Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Love Sacrifices All Except Love Itself!!

By now everyone has received their sweetie’s Valentine’s Cards, gifts, hugs and kisses…Now it is time to wind down and share in our last Valentine series …..The Love of Vikki and Chip…..27 Miracles writes a lot of wedding and engagement blogs…..but sit back and read this couples story of sacrifice, love and committment….

When Vikki and Chip planned their wedding day, they planned it based on their school schedule. They started working with Master Bridal Consultant, Rosie Moore to plan this beautiful event back in the summer of 2013 when they were both off from school.  The date was set 12/13/14.  That summer they looked at over 15 venues in a span of a few days and ended up picking the place where Chip proposed to Vikki, The Beautiful Wyndham Orlando.

Everything was set.  The following summer they did tastings, floral samples, finalizing the wedding and the honeymoon.  Then came the bad news, the wedding may be off!! What? Why?  Vikki is a graduate student as a Pharmacist and school  decided that they will not end until 12/18/14 and she will have a final exam on 12/13/14 and another on 12/15/14.  As much as she tried they would not allow her to take the exam early. Vikki contacted Rosie with the dilemma and what can we do.   Planner Rosie Moore, said give her a day to think about things.  Then it was set, the honeymoon was postponed until the summer,we will get everything done for the wedding earlier,  as far as preparations.  The bride would have a friend drive her to school the morning of the test and when she arrived back, hair and make up would be there ready and waiting for her.

Vikki was up early and out for her final exam, first of many after studying all night the day before after rehearsal.  When she came back, we were all set….Everyone was ready for Vikki….Vikki was smiling and ready to get married.

MA (1 of 399) MA (7 of 399) MA (8 of 399) MA (23 of 399) MA (26 of 399) MA (27 of 399) MA (28 of 399) MA (29 of 399) MA (31 of 399) MA (33 of 399) MA (35 of 399) MA (43 of 399) MA (45 of 399) MA (50 of 399) MA (52 of 399) MA (56 of 399)

While Vikki was getting ready, Chip was counting the time till he can see his love…

MA (62 of 399) MA (63 of 399) MA (71 of 399)

The moment had arrived for Vikki and her dad to walk down the aisle and give his little girl away…

MA (74 of 399) MA (77 of 399) MA (80 of 399) MA (81 of 399) MA (82 of 399) MA (83 of 399) MA (84 of 399) MA (85 of 399) MA (86 of 399) MA (87 of 399) MA (88 of 399) MA (89 of 399) MA (92 of 399) MA (93 of 399) MA (95 of 399) MA (97 of 399) MA (99 of 399) MA (101 of 399)

I Now pronounce you husband and wife!

MA (105 of 399) MA (110 of 399) MA (111 of 399) MA (112 of 399)


After the wedding ceremony it was family pictures and fun pictures …

MA (116 of 399) MA (117 of 399) MA (121 of 399) MA (123 of 399) MA (126 of 399) MA (127 of 399) MA (128 of 399) MA (130 of 399) MA (132 of 399) MA (136 of 399) MA (137 of 399) MA (139 of 399) MA (149 of 399) MA (153 of 399) MA (154 of 399) MA (155 of 399) MA (156 of 399) MA (158 of 399) MA (162 of 399) MA (164 of 399) MA (166 of 399) MA (167 of 399) MA (179 of 399) MA (182 of 399) MA (186 of 399) MA (187 of 399) MA (192 of 399) MA (204 of 399) MA (209 of 399) MA (213 of 399)

Now it is time to see the ballroom, the surprise for Vikki and Chip. As they entered the ballroom they were serenaded by the song I Do…..by Colbie Caillat

MA (61 of 399) MA (216 of 399) MA (219 of 399) MA (222 of 399) MA (223 of 399) MA (224 of 399) MA (225 of 399) MA (226 of 399) MA (228 of 399) MA (229 of 399) MA (233 of 399) MA (236 of 399) MA (237 of 399) MA (240 of 399) MA (241 of 399) MA (242 of 399) MA (243 of 399) MA (247 of 399) MA (248 of 399) MA (250 of 399)

We can’t forget signing the marriage licence as Vikki and Chip watch in the background…

MA (252 of 399) MA (254 of 399)

Fun Time at the reception!!

