Hospitality and Event Management Student Writes About Rosie Moore and Wedding Planning

Master Bridal Consultant, Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles works with the hospitality and event management students at different schools to provide internships for them to learn how to run a business, plan weddings and events but most importantly how to provide superior customer service to their clients.

Today Ashley Bliss,  Freshman Student at the University of Central Florida shared with Rosie, her project that she had to complete for school.  It was an article written on what is an ideal future profession in the hospitality industry.  When Ashley’s instructor said the word “ideal”, only one thing popped into her mind; being an event planner, especially focusing on the wedding industry.As part of her research, Ashley was to interview a professional in her field of interest, which brought Ashley to connect with Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles.

The article has been shortened by Ashley, for purposes of the blog.

Today’s world is one in which the consumers know what they want. Consumers in the modern market are sophisticated, have a deeper sense of taste, and an urge to be different to stand out from the rest. The bridal industry is no exception of this emerging trend. According to Virginia Postrel (2004), writer for the New York Times, “the cookie cutter is gone,” (p. E2), meaning that brides are looking for some special touch that will make their wedding stand out from the rest. With a current estimation from the Association of Bridal Consultants of approximately 2.4 million weddings a year in the United States alone (2013, para.1), giving brides the unique experience that they want is not such an easy task. With the complexity of planning a wedding most brides seek experienced help to assist with planning as well as saving money (ABC, 2013, para. 2). It is for this sole reason alone that the $42 billion wedding industry is growing at a rapid, constant rate (Blakely, 2007, para.1). Professional wedding planners plan about 10% of all American weddings, amounting to approximately 230,000 a year (Blakely, 2007 para.1). While being a wedding planner requires one to work in great detail around the clock, the feeling of happiness and personal achievement at the end of the day makes the work worthwhile.

As a human being, one has the emotional need to celebrate (J.T Walker, J.R. Walker, 2008, p. 306). One of the most important, memorable days of an individual’s life is that in which their love is celebrated. Most couples feel overwhelmed with the process of planning their wedding find that they do not have the proper resources to do so, therefore they may choose to hire a wedding planner (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306). As a wedding planner, one must help the couple, and help discover their unique vision that they want (Wedding Planner, 2012 p.56). Wedding planners must have a clear agreement and understanding with their customers to help personalize their event, allowing every aspect to run smoothly, producing many happy memories for the couple in the end (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306). The roles of a typical wedding planner are somewhat diverse. The overall job expected of a planner is to coordinate every aspect of the wedding based on the couple’s vision. While wedding planners are often highly organized and detail oriented, they are also accustomed to having a backup plan for anything that may go wrong (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008). One of the great values of hiring a wedding planner is because of their special relationships and contracts with vendors providing services, often allowing for product discounts (ABC, 2013, para. 6). Networking, therefore, is an important responsibility of a wedding planner (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306).

Weddings today have become more like special events (Blakely, 2008, para.1). Dr. Joe Goldblatt defines a special event as, “ an event that is always planned, always arouses expectations, and usually motivated by a reason for celebration” (as cited in (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306). As of recent years, the wedding industry has skyrocketed. There has been a recent 22% increase in spending by couples when budgeting for their wedding (Johnson, 2011, para. 3).  The planning sector of the wedding industry amounts to nearly $400 million each year, accounting for approximately 10.5% of the wedding industry as a whole (Blakely, 2008, para. 3). There are currently over 10,000 planning business in the United States. The average wedding planner plans from ten to twenty weddings a year, charging about a 10% commission of the total cost of the wedding.(Blakely, 2008, para. 4). Because the average cost for a wedding with 125 to 150 guest in attendance can amount from $17,500 to $35,000 on average, commission fees can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per wedding (Blakely, 2008, para. 3). One of the biggest emerging trends in the wedding industry is the increase of popularity in destination and theme weddings (Perry, 2007, p.30). The travel industry noted a 400% increase in destination weddings within the last decade (Johnson, 2008, para 4). The popularity of destination weddings are on the rise because of reasons such as cheap airfare, as well as the ability to share the same wedding and honeymoon location (Perry, 2007, p.54 ).  Local wedding planners are essential in planning destination weddings simply because they know the area, local practices, and customs better than anyone else (Perry, 2007, p. 67). Theme weddings help to guide guests in a certain direction.

