Planning Your Stay At The Rosen Centre

Just a few weeks away until The Gift of Life Big Fund Raising Event! If you are traveling from out-of-town or you just want to enjoy waking up late after the big night, the  Rosen Centre will have room blocks for 89.00/night when you mention that you are with The Gift of Life event.  This offer will be good through 8/14/2014, after that you can still reserve your room, but it will be on a first come first serve basis, based on hotel availability.  So if you know that you want to spend the night, reserve your room now, while the rooms are blocked for the event.

Rosen Centre Hotel

                9840 International Dr

                Orlando, FL 32819

                (407) 996-9840


Centrally located on popular International Drive and connected to the Orange County Convention Center, Rosen Centre Hotel brings you within minutes of all the attractions and entertainment that make Orlando an exciting destination. In addition to being close to theme parks, shopping and world-class golf, Rosen Centre Hotel is just 12 minutes from Orlando International Airport.

For directions and map, click here.


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Rosen Centre

Spotlight On A Vendor …..Orlando Harpist Christine MacPhail

Today’s spotlight is on Christine MacPhail, Orlando Harpist.  Christine began playing the harp at age 6 and has been playing professionally in the Central Florida area for over 25 years. She enjoys playing a variety of music of all styles, from classical to contemporary, and always loves learning new songs and adapting them to the harp. Christine MacPhail When 27 Miracles interviewed Christine and asked why she wanted to get involved with The Gift of Life,her reply was ” I am honored to be helping Rosie to benefit A Story of Faith and Florida Hospital.  The story of her son Kaleb is inspirational and would touch anyone’s heart.  Rosie and the 27 Miracles Team are continually giving back to the community and I am privileged to be included at her charitable events.” ChristineMacPhailPic2 Christine and her harp bless many in the Central Florida area by playing at weddings, charity events and more…..Her music is very inspiring. When Baby Kaleb was born, Christine made a cd for him that to date he still listens to before bed.  The music was soothing to him during those long nights of hearing an oxygen concentrator all day and night.  He became so used to Christine’s music that when she played at Kaleb’s baby dedication, he immediately turned his head to Christine’s music. 061310 Kaleb's Baby Dedication at the First Baptist Church of Windermere

Listen to Christine play

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Orlando Harpist Christine MacPhail

Today’s Spotlight is on Roque Productions

27 Miracles wants to recognize Andres Roque of Roque Productions.  Andres and his team are no strangers to working and giving back to the community.  That is in fact how Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles met Andres.  She was in need of vendors to work at the 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza in downtown Winter Garden.  Rosie did not know Andres but they met at a Bridal Show.  When Rosie emailed vendors for assistance in this event, Andres was the first to say, I will help.  This event was to raise funds and honor the Brides Against Breast Cancer, Toys for Tots and the Boys and Girls Club of Winter Garden.  With over 400 plus people attending the event, the night was a success on that cold December 2, 2010 weeknight.

Copy (2) of IMG_2828Copy (2) of Copy of IMG_2752Copy (2) of IMG_3003

After that Roque Productions has worked with 27 Miracles on various other community events, weddings and Quinces.   27 Miracles’ clients are always happy with the stellar work that they perform.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 484Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 530

When we asked Andres why do you do what you do for the community, his reply “If you have the opportunity to get involved with The Gift of Life event, I really encourage you to do so. Over the past 4 years, we have worked with Rosie and the 27 Miracles team on numerous events for great causes.  They truly have their community’s best interest at heart and their drive to help others is admirable.  We are all called to help our neighbor and the events put together by 27 Miracles have become a great way for us to do so. “

Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 466

Roque Productions is in the business of “Making It Happen” for their clients. Since the beginning, CEO Andrés Roque, made it a point for his clients to feel valued and this carries through the company. From the planning process to the post event wrap-up, you’ll understand that they are driven to go beyond. Sure, there are lots of companies that provide similar services, but the difference in how they provide these services can only be experienced.

Andres Roque

If you have not bought your ticket yet to The Gift of Life, click on the link to purchase now, during early bird sales.

