High School Sweethearts Fall In Love Gabby and Frank

Love stories are always great to read and talk about especially when there is a wedding to be planned.  That is the love story of Gabby and Frank, high school sweethearts that fell in love. You can see the love that they have for each other in the pictures as 123 Photography captures those moments.

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Gabby and Frank were the  typical high school sweethearts, until one day…..

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27 Miracles received a letter from Gabby that read like this:


“Hello Rosie, thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me and ask me about my illness.  I spoke to Ivonne and was amazed by the incredible weddings you’ve done for others. So I am really excited that you wrote to me! I would love to explain my story to you.

In 2013 my fiancé and I were celebrating our second anniversary of dating,  when we got back home I became sick. It started with a cough and gradually turned into pneumonia and a virus.   The doctors gave me antibiotics but I did not get better.   I became paralyzed and wheelchair bound; I lost all my independence. I went from a normal 19 year old girl into someone that didn’t know what was happening; I felt lost. The doctors didn’t know what was happening.   They operated on my left lung to determine what was happening but still no answers.  The doctors kept saying the same thing, I just had a bad case of pneumonia.

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My health problems were overwhelming.   My mom and my fiancé became my caregivers.   I couldn’t do the simplest of things like brushing my teeth or combing my hair. I became oxygen dependent.  Many days I wanted to give up, but my faith kept reminding me to keep fighting. After a year of fighting, in December of 2013, I decided to get up on my own from the wheelchair.   As I got out of the wheel chair I blacked out and was rushed to the hospital.   While at the hospital, they ran tests and found fluid surrounding my heart.  The doctors decided that an emergency surgery to remove the fluid was necessary.   The doctors removed over 600cc of fluid inside and outside of my heart.  They stated that if I had waited two more hours, I would have passed away. The next day while in ICU,  I was told I had to have another surgery to figure out why my lungs weren’t capable of functioning on their own. They did surgery on my right lung this time.

7 8 Prayers

I felt drained, but I kept fighting, I needed answers.   I was diagnosed with three chronic autoimmune diseases. Dermatomyositis,  this  is a rare muscle disease that affects the heart and lungs, the breathing muscles, swallowing muscles and skeletal muscles.  This disease depending on the day, debilitates me to the point where some days I can walk, while others I am confined to the wheelchair.  I was also diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome, a chronic autoimmune condition characterized by degeneration of the salivary and lachrymal glands, causing dryness of the mouth and eyes.  This condition also affected my teeth; sadly I am missing most of my teeth.   The doctors also told me that I have pulmonary fibrosis, a respiratory disease in which scars are formed in the lung tissues, leading to serious breathing problems.  I am on chemotherapy medicine to control the diseases, prednisone and acthar gel injections as well. All these illnesses made the type 1 diabetes that I have had since age 8 worse.


Despite all of this happening in my life, my fiancé proposed to me while in the hospital in front of my family and favorite nurses on December 13, 2013.  I didn’t know if I was going to live or die, I was  hanging on to my faith. Saying YES to him was without a doubt my desire,  he’s an amazing man and best friend.

11 13 The proposal 14 The proposal

The doctors have told me that I have 3 to 5 years to live because of the pulmonary fibrosis and the other conditions involved make the pulmonary fibrosis worse.    My lung specialist stated that I have to be put on a lung transplant list.   It’s a scary thing for me, but also for my fiancé, my mother, my younger brother and the family.   There is a chance of rejection, but I truly believe God does things for a reason. I believe throughout my journey God made me  into the woman I am,  I see life differently,  I appreciate the little things.


4 5 Gabby and brother 1 Gabby and Dog 2 Gabby and favorite nurse 3

My goal is to marry the man of my dreams,  to walk to him and not be in a wheelchair, even though I don’t know if this illness and its complications will take me away from him. I just want  to  finally marry the one I love.   We have been engaged for two years and saving for a wedding has become impossible due to the medical bills.


