Christmas Countdown Day 16 Be Like Santa Claus

There is nothing quite like good laughter from the belly to put you in the Christmas spirit.  Watch some good movies to make you laugh, some good ones are Home Alone, The Santa Clause and many others.  Try going out with your sweetheart and remember those fun times you had as a kid like trimming the tree together, playing a good game of catch in the beautiful weather that we have here in Florida, play with the kids, involve the family.  Laughter is the best medicine is what is said, so imitate Santa Clause and laugh hard from the belly releasing all the stress in your life!

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Christmas Countdown Day 14 Light a Candle

If you have ever sat in front of a fireplace, you will know how deeply relaxing it can be just staring in to it with a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa with the one you love or just by yourself after a stressful day.  Well in Florida not everyone has a fireplace, but if you light a white or blue candle on a table from afar and gaze in to it and stare into it, slow your breathing down and let stressful thoughts float away, you will be relaxed in no time.

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Christmas Countdown Day 12 Tie One On

Tie an apron!When you start baking all those delicious cookies and cakes, and you add a little festivity to it with a Christmas apron, it puts you in the spirit of Christmas;  especially when shared with your special someone!  It is not so much about the baking, but more about the moment that you share with your sweetheart or the kids!

So this Christmas season, bake away and make memories!

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Christmas Countdown Day 1 Start a Tradition

Christmas time is a time to start your own family traditions.  As you and your new spouse start out your life, you will each have traditions that you both grew up doing.  Talk about those traditions and what you liked about each one, then start your own.  “Traditions provide a sense of belonging, ” says Barbara Fiese.  It can be as simple as creating a holiday dish together, buying a new ornament and hanging it together or watching a favorite movie that puts you in the holiday spirit.  Whatever you do, make it special so that it can help you remember that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Merry Christmas!

27 Miracles loves to see their couples celebrating family traditions!

Christmas 2015

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Merry Christmas!!

Tie One On

Day 12 Countdown to Christmas:

Tie one on, that is an apron! Wearing a festive holiday version of an apron make you feel festive and in the mood to bake! This can be a special time with that special someone who you love, or with the kids baking cookies or even with your friends, as a girls night out! So let the baking begin!

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Drink in Merriment

Day 8 Countdown to Christmas

Did you know that dark chocolate reduces blood pressure? Here is a simple recipe:

3/4 cup of milk in a saucepan over medium heat until just before boiling.  Remove from heat and transfer to a large mug.  Stir in 1 ounce coarsely chopped bittersweet or semisweet chocolate pieces.  Let it stand about 30 seconds then stir to combine.

It is no wonder that is Santa’s favorite drink!  So grab  a cup, sit by the fireplace nd snuggle with that special someone as you enjoy those special quiet moments….

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Let Lips Linger This Holiday Season

Day 3 of Christmas Countdown:

Let’s face it, stress is part of our daily lives.  We are stressed about emotional, intellectual or physical demands of our time on a daily basis.  Managing stress is the key to having good health and a happier more fulfilling life.  At times there are things we cannot change, control or avoid.  But if we can practice relaxation techniques to help us.

One study shows that couples that kiss often, are eight times less likely to feel stressed or depressed.  So meet under the mistletoe as often as you can for some therapy! Don’t worry if you don’t have mistletoe, see these couples below they make it happen!

DCJ_7401 401534_10150578819722795_1586620679_n 424859_10150578825467795_909736141_n 1604685_10151999455382795_1674484504_n 10382456_10152635290887795_5387043340730380279_n

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 4

” Jot a Note to You”

“We Rarely focus on ourselves during the holidays.  Fix this by picking up a pen and writing a Christmas card to yourself.  It can be a peppy, cheerleading note, or it can be the promise of a pedicure after wrapping gifts,”says Kathleen Adams, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy in Denver.  Better Homes and Gardens

Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant and Mother of three and two dogs can attest to the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Between getting ready for Christmas, trying to enjoy activities of Christmas and working almost Christmas weddings, at the end of the day, you need another 8 hours to get caught up on some sleep.

One of the things that Rosie enjoys is Christmas (maybe because she was born 3 days before?) Who knows, she may retire and go work in Santa’s workshop one day as Mrs Claus…. But all kidding aside, Rosie loves to sit and watch her Hallmark Christmas movies.  She has many favorites, but she is partial to Mrs.Miracle and to the Christmas Card Movie.  Maybe it is the romance in her that ties her to these movies.  This romance is then  poured out on to her bride and grooms to be so that she can help them relax on their special day.

So the next time that you are feeling stressed,  be sure to write a card of promise to yourself to take a moment for “you”.  Rosie did and her moment is to sit and watch a Hallmark movie curled up on the couch with a blanket and her best friend right beside her…Marcus…

Merry Christmas!

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Money Honey How to Combine Your Living Expenses

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Managing your personal finances is difficult enough when you’re single, whether it’s simply balancing your checkbook or saving up for vacation. But once you add another person with additional expenses of his or her own, everything can double, from grocery lists and utilities to big-picture responsibilities. Living with another person, especially one you’re in a relationship with, requires a great deal of compromise.

When it comes to money, spending should be a team effort.

Rule of doubles
On average, women spend twice as much on everyday living expenses, beauty products and “nest egg” purchases, while men spend twice as much on entertainment and tech gadgets, travel expenses, and “luxury” restaurants.

In his article “Men and Women Spend and Save Differently” (, Jay MacDonald discusses the different ways men and women view money, noting that, as consumers, women tend to be driven toward purchases that make their home more comfortable and welcoming.

“Women, trained to nurture and seek acceptance, view money as a means to create a lifestyle,” MacDonald writes. “Women spend on things that enhance day-to-day living. Theirs is a now-money orientation.”

Men, on the other hand, typically view their money as a means to support themselves and their families in the long run.

“Men, trained to fix and provide, view money as a means to capture and accumulate value,” MacDonald explains. “Men don’t spend, they invest. Men don’t want something, they need it. Theirs is a future-money orientation.”

Not every couple will have this dynamic from the start, but a healthy balance of now-money spending and future-money spending can help you manage your finances both short- and long-term.

Share Your expenses
Whether you currently live together or you’re gearing up to settle into a new home after the wedding, you will need to discuss your living expenses as a couple from here on out. If you haven’t already agreed upon a set system for mutual expenses in your shared home, start with the basics.

Make a list of your own monthly expenses, tally up the costs, and compare it with your partner. For a more precise total, it may be helpful to collect a month’s worth of receipts for food, toiletries, gas and any other everyday expenses, and gather your monthly bills for rent or mortgage and utilities. Once you have compared your lists, discuss how you can afford your expenses as a couple, rather than as two individuals.

If one person cannot financially contribute as much as the other, you may want to consider a system that delegates more domestic responsibility to that person in place of financial responsibility. If one of you tends to spend more on your home or on simple purchases like food, you may want to consider a system that delegates more saving responsibility to your partner in place of  spending responsibility.

Whatever works best in your relationship, the most important thing is that you discuss it. Talking openly about money in terms of daily responsibilities will pave the way for future, more complicated discussions regarding your finances. It also can help you avoid the most inane fights about who used the last bit of toilet paper.

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