Christmas Countdown Day 2 Wrap Happily

It is a lot of fun shopping for gifts, but then when you bring them home and have to wrap them, oh what a chore! If you wrap gifts on the floor, you will for sure have a sore back, make it fun, wrap on a table, play some Christmas music and wrap with your significant other to make quality time for the two of you.  If you have kids and they are able to wrap with you, make it a fun family wrapping time!

Christmas gift wrapping

27 Miracles



ABC Orlando Goes To Paris….Coco Chanel Style

ABC goes to Paris, Coco Chanel Style……well at least in decor …Our Association of Bridal Consultants meeting was held at the beautifully renovated Castle Hotel in June.  This meeting was all about membership at ABC and what that means to all of us.  Our speaker was Master Bridal Consultant Mark Kingsdorf.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-32

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-19

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-45 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-46 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-55 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-57

Our day started with  pink champagne to get us all in that Paris , Coco Chanel feel… everyone mingled.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-34

When  it was just about time to enter into the ballroom Paris style….we were welcomed by the music of Orlando DJ and Lighting, they amazed us with  the color scape of the room matching  perfectly the centerpieces unique to Flourish Productions.   As if that was not enough, Dogwood Blossoms let everyone know about the menu with her beautiful Paris themed cards.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-14

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-1 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-2 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-4 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-21 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-29

The menus let us know that we were having mixed field greens  with a pomegranate vinagrette.  Our main course consisted of Petit Filet and herb marinated shrimp with potato  croquettes.


You may ask yourself, how do the co directors coordinate these events, and make them look great?  Well it does take team work to get everything done.  However every planner always needs a fairy Godmother.  To co-director Rosie Moore, that was Diane Jensen of the Wedding Party this month.  She jumped in to help coordinate the  meeting event when it was needed. Diane was able to plan out the Coco Chanel Paris theme with Flourish Productions, the elegant linens from Over The Top  and Dogwood Blossoms for the menu.

Now can we talk desserts?  There were several different flavors of Pies on the beautiful pedestals  from A Chair Affair, who are avid ABC members.  Anytime you want to know what it feels like to be a member, call and ask them.  They have been members of ABC for many years and they can tell you the perks of membership.  Now did you get a look at these minis pies, P is for Pies made those.  Diane was able to secure these pies for the wedding professionals at the meeting to go nicely with the Coco Chanel theme. Thank you Diane!!!

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-22 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-23 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-24 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-25 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-26 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-33

The ABC co-directors were so appreciative of all the wedding and event professionals that sponsored this meeting.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-41

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-40
ABC Luncheon 2015.06-49 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-55 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-60

This meeting was all about what it means to be an ABC member.  Being an ABC member gives you monthly education on the latest trends brought to you by the experts in the industry.  We can certainly have a good time at a networking party and meet other professionals and we can make a career out of it, because after all we are in a party atmosphere all the time.  However, being an ABC member gives you the best of both worlds, fun and education.  We have had some interesting topics such as,  how do wedding planners work with venue planners, tent weddings, marketing to get new clients,  wine pairing to educate your clients as they plan events and so much more. This coming month in October you will be hearing from an expert in the field of Themed Weddings, the lovely and talented Debra Shea.  If you have not bought your tickets yet, buy them here

Debra SHea

Flourish productions wanted to have a simple Coco Chanel look to give us the feeling of being in a quaint restaurant in Paris, coupled with the delicate lace linens  from Over The Top, this decor really captured the theme.  The chargers from a chair affair with the Bon Appetit menus from Dogwood Blossoms was eye-catching as each guest found their seat.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-3 ABC Luncheon 2015.06-18

Now no event would be the same without uplighting….Orlando DJ and Lighting provided us with pink uplights to match the theme of the event.   But here is the great part, as the dessert time came and the music got lively, so did our ballroom with the lights changing colors by patterns.  A great selling point for us planners to talk to clients about as they select professional dj and lighting companies.

ABC Luncheon 2015.06-29

The photo credits for this meeting can be given to Rudy and Marta Photography! We had only Rudy at the meeting because his beautiful wife was too far along in pregnancy to be with us and we can certainly say congrats on the birth of their baby boy!

So that is our June meeting in a nutshell.  What does that mean for you ? Stay tuned next time to hear about wine pairing and what we can offer our clients.