Being a wedding planner is a highly diverse job that requires many different skills.  There is no such thing as a “typical day” when it comes to being a wedding planner, local wedding planner Rosie Moore states, because, “everything depends on how many clients you have and the services that you are providing for that specific couple” (personal communication, October 21, 2013).While a wedding planner must be able to think of ideas not everyone else would come up with, they must also do so with good taste (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306).  Basic business management, accounting, marketing, and word processing skills are necessary for a good wedding planner to possess, as well as a strong understanding of cuisine, color, design, photography, religion, and fashion (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306). Attention to detail, organization, and good management are key traits to posses as a wedding planner.  In planning a wedding, especially on the day of the event, one must expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything (Blakely, 2008, para. 1).

There are several accredited organizations with a main focus on the wedding industry. The top three professional organizations of the industry include the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), and the Association for Wedding Professionals (Blakely, 2008 para. 6). The Association of Bridal Consultants began in 1955 (ABC, 2013, para. 1), and is currently the largest national organization consisting of nearly 2,900 members (Blakely, 2008, para. 6). Certification through the Association of Bridal Consultants usually takes from three to six months to complete  (ABC, 2013, para. 1). With the association, certification is based upon a system of points. Points may be received in a variety of ways such as obtaining a higher college degree, professional development, industry experiences, attending conferences, publishing industry-related articles, and being a member of other professional organizations (How To Become A Big Day Planner, 2012, p.1). Based on a set range of points, one may be certified as a wedding novice, wedding consultant, professional bridal consultant, accredited bridal consultant, or a master bridal consultant (How To Become A Big Day Planner, 2012, p.1). “There are 69 master consultants in the entire world, and ten in the state of Florida. There are only five in Orlando, and to date, I am the only bilingual one in Orlando,” states Master Bridal Consultant  Rosie Moore (personal communication, October 21, 2013). The Association for Wedding Professionals also certifies individuals in one of three tiers of certification: the certificate of completion, Professional, or Certified (“How To Become A Big Day Planner”, 2012, p.1). A certificate of completion may be reached by a home course study. In order to receive a professional certification, one must join the association, work for one full year, maintain good standing within the organization, plan six weddings, and have several letters of recommendation. A certified planner must have first reached the professional level, and then in addition have a minimum of two years of experience, plan twelve or more weddings, have eight letters of recommendation, and construct a project that benefits the association as a whole (“How To Become A Big Day Planner”, 2012, p.1).

Because the wedding industry is always changing, it is highly important to stay up to date on current trends. Wedding websites such as are helpful in finding wedding vendors as well as finding out dates and times for upcoming bridal shows and conferences (, 2012, para.1). Master Bridal Consultant  Rosie Moore explains how she follows the Simon Bailey website to help keep her selling points sharp, along with the Wedding Planner Magazine (personal communication, October 21, 2013).

While it may have not been of high merit in the past, the wedding profession is emerging strongly and rapidly and will only continue to grow into the future (“How To Become A Big Day Planner”, 2012, p.1). With almost 2.4 million weddings in the United States alone within one year (ABC 2013), there is an ever-growing need for wedding planners to help brides reach their own unique image of a wedding (New York Times, 2004, p.E2). Because one must be highly detailed oriented, highly organized, have a wide variety of knowledge on several subjects such as cuisine, music, business, photography, religion, and fashion (J.T Walker, J.R Walker, 2008, p. 306), the wedding planning profession is not perfect for everyone, but if one does have an interest, it may be the perfect profession for them.


ps Ashley’s teacher gave her a 100 with a 98 at the end of the  year in her class! Congratulations to Ashley!!!

By Ashley Bliss, University of Florida Hospitality and Event Management Student

27 Miracles

As you can see Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles is not only highly experienced in her planning but she is no stranger to working with celebrities and being on TV!

For an interview with Rosie Moore, please contact the 27 Miracles office to schedule an interview.

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An Interview with Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles

In today’s Market everyone has a choice as to who they will hire to coordinate, plan and execute their wedding or event.  Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles knows this first hand.  Through the years Rosie has compiled some of the best asked questions by brides before hiring her.  Rosie recommends that before hiring her services that every bride/client read through this.


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Client: How long have you been doing wedding and event planning?

