Wedding Tails …Fitting Daisy Or Rusty in to the Wedding Day

Let’s face it, dogs and weddings aren’t exactly a good mix, but don’t tell that to trained dog sitters and trainers! Some people feel that their dogs are like their children and they partake in everything.  They go out to the grocery store, out to the park and ball games, so why not the wedding day?  The problem some people run across is not knowing what the dog will be like in front of crowds on a day when the attention and focus is not on the dog but on the bride and groom.

With the assistance of a pet sitting company, having your beloved pet at the ceremony can be accomplished.  Some pet sitting companies will arrive two hours before the ceremony to calm the dog down and dress him or her in their tuxedo or wedding dress.  The pet sitting company will coordinate the itinerary of the day with the wedding planner so that they know when people are coming in, what music will be played and where people will be positioned.

Another important detail that you want to think about is before you book your photographer, make certain that they are pet friendly and will be okay with the extra photos of you and your beloved pet(s).  Dogs can sense if you are not a dog lover.

The pet sitter will usually walk the pet down the aisle so that they can participate in the ceremony with their owners.  Once the ceremony is done, they will stay for the photos with the family.  At that point when it is time to go to the reception, the pet sitter will either sit for your pet at the hotel( if your reception is at the hotel and you have booked a pet friendly room) or take the dog(s) back home where they will get some well deserved pats on the head for being on their best behavior before turning in for the night after a long day.

Sometimes the dogs will only be in the photos because the venue may not allow pets on property.  It is important to let your wedding planner know beforehand if this is something that you wish to incorporate in your wedding.

Check out Rhianna and Robert, they had their two doggies for the wedding pictures after the wedding ceremony, because they did not allow pets in the church.

with dogs

Linda and Chris had their dog at their wedding …

Linda and Chris Dog Pic 2 Linda and Chris Dog Pic

If you can’t fit the dogs in the wedding day program, you can incorporate them in the engagement session, just bring someone with you to take care of the dogs while the two of you are taking your pictures after you are done with the dogs.

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Dogs and Engagement Photos Dog at engagement

Rosie Moore, Master Wedding planner and her family with the dogs!

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 069Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 14

” Light Your Fire”

“If you’ve ever stared into the flickering flame of a campfire, you know how mesmerizing it can be.  A Christmas candle produces the same effect.  Put a white or blue candle on a table at arm’s length.  Light it and gaze into it’s war, glow.  Slow your breathing and let stressful thoughts float away.”  Better Homes and Garden

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in front of the fireplace, watching Hallmark movies, sipping tea with my best friend, Marcus after the kids are in bed.  Although we have Rusty and Daisy joining us too!

Merry Christmas!



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27 Miracles Countdown To Christmas Day 5

“Dig Out The Holiday CD’s”

“The holidays are stressful.  If you are tempted to knock a partridge out of a pear tree, turn on some music.  Your whole system begins to slow down when you listen to familiar soothing music.”  Suzanne Hanser, chairwoman of Berklee College of Music’s Music Therapy Department in Boston.

Funny, as I was sitting here writing this blog, what song should come on?  But of course the 12 days of Christmas.  I had a good chuckle.  Now I am listening to my favorite ballet, the Nutcracker, after years of dancing it and watching it, I never grow tired of it.  I have a lot of work to do at my desk, but listening to the Christmas music took me back to many memories and it uplifts your mood.

Christmas is only here for a season, enjoy the music as you shop, sing Christmas songs even if you are off-key with your kids, with your spouse or spouse to be and make memories!

Of course Kaleb’s favorite song to sing is Jingle Bells, he has the two dogs as captive audience!

20 days left until Christmas!! Wow with weddings in-between will I be ready?? I better get some of Santa’s elves over to help!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 028 Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 067

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Cold, Flu and RSV

As a parent of a preemie baby Rosie Moore of 27  Miracles and author of the book A Story of Faith is aware first hand the importance of avoiding illness in her household due to the risks involved in her little one’s lungs.  Rosie is a registered nurse and has always worked in surgery and labor and delivery in the past and knew that hand washing was always the key to preventing infection spread.  But right after her little guy Kaleb was born, she knew it even more due to the delicate health of her 1 lb 10 oz baby in the NICU.  The hand washing became an even bigger part and to this day   will always remain along with the hand sanitizer.

DSC00617 First time at Build a Bear Sept 2012

Some may say, “relax you have to expose your child to germs at some point or another.”  Rosie Moore says, “really, did you ever have a baby in the NICU hanging on to life every day until the day he came home?  Did you sit countless hours in the hospital NICU wondering if a treatment he was receiving would help him breath on his own again?  Then don’t tell a mom of a preemie to relax and expose them to germs.” The world is full of germs and illness and yes we trust in God, but we also need to be prudent and avoid the spread of illness.  So if you happen to come across a parent of a preemie that asks you before they go to your house or you come to theirs if you are sick or to wash your hands before greeting her son or after greeting the dogs, don’t feel insulted, just say yes.  Here is what the CDC has to says on pets and washing hands

Florida Hospital most recently made an interesting jingle about hand washing.  It is funny, but you know what? It gets the point across…Wash your hands!!!

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