If  you would like more information about becoming a member, please reach out to any of your ABC co-directors and we will be happy to help you get started in membership.  We will waive your registration fee if you ask us at any of our meetings.

0130_GAL_8555 0123_GAL_8544

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting October 22, 2015 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort at 11am where you can learn about themed weddings!  You don’t want to miss this one, there are some neat things to hear and learn about.

Themed Weddings and Events

Your ABC Co Directors

Allan Saltman of Allan Jay Images

Mark Kingsdorf of Mission Inn

Diane Jenson of The Wedding Party

Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles

Thank you to our team of wedding and event professionals who sponsored our meeting!

My ABC! Member Only Luncheon Tickets, Orlando | Eventbrite

Castle Hotel /Newly Renovated Venue

A Chair Affair /Chargers/Chivari Chairs- ABC Members

Flourish Productions  Floral/Decor

Rudy and Marta Photography /Photography -ABC Members

Dogwood Blossom Stationery  Menu Cards

Jerry Alicea Productions /Videography

Over the Top /Linens

Orlando DJ and Lighting DJ/MC/Uplighting

The Wedding Party  Décor/Coordination – ABC Member

What is the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and an Outside Wedding Coordinator

The age-old question is always, what is the difference between the venue coordinator and the outside wedding planner?  The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) invited Zhay Robles/Catering Manager at 1805 on the Boulevard and Caitlin Lawler/Wedding Planner/Owner of Plan It Event Design and Management to answer those questions.  Mark Kingsdorf Master Bridal Consultant and Co Director for ABC facilitated the discussion.

2015-03-26 09.58.20

2015-03-26 11.39.182015-03-26 11.38.46 2015-03-26 11.39.09

As everyone checked in, the wedding professionals were welcomed to the Crowne Plaza Hotel by Kirk Schenkel,  Director of Catering and Convention Services .  Our wedding professionals were welcomed with a refreshing Mardi Gras Mojito Cooler and the Chef’s appealing choice of appetizers; while we took a moment to network with some new friends and mingle with some old friends.

2015-03-26 10.13.24 2015-03-26 10.25.58 2015-03-26 10.26.29 2015-03-26 10.27.34

2015-03-26 10.05.09 2015-03-26 10.11.36

Master of Ceremony, Andres Roque of Roque Productions welcomed everyone in to the ballroom with  a festive array of  Mardi Gras  music to get our meeting started.  As everyone found their seats, we had a chance to see the beautiful linens, chairs and centerpieces provided by RJ Glamour and Innovation. The up lights provided by Roque Productions,   enhanced the Peacock theme that we had going throughout the room.

2015-03-26 09.52.16 2015-03-26 09.57.02

Allan Saltman ABC Co Director, welcomed all the wedding professionals to our first ABC meeting of 2015.  Allan  took a moment to introduce new Co Directors Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant and Wedding Sales Manager at Mission Inn and Rosie Moore Master Bridal Consultant with 27 Miracles.  After some brief intros we were ready to taste the succulent lunch that The Crowne Plaza prepared for us.

2015-03-26 10.48.12

Rose Robinson of The Invitation Lounge tempted our taste buds with the lunch courses on her peacock themed menus.  The first lunch course was  Herb Seared Duck Breast with Strawberry Risotto and Wilted Arugula.  Once that was completed, our second course was Grilled Petite Filet Mignon and Roasted Jumbo Shrimp with American Sauce, Potato Gratin and Grilled Asparagus.  What a treat for lunch!

2015-03-26 09.47.12

2015-03-26 11.11.53

2015-03-26 11.19.42

After lunch, our speakers  provided some very good insight to the wedding professionals that attended the meeting on the difference between a wedding venue coordinator and an outside wedding coordinator.

2015-03-26 11.55.15

If you missed this meeting, no worries, we have educational meetings every month.  If you are not on our email list to receive information about upcoming meetings, contact us through our Facebook page and we will be glad to get you on our list. This year is jam-packed with some fabulous meetings that you do not want to miss out on.  Sign up early as soon as the meeting comes out so that you are guaranteed a seat at all our events!

2015-03-26 11.35.07 2015-03-26 11.36.39 2015-03-26 11.37.19

To end our meeting we had the pleasure of trying the sumptuous cupcakes from Party Flavors.  They showed us their creativity with a Peacock Cake that was too beautiful to eat!!!