Rosie: I have been planning weddings and events ever since I was 18 yrs old off and on, however in 2008, I decided that I wanted to open 27 Miracles and have my own full service wedding company.

Client: We love your wedding services after reviewing your website and your testimonials.  What sets you apart from other wedding and event planners?

Rosie: I am a certified wedding and event planner with not only the book knowledge but the experience needed to do weddings and events of all sizes.  I have a passion for doing weddings and will give my 150% to the wedding/event.  When you hire Rosie of 27 Miracles you are hiring your best friend that will be honest with you, help you get through anything and most of all be professional to always make the bride and groom/client look great and have an experience that they will never forget on their wedding/event day.

Client: Wow, it sounds wonderful all that you do, will we be able to afford you?

Rosie: Absolutely, the investment that you make hiring my services will repay itself in services rendered and there are monies to be saved that otherwise would not be saved with my contract negotiation skills and extensive relationships in the industry.

Client: Who do you work best with?

Rosie: I work best with all types of brides/clients,  but particularly the brides/clients that work with us are the ones that are too busy to go to the appointments and do the research.  So they have us do all the legwork and on the day of the wedding/event everything flows smoothly

Client: Who will benefit from your services?

Rosie: The bride/client that is looking to have a wedding/event that will leave guests talking and remembering the day.  The bride/client that wants to enjoy the day and not stress over the details.

Client: Will I lose control if you are planning the wedding/event?

Rosie: You will not lose control of the wedding/event.  As a matter of fact no decision is made by the planner without coordinating with the bride/client. It is a team effort!

Client: Will you work with the vendors I have already selected?

Rosie: I will work with the vendors that you have selected.  I take the time to introduce myself to your vendors and work as a team on the day of the wedding/event.

Client: Do you take credit cards?

Rosie: Yes we take credit cards.  We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express and offer Pay Pal

Client: Do you have a payment plan?

Rosie: Yes we do have a payment plan for those that need it.

Client: Do you have liability insurance?

Rosie: Yes we carry liability insurance, as most event locations require this.

Client: Do you take more than one wedding/event per day?

Rosie: I only take one wedding/event personally per day.  27 Miracles may have more than one wedding/event per day occurring, however those weddings/events will be assigned to another planner on our team.

Client: This sounds like everything that we are looking for, what do we do now to sign up with you?

Rosie: You can contact me at 407-905-5454 or email me at to schedule a time to sign your contract

Client: May we contact some of your past clients?

Rosie: You can certainly contact our past clients.  In the meantime see the various links to testimonials here.,

Client: We have a few more questions before we get started, can I call you?

Rosie: Yes, call me at 407-905-5454 or email me at to schedule your complimentary meet and greet consultation

27 Miracles gets an opportunity to write for Wesh A List

I wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be able to do this article to appear on your A list

How did 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting get started?

27 Miracles was started as a wedding consulting firm.  The name originated because my husband and I were engaged on December 27. As far as the Miracle part, that part of our name got its name because it truly takes a miracle to stay married these days and that is what our hope is for each and every engaged couple.  Our hope and prayers that when each couple is enraged that as they are planning their small intimate wedding or their large fairytale wedding, that they are also planning their large marriage that will last the rest of their lives.

We have a team of coordinators  that are talented in many aspects. We here at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting feel that the same value that we place on our brides where customer service is what we strive for and excellence in service. The other aspect is that our staff is a team and we work together as a team.  I value my staff as they are the ones that make 27 Miracles who we are today and that is a company that believes in the integrity of our customers and our staff, the accountability of our work, the customer’s concerns and thoughts are addressed, respect for all parties involved, be it our brides, staff and vendors and lastly but certainly not the least, excellence in the service we provide.

Why is Orlando the place to be for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting?

Orlando is the place to be for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting because of the fact that so many couples plan destination weddings to this area.  Then there are those couples that live here and have families that want to come here to Florida and vacation and they will  come out to the wedding and then stay for an extended vacation.  It allows the couples to be more flexible in their selections of places to get married and have a reception.



How does 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting promote it’s spot on the A-List?
27 Miracles promotes its spot on the A List through the wedding consulting category.  Last year I was nominated for one of the best wedding planners and although we did not win, we were very excited to be nominated having only been in business a short while.
WESH 2 / CW18 A-List 2008