Beauty and the Bride

As a wedding professional do you often get asked by your brides what should I do for my make up and my hair on the wedding day?  Or do you think my make up looks good now so that I can do it myself on the wedding day?   My friend does hair and make up and we are going to save a ton of money because she is doing it for free, as you glance over at her friend’s make up that she is referring to in sky blue eye shadow with red lipstick and hair matted with hair spray (all you can think about is, we are stuck in an 80’s nightmare!) Those are the questions that can make any wedding professional look like a deer caught in headlights.  But it does not have to be that way.  Once you sign your bride up to work with you as your client, have a checklist of the things that you will go over with the bride for instance selection of photographer, videographer, dress shopping and all the other needed services, but most important  have a category on your planning forms called health and beauty.  This is where you can discuss with your bride about proper nutrition so that she has the energy that is needed on the day of, exercise to help her look the best that she can, skin care with a professional esthetician and lastly professional hair and make up that will make her look natural but beautiful on the day of the wedding.

The Association of Bridal Consultants had the pleasure of hosting their meeting at Marilyn Monroe Spa.  At this meeting we had an opportunity to hear from each person that works at the salon to explain the process of taking care of the bride’s skin, hair, and nails in order to prepare for the wedding day.  One of the take aways that stood out was to not wait for the week before to start planning the regime of hair, make up and skin.  The bride’s skin should start preparation almost simultaneous to the day after engagement so that it does not become an expensive last minute process. As a wedding professional, feel comfortable talking about these beauty tips.  Don’t forget to discuss teeth whitening and tips to maintain those pearly whites.  One of my personal favorites, if you have to have that cola or tea, use a straw and do not swish your drink in your mouth, use whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash.  Lastly if you are going to preach beauty, as a wedding professional don’t forget to check your own after all, our clients look up to us to be the best that we can be.

Thank you to our sponsors that made our meeting a success at Marilyn Monroe Spa.

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Spotlight on a Vendor….Mel’s Beauty Box

27 Miracles couldn’t just offer evening Gowns at Solutions Bridal and Tuxedos and Suits at Absolutely Fitting and not offer hair and make up appointments for The Gift of Life day!

Mel’s Beauty Box has offered special rates for our Gift of Life guests to get their hair and make up done at the Rosen Centre.  Appointments are going fast so contact Mel’s Beauty Box so that you can get your  appointment scheduled. Now here is a little bit about Mel’s Beauty Box.

At Mel’s Beauty Box, it is our mission to focus on not only Beauty but your overall Health & Fitness. We are excited to assist you with any special occasion. Specializing in all occasion spa services from pampering days prior to your wedding or event date.  We work with the finest Event Service Providers in Hawaii, Florida, & California so anything you need we promise we can assist you with. We provide mobile services so that we can accommodate you, your family members, and friends where ever it is convenient.  Being able to be on location ensures you a flawless experience prior to any special day.

1888734_667301459995421_1584552911_n 61074_667289856663248_1708498118_n 1545620_667289913329909_264679371_n 1546250_667290103329890_1895245870_n 1551550_667289853329915_720210927_n 1560523_667301029995464_709733358_n 1604875_667289936663240_690575836_n 1662539_667290056663228_1562246864_n 1779704_667289879996579_786938439_n 1782104_667290069996560_949589413_n 1888640_667290006663233_1736771743_n

Mel’s Beauty Box is now accepting appointments for hair and makeup prior to event start time for The Gift of Life .Call now to reserve your time.


The Gift of Life

27 Miracles

A Story of Faith


Locks of Love…….

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting enjoys giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of others. Recently, 27 Miracles’ wedding and event planner, Christine Pabelico, took action and gave a donation to a non-profit organization called Locks of Love. What was the donation exactly? Hair.



Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. (Locks of Love)

With about two feet of hair, Christine Pabelico was ready to part with some of it. However, she knew that children who participate in Locks of Love would benefit from her haircut. Instead of cut hair ending up on the floor to be thrown away, eight inches of hair was cut and sent to the Locks of Love headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.




What a great way to give back to the community! For more information about Locks of Love, visit their website.

Here are more ways 27 Miracles stays involved with the community.

27 Miracles

Facial Beauty Tips

It’s just days before the wedding, and you start to worry because you see a pimple on your face that wasn’t there before.  Leave your worries behind while feeling refreshed and beautiful after applying a face mask.

Face masks can unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells. For oily skin, a clay mask will come in handy.  It removes dirt and grease, leaving you with a nicely cleansed face. A cream mask helps moisturize your face. Leave it on overnight, and in the morning, the result will consist of beautiful soft skin. This is a great tool to use for the night before the wedding.


To keep a smooth clean appearance during the months leading up to the wedding, face masks are helpful as well. Other options are daily creams and moisturizers such as MAC Strobe Cream, Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream, and The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer SPF 15.


Check out the Total Beauty website for more great face cream and moisturizer products. Be wedding photo ready with beautiful acne free skin.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 088KBJ Wedding Pictures 190


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Weddinga and Event Planner

27 Miracles


Your Wedding Day Hair and Make Up

Getting pampered on your wedding day includes having your hair and make up done by a professional artist.  In regards to hair and makeup, are you envisioning a smoky eye look or a natural look? Would you prefer a sophisticated updo or loose curls?