2015-03-26 09.32.56 2015-03-26 10.07.32 2015-03-26 10.07.40

Our dedicated photographer for this meeting Nicholas Sabatino of Michael Anthony Photography and our Videographer Bruce Reynolds of Treasured Moments captured this beautiful peacock/mardi gras themed meeting at the Crowne Plaza.

If you are interested in becoming an ABC member, please let us know and we will be able to help you or you can call ABC directly

Association of Bridal Consultants 

Association of Bridal Consultants Central FL East 

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Venue & Food – Crowne Plaza Universal

Co-Presenter – Caitlin Lawler – ABC Member – Plan It Events

Co-Presenter – Zhaydrix Robles – 1805 On the Boulevard

Floral – RJ Glamour and Innovation

Linens – FL Event Rentals

DJ & Lighting – Roque Productions

Photography – Michael Anthony Photography

Video – Treasured Moments Video Productions (ABC Member)

Dessert – Party Flavors

Menus-The Invitation Lounge

Until next month!

 The Standard for Wedding Excellence……………………………

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Love Sacrifices All Except Love Itself!!

By now everyone has received their sweetie’s Valentine’s Cards, gifts, hugs and kisses…Now it is time to wind down and share in our last Valentine series …..The Love of Vikki and Chip…..27 Miracles writes a lot of wedding and engagement blogs…..but sit back and read this couples story of sacrifice, love and committment….

When Vikki and Chip planned their wedding day, they planned it based on their school schedule. They started working with Master Bridal Consultant, Rosie Moore to plan this beautiful event back in the summer of 2013 when they were both off from school.  The date was set 12/13/14.  That summer they looked at over 15 venues in a span of a few days and ended up picking the place where Chip proposed to Vikki, The Beautiful Wyndham Orlando.

Everything was set.  The following summer they did tastings, floral samples, finalizing the wedding and the honeymoon.  Then came the bad news, the wedding may be off!! What? Why?  Vikki is a graduate student as a Pharmacist and school  decided that they will not end until 12/18/14 and she will have a final exam on 12/13/14 and another on 12/15/14.  As much as she tried they would not allow her to take the exam early. Vikki contacted Rosie with the dilemma and what can we do.   Planner Rosie Moore, said give her a day to think about things.  Then it was set, the honeymoon was postponed until the summer,we will get everything done for the wedding earlier,  as far as preparations.  The bride would have a friend drive her to school the morning of the test and when she arrived back, hair and make up would be there ready and waiting for her.

Vikki was up early and out for her final exam, first of many after studying all night the day before after rehearsal.  When she came back, we were all set….Everyone was ready for Vikki….Vikki was smiling and ready to get married.

MA (1 of 399) MA (7 of 399) MA (8 of 399) MA (23 of 399) MA (26 of 399) MA (27 of 399) MA (28 of 399) MA (29 of 399) MA (31 of 399) MA (33 of 399) MA (35 of 399) MA (43 of 399) MA (45 of 399) MA (50 of 399) MA (52 of 399) MA (56 of 399)

While Vikki was getting ready, Chip was counting the time till he can see his love…

MA (62 of 399) MA (63 of 399) MA (71 of 399)

The moment had arrived for Vikki and her dad to walk down the aisle and give his little girl away…

MA (74 of 399) MA (77 of 399) MA (80 of 399) MA (81 of 399) MA (82 of 399) MA (83 of 399) MA (84 of 399) MA (85 of 399) MA (86 of 399) MA (87 of 399) MA (88 of 399) MA (89 of 399) MA (92 of 399) MA (93 of 399) MA (95 of 399) MA (97 of 399) MA (99 of 399) MA (101 of 399)

I Now pronounce you husband and wife!

MA (105 of 399) MA (110 of 399) MA (111 of 399) MA (112 of 399)


After the wedding ceremony it was family pictures and fun pictures …

MA (116 of 399) MA (117 of 399) MA (121 of 399) MA (123 of 399) MA (126 of 399) MA (127 of 399) MA (128 of 399) MA (130 of 399) MA (132 of 399) MA (136 of 399) MA (137 of 399) MA (139 of 399) MA (149 of 399) MA (153 of 399) MA (154 of 399) MA (155 of 399) MA (156 of 399) MA (158 of 399) MA (162 of 399) MA (164 of 399) MA (166 of 399) MA (167 of 399) MA (179 of 399) MA (182 of 399) MA (186 of 399) MA (187 of 399) MA (192 of 399) MA (204 of 399) MA (209 of 399) MA (213 of 399)