MA (256 of 399) MA (258 of 399) MA (260 of 399) MA (261 of 399) MA (265 of 399) MA (268 of 399) MA (270 of 399) MA (273 of 399) MA (275 of 399) MA (276 of 399) MA (281 of 399)

MA (326 of 399) MA (327 of 399)

To the Bride and Groom….well wishes and toasts…MA (286 of 399) MA (290 of 399) MA (291 of 399)

MA (313 of 399) MA (315 of 399)


After Vikki thanked everyone for coming, there was a special surprise for Vikki and Chip.  An honor to them from the Wyndham Orlando Resort  and 27 Miracles.  A Rose surprise to the tune of “You are My Everything, “Barry White… You see due to Vikki and Chip’s dedication to their careers and also their dedication to volunteering for different charity organizations, they deserved some recognition.

MA (292 of 399) MA (294 of 399) MA (295 of 399) MA (296 of 399) MA (297 of 399) MA (298 of 399) MA (299 of 399) MA (300 of 399) MA (301 of 399) MA (302 of 399)


Let’s get this party started!

MA (303 of 399) MA (307 of 399) MA (329 of 399) MA (331 of 399)

The cake from Party Flavors was to die for with all the different flavors…

MA (341 of 399) MA (343 of 399) MA (344 of 399) MA (345 of 399) MA (348 of 399)Let’s toss that bouquet…we have some quarterbacks here going for it!!!

MA (349 of 399) MA (350 of 399) MA (351 of 399)

Chip performs a little dance for Vikki to get her garter off.

MA (352 of 399) MA (354 of 399) MA (355 of 399) MA (357 of 399)


A wonderful night…..Good night to the new Mr and Mrs Black

MA (377 of 399) MA (372 of 399)


MA (374 of 399)


MA (384 of 399) MA (388 of 399) MA (392 of 399) MA (394 of 399) MA (396 of 399)




MA (398 of 399)MA (399 of 399)Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone….and to Vikki and Chip….Congratulations on your wedding day!

MA (18 of 399)



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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 11……..Romance in Marriage….

Sometimes in life we get busy and we put things off until we have time to fulfill our dream.  Jobs, family, pregnancy and obligations keep us busy.  That was the case with Erika and Andres.  This beautiful couple had been married for four years but never really had the time to have their formal wedding.  Now mind you, Andres is a DJ/MC so seeing weddings every weekend only made their desires grow more.  That is when Andres decided one day to just say enough is enough, we are planning a wedding and called on Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant to help.

Erika and Andres’ wedding was going to be about the family and friends having a great time.  But at the same time about these two lovebirds enjoying their so long-awaited special day.

Andres Erica01 Andres Erica02

They were married in their home church with a reception at the Wyndham Orlando.  The wedding brought tears to many as the Officiant retold stories of this couple and baptized their little girl at their ceremony and received communion.  It was a bond not only in marriage but in their faith in God.

Erika and Andres Wedding 010 Erika and Andres Wedding 073 Erika and Andres Wedding 077 Erika and Andres Wedding 079
Erika and Andres Wedding 086 Erika and Andres Wedding 087 Erika and Andres Wedding 112 Erika and Andres Wedding 122 Erika and Andres Wedding 134 Erika and Andres Wedding 189

After their ceremony they got the opportunity to relax and have fun taking  pictures and enjoying this special moment that finally came true!

Erika and Andres Wedding 204 Erika and Andres Wedding 211 Erika and Andres Wedding 215 Erika and Andres Wedding 221 Erika and Andres Wedding 229 Erika and Andres Wedding 231

The reception was perfectly set with the right music, lighting and staff. On occasion, planner Rosie Moore, had to let Andres know that he is the groom today …no work…although he did make a live video introducing the happy couple as him and his wife, but it was all in good fun!!