Getting in touch with you is amazing.   I truly believe God put Ivonne and you in my path for a reason.  I do have so many ideas in my mind, one example is dedicating the song “Mamas Song” by Carrie Underwood to my mother,  she’s been my rock through it all and dedicating a special song to my fiancé.

Ivonne and Andrew Engagement Pics 016

Gabby and Her Mom

I would love to do my wedding if possible around February because my birthday is on Valentines Day.  I don’t know how to sign the HIPAA form could you explain that to me. I don’t have an exact count on how many people will be there, but could I give you an estimate if possible? If my dream wedding is possible it would be a dream come true for me. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me! ”


When 27 Miracles planner Rosie Moore received this letter, she was touched by Gabby’s story.  She spoke to a few wedding professionals who without even thinking, after she shared the story said count me in. There are many who are surprising the bride and groom with their services, so we shall have to keep everything a secret for now…but if you follow us on facebook , you will be sure to see many pictures of the beautiful day.


On Saturday, April 2nd 2016 at 2:30pm, Gabby and Frank will be married with all of their friends and family at First Baptist Orlando Church.  The wedding professionals involved are all eager for this day to come so that they can give of themselves to make a bride’s dream come true.  There will be a private reception for friends and family after the ceremony. On this day  a community will join together to help make Gabby and Frank’s wedding dreams come true.  27 Miracles thanks all of the wedding professionals that have been involved in planning this blessed event.

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27 Miracles 

123 Photography

Cold, Flu and RSV

As a parent of a preemie baby Rosie Moore of 27  Miracles and author of the book A Story of Faith is aware first hand the importance of avoiding illness in her household due to the risks involved in her little one’s lungs.  Rosie is a registered nurse and has always worked in surgery and labor and delivery in the past and knew that hand washing was always the key to preventing infection spread.  But right after her little guy Kaleb was born, she knew it even more due to the delicate health of her 1 lb 10 oz baby in the NICU.  The hand washing became an even bigger part and to this day   will always remain along with the hand sanitizer.

DSC00617 First time at Build a Bear Sept 2012

Some may say, “relax you have to expose your child to germs at some point or another.”  Rosie Moore says, “really, did you ever have a baby in the NICU hanging on to life every day until the day he came home?  Did you sit countless hours in the hospital NICU wondering if a treatment he was receiving would help him breath on his own again?  Then don’t tell a mom of a preemie to relax and expose them to germs.” The world is full of germs and illness and yes we trust in God, but we also need to be prudent and avoid the spread of illness.  So if you happen to come across a parent of a preemie that asks you before they go to your house or you come to theirs if you are sick or to wash your hands before greeting her son or after greeting the dogs, don’t feel insulted, just say yes.  Here is what the CDC has to says on pets and washing hands


Florida Hospital most recently made an interesting jingle about hand washing.  It is funny, but you know what? It gets the point across…Wash your hands!!!

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Introducing the Orlando Board of Wish Upon A Wedding

Welcome to Wish Upon a Wedding

As a nationwide 501(c) (3) organization, we celebrate the courage, determination and spirit of couples in love during their most challenging times. Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding will have 30 chapters spanning across the United States by the end of 2012.  We are the Central Florida Chapter and we are based out of Orlando. 

Visit the official Wish Upon A Wedding website….. http://wishuponawedding.org/ and our facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1448751835#!/WUWOrlando

If you would like to become a Wish Granter, visit our website http://wishuponawedding.org/ and you can fill out a wish granter form.  If you are a bride and groom that is in need of a wish, visit the wesbite and complete an application for consideration of your wish.  if you would like to donate to Wish Upon A Wedding please visit our website or contact us directly.

Meet our 2012 Board Members involved in making wishes come true.

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President Rosie Moore: 

•Rosie is a designated Professional Bridal Consultant by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). She takes great pleasure in telling a happy couple’s unique story through their wedding ceremony and reception.