Now it is time to see the ballroom, the surprise for Vikki and Chip. As they entered the ballroom they were serenaded by the song I Do… Colbie Caillat

MA (61 of 399) MA (216 of 399) MA (219 of 399) MA (222 of 399) MA (223 of 399) MA (224 of 399) MA (225 of 399) MA (226 of 399) MA (228 of 399) MA (229 of 399) MA (233 of 399) MA (236 of 399) MA (237 of 399) MA (240 of 399) MA (241 of 399) MA (242 of 399) MA (243 of 399) MA (247 of 399) MA (248 of 399) MA (250 of 399)

We can’t forget signing the marriage licence as Vikki and Chip watch in the background…

MA (252 of 399) MA (254 of 399)

Fun Time at the reception!!

MA (256 of 399) MA (258 of 399) MA (260 of 399) MA (261 of 399) MA (265 of 399) MA (268 of 399) MA (270 of 399) MA (273 of 399) MA (275 of 399) MA (276 of 399) MA (281 of 399)

MA (326 of 399) MA (327 of 399)

To the Bride and Groom….well wishes and toasts…MA (286 of 399) MA (290 of 399) MA (291 of 399)

MA (313 of 399) MA (315 of 399)


After Vikki thanked everyone for coming, there was a special surprise for Vikki and Chip.  An honor to them from the Wyndham Orlando Resort  and 27 Miracles.  A Rose surprise to the tune of “You are My Everything, “Barry White… You see due to Vikki and Chip’s dedication to their careers and also their dedication to volunteering for different charity organizations, they deserved some recognition.

MA (292 of 399) MA (294 of 399) MA (295 of 399) MA (296 of 399) MA (297 of 399) MA (298 of 399) MA (299 of 399) MA (300 of 399) MA (301 of 399) MA (302 of 399)


Let’s get this party started!

MA (303 of 399) MA (307 of 399) MA (329 of 399) MA (331 of 399)

The cake from Party Flavors was to die for with all the different flavors…

MA (341 of 399) MA (343 of 399) MA (344 of 399) MA (345 of 399) MA (348 of 399)Let’s toss that bouquet…we have some quarterbacks here going for it!!!

MA (349 of 399) MA (350 of 399) MA (351 of 399)

Chip performs a little dance for Vikki to get her garter off.

MA (352 of 399) MA (354 of 399) MA (355 of 399) MA (357 of 399)


A wonderful night…..Good night to the new Mr and Mrs Black

MA (377 of 399) MA (372 of 399)


MA (374 of 399)


MA (384 of 399) MA (388 of 399) MA (392 of 399) MA (394 of 399) MA (396 of 399)




MA (398 of 399)MA (399 of 399)Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone….and to Vikki and Chip….Congratulations on your wedding day!

MA (18 of 399)



27 Miracles

info@27miraclesbyrosie com


RJ Glamour  and Innovations

Cake Party Flavors

Michael Anthony Photography

Roque Producyions

Treasured Moments

Wyndham Orlando Resort



Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 13……..Made with Love….

Nothing is better than true love between two people…that is until you get to the point where you are ready to add a little one to your life…. Ursula and Rob, our newlyweds, are having a baby!!!  See their wedding day here

Urusla and Rob share a love like no other, when they look at each other they are always smiling and deep in love.  Look at the pictures of their eyes, they only have eyes for each other.  Rob says he is so happy to have married his best friend . Today let’s celebrate with them as they receive an early Valentine’s day gift….baby Caleb born 2/12/15 at 7:06pm 8lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.

When you get married you think that you can love no other like your spouse and you are right, you can’t. But when a couple makes a special bond that comes out of love and a baby is born, then that is another level of love not only for the couple, but for the new baby coming in to their life.

Congratulations to this special couple on the birth of their beautiful baby boy!

