Tie One On

Day 12 Countdown to Christmas:

Tie one on, that is an apron! Wearing a festive holiday version of an apron make you feel festive and in the mood to bake! This can be a special time with that special someone who you love, or with the kids baking cookies or even with your friends, as a girls night out! So let the baking begin!

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 12

“Tie One On”

“An apron, that is.  Wearing a pretty holiday version will help you feel festive and it’s a nice way to get yourself  psyched up to bake five dozen cookies and more!” Better Homes and Gardens

I have a red apron that I love to wear when cooking or baking during the holidays.   Do you have a favorite color apron? I know I love to bake during the holidays, cakes and breads that is! A funny thing about me is that I can’t bake a cookie to save my life, lol not even the store bought cookie dough.  For some strange reason they never turn out right for me.  I can bake cakes, pies and fancy stuff like that.  Now Marcus, my dear hubby, is the official Santa cookie maker. He bakes cookies all year round!

A good friend of mine, The Newlywed Guru has the cutest aprons, check them out on her website! Now for all those newlyweds married up to 95 years, there is a great cooking show for couples that you can join in as something special to do with your spouse. Check it out here…. http://thenewlywedguru.com/

Newlywed Aprons

Merry Christmas!!!

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