Rosie is also a Registered Nurse who has worked for many years in healthcare and the legal field, where her compassion and love of people originated. Rosie has her Bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is a certified travel agent able to help you with your travels needs.  Rosie is also bilingual in Spanish. She obtained a Spanish certification through Berlitz for translation

•It is going to be a pleasure to help those in need of making their dreams come true. 
•After years of planning others’ weddings, the day came to plan her special day. Rosie’s talent for planning weddings was confirmed by her pitch perfect wedding day when she married her one true love; friend, confidant and business partner Marcus. Rosie has three children, Christopher, Kayla and Kaleb and her two dogs Rusty and Daisy!
•Rosie has her own book published called A Story of Faith and whenever it is sold through Wish Upon a Wedding by directly contacting Rosie Moore rosie@27miraclesbyrosie.com , part of the proceeds will be donated to Wish Upon a Wedding. Click the link to learn more about the book and make your purchase through her directly to make it count towards WUW.  http://www.amazon.com/Story-Faith-Mrs-Rosie-Moore/dp/1468134809/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1326045101&sr=1-2
Vice President Kimberly Schaefer:

•Kimberly Schaefer is the Assistant Director of the Conference Services Bureau at Florida Institute of Technology located in Melbourne, Florida.  Working at such a unique venue as a college campus Kimberly has been given the opportunity to coordinate events such as weddings, non-profit, corporate events, tradeshows/expo’s, and much more.
• Kimberly joined Wish Upon a Wedding because she enjoys being involved in the community and sharing her talents with others.  She says:  “Every woman has dreamed of being a bride since they were little.  I want to help make that dream come true!”         
•Kimberly is married to her best friend Steve, they are newlyweds still.
•Kimberly loves everything Disney, the space coast where her hubby works and you can’t leave out ice hockey.   A hobby she picked up while dating Steve
Secretary Cyntthia Sterba:
•I’m a wedding and event planner-coordinator. I came from a corporate office environment of 24 years to start my own business. I am a former Air Force wife and a single parent to two teens. I have strong ties to my church and maintain strong faith that “possible” is in the word “impossible”. Meaning that everything is never impossible, and always possible! My main objective everyday when I wake up is to make at least one person outside of my family and immediate friends, smile. Because I smile every time people see me or meet me for the first time! There is no obstacle too big or too impossible for me to overcome! I make the impossible, possible! 
•I want to work with Wish Upon a Wedding, because, I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in dreams coming true. No matter what walk of life or the situation. Wish Upon a Wedding is evidence enough that true love exists even if you’re not paying attention. It’s those small things in life that I strive to make sure are possible for someone else when they least expect it. Love is not something you just say. Love is something that you do. Wish Upon a Wedding, makes it possible for love to carry on. 
Treasurer Kelly Block:
•Kelly is an innovative, versatile and creative marketing event manager.  She has the skills, passion and professionalism needed to support business and consumer marketing programs in a fast paced, high-pressure environment.  Her global mindset has earned her a reputation as someone who offers a proactive approach and is recognized as being results driven and an effective team player. 
