Review from Christine MacPhail

It was my honor to perform harp music at the wedding of Alyssa & Francisco on December 2, 2011 and work with Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting. This was a very special couple and Rosie handled their needs perfectly.

As with other times I have worked with 27 Miracles, everything was organized and thoroughly outlined for this wedding.  Rosie provided a timeline and vendor information sheet to be sure no detail was forgotten. 

But in this case she went even further with her wedding planning duties because it was a Christmas Blessing wedding.  To help make the day special for this couple, Rosie sought out a variety of wedding services and coordinated everyone’s donations and contributions to come together for a beautiful evening.  She knew how to please the couple, the vendors, and the wedding guests.

I always enjoy working with Rosie and the 27 Miracles team. Rosie is not only a wonderful planner, but she also has a lovely personality which is such an important attribute in the social event business.

 Christine MacPhail