Erika and Andres Wedding 263
Erika and Andres Wedding 266 Erika and Andres Wedding 510

From the food, to the cake, the decor and the music, the night was filled with laughter and just family and friends in the industry enjoying a relaxed but high energy wedding celebration.

Erika and Andres Wedding 266 Erika and Andres Wedding 267 Erika and Andres Wedding 271 Erika and Andres Wedding 279 Erika and Andres Wedding 283 Erika and Andres Wedding 290 Erika and Andres Wedding 305 Erika and Andres Wedding 354 Erika and Andres Wedding 408

One thing that Andres stated,  ” I now know what brides and grooms go through as they are planning their special day and it is very stressful, but with the right wedding professionals, you do relax.”  What planner Rosie took from that is,  brides and grooms come to you as a client and they have not had a wedding before, they entrust their full trust in you and it is up to us the wedding professionals, to make their dream come true…….

Erika and Andres Wedding 530 Erika and Andres Wedding 531 Erika and Andres Wedding 532 Erika and Andres Wedding 535 Erika and Andres Wedding 547 Erika and Andres Wedding 548 Erika and Andres Wedding 550 Erika and Andres Wedding 552 DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO Erika and Andres Wedding 568

The night ended with a farewell to all the guests one by one, they came to hug the happy couple and wish them the best….

So even though you have had your civil ceremony and say,  one day we will have the real wedding and years go by and you don’t, do not worry, at whatever stage in your life you are ready, the day will come. It does not have to be about the pomp and circumstance, but about the Romance in your Marriage.

Part of marriage is not tolerating each other only, but romancing your spouse……say I love you for any reason daily, not just “love you” I can love cake and ice cream or the movies….really say ” I Love You” and take ownership of the feelings you are expressing.

27 Miracles wishes many more years of romantic and true love to Erika and Andres……

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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 9…….Love at First Sight? Do you believe in it?

Love will find its way to you.  Sometimes you search for love in all the wrong places and you get frustrated looking for love.  You find someone and the relationship struggles because love did not find its way yet to you.  Love is easy but not easy.  If in the dating relationship it is a struggle, then is it love or just someone to pass time with.  Does everyone have love at first sight?  Not really because some folks have to spend a lot of time together to see if they are a good fit.  Some people do find love at first sight and when they do….wow …bam…watch out…the room is electrified and their love spills on everyone around them.

That is Migdalia and Edwin’s story…

Both Migdalia and Edwin hoped to find true love and prayed for a special soul mate for several years and on this one special day in the month of love, February, it finally happened! We had to share their story since they fell in love in February!

One evening while planning their wedding, Migdalia shared their engagement story.  Edwin  just laughed and smiled  looking at her like a school kid in love…gotta love it… Ed (as Migdalia calls him)  knew that he was going to propose to Mig  (as he kindly calls her), so he spoke to her sister and her daughter to just let them know that he wanted to propose, but did not say when.  He had a special day planned to ask her.  He had bought some dessert to bring for dinner and some other things,  Mig being her helpful self, wanted to help bring stuff in.  She went in the trunk of the car and saw a little bag from a jewelry store.  When Mig saw the little bag she turned to Ed and  said, what’s this?  Poor Ed, he turned all sorts of colors and nervous and just gave it to her and said can you pretend that I did not give it to you yet.  He wanted to ask her after dinner in front of everyone, but Mig says she was so nervous herself that she came in to the house and just told everyone.

G&D (55 of 96) G&D (59 of 96) G&D (77 of 96) G&D (78 of 96)

Whenever you are around this happy-go-lucky couple, you can feel the energy of love between them as they look into each other’s eyes.  Many blessings are desired for this couple as they await the big wedding day coming soon!!

