on his soon to be released video, That Girl.  Here is a bio on him so that you get to know him a little better:

Lombardo was born Michael Lombardo in Seattle, Washington on May 1, 1988. Born and raised in an Italian American family, his dreams of becoming a singer one day were not far from the horizon. As he grew older, Lombardo always knew music was his passion. Drawing influence from various artists in all genres of music such as Trey Songz, Jay Sean, Pleasure P and Romeo Santos, led Lombardo to one …day become an aspiring artist himself. His musical taste and inspiration derive from R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music. With this new found passion, Lombardo embarked on his musical journey at the early age of 17.

During this time Lombardo created his first musical single entitled ‘’ Why’’. ‘’Why’’ blended a unique mix of Modern Pop and R&B sound. This lead to a string of other songs which he performed in various high profile nightclubs in the Seattle area such as Citrus, iMusic, Republiq, and Tia Lou. During this time, his music caught the attention of many admiring fans worldwide.

Lombardo’s musical talent also caught the attention of Latin music insider Frankie El Jefe, whom himself has worked with a celebrated list of musical talents across the globe. While currently acting as Lombardo’s manager, Frankie El Jefe is helping audiences around the world to hear Lombardo’s unique musical talent and aspirations. Today, Lombardo’s plans are never ending. He is currently working on his first debut album, with plans to one day tour the world with his new found passion and calling.

If you would like to see Lombardo come to Orlando again and perform for you contact 27 Miracles and we can arrange that for you. 407-905-5454
Listen to That Girl, soon to be a video release!
Behind the scenes shots of the video

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Looking for Quinceaneras for a TV Show

Quinceaneras, ever dream of being on TV?  Here is your opportunity, a major cable network is looking for Quinceaneras to be on a TV show.  Please contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or email us at  to have your event coordinated and appear on TV….The network will conduct a formal interview once the right Quinceanera is identified by 27 Miracles.

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Interview on Telemundo TV Weddings, Events and A Story of Faith

Most recently Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles was given the privilege to interview with Michelle Felix of the Telemundo TV Show Entrenos.  During this interview Michelle asked Rosie Moore about her wedding and event planning business.  Michelle also interviewed Rosie about the book A Story of Faith.  The interview does take place in Spanish as it was shown on the Spanish Network.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454 or email them at

Visit them on their website

You can visit their Facebook fan page for A Story of Faith at!/pages/A-Story-of-Faith/328844927127645

27 Miracles On Telemundo TV

Recently, Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles was invited to speak about weddings, Quinces and events at the studios of Telemundo for a TV show called Entrenos.  The TV show is on Sundays at 6pm on your Telemundo channel.  Rosie Moore also received the opportunity to talk about her book, A Story of Faith.  When the book is purchased directly through 27 Miracles,  they are able to donate from the proceeds to Nathaniel’s Hope a special needs organization. Here you can read a little bit about the book on Amazon,

So, Watch the show this Sunday February 19, 2012 at 6pm to hear the interview.  It is in Spanish, for those that do not understand Spanish, don’t worry, 27 Miracles was also interviewed by Debra Foxx on the show called Let’s Chat. That interview will air sometime in June and we will be sure to post the  link to it.