Cohabitation and Marriage

Every now and then 27 Miracles comes across articles worth sharing.  AAWP had this one to share:

“This week’s Words of Wedding Wisdom regards cohabitation and begins with a a question: Since 1960, how much has cohabitation BEFORE marriage increased in the U.S.? The answer: A whopping 1,000%.Today, most couples cohabit, meaning they live together before marriage. According to a recent study by Rutgers University, those who cohabit before marrying risk a much greater chance for divorce when they do marry. And all along, you thought it was the other way around-that you needed to live with your SO, to really get to know one another before the fact, to cut your chances of divorce. Not so.

 Years ago, AAWP came across a study by Bumpus and Sweet, noted sociologists, who came up with the same result. Their study said, in effect, that if you live together before marriage, you almost double your chances for divorce. But there is a silver lining to this cloud. If you live together with plans for marriage, in other words, if you are engaged, the studies’ statistics don’t apply.

When it comes to making wedding plans, let us further caution you. The Catholic Church does not approve of cohabitation before marriage and it’s reason enough for a priest to deny your marriage.Other Christian faiths seem to look the other way when it comes to cohabitation and if you’re Jewish, it’s doubtful that your marriage would be denied. But it is a factor you should be made aware of before you meet with clergy. Many engaged couples decide to tell their clergy of their living arrangements, others don’t. The choice is yours.”

Happy Planning….

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Church Wedding Song An Alternative to Traditional

A wedding ceremony such as one at a church can be a sweet way to tie the knot. However, some couples want to have a combination of both traditional elements and nontraditional elements at their wedding. An example of this is to have the wedding at a church using nontraditional music.

Instead of having a church wedding with traditional music such as “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel, consider modern songs which are church appropriate. “God Gave Me You” by Bryan White is an example of a song fit for a church wedding.

Kessinger (226)

This song is perfect for a bride to walk down a long church aisle to. It describes the feeling of being blessed to have found the love of your life. “God Gave Me You” also explains the realization of one’s worth, feeling at peace with that person’s life. It’s an uplifting, warmhearted song overall.

Lastly, if this song choice does not fit your wedding style, no worries. Check out our 27 Miracles’ blog every Thursday for more wedding music ideas.


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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Expressing Your Feelings on Your Wedding Day

Brides, do you want to walk down the aisle in a unique way? Have you ever thought about singing at your wedding? A sweet way to express your feelings to your groom at the wedding is to sing from the heart. Instead of walking down the aisle to a song, how about singing the song down the aisle?

Here is a video of a bride singing “Look at Me” by Carrie Underwood. It’s a great song choice by itself, but as she sang it, her husband to be started to get emotional. Who wouldn’t? You can tell that this bride is truly in love.

Here is one of 27 Miracles grooms singing to his bride

27 Miracles loves their couples and working with them on surprises!

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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Spotlight On A Vendor…Sheraton Lake Buena Vista

In one of our recent blogs, we discussed tips on finding the perfect venue. Since today is Where To Go Wednesday, let us share another great venue option, Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort.

If you are still in search of a ceremony and reception venue, this is a great selection. This resort provides high quality service, giving you the option to have the wedding style of your choice. At the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort, your wedding will be everything you wanted and more.

To give you a better idea of how stunning Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort is, here are a few pictures of their ceremony and reception space.

27 Miracles

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner


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Wedding Day Music

Music plays a big part during the wedding day from processional music during the ceremony to the first dance and other reception song choices. One popular song choice for brides to walk down the aisle to is “Canon In D.” If you are wanting traditional music, then this is perfect for you. However, if you want nontraditional music for the ceremony, a song I would highly suggest is “Forever” by Ben Harper. As explained through the title, this song consists of lyrics relating to the love he has for someone and being with that person forever. It is a lovely song to walk down the aisle to, representing your walk to “forever” with your significant other. There are other great love songs by Ben Harper, but this one fits nicely as a bride processional song. Click on the link below to listen.

By Chrsitine Pabelico

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The Wedding of Lisa and Shawn Rosen Shingle Creek

A Sensational Ceremonies Wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

Thank you to Rhodes Studios for the beautiful pictures captured on this very windy day!! But beautiful none the less.  Congratulations to Lisa and Shawn!

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies


Rhodes Studios


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Sensational Ceremonies Weddings and Marcus Moore Officiating

Marcus Moore, Wedding Officiant for Sensational Ceremonies…

Photo Locations:

Cypress Grove, Orlando

Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek, Disney

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Friedlander Farms, Lake Wales, FL

Bella Collina, Mt Verde

Winter Park Civic Center

Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee

Lakeside Reception Center Orlando

Fulton’s River Boat, Downtown Disney

Hilton Hotel, Clearwater Beach

Davis Island Garden Club, Tampa

Grand Oaks Resorts, Weirsdale, FL

Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando

Shades of Green, Walt Disney WorldSabrina and Bradley Cypress Grove Orlando Maria and Eddy Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek


Alexa and Keegan Winter Park Farmers Market Cara and Allen Friedlander Farm Lake Wales, FL Cristen and Frank Bella Collina Mt Verde Elizabeth and Steven Winter Park Civic Center Jaqueline and Christopher Orange Lake Resort Kissimmee Jean and Jesse Lakeside Reception Hall Orlando Katie and Eric Fulton's Riverboat Downtown Disney Amanda and Russell Hilton Clearwater Beach Brooke and Jason Davis Island Club Tampa Brooke and Jason Davis Island Garden Club Tampa Joiner_DeFranco_www.carriewildes.com_0345_0_low Pam and Jai 19509_464538733605909_1616556840_n Sarah and Bryan Gaylord Palms Hotel.Orlando Owens_Snyder_www.carriewildes.com_0276_0_low 542734_10151186546632795_43271750_n


Contact Marcus Moore 407-905-5454 or email him at

The Ramada Gateway Vendor and Client Appreciation Event

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway partnered to do a special Vendor and Client Appreciation Event.  The “Ramada Gateway Hotel offers  beautiful Banquet rooms and halls for your event. Whether for meetings, conferences or your wedding, you will find the best facilities and accommodations  to have an exceptional and unforgettable experience. ” Remember 27 Miracles feels that everyone should have an experience 

When booking a wedding or event that is exactly what you will recieve at the  Ramada Gateway when working with Erika Solis and 27 Miracles. Visit them on their website

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway wish to extend a special thank you to the vendors that helped make teh evening a success with their services.  Another special thank you  to all the guest vendors and clients that stopped by to see The Ramada Gateway.

Hotel Space/Food and BeverageWedding 
The Ramada Gateway

 Wedding and Event Coordination
27 Miracles

 Perfect Wedding Guide

Party Flavors

Specialty Catering:
Abracadabra Ice Cream

Chocolate Fountain Rental
RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Miami Pro DJ

Get Lit Productions

Treaured Moments

27 Miracles

Rev Marcus Moore

The Flipbook People

Party Booth
Diverse Entertainment

Chivari/Ceremony Chair Rentals
A Chair Affair

KBJ Photography

String Music
Harpist Christine MacPhail

Over The Top

Hair/Make up
Lena G

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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