A Honeymoon Gift for Ivonne and Andrew

On August 12, 2012 Lara from Romantic Travel Belize shared a special gift in person with Ivonne and Andrew.  If you have not read their love story and what happened to them, let me invite you to click on the following link to read all their stories leading up to and including the wedding day https://27miracles.com/category/a-gift-of-love-wedding-ivonne-and-andrew-81212/

Prior to the wedding day, Lara from Belize had offered a 4 day 3 night  stay at Tranquility Bay  Resort in Belize.   27 Miracles had a big hurdle to get over to make this honeymoon happen for Ivonne and Andrew, airfare!! 27 Miracles started the fund raiser, WTSP Channel 10 interviewed Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles, Ivonne and Andrew in St Pete to reach out to people to donate the airfare and they were to contact Rosie for the details. It was a hard job to keep Ivonne and Andrew clueless as to their destination.

Andrew worked for an airline, but they did not fly to the island of Belize.  However it did fly to other places stateside that could assist with the connecting flight to Belize.  The funds were raised and we were able to get them a flight with the assistance of Andrew’s mom, to Belize; about 5 days before the wedding( talk about close!!!).  Here was the catch, in order for Ivonne to fly on the airline that Andrew worked for they had to be married!  Oh my, what to do as there was a two week paper work process?  This was started simultaneous to looking for the connecting flight and raising funds for that flight.

On the day of Ivonne and Andrew’s food tasting, Ivonne suggested that she  get married  in order to book her flight.  Luckily Marcus Moore wedding officiant was on site and quickly pulled up his vows on his I Phone and to work he went making a nice Christian ceremony on the spot.  Ivonne and Andrew were lined up outside to practice the “rehearsal” ( wink wink, only Donna Cook from the Sheraton and Rosie Moore knew about the surprise impromptu wedding ceremomy) then just before beginning the ceremony, they let their parents know this was for real.  The father of the bride said wait she si still my daughter for two weeks, I will consent for legal paperwork only.    He did tell Andrew hands off his princess until the wedding night!!!

It was the first wedding ceremony at the newly renovated . Sheraton  in Lake Buena Vista.

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Andy Steward!! But their true wedding date will alwasy be 8/12/12 teh date that they had their friends and family present to witness this miracle occasion.

Today Ivonne is in remission for her Hodgkins Lymphoma and we pray for her health to continue this way so that their dreams can be fulfilled to start a family and enjoy each other for years to come.

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista www.Sheraton.com/Lake Buena Vista Resort

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Romantic Travel Belize http://www.romantictravelbelize.com





12/12/12 Getting Married this Day? Be a part of History..See How..

For many people 12/21/2012 who are doomsday believers feel that the world is coming to an end because the Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012.  All it means is that the calendar will start over again.  You will not see another wedding date like 12/12/12 probably for another 100 years or so. 

Couples can sign up on our official website, www.27.miraclesbyrosie.com or call us today at 407-905-5454.  This is a wedding for our outside of the box bride.  Now we only have room for 11 couples, the winner of the free wedding was already selected.  The weddings will  receive media coverage, magazine and newspaper coverage, because of the uniquemess of the wedding on 12/12/12.

27 Miracles is working with the Mayan tourism planner Lara in Belize to help plan a wedding in Belize. Here are some of the details for you to take advantage of this:

As stated by Lara Goldman of Belize, in her own words:

“On Dec. 12, an estimated 12 couples and more than 200 of their close friends and family will take part in a special “Mayan Marriage of Many” wedding celebration to be performed on an ancient Mayan Temple at the 3,200-year-old Mayan City of Cahal Pech.

“It’s beautiful and not many people know it’s the only place where you can get married on Mayan ruins,” said Goldman. The English-speaking country also boasts the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. “Belize is very distinct and nothing like its Central American neighbors. It’s amazingly diverse and, for this event, we are bringing together all cultural aspects.”

Bridal parties will arrive on Dec. 9 for a five-day experience. From the moment the guests get off the plane they will be immersed in Mayan culture. Native dancers will welcome the group (each couple will be able to invite six  or more of their closest loved ones to the wedding celebration, from Dec. 9 to Dec. 13), which will then head to a cocktail reception. From there, they can take in Belize in a number of ways ranging from zip-lining, Mayan massage, medicine trails , cave tubing, and exploring ancient caves.

On the wedding day, a  priest and a minister will be on site to administer the marriage ceremony. Brides and grooms will line up all at once among the ancient Mayan temple, draped with watermelon-colored silk fabrics, and adorned with silk pillows decorated with fire elements. There will be music and dancing with a catered reception fit for a Mayan princess.

“It will be the biggest event that the country has had,” said Goldman. “It’s like our Olympics. We are pulling out every stop.”

On hand will be Dr. Jaime Awe of the National Institute of Culture and History, who will help make sure the event preserves the ancient Mayan cities during the festivities. An expert on Mayan archeology, he has designed the excavation process.

Following the wedding, the newlyweds will embark on a honeymoon dubbed a “mini-moon.” For five nights, the bride and groom will be transported to San Pedro (who’s singing Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” right now?).

As an added bonus, designer Chris Kole of Long Island’s The Cotton Bride is creating a Mayan-inspired wedding gown which will be for sale on the website. One gown will be given to a lucky winner.

Goldman says the wedding is a first-come, first-served sign-up with an average price tag of $14,000—a steal for the 10-day vacation and wedding for eight.”

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