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Lost and Found…A Touching Story

27 Miracles brings you stories and blogs of their own but every once in awhile they will come across a story that will inspire and touch you.  Today’s story is written by Journalist Kelley Benham for The Tampa Bay Times. It was also published at Huffington Post

See her full story here: Never Let Go

Watch Kelly tell her story on video ….This story will bring you to tears as you see the amazing faith that her and her husband shared….If you have never experienced or seen a baby born premature, this will give you the reality of what it is.  It is scary and will move your heart of compassion.

Watch the touching story here :  


juniperlead_251471a_8col 2juniper1212_251443a_8col juniper_1209b_251018a_8col3juniper1216d_251758a_8coljuniper1212h_251441a_8col2juniper1212a_251450a_8col 2juniper1212b_251446a_8col juniper1212i_251440a_8coljuniper_1209f_251013a_8col2juniper1212c_251448a_8col juniper_1209a_251019a_8coljuniper_1209d_251015a_8coljuniper_1209g_251014a_8col2juniper1212d_251447a_8col 2juniper1212e_251445a_8col 2juniper1212h_251449a_8col 3juniper1216a_251764a_8col 3juniper1216b_251760a_8col 3juniper1216c_251759a_8col  3juniper1216e_251762a_8col

juniper_1209e_251016a_8col3juniper1216g_251763a_8col 3juniper1216h_251761a_8col 3juniper1216i_251756a_8col 3juniper1216j_251757a_8col


Help fund places like this that will help save lives, but most importantly help support the parents undergoing this ordeal.

Come to the event The Gift Of Life and you will be able to help babies like this

Purchase Tickets through Eventbrite

Visit our Website often for updated information on the event!

Today’s Sponsor is John Michael Events

John Michael Events is no stranger to 27 Miracles.  They have worked numerous weddings, events and fund-raisers together and when it came to the Gift of Life, they most graciously accepted.  They will be the sponsors for our Volunteers and Vendors working  The Gift of Life event on September 13 2014 at the Rosen Hotel!

A Little bit about John Michael Events….

JM Catering

John Michael Events has been serving Central Florida’s wedding and event planning needs since 1995. We make everything from scratch and only use fresh all natural and/or organic foods. We also limit the number of events we execute in any one day to provide a superior level of service and food quality. We believe in an all-inclusive and up-front philosophy where we will never surprise our clients with a bunch of  add-on costs or hidden fees.

John Michael Catering

John Michael Events takes great pride in our community and giving back. 27 Miracles always goes above and beyond and it is our pleasure to help out with the Gift of Life event. It is for a wonderful cause and we encourage everyone to get involved!




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If you have not purchased your ticket yet, please click here to purchase your ticket today.

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Unsung Hero Gets Recognized

You might ask what is an unsung hero?

“An unsung hero is a role model whose generous acts of compassion, strength, selflessness, perseverance and, quite possibly, sacrifice make a profound and positive difference on the course of history.” Lowell Milken Center 

The other day A Story of Faith and 27 Miracles  brought you the story of Glenn Ferguson, a world-famous Caricaturist that is sponsoring  The Gift of Life event on September 13 2014.  If you missed his story, click on this link

Glenn Pic 3

After the overwhelming response from readers that never knew he was a preemie and his dedication to this event, many became supporters of this very important fundraising event by purchasing tickets and becoming sponsors.  You can visit our website to obtain more details.

Glenn Pic 4

Today A Story of Faith and 27 Miracles want to bring you another story on one unsung hero.  It is the daughter of Master Bridal Consultant Rosie Moore .   After the initial shock that a teenager receives that mom is having a baby, that was the start of a whirlwind change in her young teen age life. Kayla was 14 yrs old when Kaleb was born at 27 weeks weighing only 1lb and 10 oz.  A micropreemie born 13 weeks early.  Life still had to go on for Kayla despite the fact that her baby brother was clinging to life in the NICU.  Many days and nights of schedule changes, homework at the hospital, dinners out on the road and no family fun activities on the weekends due to trips to the hospital.  But she quietly helped to be supportive, although never knowing what was really going on.



