Tie One On

Day 12 Countdown to Christmas:

Tie one on, that is an apron! Wearing a festive holiday version of an apron make you feel festive and in the mood to bake! This can be a special time with that special someone who you love, or with the kids baking cookies or even with your friends, as a girls night out! So let the baking begin!

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 10

“Munch on a Candy”

“Pluck a striped candy cane of the tree and indulge in this classic holiday treat. Peppermint oil in the  cane acts as a calming tonic for stress relief.  Make sure the candy canes you buy contain real peppermint oil.” Better Homes and Gardens

One of the many memories I have as a kid growing up is one of my mom and I going Christmas shopping.   We always took some candy canes with us to eat as we shopped for gifts.  To this day I love candy canes and when  they are not around during the year the regular starlight peppermints give the same calming effect.

Merry Christmas!!! Throwback, yep that is my mom and me!!


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