Earth Day Today….and How You can Make Your Wedding Green

Today April 22, 2012 is Earth Day.  It is a day that back in 1970 was declared to help save our planet from the toxins that can ruin our precious Earth. Click on the link here to read more of a full history on it.

A lot of Brides may want to know, how can they plan a Green Wedding to help the environment?  Here are some tips from Green Bride Guide to help you:

-Use Plantable Paper Invitations, your guests can place your invitation in the ground and grow flowers in the spring.

-Consider donating your wedding gown after you purchase it or resell it

-Use seasonal flowers for your wedding. Ask your  Florist to buy organic and local vs conventionally grown imported flowers that are toxic to people and the planet.

-Choose soy, palm or beeswax candles

-Use wine corks to hold your place cards, which can also be plantable

-Steer Clear of plastic, disposable favors

-Edible favors hardly ever go to waste( chocolate, candy)

-Instead of favors, make a donation to your favorite charity in honor of each guest

-Personalized seed packets are also great favor ideas

-Ask your caterer to use local and seasonal foods as well as organic foods

-Set up a classy candy buffet as another favor option

-Avoid disposable cameras

-Your wedding planner that is familiar with Green Weddings can help you have a fabulous wedding.

27 Miracles is proud to work with caterer John Michael Catering who is eco friendly to our Green Brides…..   There are many hotels out there as well that are eco friendly .  Contact 27 Miracles today to learn more about planning your Green Wedding today. 407-905-5454 or you can email us at

Until next time, Happy Planning and do something for our mother earth today.  Enjoy a walk out in the park or your neighborhood, take a bike ride or simply admire all that God gave us….the beauty of the flowers, the birds and the air that we breathe!

Happy Earth Day! See how Tiffany and Kyle Celebrate nature and Earth Day! Pictures Courtesy of Pilster Photography

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Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Engagement to Tiffany and Kyle

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers.  What are you doing with your sweetie today?  Chocolate? Flowers? Dinner?  Hmm….Yep that is all the traditional “stuff”  or if you are not engaged then popping the question would be fun!!! Today we are going to share the story of Tiffany and Kyle with you.  To know this couple is to know adventure out of the ordinary! Why do I say that, well for starters, you have to be a think  outside the box kind of person to work with these two.  They are no ordinary couple, Tiffany has worked with birds and now works with Rhinos(you know those big 2000 plus pound animals with the horn in the middle and the hippos, that roll around in the mud) .  Kyle works with Dolphins.  So their love of animals and the exotic will amaze you.

First lets start at the beginning…Tiffany was  Born and raised in Florida, she grew up spending time on the ocean and visiting the local theme parks. She loved animals from an early age and worked her way into the zoo keeping field while attending college. 

Kyle grew up in Southern Maine, he and his family frequently visited the Central Florida area.  After graduating high school and becoming an Eagle Scout, Kyle moved to Orlando and started attending UCF to help fulfill his dream of working with animals.

Tiffany and Kyle met while employed at Discovery Cove, working in the aviculture department in 2006. Kyle came along and played the part of Prince Charming and they started dating towards the end of July, 2007. In June 2011, they decided to take a cruise to Alaska.  Tiffany stated that there was one spot that was very pretty  on the rocks by the water and she had Kyle take her picture there.  Kyle had been carrying around the ring for a few months trying to plan the perfect way to ask Tiffany to marry him.  Tiffany and Kyle had hiked to that location called Skagway, Alaska. It was so beautiful that Kyle decided that was the spot to ask Tiffany to marry him. 27 Miracles was honored to be one of the first people to know their top secret, they got engaged!!  You can see some of the photos below.


Now remember I said you have to be an out of the box type of person to work with this unique but fun loving couple.  Well here is a perfect example.  Chad Pilster the master mind of Pilster Photography and the author of the Weird but Cool Blog  Tiffany and Kyle decided to take Chad on an adventure of their own to Florida’s rainforest and waterfalls, where exotic birds can be seen and nature is at its best…yes they went to Discovery Cove.  What did you think I was going to say Hawaii or some exotic place like that?  LOL….okay the shots still came out fabulous!!!! So sit back and relax and watch.  The birds that are featured in the photos are a green wing macaw (the big, red parrot), southern ground hornbill (she’s the large black one that is walking around) and the little guy is an eastern screech owl.

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