Love Never Felt So Good

When you hear someone say “the King of Pop,” what comes to mind? Of course, the King of Pop is the one and only Michael Jackson. If you are looking for an upbeat reception song that will get your wedding guests to dance, a Michael Jackson song will do the trick.

“Love Never Felt So Good” is a song by Michael Jackson that was first recorded in 1983. It was recently released this past May, now featuring Justin Timberlake. The release of this song does not disappoint. “Love Never Felt So Good” is a lively song describing a love like no other.

Listen to “Love Never Felt So Good,” and watch the official music video below.

For all the Michael Jackson fans, a unique experience can be added to your wedding. Instead of just playing Michael Jackson songs during your wedding reception, you can also add entertainment by having a Michael Jackson tribute artist perform. Watch Rico – Michael Jackson wow crowds with his spectacular performances below (this is a tribute to the different charities that he performs for, hospitals, nursing homes, children’s convalescent centers and schools)

Wondering how you can have entertainment such as this at your wedding? Visit our website  to find out more information about Rico – Michael Jackson, world’s most exciting Michael Jackson tribute artist. Also, this talented entertainer will be performing at The Gift of Life Black Tie Affair, September 13, 2014.

Click here to purchase a ticket and watch Rico – Michael Jackson perform live.


Being in Love and Having A Good Time at Your Wedding

Are you a fan of the movie, Dirty Dancing, featuring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey? Well, the terrific tune of the day is a popular song from the movie; “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” was originally sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.


This song describes the feeling of being in love and having a good time. Due to the joyful feeling this song brings, it is a great last dance song choice. Guests can be invited to the dance floor to enjoy this last lively song as well.

Dancing Feet



Here is the Dirty Dancing scene featuring “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.”


Here is one of 27 Miracles couples using this song as the their final dance for the wedding



For a more upbeat, modern atmosphere, here is another version of the song. It is called “The Time (Dirty Bit)” by the Black Eyed Peas.



Regardless of which version you choose, either the original song popularized by Dirty Dancing or the modern version, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” will definitely have your guests dancing.


27 Miracles

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner


Locks of Love…….

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting enjoys giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of others. Recently, 27 Miracles’ wedding and event planner, Christine Pabelico, took action and gave a donation to a non-profit organization called Locks of Love. What was the donation exactly? Hair.



Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. (Locks of Love)

With about two feet of hair, Christine Pabelico was ready to part with some of it. However, she knew that children who participate in Locks of Love would benefit from her haircut. Instead of cut hair ending up on the floor to be thrown away, eight inches of hair was cut and sent to the Locks of Love headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.




What a great way to give back to the community! For more information about Locks of Love, visit their website.

Here are more ways 27 Miracles stays involved with the community.

27 Miracles

27 Miracles Celebrates Six Years!!!!


On  May 11, 2014 27 Miracles Celebrates 6 years since they officially opened under the name of 27 Miracles.  Throughout those 6 years 27 Miracles has worked with  many wonderful wedding, Quince and Event Clients  as well as established strong vendor relationships in the community and outside the community.  27 Miracles’ Master Bridal Consultant, Rosie Moore, has trained many interns through her years and looks forward to training many others as they develop their careers to stay in Orlando in event management or move back home to develop a company in their home state.

Today we will share a few of the weddings and events done by 27 Miracles.  We can’t post all of the work or you will be reading for the next 6 years, but some that have made memories.    Don’t worry if your event is not listed here we still keep all our clients near and dear to our hearts, because as we say your wedding or event should be everything you dreamed of……and like Mr Walt Disney says “if you can dream it you can do it” and with some pixie dust and 27 Miracles team members it will happen!

2008   Our first wedding as 27 Miracles will always be remembered October 11, 2008 Rosen Centre.  A memorable wedding when the officiant was 45 minutes late and we had 20 wedding crashers and a DJ that was sick.  But it all worked out beautifully with the 27 Miracles team receiving high kudos in a formal letter from the general manager at the hotel.