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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 8…….Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning! That is what Nguyen Vu wanted to sing to his beautiful bride Desiree.  Desiree and Nguyen Vu had a beautiful Vietnamese fusion wedding.  Desiree made these beautiful banners for Nguyen Vu as a surprise to him that said I Love You in Vietnamese and that was her surprise for the groom.  Now Nguyen Vu approached Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant at 27 Miracles and asked how he could fit singing to his bride on the wedding day.  Moore, coordinated their signature Rose Surprise with the help of the catering staff to create a distraction so that the groom could get the mic on and be in  position at the piano to sing .  Watch the expression of the bride as her groomsmen place this beauty of a bride on the piano to be serenaded by her prince.

Winter Park Civic Center, Winter Park, Florida wedding of Desiree and Nguyen Vu

Congratulations to Lorena and Geoffrey on Their Little One!!

27 Miracles loves sharing great news from our past brides.  Today we bring you Baby Matteo, born Feb. 5, 2015 Matteo George,  weight 7 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 in long. Both baby and mommy are doing great. Our couple Lorena and Geoffrey! 

Congratulations to Lorena and Geoffrey on the birth of their son from 27 Miracles!!!

10246263_1009902609027149_7171562428326455618_n10911465_838735826187035_1430938686259347239_o10915286_838735819520369_8270852780778104148_n10933912_838735742853710_4646840489589836089_n10958929_10153016344403503_9193772885776377374_nLorena and Geoffrey Engagement Pics 013Lorena and Geoffrey Engagement Pics 02310256963_855218674495544_5300315079510525471_n

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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 7…When A Man Loves a Woman….

It is true what the song says, When a man loves a woman, he can’t keep his mind on anything but her.  When Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles met Nayya, she got a chance to hear Nayya’s story of Love between her and Jose.  Jose was an active duty soldier in Afghanistan. She and Jose wanted to plan their wedding for September because that is when she thought that he would get leave from the service.   In early November, Nayya got the word that Jose would be coming home soon, and they can push the wedding up to May on Memorial Day Weekend.

What excitement Nayya had to hear that her true love, would be home soon.  He told her that it may not be until January or February, but he would be home.   Nayya continued her wedding planning with Rosie and leading her every day life. Waiting for the love of your life when there  are so many things going on in Afghan and other places was not an easy thing.  Many times Nayya would share her concerns with Rosie about the wait, but would be comforted by words of hope and prayer that Rosie could offer that he will be home soon.

As the holidays approached, Nayya proceeded with her busy life and getting herself ready with her family for the holidays.  On Christmas Eve there was an unexpected knock at the door, she opened the door and to her surprise,  there was Jose standing in the doorway with his arms open wide saying, “I am home!” What a Christmas blessing!  Of course he still had some monthly trainings to attend,  but he was home from Afghanistan, he had served his time!



This happy couple was married On Memorial Day Weekend at the beautiful Shades of Green Resort.



When there is love…nothing stands in the way….

Nayya Cover no watermark




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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 6

One of the things 27 Miracles wedding planner Rosie Moore, loves doing is a  good wedding surprise for each and every couple.  The joy that it brings to her heart is amazing.  She plans each wedding as if it were her own with love and caring for her special bride ane groom.  When Kimberly and Steve planned their wedding day, they wanted to do something for their mothers that they would not forget.  Kimberly being an event planner in Melbourne at FIT( Florida Institute Technology) had met Myles Savage of the Platters.  He had heard that she was getting married and offered to sing at her wedding.  That was great news! But he had a concert the very same day so he could not stay long.  Kimberly and Steve were happy with having him sing two songs for the mothers at the top of the preceremony after the mothers had entered.  Kimberly had said I will be happy hearing him from my dressing room.

Hearing Myles Savage from a dressing room.  Hmm, Planner Rosie Moore began to think ahead when the plans were being made.  She contacted Myles and asked if he could sing a wedding song about love of his choice to the bride and groom when they got to the altar if we started the ceremony earlier.  He indicated that he would love to!

One other surprise that was planned for Kimberly was having Louise of the Royal Plaza Hotel there.  Louise is the catering manager that had been working with us for two years on the wedding weekend for Kimberly and Steve.  Well, knowing how much Louise loved the Platters and knowing how much Kimberly loved Louise, how can Rosie not make that happen. Just before Kimberly was to go out, Rosie surprised her in her room with a visit from Louise.  She was  so thrilled to have Louise there.