Life care coaches at the hospital brought Kayla in to see the baby for the very first time in November when he was a little more stable in the step down NICU.  It was very shocking for a teen to see such a tiny baby all attached  to wires and machines supporting his life.  She was given the chance to hold him, but it was much to scary for her.


The weeks and months passed by and Kaleb was finally able to come home. Coming home, that is where more challenges came about. In March 2010, Kaleb came home to be on  18 different medication dosages, oxygen 24/7, apnea monitors at night, 2 types of breathing treatments every four hours, tube feedings every 3 hours, occupational, speech and physical therapists coming to the house daily, 2-3 drs appts every week.  Wow life was definitely not normal here . Kayla started to see the care that was involved in taking care of Kaleb.  Little by little she learned about his care and treatment.



In June 2010, Rosie, Marcus, Kayla and Baby Kaleb, planned a trip to  visit Marcus’ family in NJ.  Oh boy with all that Kaleb had going on, that sounds crazy.  All the necessary permissions were obtained to carry equipment on the flight.  Kaleb was weaned off the oxygen little by little so that he can sustain a 2 hour flight until he would be on the ground again to receive the oxygen. It was an interesting sight at the checkout counter with 8 carry on bags, 6 checked bags, stroller and car seat.  For three people and a baby wow, but Kayla helped all the way through with taking care of him. She learned how to do his breathing treatments and how to do his tube feedings and administer his medications.


Kayla feeding Kaleb

Today she is 19 years old and a college student at PBA studying Communications.  She is today’s unsung hero as she turned 19 years old yesterday and we remember her today for stepping up to the plate and helping a difficult situation be an easier situation.  Kayla helped  to take care of Kaleb whenever her parents had to do a wedding or event or just needed some down time to rest or relax.

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 014

You too can be involved in the Gift of Life and Help with your donations, supporting the event with your attendance or becoming a sponsor.  Contact 27 Miracles for more information on sponsoring 407-905-5454 or emailing at

27 Miracles Flyer_FINAL


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Spotlight on Glenn Ferguson…..Caricature Artist…

Glenn is an award-winning caricature artist/ illustrator residing in Orlando, FL. He has been nominated a Master caricaturist by the International Society of Caricature Artists (after winning the Golden Nosey Award in 2009). His artwork can be seen all over the world.

Glenn Ferguson Pic 1


You might ask yourself, why would a famous artist want to help with an event like the Gift of Life….Here are Glenn’s very own words when he was interviewed….

Glenn Pic 3

“The year is 1973, in April, and I’m removed by C-section from my mother’s womb. My heartbeat is irregular, and my lungs aren’t fully developed, but I’m able to breathe ok. I’m whisked away immediately and placed inside a plastic rectangle. This rectangle becomes my home for the next 6 months.

I never saw my mother. She didn’t get to see me. They didn’t allow her to visit me. They didn’t allow her to name me for 6 months.

I was born with a total weight of 1 pound, 6 ounces. From head to toe I fit inside the palm of an average person’s hand. Doctors feared the worst and were expecting me not to live very long. But they made a home for me in an incubator and cared for me until I was ready to go home in October.

When I was allowed to finally meet my mother, and hear her voice, as you can imagine, I knew I was home. I was monitored constantly, and visited so many doctors for the first year of my life, but I beat all the odds and survived.

