Do You Love My Fair Wedding and David Tutera?

27 Miracles wants to know, do you love David Tutera and all the love he puts into his work to make every brides’ dream come true?  Then why stress on your wedding day by not having an experienced wedding planner to make that day stress free.  Hear David tell you in his own words what he recommends for your wedding day.

Watch a few of the wow factors that 27 Miracles can create for you on your wedding day.  No two events are the same, it is your day so why not sit back, enjoy it and be a guest at your own wedding?  It is never a good thing to think back after the event of what could have been.  There is a phrase that says “it is better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.” How that translates in to having your wedding day coordinated, is that no one knows what their day will be like no matter how iron clad you plan it( even when we do it) but a guarantee you will have is that if there is a problem, it will be resolved asap. flawlessly so that you have a beautiful event with no disruptions in your day.

Here are a few of the wonderful surprises created for clients:

Groom Surprise

Christmas Blessing

Military Wedding

27 Miracles can never say which is their favorite wedding because the relationship and trust that planner Rosie Moore builds with her clients is one that is special.  She treats the client as if they were a member of her own family. 

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Bridal Shop Destroys Designer Gowns

27 Miracles most recently saw this new article about a designer store Priscilla of Boston that was going out of business doing some unethical things.  Spray painting and tossing designer wedding gowns in the dumpster.  These are gowns with price tags in the 4500 ++.  Wow watch the video below and you can make your own judgements.  I do want to say because David’s Bridal has some affiliation with Priscilla of Boston, some people were asking David Tutera if he was involved.  In his defense I will copy his comment on here of what he stated: ”

” Hello! Just wanted to clear something up. I am not, in any way, affiliated with the company David’s Bridal. We just happen to share the same name. Therefore, in no way was I involved with a now-defunct bridal boutique’s decision to destroy perfectly good wedding gowns. Watching this news report saddens me.”

Honestly, anyone who is a true professional would never do anything of the sort. Read the story below then watch the video, the site will shock you to see someone do this kind of thing!!
updated 1/4/2012

The decision of a now-defunct bridal boutique to destroy rather than donate its unsold dresses sparked outrage among onlookers and readers. Now, the shop’s parent company has issued an apology.

Last Friday, eye witnesses documented the spray-painting and discarding of thousands of dollars’ worth of bridal and formal gowns, including a $6,000 Vera Wang creation, outside a Priscilla of Boston shop in Edina, Minn.

The chain, which closed all locations on Friday, sent out a statement to NBC affiliate KARE-TV saying, “Priscilla of Boston has always donated quality bridal gowns to a variety of charitable causes. We do not, however, donate unsaleable dresses that are damaged, soiled or in otherwise poor condition.”

Retail analyst and author of “Black Market Billions” Hitha Prabhakar suggests that this may also have been done to protect the dress designs.

“For some retailers, they’re really concerned with their merchandise getting counterfeited, so that’s one reason why they would want to go ahead and destroy these items,” she told TODAY.

Story: Destruction of wedding dresses sparks outrage, disbelief readers were among those upset by the boutique’s actions. After we ran the story Tuesday, readers took to Facebook to express their anger, generating 342 comments.

  1. “Totally selfish and a waste!! Can’t believe they would ruin dresses, there are so many charities out there that could have used those dresses!! Awful!” wrote Megan Perez
“That is totally disgusting! As a result, I will NOT support David’s Bridal stores EVER AGAIN!!!!” added Susie Wilson Williams.

Story: Something old, something new … and something in flames

David’s Bridal, Priscilla of Boston’s parent company, heard the critics loud and clear, issuing the following statement to on Wednesday:

“Like many of you, we were disheartened by imagery of a small number of unsold bridal gowns being destroyed following a Priscilla of Boston salon closure in the Midwest. As the parent company of Priscilla of Boston, we fully understand the anger and frustration that many people are feeling about this occurrence.

“While it has been Priscilla of Boston’s policy not to make donations of sample dresses that are in poor condition, we recognize that some of these dresses could possibly have gone to worthy causes. David’s Bridal has already begun bringing together all of the remaining Priscilla of Boston gowns to evaluate them and ensure that they are donated to our charitable partners wherever possible.

“From all of us at David’s Bridal, we truly appreciate hearing your sentiments. We believe that every bride deserves a beautiful gown, and we will continue to honor that commitment.”

David’s Bridal announced last year that it would shutter all of its 19 Priscilla of Boston locations.

Tracy DiNunzio, founder of Recycled Bride, which allows people to buy and sell gently used wedding dresses, had expressed her anger when she heard about the dresses being discarded. Now, she hopes David’s Bridal will follow through on salvaging the rest of the gowns.

“It’s heartening to hear that they’re going to donate some of the additional dresses, but still sad that so many dresses were destroyed,” she told “There are a lot of markets like Recycled Bride where dresses like these can be sold at a discount to help make the wedding day special for every bride. I just hope they really do the right thing with the rest of the dresses.”

Click below to view the video

Priscilla of Boston