KBJ Wedding Pictures 058 KBJ Wedding Pictures 061 KBJ Wedding Pictures 062

Here it is the day of the wedding, with torrential rain that could stop traffic.  All that Rosie Moore could think about was, Kimberly, Steve and her Father’s surprise not being able to get through due to the rain delaying the guests.  Most of the  guests were from out-of-state or out-of-town.  But as the afternoon progressed, that was not the case, guests were showing up early.  Oh boy when it came time for preceremony we had a full house!!

Rosie went to work and got the musicians to shorten preceremony and here comes the bride with her dad.  As she got to the altar with her father, the minister thanked everyone for coming and on cue, Myles Savage of the Platters sang Twilight Time.  Kimberly, Steve and her father were all too surprised as you can see the expression on all of their faces.

When you pay your love forward to someone else, it comes back to you two fold…..Love  with your heat daily…..

27 Miracles




Myles Savage/The Platters/The Drifters

Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 5….Horse Drawn Carriage Surprise

Sometimes people get married and they would love to add certain elements to their wedding, but at the time of the wedding it is not always possible.  That was the case for Ana and Jay, when they were first married. Jay had wanted to surprise Ana with a horse and carriage but he was not ale to at that time.  Now that Ana and Jay were renewing their wedding vows, Ana contacted 27 Miracles to coordinate their 20th vow renewal. As planner Rosie Moore sat with the couple listening to how their first wedding was, Jay said. ” I think everything is perfect in the planning.”

Later on Ana said, “yes everything is perfect,  the only thing missing is the horse-drawn carriage and my husband riding in it to get me.  That is something he always said to me, one day I am  going to whisk you away in a horse and carriage, ” and she laughed about it and brushed it off moving on to the next subject.  Well, when Moore heard that, she went to work and obtained the info for the white horse and carriage.  She contacted her friends at High Horse Carriage and spoke with the groom about this wonderful surprise he could do.  He was ecstatic!

We planned for their little girl to come riding in the carriage and bring the wedding rings to the couple down the aisle.  The look on the bride’s face was priceless!

So paying attention to the little things in life throughout the years helps to create surprises that will be memorable throughout the rest of the marriage as was the case with the horse and carriage for Ana and Jay.




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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 4….You Look Wonderful Tonight

27 Miracles is known for their surprise Rose Ceremonies for many different reasons( you never know what the roses are bringing to you) but we always manage to get the surprised party off guard.  On the day of Stella and Tom’s wedding that was exactly what we did.  Tom from the day that he met Wedding Planner Rosie Moore  had said I want to do a special song for Stella and surprise her.  Moore  said sure we will help you do that.  Tom and Stella both like doing Karaoke and when they went out on their first date he sang the song to her  called, ” Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.  It was the most romantic gift a groom can give to his beautiful bride on their wedding day. It is not that every groom has to sing, it is whatever the groom deems special for his bride to be on their wedding day whether privately or in public.

Keep the romance going even after the wedding day…if you sang to your bride as you dated…keep on singing….it is not about the keys you can hit…but the words you choose to sing to her …..

27 Miracles




Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 3…..The Love of Goofy and Belle

27 Miracles loves themed weddings!  That was the case for happy couple Michelle and Eric.  They both loved Disney and every detail in their wedding was Disney.  They were married in The Castle Hotel and that is where the magic began.  Michelle and Eric were so eager to surprise each other ….Michelle wanted a goofy given to Eric as that was his favorite character and Eric wanted to give Michelle something with Belle.  And then there was the song and of course neither knew anything of what the other wanted to plan.  This was a wedding full of surprises from morning till night, sunrises for the couple, the guests, each other and even the planner( the bride snuck that one in there on planner Rosie Moore!)

Love is about the element of keeping the relationship fresh.  It does not matter how small or insignificant the gesture is, for those who truly love, the smallest gesture is romantic and cherished.

Watch the video and see what planner Rosie Moore came up with….

27 Miracles