1509243_10153097702302760_3636766807096436090_n Baby born today Feb 13 2015 U&R (1 of 53) U&R (3 of 53) U&R (5 of 53) U&R (6 of 53) U&R (8 of 53) U&R (11 of 53) U&R (13 of 53) U&R (16 of 53) U&R (20 of 53) U&R (22 of 53) U&R (23 of 53) U&R (27 of 53) U&R (29 of 53) U&R (33 of 53) U&R (35 of 53) U&R (36 of 53) U&R (38 of 53) U&R (39 of 53) U&R (43 of 53) U&R (47 of 53) U&R (49 of 53) U&R (53 of 53)

27 Miracles


Michael Anthony Photography

Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 6

One of the things 27 Miracles wedding planner Rosie Moore, loves doing is a  good wedding surprise for each and every couple.  The joy that it brings to her heart is amazing.  She plans each wedding as if it were her own with love and caring for her special bride ane groom.  When Kimberly and Steve planned their wedding day, they wanted to do something for their mothers that they would not forget.  Kimberly being an event planner in Melbourne at FIT( Florida Institute Technology) had met Myles Savage of the Platters.  He had heard that she was getting married and offered to sing at her wedding.  That was great news! But he had a concert the very same day so he could not stay long.  Kimberly and Steve were happy with having him sing two songs for the mothers at the top of the preceremony after the mothers had entered.  Kimberly had said I will be happy hearing him from my dressing room.

Hearing Myles Savage from a dressing room.  Hmm, Planner Rosie Moore began to think ahead when the plans were being made.  She contacted Myles and asked if he could sing a wedding song about love of his choice to the bride and groom when they got to the altar if we started the ceremony earlier.  He indicated that he would love to!

One other surprise that was planned for Kimberly was having Louise of the Royal Plaza Hotel there.  Louise is the catering manager that had been working with us for two years on the wedding weekend for Kimberly and Steve.  Well, knowing how much Louise loved the Platters and knowing how much Kimberly loved Louise, how can Rosie not make that happen. Just before Kimberly was to go out, Rosie surprised her in her room with a visit from Louise.  She was  so thrilled to have Louise there.

KBJ Wedding Pictures 058 KBJ Wedding Pictures 061 KBJ Wedding Pictures 062

Here it is the day of the wedding, with torrential rain that could stop traffic.  All that Rosie Moore could think about was, Kimberly, Steve and her Father’s surprise not being able to get through due to the rain delaying the guests.  Most of the  guests were from out-of-state or out-of-town.  But as the afternoon progressed, that was not the case, guests were showing up early.  Oh boy when it came time for preceremony we had a full house!!

Rosie went to work and got the musicians to shorten preceremony and here comes the bride with her dad.  As she got to the altar with her father, the minister thanked everyone for coming and on cue, Myles Savage of the Platters sang Twilight Time.  Kimberly, Steve and her father were all too surprised as you can see the expression on all of their faces.

When you pay your love forward to someone else, it comes back to you two fold…..Love  with your heat daily…..

27 Miracles


Myles Savage/The Platters/The Drifters

Valentine’s Countdown Day 1….Love Battles Illness

This year 27 Miracles wants to bring you,  our faithful readers,  something different for Valentine’s Day.  There are already so many stories about what you can buy, how to be romantic, how to pick jewelery and who is having the best sales.  We decided this year to focus on some touching stories of some of our past clients that did some inspiring things to show their loved one that they were more than loved.

Stay tuned for the next 14 days and watch all our love stories.

Many of you may remember the story of Ivonne and Andrew, america’s love story couple.  Ivonne was diagnosed with cancer and not slated to survive, but her faith in God her family support and the love of her fiance Andrew, changed all that.

Read in Ivonne’s own words her love story …..then watch the video…

“This is how Andrew and I met.  One day, my friend and Andrews’s friend decided to set us up on a blind date. They thought we would be just perfect together.  They described Andrew as tall, handsome and very shy. So I decided to give the date a try. We first met at the Fashion Square Mall, where we had the most awkward date; he bought me a cookie and didn’t talk to me all night. Luckily we gave it another try. And we are so glad that we did because we discovered the amazing connections we have.  Little did I know that the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend, under a gazebo, would be where he proposed one day.

How we got engaged… He took me to my favorite restaurant, Crave, on December 06, 2011; we had a very nice dinner. When we left he put a blind fold on me and told me he was taking me to a very special place. I asked him about a few different places that I thought he might have been taking me. I had a feeling about what was going to happen that night and I started crying under the blind fold of course I did not let him see me. About 20 minutes later he parks somewhere and opened my car door. It was extremely quiet and I couldn’t hear anything. He carried me for about 2 minutes and put me down. He told me that he loved me and he told me how special I was to him. He also he mentioned that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He took the blindfold off and we were in that special gazebo, I looked down and there he was on one knee, crying with me and asked me the four most special words a man can ask “would you marry me?” I said, “Yes, of course!!”