Now, in 2014, I’m 41 years old. I’m very healthy, athletic, and thriving beautifully with my fiance’ JoAnn. I grew up small, and I’m a little on the short side at 5′ 7″, but other than that, perfectly fine, normal, and happy. I’m grateful to all the doctors and nurses that helped me survive those first few months, and I have great sympathy and encouragement for anyone who has a premature child. ”


“I am happy to help with this event, the Gift of Life, that will benefit the Walt Disney Pavillion Florida Hospital for Children/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Making of the movie A Story of Faith; because I experienced the same care that all of these unsung heros do every day. It’s because of the amazing and heartfelt care and expertise that were so instrumental in my survival and enduring health those first delicate months of my life that I am here. ”

Glenn Pic 5

It is because of the care of doctors and nurses that work in the NICU and have up to date equipment that babies like Glenn and other babies today can survive.  Sometimes medical science is ready to give up, but the babies fight for their lives and some are pretty determined. In 1971 it was unheard of for a preemie to survive.  Thank God for Glenn’s doctors and nurses ! Can you imagine in this day and age not being able to see your baby for 6 months?  It is hard enough seeing them daily and not being able to bring the baby home.

Glenn Pic 4

This is why The Gift of Life is going to do just that, help raise funds for the Florida Hospital Walt Disney Children’s Pavillion, the NICU department and the Making of the Movie A Story of  Faith.   Through this movie of love, encouragement and hope, it will  show parents and caregivers that they are not alone and that there is hope out there.

Purchase your tickets here to attend the event:

To Find out how you can be a sponsor, contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or email them at

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Reviews for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting

27 Miracles believes that the best references for new clients to check on are the past clients that 27 Miracles has served.

Take a look at the video testimonials that people have shared




Here are some other testimonials from the


Mrs Hebbeler  /Mother of the Bride: 

My daughter Ivonne had a dream, have a beautiful wedding. She models bridal gowns. She loves weddings. Her fiance proposed and they started the planning.
Then Ivonne was diagnosed with Cancer.
As she battled the sickness, God sent two angels to her life, Minerva from Minerva’s Bridal (bridal store where she models for) and Rosie Moore owner of 27 Miracles. They decided to help Ivonne with the wedding of her dreams.
Rosie Moore was the planner of my daughter’s wedding. She truly has a gift and you can tell she really loves what she does. She is very organized with every detail. The result was absolutely beautiful, flowers, crystals, linens, cakes, invitations, photo booth, coffee station, Cinderella carriage and much more, nothing was missing in my daughter’s dream wedding.
We never imagined for anything to look more beautiful or to be more perfect.
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for making Ivonne and Andrew’s wedding so special and memorable!!

Ivonne defeated the cancer and Rosie made her dream come true!! Thanks Rosie Moore…


A Wonderful Wedding Planner!    

The 27 Miracles team always does a fantastic job! Decorating, and service is excellent!


27 Miracles Wedding Consulting Works Miracles  

Rosie Moore is a Master Bridal Consultant who knows her way around a wedding. She’s organized, honest and efficient. Rosie will help you have your dream wedding. As an event rental company, A Chair Affair, Inc. knows every detail will be taken care of flawlessly when 27 Miracles is on the vendor list. Rosie is always a pleasure to work with.


She Went Above My Expectations    

Rosie was amazing!! She recommended the perfect shoes to dance in all night… which are Angela Nuran shoes… usually heels and comfortable don’t go together but Angela Nuran shoes are comfortable high heel shoes… you can purchase them through Rosie… Rosie took care of everything for me and I was relaxed in the planning process, I never had to run around stressed on my wedding day. If I was getting married again there is no doubt I would have Rosie as my wedding planner again. Highly recommend her services and the shoes!!!


Groom    Review….

She did a great job at organizing a very busy wedding day. The time and attention to detail that Rosie and her team take shows how much she loves and takes pride in her job. I would recommend her to future brides and grooms.



Rosie and her team did a fantastic job at making our wedding magical. We had a Disney themed wedding and she made sure we thought of everything and if we missed it she knew to add it. We were very happy with her service and would recommend her to everyone. She went out of her way to make our dreams come true. She’s even a travel agent and helped us with our honeymoon. Definitely a muti tasker.


Amazing Company To Work With  

Rosie Moore is very good at what she does. We have worked with her on many occasions from Weddings to your corporate events. 27 miracles is a company that I would highly recommend to use for all your events.

Great job and we look forward to working with you soon. From Orlando DJ and Lighting.

It Was Great Working With Rosie.