Although you may already know what wedding day look you prefer, you won’t know exactly how fitting your preferred look is until you work with your hair and make up artist. Don’t wait until the wedding day to see how a hairstyle looks on you. If you dislike the results, working on a different look will delay the ceremony and cause stress.




Instead, schedule a trial session with your hair and make up artist before the wedding. This allows the artist to give you the personalized attention you desire. You will have the time you need to see what make up look and hairstyle fits you best. When the wedding day comes, there will be no surprises in regards to your wedding day look.


Winter Park Civic Center, Winter Park, Florida wedding of Desiree and Nguyen Vu


A hair and make up trial session will help make your wedding stress free. Feel beautiful with no worries. Your wedding day should be everything you dreamed of…

By Chrsitine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles


Make up and Hair and St Patrick’s Day!!!

One of the most important parts of beauty on your wedding day is your hair and makeup.  While you may have years of practice putting makeup on and styling your hair, don’t worry about doing these tasks on your wedding day.

Your wedding should be stress free. Just relax in that comfortable chair while you get pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist. You will want your makeup to last all day long, and the same goes for your hairdo.  A professional artist understands your needs and only uses the best equipment  and products so that your look lasts throughout the entire wedding day.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Also, a professional hair and makeup artist ensures that you are photo ready. A great artist will apply makeup considering the light that may reflect when a photo is taken. Your overall look matters to professionals.



With a professional hair and makeup artist, you will find yourself stress free and will look gorgeous in the process.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Here is a gorgeous bride getting her nails done before her wedding ceremony.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Father admiring the beauty of his daughter!


Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

And the groom is mesmerized!


This bride and her bridal party look stunning in green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Melissa from Mel’s Beauty Box has this tip to share with our 27 Miracles Brides!

Take a Peek at Melissa’s “can’t live with-out essential” Melissa is the lead artist and owner of Mel’s Beauty Box. Her passion for Beauty and Health has pushed her beyond any limit. She challenges herself to inspire anybody in her path, to help achieve their goals not only in the beauty industry, but in over-all lifestyle.

Her ‘can’t live with out essential is Coconut Oil. She uses it as a hair mask, in mouth to Oil Pull, on cuticles & feet, on skin, on eyelashes to make them grow, etc. She could go one for days about her obsession and love affair with coconut oil. Most def a must have! Check out her website for more of her favorite picks and DIY blogs.

Hair and Make up on our Green Bride Tiffany by Candi Eckstrom by All About Your Wedding

Pilster Photography

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

The Ramada Gateway Vendor and Client Appreciation Event

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway partnered to do a special Vendor and Client Appreciation Event.  The “Ramada Gateway Hotel offers  beautiful Banquet rooms and halls for your event. Whether for meetings, conferences or your wedding, you will find the best facilities and accommodations  to have an exceptional and unforgettable experience. ” Remember 27 Miracles feels that everyone should have an experience 

When booking a wedding or event that is exactly what you will recieve at the  Ramada Gateway when working with Erika Solis and 27 Miracles. Visit them on their website

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway wish to extend a special thank you to the vendors that helped make teh evening a success with their services.  Another special thank you  to all the guest vendors and clients that stopped by to see The Ramada Gateway.

Hotel Space/Food and BeverageWedding 
The Ramada Gateway

 Wedding and Event Coordination
27 Miracles

 Perfect Wedding Guide

Party Flavors

Specialty Catering:
Abracadabra Ice Cream

Chocolate Fountain Rental
RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Miami Pro DJ

Get Lit Productions

Treaured Moments

27 Miracles

Rev Marcus Moore

The Flipbook People

Party Booth
Diverse Entertainment

Chivari/Ceremony Chair Rentals
A Chair Affair

KBJ Photography

String Music
Harpist Christine MacPhail

Over The Top

Hair/Make up
Lena G

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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The Perfect Quinceanero

The perfect Quinceañero requires a lot of planning, but it does not have to be a nightmare. 27 Miracles and their outstanding team can help you make sure of that.  Stay tuned the next few days as we talk about a different aspect of the Quinceañero and how simple it is when you have the assistance of a professional Quinceañero planner like Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and her team!

Let’s start with some basics, the Quinceañero is an important tradition in the Latin Culture.  It signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood.  It is a time when the the parents of the Quinceañera introduce her to the community as a young lady and they thank God for the wonderful fifteen years that they are celebrating.  So the Quinceañero does have a religious background to it.

Some families have a dilemma with the girls as to whether they offer the quince, the trip or the car. Sometimes these conversations happen in our office and as the planners we cannot get in the middle of it, we can only speak to the planning of the quince.  The rest is up to the family decision.  Rarely do the girls get two or three choices, it is one or the other.  We see it both ways the car and the party. 

Now today’s video will show you the Quinceañera Frances as she transforms into a young lady.  Thank you to the videography work of Dan with Megapixel www.megapixelpro.comhair and the hair and makeup of AJ Photo/Hair and Make Up  studio

Stay tuned for the next video series on planning your Quinceañero.  By the way many people ask me why it says Quinceañero in some places and Quinceañera in others. Here is your Spanish 101 lesson, Quinceañero is the “party” itself, Quinceañera is the “birthday girl” one is the noun( person, place or thing) and the other one is the verb( action) okay so I gave you the English lesson too!!