What Does December 27 and 27 Miracles Have In Common

You may be asking yourself what does December 27 and 27 Miracles have in common?

Rosie Moore, Master Wedding Planner for 27 Miracles gets asked all the time by everyone she meets, where did the name 27 Miracles come from?  Well it is pretty simple, On December 27, 2005, Marcus Moore, Rosie’s Best Friend and Love of her life, said to Rosie, ” There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to make certain decisions in his life.  Today I am making mine, will you marry me?” Literally the Disney fireworks were going off in their backyard in the shapes of hearts; Orchestrated perfectly by the Master Planner Himself (God!!!)  There is a reason that this day was very significant and if you want to know all the details about it, you shall have to read the book ( Can’t give all their secrets away now) Click on the link to learn more…  A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore 

Now that covers the 27 Part, but the Miracles Part, comes from the fact that this day and age it takes a Miracle to find the right someone to be married to, but the bigger Miracle is staying with that special someone through the years.

This is why when a couple chooses to have 27 Miracles create an event of a lifetime, the planners of 27 Miracles take great importance in the couple, because each one should be individually attended to and made to feel like they are on top of the world after finding that special someone!

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Happy Engagement Anniversary to Rosie and Marcus Moore of 27 Miracles!!!

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Marcus and Rosie  12 05 RING GREG NICHOLS

Rosie and Marcus with dove Rosie and Marcus side by side

How Did 27 Miracles Get It’s Name?

Many people always want to know where the name 27 Miracles originate from?  Some of you have heard the story, but others have not…..well here is the short version of it….It was six years ago today December 27, 2005 that Marcus, my best friend and husband proposed to me with the Disney fireworks in the background ( heart-shaped too, just for us ) …The long story is in my new book, A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore and you can read it there….but at least now you know when 27 Miracles was born, that is where the name came from….Happy Engagement Anniversary to my BFF Marcus…….until next time….and congratulations if you also got engaged this beautiful time of year…call us after you are done celebrating and we will help you plan that beautiful wedding, your own!!

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