Special hobbies… A few of the most special hobbies we have together as a couple is playing pool, I have yet to beat him! We also love going jet skiing and wakeboarding.  We also love doing new things, whether going to a movie or going zip lining, we can’t do the same thing all the time.

Vision of wedding… My vision of my wedding has always been extravagant and BLING everywhere. Now that’s what I always thought I would want. Now that we have talked about it, I still love extravagant things at weddings but we also love the idea of a romantic wedding with candles everywhere and beautiful flower centerpieces. Whenever we watch the weddings on TV we love the idea of the candle lights, that’s our favorite. Romantic Simple Bling!! lol!!

A change of course…I was diagnosed on Feb. 13, 2012 with Hodgkin Lymphoma, the news was extremely shocking for us, but did not expect something like this at all. I went to the hospital that day by myself found out the news by myself and in less than an hour later, Andrew, my mom , dad, aunt, grandma and future mother in law were there and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have such a wonderful family who loved me and supported me so much.

I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time and there was someone there, always with me, they never left me alone. I had chemotherapy for three months. I felt weak, tired, nauseous and everything in between. I remember some days not being able to get up from my bed., how sore I felt throughout my whole body, not wanting to eat because I couldn’t even smell the food and Andrew having to feed me because my body was in pain.

I think that the worst time of everything combined was the thought of losing my hair. After the first treatment, I cut it very short.  Then when my second treatment came around, it started falling out in a lot of clumps.  So Andrew, my dad and I decided to shave it all off.  Yet, in light of all I went through, shaving my head turned out to be one of my best memories!

I also always told myself, all this is happening for a reason and I realized that being with children at the hospital and watching them go through everything I had to go through, was becoming my true passion and calling.  This solidified my decision to go back to school and study pediatric- oncology nursing. The whole experience from the initial diagnosis of my cancer to the days of getting treatments to fight the cancer and everything in-between has taught me so much! It has taught me to be strong and to never lose faith in God because no matter what is going on through the ups and downs of my life; God has shown me that he is always going to be there for me.”

27 Miracles


Key moments Videography


Christmas Eve it is Here!!!!

The last few day have been so busy!! Wow….But a good busy, spending time with those we love and care for….. Here are the last three days of our Christmas countdown…

Day 22 Christmas Countdown:

Save Face:

Sorry for the delay…today was my birthday and I was determined to enjoy it and not work!

Did you forget to mail a Christmas card to a friend or relative who won’t forget that you did not send them a card?  Don’t stress over it, send an email card that will arrive instantly .  You can get free greeting cards at

cestitke1 ??????????????????????????? man-computer Woman-writing-Christmas-c-001

Day 23 Christmas Countdown:

Wander or Wonder

Don’t drive to see the best decorated houses in your neighborhood, walk instead.  You will reap the rewards of a closer look while squeezing in some exercise which is important because with all the busyness of the holidays, it’s hard to find time for a formal walk.

house-xmas-lights-3 RMS_brettdebbie10357281-exterior-christmas-lights_s4x3_lg Suburbia+Lights+Up+Christmas+UUB3KKqxP3-l

Day 24 Christmas Countdown:

Be Very Blessed

On This Christmas Eve take a moment to write down all the people and things for which you are grateful. ” Remembering those who have blessed us is to be renewed and restored in the meaning of life, says Richard Olson,”a retired Lutheran Pastor.

Also remember that random acts of kindness knows no calendar.  It is easy to be kind during the month of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but remember those in need all year round  A need is not always material, a need can also be emotional.

Merry Christmas from the team at 27 Miracles..May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2015!

Rosie, Marcus, Christine, Ashley, Gina, and Tess

27 Miracles

1897859_10152707608387795_2304151760563659691_n 10417543_548770745250600_1633575783155951912_n Ashley Bliss Gina Maniaci Tes Poleschuk

What To Do For The Next Few Days

I bet everyone is wondering what happened to the daily countdown?  Well even yrou most organized wedding planner gets busy! So grab a chair, sit back and relax as you catch up on the next few days of countdown.  Ready, set go!

