Another Surprise for Alyssa the Christmas Blessing Bride!!

27 Miracles knew all along that there would be an extra special surprise for our bride and groom Alyssa and Francisco, but they waited awhile to reveal it to them when the final product came about.  Sometimes our clients don’t get to see everyone that made a difference in their wedding and this was the case for this couple.  Louise from The Royal Plaza Hotel donated a  2 Night stay at the beautiful Royal Plaza Hotel in a Junior Suite in Downtown Disney for their honeymoon.  But for many months, Louise was just a name, Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles, wanted to change that.  Rosie arranged a surprise meeting for the bride to meet Louise and at the same time receive her wedding gown, that was preserved by 27 Miracles through the Wedding Gown Preservation and her bouquet preserved through Keepsake Floral.  These companies made this possible for Alyssa and Francisco to have.

Thank you Bruce from Treasured Moments Videography…finding a good hiding spot is always a fun thing!! But Bruce is willing to make it happen for the sake of a great memory for the bride and groom!!

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Royal Plaza Hotel

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Keepsake Floral

If you missed the wedding of Alyssa and Francisco, you can view all the stories here

Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 250

Watch as Alyssa receives these gifts from these fabulous vendors!!

KBJ Recommends 27 Miracles

There are times in all of our lives that we are given an opportunity to do the right thing and make a difference in another person’s life.   KBJ Photography was given that unique opportunity when Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting contacted us about participating in a special wedding.   What made this December 2nd, 2011 wedding different was that Rosie had coordinated with all the vendors to make this a blessing wedding.  This wedding was to be completed totally free and from the heart.

Rosie told us the couple’s touching story of troubles and triumphs and after hearing the passion in Rosie’s voice, we knew that we needed to get on board and make a difference in this young couple’s life. 

Rosie went above and beyond to meet all their needs.  It was true honors for us to see Rosie go above and beyond to make this couple’s wedding become a reality.

KBJ Photography has had many opportunities to work with Rosie and we are always truly amazed at her organizational skills and her attention to details.  Rosie has fresh ideas and is always working for the client’s best interest in making their wedding the most it can be while saving money.  Anytime we know we are going to be working an event that Rosie of 27 Miracles, we know that the event will be fun, well organized and professional.

We recommend Rosie of 27 Miracles to anyone that is thinking of planning a Wedding, Quinceaneras, or family or corporate event.


Bruce Johnson

KBJ Photography LLC


Do You Love My Fair Wedding and David Tutera?

27 Miracles wants to know, do you love David Tutera and all the love he puts into his work to make every brides’ dream come true?  Then why stress on your wedding day by not having an experienced wedding planner to make that day stress free.  Hear David tell you in his own words what he recommends for your wedding day.

Watch a few of the wow factors that 27 Miracles can create for you on your wedding day.  No two events are the same, it is your day so why not sit back, enjoy it and be a guest at your own wedding?  It is never a good thing to think back after the event of what could have been.  There is a phrase that says “it is better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.” How that translates in to having your wedding day coordinated, is that no one knows what their day will be like no matter how iron clad you plan it( even when we do it) but a guarantee you will have is that if there is a problem, it will be resolved asap. flawlessly so that you have a beautiful event with no disruptions in your day.

Here are a few of the wonderful surprises created for clients:

Groom Surprise

Christmas Blessing

Military Wedding

27 Miracles can never say which is their favorite wedding because the relationship and trust that planner Rosie Moore builds with her clients is one that is special.  She treats the client as if they were a member of her own family. 

Call 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or email us at to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss how your wedding day can also be stress free like the clients you see in the above videos.

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