Tis The Season for Love!

Welcome to the 24 days of Christmas blog! December 1, 2014

Day 1 Christmas Countdown

The holidays are here and that means parties, family gatherings, eating, and Christmas plays and so much more….It is truly a season to enjoy that special time with that special someone….so today tell that special someone that you love them.  It doesn’t have to be in a fancy way , a little note left for them in their lunchbox or on the bathroom mirror and follow it up with an in person confirmation of love!

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Why do Jewish couples break a glass at their wedding?

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Why do Jewish couples break a glass at their wedding?

In Jewish tradition, the “breaking of the glass” is meant to recreate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, to remind the couple and their guests that even in times of celebration, their people have suffered. Even if you aren’t Jewish, it’s important to remember that there can be no shadows without the light.

Happy New Year From 27 Miracles

Happy New Year from 27 Miracles!! It is hard to believe another year has gone by.  I hope that everyone had a fabulous Holiday Season celebrating with family and friends.  27 Miracles is looking forward to a fun-filled year with weddings, Quinces and other events.   If you have not booked your event as of yet, visit 27 Miracles website for more information on what services are offered to help plan your event. You will have the pleasure of working with one of Orlando’s  Master Bridal Consultants, Rosie Moore.  Plus your event will be relaxing with professionals handling everything so that you can be a guest at your own event!!

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Take a look at a few events planned by Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles ……

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Holiday Shoes, Wedding Shoes for Mothers, Brides or Just for fun!!!!

Ladies are you ready for the holiday season?  Holiday Parties and Weddings an occasion for comfort on your feet while still looking great! Purchase your Angela Nuran Shoes today and  at the same time contribute this holiday season to Brides Against Breast Cancer. For every shoe that is purchased, 27 Miracles donates to Brides Against Breast Cancer. Contact us today!

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Thinking of Getting Engaged During The Holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! A time for reflection, spending time with family and the start of holiday shopping for loved ones.  In particular that girl that makes your world rock!! So are you thinking of popping the question sometime over the holidays?  27 Miracles wants to assure you that buying a diamond for that special person doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  The difficult process is finding that special someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  The rest, will fall in place as far as shopping is concerned and planning.  Now as for shopping, do your homework and think carefully about what your girlfriend will like.  Here are some pointers on diamond shopping:

A diamond’s price will depend on the carat, clarity, cut and color.

Carat is the actual weight of the diamond.  Whether 1 carat or 1/2 carat.  The way the diamond is cut and mounted, can make a diamond appear larger or smaller than its actual weight.

Clarity is the presence of inclusions in a diamond. What are inclusions you ask?  Inclusions are fractures or minerals in the stone itself that are in the diamond when they are being formed in the earth.  They look like crystals, clouds and shadows inside the diamond.  They are ranked on a scale for clarity from F( Flawless) all the way to the letter I.  Some inclusions in a diamond are not visible because the way it is set it is hidden in the mounting.

Color is graded also on  a scale from D( colorless) to Z.  diamonds are not all white, there are some that are blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or red which is very rare.  Although a white colored diamond is the most popular.

Cut  is the angle and proportion of how the diamond is cut.  A well cut diamond will reflect light internally from one facet of the Diamond to another.  When a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow it will lose light and make the diamond look dull.   Cut also refers to shape, round, pear, marquis or the heart are a few examples.  The most brilliant stone of all diamond shapes is the round because it is symmetrical and reflects all the light that enters it. 

Now how much should you spend? Buying a diamond is forever so think wisely.  The diamond will represent a large emotional committment and financial investment.  It may in the future be passed on to family and it will become a family heirloom.

So happy shopping and be sure to contact 27 Miracles after your shopping is done and she says yes! We will help you plan your special day.  If you would like 27 Miracles to  take you shopping for that special someone or arrange the surprise engagement and capture it on photo, video or both,  give us a call and we can arrange that, 407-905-5454.

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