Day 15 Christmas Countdown:

Examine Your Sole:

Christmas shopping not only takes a toll on your wallet, but on your feet as well.When you get home, put a towel around one foot, grasp both ends of the towel and pull your toes toward you for 15 seconds, then release.  Do this until you feel the soreness slip away.  Then switch feet.  Or if you have time to get a nice foot rub ….that will help too! Even a father of the bride massages his daughter’s feet right before the wedding…..that is love!!!

155783-425x283-pregnant-woman-foot-rub Father of the Bride Giving Foot Massage


Day 16 Countdown to Christmas

Imitate St Nick

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh to make you feel the joy of the season.  Need some help tickling your ribs?  Here are some great ideas, watch the  movie The Santa Clause or Home Alone….or sometimes just remembering some good old-fashioned fun! I love that we can make our couples laugh!!!

Nayya and  Jose Vikki and Chip 2 Vikki and Chip

Day 17 Christmas Countdown

Celebrate the Quirky

Learn to laugh over all the silly slip ups that happen every holiday season. Then write them down , you will find these mishaps often become your best t memories.  Some of our best memories are the the ones that are least expected according to Psychologist Ronald Nathan.

6a0120a6546872970b017d3f0af16d970c-800wi 019 President Barack Obama Takes Part in "Christmas In Washington"

Day 18 Christmas Countdown:

Scent for Company

To quickly make your house smell festive, add a tablespoon each of these herbs to 2 cups of water, let simmer on low heat in an old pan, taking care not to boil.  Use dry cinnamon, bay leaves, sage leaves, rosemary and lavender.


Day 19 Christmas Countdown:

Dust off a Lawn Chair

Bundle up and sweep off a lawn chair.  It’s tempting to hide inside, but it’s important especially with the beautiful Florida weather to remain connected to the outdoors all year round.  Sit quietly for a while and watch the birds and nature all around you.

002 steven-lawn-chair

Day 20 Christmas Countdown

Curtail Illness:

It never fails just as we get close to the holidays you start to feel sick, because you are run down, not sleeping enough, not eating right and it is flu and cold season.  Remember wash your hands often, use your antibacterial, take zinc and vitamin c as a precaution when around many people, think of that when you are out shopping or at events.  If you do get sick, try the Echinacea tea with honey and lemon, if it is not getting better see your primary care doctor so that they can recommend something before it gets worse.  Often times it is viral and you just have to wait it out.

easysteps_photo_ES26_antibacterial_foam_hands-504x334 viral_uri (1) washing-hands Woman Fighting the Winter Cold 460

27 Miracles

Focus on You!

Day 4 of The Christmas Countdown

We rarely focus on ourselves during the busy holiday season.  We are out shopping, holiday luncheons, holiday parties at night, kids plays and concerts, wrapping gifts etc.  But we need to at times slow down so that we can recharge ourselves.  Rosie Moore, Master bridal Consultant knows that all too well as she goes from her business to the charity to her work to her family, to events and rarely stops to sleep ( or at least that is what people ask, when do you sleep?)

wedding-planner-pinkroma-4 wedding-coordinator-Los-Angeles

Rosie, said at the start of the Thanksgiving season, that this year she wanted to take some time to sit and watch her favorite Hallmark Christmas movies and spend time with family going on outings to see parades, decorations and just plain have downtime.  Of course during the busy wedding season that is easier said than done.  Well she had an early Christmas Carol experience, in a techy sort of way to slow down.  Her computer crashed two days before Thanksgiving…..she thought okay easy fix and done right?  Well after the tech came over to fix it, it was decided that a new computer was in order.  So out with the old and in with the new.  Well, the new computer crashed as well, not powerful enough for the programs that 27 Miracles and the Gift of Life run. Also it was defective.   So back it goes and now it is a wait and get the right one….while Rosie is using her husband’s computer wondering when she will get  her trusted files.

stock-vector-vector-computer-crash-13625983 ComputerCrash computer-crash computer-crashed images

You say what kind of story is this?  Well, for those that work closely with Rosie, they know that she is always on the go 24/7, smart phone and all.  Accessing emails and work anywhere  and anytime( except church and dance). So for this to happen, it has allowed Rosie to slow down some, enjoy the movies, stories at the book store with her son, walks in the park and leisure time.  Let’s not forget that just the week prior to the computer crashing, her smart phone crashed too! So, be careful what you ask for, you may just get it!

27 Miracles

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