Copy of C&E_453 C&E_274

2009 ….November 9 2009, what a rocky year we had so many weddings this year but a problem pregnancy set Rosie  back for this one.  Rosie  almost had to call her back up troops. She let one of her planners go to the ABC Conference out of state because she thought she is good with one assistant planner they can manage.  Well Baby Kaleb decided to make his grand entrance at 27 weeks gestation.  Rosie had an emergency c-section and had over 20 vertical sutures(ouch)she was not to be out of bed, bending, stooping etc.  When her bride heard this she was devastated that she would have a substitute planner.  She said even if you are in a wheelchair we will find you help but she wanted her there. She did not want Rosie to lift a finger just to be there on her special day.  Rosie managed to get her florist to stay and help and allowed her other assistant to run the wedding while she literally walked at snail’s pace and got the job of coordinating done.  She just could not do the running herself. A huge success with her team!
Eric and Luzia Wdding pics Nov 15 2009 134Eric and Luzia Wdding pics Nov 15 2009 4272010

Brought us a 350 people destination wedding in Cocoa Beach with snow and all on a hot January day of 85 degrees!

Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 385Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 449

Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 668

2010 Nothing says love than a person married for 20 years and renewing their vows with a white horse drawn carriage surprise for his bride….

29305_412743751968_5842816_n 29305_412743606968_5132565_n 29305_412743671968_1598097_n

2010 Also brought the special memory of the Christmas Extravaganza in memory of Adriana Yanez,  friend and staff of Rosie Moore who passed away from Breast Cancer. This day the town of Winter Garden came out in support of Breast Cancer, Toys for Tots and the Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club.

2011 Was an extremely busy year full of weddings, quinces, events and a very special wedding.  The Christmas Blessing wedding.  27 Miracles got to see the wedding community in Orlando and surrounding areas can do.   Rosie Moore saw first hand  a wedding fulfilled for a couple in need after having a preemie baby.Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 334 IMG_ (440) IMG_ (706)

2012  Was full of mixed emotions sadness and then happiness.  27 Miracles was contacted to coordinate a wedding for a bride with cancer, quite a challenge as time was of the essence.  There was not enough time to raise the funds for this wedding.  The media from Orlando all the way to Tampa St Pete, national and international vendors got wind of this story and people donated more than what was imaginable to this couple known as the Gift of Love Wedding for Ivonne and Andrew.  They got the title America Loves Ivonne and Andrew they were America’s sweetheart couple.  We prayed for this bride’s healing and finally at the end of the year 2012, we were told that she went in to remission.  Ivonne would live!Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 857 Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 388 Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 428 Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 439

2013 Nothing says Love like planning a wedding for another wedding vendor.  Rosie Moore had just that, the priviledge of coordinating a wedding for her friends Andres and Erika Roque  ( Roque Productions).  Collage  of decorErika and Andres Wedding 207

2013 Couldn’t end a better way than to have a vow renewal for Rosie’s parents with wedding coordination by Christine Pabelico with 27 Miracles. They celebrated 50 years together.

Antonia and Julio 5oth Wedding Annivesrsary 524 Antonia and Julio 5oth Wedding Annivesrsary 475Antonia and Julio 5oth Wedding Annivesrsary 679

2014  What memory will the year hold as we await all the events to take place to decide….we will leave you with a few teasers for the year…

An FSU colored wedding! 10258593_10152194019472795_7549837179869645976_n 1621992_10152194019682795_2249910341935937914_n 10258349_10152194019367795_1853104411391281716_nYou shall have to stay tuned to our blog for the rest of the pictures and weddings and events of 2014.

What can you expect for 2014 that we can share…this year 27 Miracles will be hosting The Gift  of Life to benefit Florida Hospital Walt Disney Children’s Pavillion , The NICU department and the making of the Movie A Story of Faith.  Who is invited?   Everyone, it is a fund raiser black tie affair.  Click on the link here to learn more about it, learn who will be in attendance at the event and how you can help to get involved .

Purchase Tickets through Eventbrite

Visit our Website often for updated information on the event!

Finally, we want to thank all our vendors that work with us as a team.   We love you all we could not do our work without you helping us in every way!  Thank you to my wedding planners that go above and beyond to make sure our client’s needs are met.  We want to thank our clients for allowing us to work with them.

I leave you with this….This is How We Do It!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Greetings from 27 Miracles. Today is May 5th which marks the holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Do you celebrate this special day? Well, Cinco de Mayo is more than a day to gather with friends and party. Moreover, May 5th is the day “Mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla” (A&E Television Networks, LLC). This battle, surrounding the claim of Puebla de Los Angeles, was fought against French troops. The Mexicans gained their victory on May 5, 1862 which is why this holiday is called Cinco de Mayo.

If you are someone that enjoys this holiday, how would you like to turn your wedding into a Cinco de Mayo themed wedding? Bright colors, Mexican food, a cactus wedding cake, and a mariachi band are some ideas to consider for such a wedding. Another fun idea is to include a photo booth in which your wedding guests can dress up in sombreros and other Mexican outfit pieces.  Or into a themed celebration for your Quinceañero?