Rosie worked together with my sister to plan the most beautiful wedding day I could have asked for. Rosie, her husband and her assistant were kind, observant and attentive. 27 Miracles has my recommendation! Rosie is a wonderful wedding planner.

For more reviews check out wedding wire:

27 Miracles




The Big Announcement!!!

 Today it is with great excitement and joy that 27 Miracles  makes this announcement to you!!!!Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles, wrote a book called a Story of Faith, in 2012 it was published. Through opportunities in life, she met a movie producer who has directed movies in theatres and took an interest in A Story of Faith. He has offered to produce A Story of Faith in theatres everywhere. But to do this we need everyone’s help. What do we need? We need the financial backing of everyone we know, everyone you know. Together this can be done. As little as 1.00 (less than a cup of coffee or bottle of soda). If 250,000 people each gave 1.00, we could have the movie produced in no time. Please review the link in this message it is the story that inspired this movie will this benefit? If you have not read the book, take a moment to read it, it is a short story that talks about faith and how having it can help you overcome many challenges in life. It is Rosie’s story of the struggles she encountered in life, the story of baby Kaleb and finally the story of how friends that worked with her in the wedding industry, came together and helped a young mother who was in financial crisis due to medical bills of her preemie baby, have the wedding of their dreams during the Christmas season.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please visit our facebook page as updates will be posted on there.
Here is the link to the book on Amazon you can also find it on Barnes and Noble as an ebook for Nook or Kindle or paper back, or you can also order through me directly. Part of the proceeds of the book will go to Nathaniel’s Hope, A Special Needs Children’s Ministry.

Thank you,
Rosie Moore

Copy of Kaleb_1year (2)

A Story of Faith will be an inspirational, thought provoking film about the ability of faith to overcome any setback in life.

27 Miracles

The Traditional Nigerian Engagement of Bukola and Francis

27 Miracles started their day bright and early at 5am making the commute to the beautiful Lake Mary Event Center where at 7am the place would be buzzing with vendors ready to start the festivities for Bukola and Francis!  Bukola and Francis are from out-of-state but they chose Florida to marry as this is home of Bukola’s father.  In Nigeria, the tradition is to have the daughter marry in the village where her father resides.  In this instance Florida.

This will be the king chairs where the bride and groom will sit! Thank you to Pinky from Nikun Events and Orlando DJ and Lighting for the backdrop and lighting. The family brought different gift items that signify many things for instance honey for sweetness in the marriage and salt to be the seasoning of the marriage and the world.  The Nigerian wedding ceremony is everyone in the family coming together to financially and spiritually support the couple.  In lieu of gifts the families supply cash to the couple to help them get started in life.  You will see those pictures later on.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 001 Bukola and Frances Engagement 002 Bukola and Frances Engagement 010 Bukola and Frances Engagement 011

Orijanel Hair and Make up started to work on Bukola for her special wedding engagement ceremony that would be taking place.


Bukola and Frances Engagement 032

Bukola and Frances Engagement 086

Everything was coming together preparation wise for Bukola.  As she got her head-dress on she took advantage of the quiet morning to take a phone call!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 124

Bukola selected the coral colors for her engagement ceremony as you see in the shoes, fan and purse with traditional gold jewelery to match.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 093 Bukola and Frances Engagement 039 Bukola and Frances Engagement 091 Bukola and Frances Engagement 133

One of the brides friends came to help her with her head-dress so that she was perfect for Frances when he finally would get his bride!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 134

Finally our bride to be is ready to await her grand entrance to the ceremony but while she waited she had some time to pose for some pictures.



The bride’s sister Lolly, looks on as Bukola,  her baby sister and the last of the girls, is about to embark on a life time journey called marriage. Lolly was so supportive to Bukola, her and wedding planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles were the ones that planned this beautiful wedding together along with Bukola.  She was a great maid of honor!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 083

Bukola and Frances Engagement 087Bukola and Frances Engagement 067The Ladies are ready for the festivities to start!!! And now it is time for the traditional ceremony to begin.  If you have never been to a Nigerian wedding before you will learn after you read this story all the details involved.

