Happy Anniversary to Alyssa and Francisco

For those of you that follow our blogs, two years ago today on a chilly December 2, 2011, 27 Miracles and a few members of the wedding industry made dreams come true through the Christmas Blessing Wedding!  It was the dream wedding that Alyssa and Francisco hoped for.  Time flies !! Today they are happily celebrating two years of being married!!!

Where is the happy couple today?  Today they have three beautiful children with one turning a year old just last month and Alyssa being inspired so much by the wedding industry that she has opened her very own event planning company! Stay tuned to see more of Alyssa in the future in the wedding industry.

27 Miracles wants to wish Alyssa and Francisco a very Happy Anniversary with many blessings in the years ahead!

If you were not following this wedding before, click on the link below to read about The Christmas Blessing Wedding!

A Christmas Blessing Wedding


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Brittney and Chris Singing at the Christmas Blessing Wedding

When Brittney and Chris heard about the Christmas Blessing Wedding they could not help but ask how can they use their talents to help bless this couple Alyssa and Francisco.  They decided to sing the Lord’s Prayer at their ceremony. Chris is a student at Rollins College of Music and Britteny studied at North Central University.

If you missed the story for this wedding click on the link below to read it.


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Another Surprise for Alyssa the Christmas Blessing Bride!!

27 Miracles knew all along that there would be an extra special surprise for our bride and groom Alyssa and Francisco, but they waited awhile to reveal it to them when the final product came about.  Sometimes our clients don’t get to see everyone that made a difference in their wedding and this was the case for this couple.  Louise from The Royal Plaza Hotel donated a  2 Night stay at the beautiful Royal Plaza Hotel in a Junior Suite in Downtown Disney for their honeymoon.  But for many months, Louise was just a name, Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles, wanted to change that.  Rosie arranged a surprise meeting for the bride to meet Louise and at the same time receive her wedding gown, that was preserved by 27 Miracles through the Wedding Gown Preservation and her bouquet preserved through Keepsake Floral.  These companies made this possible for Alyssa and Francisco to have.

Thank you Bruce from Treasured Moments Videography…finding a good hiding spot is always a fun thing!! But Bruce is willing to make it happen for the sake of a great memory for the bride and groom!!

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If you missed the wedding of Alyssa and Francisco, you can view all the stories here https://27miracles.com/category/a-christmas-blessing-wedding-december-2011/

Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 250

Watch as Alyssa receives these gifts from these fabulous vendors!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Alyssa and Francisco

It is hard to believe that a year  has passed.  On  December 2, 2011 a cold Friday Night, Alyssa and Francisco had their wedding Dreams come true through a Christmas Blessing Wedding.  Today they celebrate one year of marriage.  Happy Anniversary to both of you and may the Peace of the Christmas Season be with you both always.


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If you missed their story, you can read it here


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As the Holiday Season Arrives..Remember to Give This Christmas Away

Happy December 1st!!! Wow in 24 days it will be Christmas day or as the stores look at it 23 more shopping days till Christmas not including today! How many long lines will we stand on?  How many gifts will we buy? How many parties will we attend? It is a busy time of year.  27 Miracles only asks one thing, as the season starts, take a moment to just make a difference in even one person’s life.  Give this Christmas Away.  What do I mean by that? Take a moment to make a difference in a person’s life or an organization’s life. Donate a new unwrapped toy to Toys for Tots, Donate a wedding gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, Volunteer at the Food Bank to serve others during the holiday meal, donate time to sit with a senior citizen at a nursing home who does not have family.  There are so many things that we can do to make a difference.  If you want more information on organizations that can use your help, please contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454, info@27miraclesbyrosie.com

ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (58)ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (170)ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (147)

Here are a few videos of giving Christmas Away….Many vendors in The Orlando Community come together to do this yearly, sometimes you do not even have to wait until Christmas, you can give any time of year.

Organizations in need of help:

Nathaniel’s Hope http://www.nathanielshope.org/

When you purchase our book  A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore, directly from 27 Miracles we will   donate from the proceeds to Nathaniel’s Hope  Watch the video on the book http://vimeo.com/40622712#at=0

Toys for Tots http://www.toysfortots.org/

Brides Against Breast Cancer http://bridesagainstbreastcancer.org/

When you purchase Angela Nuran Shoes directly from 27 Miracles, we will donate from the proceeds to Brides Against Breast Cancer  http://www.angelanuran.com/

A Christmas Extravaganza 2010

A Christmas Blessing Wedding

A Gift of Love Wedding


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27 Miracles and Orlando/Tampa/International Vendors Making A Difference in The Community

Happy Labor Day!!! If you are home tonight at 7pm, watch Local 6 channel news, an interview with 27 Miracles They will speak about Ivonne’s wedding, Alyssa’s wedding and our vendors in the community making a difference. If you miss the episode they will have a link later in the week. http://www.clickorlando.com/seenon6

David Pavlik of Local 6, contacted Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles when he heard the incredible news that a community of vendors in Orlando, Tampa and even in Belize outside the US were willing to help out a local bride and her fiance, Ivonne and Andrew battling cancer; in the Gift of Love Wedding.   David was also interested in the Christmas Blessing Wedding orchestrated in December 2011 for Alyssa and Francisco.  As he interviewed Rosie Moore he soon discovered that the vendor community, not just 27 Miracles has a heart to help those in need.  This  is the reason that he decided to do a special on the community of Orlando/Tampa and give credits to Lara Goldman of Romantic Travels Belize for their tremendous efforts in hosting this wedding and honeymoon  for Ivonne and Andrew and Alyssa and Franciso.

What Local 6 states is:

“These are tough times and there sure is a lot of unfortunate news out there, and while Local 6 is committed to aggressively covering the economy, crime in your neighborhood, and the future of our schools, we are also committed to covering positive stories in our community and we’d like your help.”

If you know about people or programs making a difference in Central Florida, Local 6 wants to hear from you.

E-mail the information to makingadifference@clickorlando.com.

We’re all in these tough times together, and at Local 6 we’ll cover all the news in Central Florida, including the positive news in our communities.”

Thank you David Pavlik and Bridgett Ellison of Local 6, for making a dcifference in our community speaking about the positive things that happen in O Town!!


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