Watch Frances Quinceañero below and you will see the  Mariachi Band come out to sing Happy Birthday


In need of assistance planning your themed wedding or Quinceañero? 27 Miracles is here to help. Contact us today at 407-905-5454 or to schedule a consultation.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!



A&E Television Networks, LLC. (2014). Cinco de mayo. Retrieved from

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

Megapixel Pro Video Production


Cutting the Cake and All Too Favorite Tradition

Throughout the wedding day, traditions are followed to symbolize the unity between a bride and groom. For example, a bride and groom cut a slice of their wedding cake and share the slice together, representing their unity as husband and wife.

Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 560

Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 569 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 562 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 563 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 564 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 565 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 566 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 567 Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 568


Since cutting the cake is an important part of the wedding day, a song should be chosen for this moment. Today’s terrific tune of the day is “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies. While this song is an oldie, it describes love in a sweet, fun way. Pun intended.


The song, “Sugar Sugar,” will emphasize the experience, creating a memorable wedding reception.

Contact 27 Miracles today to start planning your wedding day and cake cutting!

By Christine Pabelico Certified Wedding Planner


Wedding Dress Trend

Wedding dresses range from mermaid and trumpet styles, ball gowns, A line styles, and much more.  Do any of these sound familiar? Now, have you heard of a crop top wedding dress? Yes, they do exist and are actually a new trend seen this year.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 435Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 434485


Crop top dresses are non traditional dresses, consisting of a midriff-baring top paired with a skirt. This style is a great fit for daring brides that want to make a bold statement at their wedding.



Check out this blog by The Knot, “Would You Wear A Crop Top For Your Wedding Day?” for more crop top wedding dress ideas. Designer, Hailey Paige, designs crop top wedding dresses. Watch as she shares a wedding dress tip for brides.


This wedding style may or may not suit you. Regardless, if you are in need of a wedding dress, look no further. Contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or to schedule a consultation. We can gladly assist you with your bridal gown shopping. See one of 27 Miracles Brides dress shopping…..


Oldies on Your Wedding Day

Are you someone that enjoys oldies more than popular songs of the 2000s? Well, today we take you back to 1977, the year Heatwave, a funk-disco band, released one of their single hits.

Can you guess the song? The terrific tune of the day is “Always and Forever.” This song by Heatwave explains how each moment spent with his significant other is cherished. It describes eternal love, knowing that he wants to spend forever with the love of his life.

Oldies are great additions to the wedding song list, and this one, in particular, is a slow song perfect for a bride and groom’s first dance. This just might be the song you are looking for.

For more wedding song ideas, check out our other Terrific Tunes Thursday blogs.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles


Fairytale Wedding at the Castle

Maybe watching your favorite Disney movies has led you to consider a fairy tale wedding. Dressing up and feeling like a princess at your own wedding sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? If you are looking to have a fairy tale wedding, here’s the perfect venue for you.



Today we take you to The Castle Hotel. Located in the center of Orlando, The Castle Hotel looks and feels like a castle.  This hotel is modeled after the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. With that being said, this venue is more than a hotel. It is a location fit for a king and queen, or in this case, a bride and a groom.

1137 1067


Once you step inside this hotel, you will be surrounded by a castle atmosphere. Elegance and great hospitality fill this venue. The luxurious walls and decor add to this fairy tale ambiance.  Also, with amenities such as a boutique spa, you will be pampered and experience nothing but royal treatment.

1053 0303 0280


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding and Event Planner

27 Miracles



Facial Beauty Tips

It’s just days before the wedding, and you start to worry because you see a pimple on your face that wasn’t there before.  Leave your worries behind while feeling refreshed and beautiful after applying a face mask.

Face masks can unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells. For oily skin, a clay mask will come in handy.  It removes dirt and grease, leaving you with a nicely cleansed face. A cream mask helps moisturize your face. Leave it on overnight, and in the morning, the result will consist of beautiful soft skin. This is a great tool to use for the night before the wedding.


To keep a smooth clean appearance during the months leading up to the wedding, face masks are helpful as well. Other options are daily creams and moisturizers such as MAC Strobe Cream, Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream, and The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer SPF 15.


Check out the Total Beauty website for more great face cream and moisturizer products. Be wedding photo ready with beautiful acne free skin.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 088KBJ Wedding Pictures 190


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Weddinga and Event Planner

27 Miracles