The ceremony begins with the reading of the proposal letter from the groom’s family.  This proposal letter is presented to the mother of the bride who dances around to present it to the family and  her husband. The  ceremony starts with a Nigerian spokeswoman that directs the ceremony.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 058

Frances’ family comes in playing the drums and singing as he meets the bride’s family seated below.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 062

Bukola and Frances Engagement 154 Bukola and Frances Engagement 105 Bukola and Frances Engagement 106

The Bride’s father accepts the money that the groom’s family starts to pay out.

So starts the reading for the acceptance of the engagement.  Usually read by a member of  the Bride;s family.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 109 Bukola and Frances Engagement 112

The Groom’s family below looks on proudly!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 115

Once the Bride’s Family reads the acceptance letter, the groom enters
the room escorted by the men in his family to ask for the bride’s hand
in marriage

If a favorable reply is sent to the grooms family, the groom then comes in with his friends.  As the groom enters the room, he drops some money in the room that will help the bride’s family.

The spokeswoman  starts to explain to the  men and the groom what the next step is.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 136 Bukola and Frances Engagement 138 Bukola and Frances Engagement 141 Bukola and Frances Engagement 142 Bukola and Frances Engagement 143 Bukola and Frances Engagement 144 Bukola and Frances Engagement 146 Bukola and Frances Engagement 147 Bukola and Frances Engagement 148 Bukola and Frances Engagement 149

The groom then kneels before the bride’s family to beg for her hand in marriage along with his male friends.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 159
Bukola and Frances Engagement 161Bukola and Frances Engagement 168

The groom awaits the bride with anticipation!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 169 Bukola and Frances Engagement 170 Bukola and Frances Engagement 172

Bukola and Frances Engagement 173

Bukola and Frances Engagement 186

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for!!! The bride is coming!! The spokeswoman prays for the bride’s entrance as the guests await her entrance.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 175

Bukola and Frances Engagement 176

The bride gets the final touches before her grand entrance.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 171

Singing the bride in!!!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 189

Here comes the bride with her friends!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 199 Bukola and Frances Engagement 194 Bukola and Frances Engagement 195 Bukola and Frances Engagement 197

The groom’s first look of the bride…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 201

Bukola and Frances Engagement 202

The bride’s entrance!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 206 Bukola and Frances Engagement 207 Bukola and Frances Engagement 210 Bukola and Frances Engagement 212 Bukola and Frances Engagement 213 Bukola and Frances Engagement 214 Bukola and Frances Engagement 215 Bukola and Frances Engagement 216 Bukola and Frances Engagement 217 Bukola and Frances Engagement 221

Once the bride  enters with her female friends and is covered with a veil.She goes to her mom and is unveiled and this is where a prayer is said for her.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 230 Bukola and Frances Engagement 224 Bukola and Frances Engagement 225 Bukola and Frances Engagement 228

It is a very emotional time. The veil is placed back on the bride by the mother. At that point she will seek prayers from the groom’s family. It is a very emotional moment for the bride and her family as well as the guests.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 242 Bukola and Frances Engagement 231 Bukola and Frances Engagement 233 Bukola and Frances Engagement 234 Bukola and Frances Engagement 235 Bukola and Frances Engagement 237 Bukola and Frances Engagement 238 Bukola and Frances Engagement 241 Bukola and Frances Engagement 244 Bukola and Frances Engagement 243

The Groom’s family looks on as they get ready to receive the bride to be.   Bukola and Frances Engagement 232

The bride is ready to meet the groom’s family

Bukola and Frances Engagement 246 Bukola and Frances Engagement 247 Bukola and Frances Engagement 249

Bukola and Frances Engagement 250 Bukola and Frances Engagement 243Bukola and Frances Engagement 244

The mother of the groom wipes a tear with the bride’s hand-made veil…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 253

The bride is accepted by the family of the groom..
Bukola and Frances Engagement 259 Bukola and Frances Engagement 260 Bukola and Frances Engagement 261 Bukola and Frances Engagement 263 Bukola and Frances Engagement 265

Bukola and Frances Engagement 257Bukola and Frances Engagement 256

Now Bukola is welcomed into the family of Francis and is their new daughter to be…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 272 Bukola and Frances Engagement 271

The happy bride to be…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 279 Bukola and Frances Engagement 274 Bukola and Frances Engagement 277 Bukola and Frances Engagement 278

Meeting the groom….