•Kelly has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Stetson University with a focus on Marketing and Management.
•In her career, Kelly has held positions in various facets of the event world. From implementing youth market events to coordinating photographic services for Disney Fairytale Weddings, and managing corporate alliance marketing for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival; all positions that enabled her to develop the broad-based skill set that is necessary to succeed in a competitive environment.
Currently, Kelly is a Local Catering Sales Manager for Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.  She is responsible for selling, planning, and implementing local events including weddings, proms, galas, and corporate meetings
•Her passion for volunteering began when she was just a child and became a “rainbow buddy” for the local Children’s hospital in Atlanta. When she moved to Florida she continued to share her giving spirit by donating her time to the children of Give Kids the World.
•Kelly’s kind spirit, compassionate giving nature and positive outlook enable her to impact the lives of everyone she encounters.
Volunteer Coordinator Ann Taylor:
•Being a recent mother of not one, but two brides and a breast cancer survivor I have a joy and appreciation of life and love.   I’m fortunate to have been married now for 34 years to Dave my high school sweetheart, he still makes my heart beat fast when he walks in the door.  As for me, I consider myself a wedding – party junkie, I love celebrations! 
•When I’m not assisting a bride or event planner with their chairs, you can find me enjoying my new grandson Jackson.  Whose most recent accomplishment was to say Mama at 7 moths.  Otherwise, you can find me with my 14-year-old Chocolate Lab Emma who’s beside me on the floor as I read a book on marketing – I simply love the business of weddings!  I also enjoy everything about the water – boating, skiing, and swimming.  I swam competitively as a child and at one time I held records for backstroke and freestyle.   
•I’ve always felt weddings are a celebration of your commitment to each other.  When the opportunity to serve on the WUW Board came along, I was thrilled to assist those in need and grant wishes for with their dream weddings.  It’s my pleasure to serve those in need!
Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Dube:
•I live, eat, and breathe in “wedding mode”. Through the years, the biggest thing I have learned is just how much I love weddings, and the fabulous people I get to work with. I am so blessed to meet amazing people and have incredible experiences with what I do. Call it cheesy, but there is just something about knowing you had a hand in the happiest day in someone’s life that  is INCREDIBLY rewarding!
•My focus is as an Eco-friendly wedding planner, as the environment is something I take very seriously! I believe that each wedding should be full of love, laughter, fun, fashion, and unique details to make each event deeply intimate for every client, while doing our best to educe our “carbon footprint” for generations to come.
•I was inspired to volunteer for Wish Upon A Wedding, as my health has been something I have struggled with my entire life and so I can relate to so many of the amazing couples. I have been living with Chron’s Disease and Celiac disease, which has had me in and out of the hospital for years-not quite sure of what was going on until only recently, when a proper diagnosis was made and my life has since balanced out.

