Tie One On

Day 12 Countdown to Christmas:

Tie one on, that is an apron! Wearing a festive holiday version of an apron make you feel festive and in the mood to bake! This can be a special time with that special someone who you love, or with the kids baking cookies or even with your friends, as a girls night out! So let the baking begin!

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Make a Joyful Noise

Day 11 Countdown to Christmas

Remember when you were a kid and you used to go caroling in your neighborhood and in school? It seems that everyone is so wrapped up now in technology and busyness that we just forget to slow down and take time to enjoy the Christmas season.  So this Christmas,  grab some friends and go caroling.  Find some nursing homes or assisted living facilities where residents are forgotten and don’t have families at times and share some joyful noise with them.

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Give Unto Others

Day 9 Countdown to Christmas

This Christmas season set aside materialism for a moment by giving back to those less fortunate.  One way to do this is to Volunteer for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Christmas Campaign and ring a bell for a couple of soul gratifying hours.  To get involved, visit http://www.ringbells.org or call your local Salvation Army.

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Drink in Merriment

Day 8 Countdown to Christmas

Did you know that dark chocolate reduces blood pressure? Here is a simple recipe:

3/4 cup of milk in a saucepan over medium heat until just before boiling.  Remove from heat and transfer to a large mug.  Stir in 1 ounce coarsely chopped bittersweet or semisweet chocolate pieces.  Let it stand about 30 seconds then stir to combine.

It is no wonder that is Santa’s favorite drink!  So grab  a cup, sit by the fireplace nd snuggle with that special someone as you enjoy those special quiet moments….

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Smell The Season

Day 6 Christmas Countdown

Back in the day many people bought evergreen wreathes to give scent to their homes and brighten a dark day.  Continue that family tradition without the mess by using evergreen essential oils.  If you put a few drops on  a terra cotta ornament, you will have that scent.

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make-a-diffuser-for-holiday-scents-using-oil-spices-and-essentials1 terra-cotta-snowflake

27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 24

“Be Very Blessed”

“On this Christmas Eve, take a moment to write down all the people and things for which you are grateful.  Remembering those who have blessed us is to be renewed and restored in the meaning of life, says Richard Olson a retired Lutheran Pastor and National workshop leader.”

Today as we get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with friends and family, let us remember that the reason we have Christmas to celebrate today is because of Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary so that we may have life everlasting.  Merry Christmas to all and remember ” Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

Merry Christmas from the staff of 27 Miracles to you!

Merry Christmas from the Moores, we hope that you enjoyed our series 27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas.  Stay tuned for a very special Christmas blog on Christmas day!

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 2

27 Miracles wants to share today’s countdown to Christmas advice:

“Wrap Happily”

“Wrapping gifts can be a real pain in the backside-especially if you do it on the floor, which strains the neck and lower back.  The more comfortable way to wrap is to stand on a mat in front of a counter top and wear good shoes,” says Chris Adams, a professional ergonomist.  Better Homes and Garden

Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant was guilty of that year after year wrapping on the floor.  When she married Marcus, he noticed that on their first Christmas together and said, this is crazy to wrap sitting and bending over on the floor.  He pulled out their “use for all”  6 foot table and Santa’s Workshop was in business.  Guess who discovered that they had amazing gift box wrapping talent?  Yes sir, Mr. Marcus himself was very good at wrapping and he got the chief elf wrapper job every year after that.  While Rosie uses the gift bags (she did not tell him that she secretly hated wrapping gifts to begin with and if she could get away with a gift bag she would, lol!!!)

Anyway take care of your backs ladies and gentleman, you will need it for all the holiday dancing under the mistletoe!

Here is a picture of Rosie and Her son Kaleb having fun while taking the family Christmas pictures! Making Memories with family and friends is what Christmas is all about and celebrating the reason fro the season, the birth of our Savior!

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 1

Merry Christmas to you from 27 Miracles!! Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant wants to take you on a countdown to Christmas.  Take a moment each day to visit her blog so that you can enjoy a minute of having a healthy happy you!

Day 1 Start a Tradition:

“Traditions are important because they provide a sense of belonging,” says Barbara Fiese, chairwoman of Syracuse, New York.  Create a holiday dish, paint a new ornament each year or come up with another way to personalize the season. ( Better Homes and Gardens)

Some of Rosie’s Moore’s family traditions include, taking a yearly family Christmas picture that includes the dogs who are part of the family as well. This year Rosie’s parents joined in on the yearly family tradition with the pictures.  Some other traditions would be getting a new Disney Ornament marking the current year on it.

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