Bukola and Frances Engagement 286 Bukola and Frances Engagement 282 Bukola and Frances Engagement 283 Bukola and Frances Engagement 284

The groom showers his bride to be in dollars….

Bukola and Frances Engagement 288 Bukola and Frances Engagement 287

The groom accepts the bride and carries his bride to be to her chair so that  he starts to take care of her from this moment…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 298 Bukola and Frances Engagement 292 Bukola and Frances Engagement 293 Bukola and Frances Engagement 294 Bukola and Frances Engagement 296 Bukola and Frances Engagement 297

The Bride has a special gift for the groom, a matching head-dress…Bukola and Frances Engagement 307 Bukola and Frances Engagement 300 Bukola and Frances Engagement 301 Bukola and Frances Engagement 303 Bukola and Frances Engagement 304 Bukola and Frances Engagement 305

Praying together…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 309

The Maid of Honor, sister of the bride, shares some words of wisdom for the happy couple.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 323

The Bride to be looks on to see what the special gift Francis her groom has for her…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 329 Bukola and Frances Engagement 324 Bukola and Frances Engagement 325 Bukola and Frances Engagement 326

Bukola’s family gifts are yellow with accents Francis’ Gifts are Blue
They are not opened there. Bukola will select the Bible, that has the
engagement ring tied to it.

They are officially engaged!!

Bukola and Frances Engagement 338 Bukola and Frances Engagement 334
Bukola and Frances Engagement 336 Bukola and Frances Engagement 337

The happy Bride to be shows off her beautiful emerald ring …Bukola and Frances Engagement 346 Bukola and Frances Engagement 345

As the groom shows his affection to his bride to be..

Bukola and Frances Engagement 347

It is now time to cut the cake and feed it to each other.  It is a tradition where they each feed it to each other, including the drink and wiping the person’s mouth.  It is symbolic of how the husband and wife have to take care of each other.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 365 Bukola and Frances Engagement 349 Bukola and Frances Engagement 350 Bukola and Frances Engagement 353 Bukola and Frances Engagement 354 Bukola and Frances Engagement 357 Bukola and Frances Engagement 358 Bukola and Frances Engagement 359 Bukola and Frances Engagement 360 Bukola and Frances Engagement 361 Bukola and Frances Engagement 362 Bukola and Frances Engagement 363

The couple and the parents are presented to the guests so they can share some welcoming wordsBukola and Frances Engagement 368 Bukola and Frances Engagement 366

The happy bride gives the photographer a happy look..

Bukola and Frances Engagement 370 Bukola and Frances Engagement 374

The payment to the bride’s family…

Bukola and Frances Engagement 375

The bride also had to change to a Benin dress which is also part of the traditional heritage of Nigeria.

Bukola and Frances Engagement 411 Bukola and Frances Engagement 394 Bukola and Frances Engagement 396 Bukola and Frances Engagement 401 Bukola and Frances Engagement 402 Bukola and Frances Engagement 404 Bukola and Frances Engagement 406 Bukola and Frances Engagement 407

Stay tuned for the traditional Nigerian wedding coming soon…

For more Engagement pictures visit us on our newly engaged facebook page

27 Miracles

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Thank you to the following vendors for making this wedding engagement a success!!

Diane Jensen/Assisting 27 Miracles on this day from The Wedding Party

Marcus Moore/27 Miracles

John Michael Catering

Jesse Giles Photography

Orlando DJ and Lighting

Orijahnel Make Over Group!__website

Lake Mary Events Center