    As a result, I feel deeply for the struggles of those faced with long-term illness, and the yearning to live a normal, happy life. If I can have a hand in giving someone with true adversity a dream come true-to lighten that load, I will do everything in my power to make that happen!!

•When I am not busy with my clients, I can be found spending time with my family and friends, my husband and my gorgeous daughter, or our three huge rescue dogs.
Public Relations Chair Maricel Baker:
•With a background in Advertising and Marketing, I started years ago as a “Promotion & Special Events
•Coordinator in Puerto Rico for many clients such as Bacardi Rum, 7UP, Coca Cola, Phillip Morris, E
•J Gallo Winery, Keebler, Johnson & Johnson, Telemundo, and others. I coordinated sales and
•promotions of products such as food, liqueurs/spirits and related products. I was responsible for the
•acquisition of new clients and maintenance of current clients, setting up sales’ events and promoting
•products. I was responsible for planning and implementing sales strategies for the assigned market.
•Created promotions ranged from a simple display set-up to weekend promotions using models and
•tasting sessions. Created and establish procedures and controls for sales and customer satisfaction and
•hired personnel for promotional campaigns while coordinating beach concerts, trade shows,
•conventions, launching new products, food sampling, and others great events.
•My biggest accomplishment came from my customer Keebler Company for Top-Sales Promotion
•Award for duplicating their sales in 6 months!
•I moved to Florida in 1995. In late 2010, I founded “Let’s Make It Extraordinary! LLC”, in Winter
•Haven, FL. We specialize in Event Planning & Social Media Marketing. I received my “Meeting &
•Event Certification” from USF in Tampa in Spring 2011. I coordinate special events and fundraising
•events for charities. I’m also a member of MPI – Tampa Bay Chapter, a Media & Community
•Coordinator for “Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan Purse”, a Wish Granter for “Make-A-Wish
•Foundation” – Central FL Chapter, a Media & Community Coordinator for “US Marines Toys for Tots
•I graduated from the “Universidad del Sagrado Corazon” in San Juan, PR with a Bachelor’s Degree in
•Marketing and Public Relations in 1990. I live in Winter Haven, FL with my son Jose and my husband
Wish Granter Chair Shannen Kyta:
•With an extensive background in bridal fashion, event planning and event furnishings, Shannen Kykta exudes a refreshing willingness to learn about the industry and expand her expertise to better serve her clientele.  Most recently she was recruited for the Orlando Account Executive position with Quest Drape, a national high-quality drape provider. If you need Drape, she has you covered!
•In her spare time, she enjoys scrapbooking, working out and spending time with her fiancé and two dogs!
Over the past year, Shannen Kykta has served as Sponsorship Chair for the Orlando WOW Awards, a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, International Special Events Society, Meeting Planners International, and National Association of Catering Executives.  She currently serves as director of administrative and marketing for MPI and  sits on the Programming Committee for ISES, and the community service committee for NACE
•I want to work with Wish Upon a Wedding because it is such a great cause. I remember when it first launched in Orlando, I was excited for the organization and wanted the opportunity to be involved. Every couple deserves to say “I do” and I would love to help make their dream wedding come true!
Marketing Chair Michelle Gonzalez:
•My name is Michelle Gonzales and I live in Apopka, Florida.  My professional background is in retail and services management.  I launched my career at Best Buy in 2003 where I worked my way from part-time sales associate to Store Services Manager in a record two years.  I changed industries in 2008 for personal reasons and am now a Marketing Equipment Supervisor with Pepsi Beverages Company.  In enjoy the job an am met with varying and unique challenges on a daily basis.    
I obtained my B.S. in Business Management from Phoenix University in 2006.  I am currently working toward a Masters in Management with a focus on Project Management from Walden University.
I am excited to be a part of the Central Florida Wish Upon a Wedding Board of  Directors, sitting as the Marketing Chair.  Liz Guthrie, Founder and Executive Director of Wish Upon a Wedding, started the non-profit “based on the concept that two people in love should never be denied the chance to marry their soul mate.”  I believe strongly in the concept and desire to help couples fulfill their wishes as mine were on February 21, 2009, the day I wed the love of my life.
Fund Rasing Chair Rachel Mc Curdy:
•Rachel McCurdy: I have been working as a wedding planner with An Affair to Remember for almost 6 years. I love being able to use my creativity with my clients to make their dream wedding come true. I also love the fact that each client brings me something different to create which always keeps me on my toes.
•I  recently got married to my high school sweetheart, Teddy, we are our marriage and our French Bulldog Maggie. I feel that God gives individuals special talents and I am blessed to have found an outlet to use those the skills he has blessed me with. 
•I would love to work with Wish Upon A Wedding so I can put my skills and experience from the wedding industry to good use. What a blessing it is to help individuals who are facing hard times. My husband is in the medical field so I see first hand some of the devastation that individuals have to deal with. I have always wanted to be able to help people in these situations and I think Wish Upon A Wedding is a perfect way for me to do so. 
Event Chair Terry Smedley:
•Terry is the owner of Save the Date!   She has an extensive background in Project Management.  She was a Business major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended the Project Management Institute at Aspen University in Colorado. 

She successfully attained the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant from the Association of Bridal Consultants.  Terry has managed multi-million dollar projects for large corporations and has over 15 years experience in planning weddings and  social events.  She currently lives in Winter Garden with her husband David.

•I would be honored to work with Wish Upon a Wedding. My family has been touched in many ways by cancer in the past two years. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage IV Mantel Cell Lymphoma almost two years ago. He has been through intense chemotherapy and is thankfully in remission but the impact it had on my sister and the rest of our family was profound. 

  I understand how life events such as these and many others can have such a devastating affect on families. I would love the opportunity to help ensure that their wedding day is one filled with joy and happiness