A Green Wedding Tiffany and Kyle 10/27/12

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Remember our Valentine’s Day Couple last year Tiffany and Kyle?  Here is the  link in case you missed it…. https://27miracles.com/2012/02/14/happy-valentines-day-and-happy-engagement-to-tiffany-and-kyle/

Well here it is a year later.  They tied the knot and had a beautiful green wedding.  So sit back and enjoy the pictures of this most unique wedding.

Tiffany and Kyle are 27 Miracle’s very first couple who picked their wedding date to be on the 27th of the month!! Many have tried but none have been able to get it to work so that it would be on a Saturday in the month of their choice. Tiffany and Kyle, otherwise none also as our Tuesday couple( their days off together…) came to Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles a few days after they got off their cruise to Alaska with the exciting news, they were getting married.  Rosie was one of the first people to know.  What an honor!! The planning for the green eco-friendly wedding was to begin.  The planning went on for 15 months.

They started out with an engagement session at Discovery Cove, this is where Kyle works.  Chad captured this lovely couple and the love of birds that they share.  Discovery Cove at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida engagement session of Tiffany and Kyle KT3Q6361-2 Discovery Cove at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida engagement session of Tiffany and Kyle

If you missed their Valentine’s Day Blog, click here to read all about it and see the rest of the great pictures captured by Pilster Photography


Now 10/27/12 came with a bit of uncertainty, you see it was the weekend of hurricane Sandy.  Now we all know in Florida that hurricane season goes through November 30, however most times Florida is pretty safe after September 30.  Well this hurricane missed Florida, however the effects of the rain and dreary conditions did not.  We had rehearsal day inside of the Science Center because of the downpour of rain.  It was almost a guarantee that the rain would hit Saturday.  What a disappointment.  We had three back ups depending on whether the rain would come or not.  Rosie of 27 Miracles wanted to do everything in her power to make this happen under the 300- plus-year-old tree, it was there before the signing of the US Constitution!! Tiffany our bride had done the research about this tree being eco-friendly she wanted to know the history of everything that would be the most important day of her and Kyle’s life.  She worked with her trusted vendors  Kevin and Nicole at the Forcasting Consultants Company to get up to the minute weather on whether it was possible to take a chance outdoors for the ceremony.

On the morning of the wedding the girls all went out to get their nails done.  While all this was going on, 27 Miracles had their team with rain gear outdoors at the lakefront having planner Amanda test the grounds with her high heels and see if it was safe to have the ceremony outdoors.  She gave the thumbs up at 10am.  But Rosie Moore wanted to personally share the good news with Tiffany when she was at the hotel getting dressed. What joy to find out that the event was outdoors!!! Tiffany and Kyle’s dreams were coming true.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Prior to Tiffany and Kyle saying their I Do’s they had a “Not First Look” what is that you say, exactly that, they are around the corner or holding hands but without looking at each other until their eyes meet when they walk down the aisle.


Tiffany and Kyle were married under the 300-year-old tree as planned.  Tiffany barefoot and Kyle in his boots! The decor by Suzanne Nichols Design showcased the rustic look that Tiffany and Kyle were trying to create outdoors with candles and an aisle of twigs.  The chairs from A Chair Affair were fanned out to be able to fit everyone under the tree.


Considering the gray, dreary cool day that it turned out to be

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

KT3Q9444Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Tiffany and Kyle celebrated their cocktail hour on the Terrace of the Science Center overlooking the Lakefront.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

And now it is time to party like the Dinosaurs( or maybe a bit more lively than they do!!) you see Tiffany and Kyle had their reception on the 4th floor of the Science Center, home of Dino Diggs.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle


Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Tiffany and Kyle had their first dance with the dinosaurs making the perfect backdrop.

Their cake was perfectly decorated by the one and only Party Flavors designing it with bird feet, rhinos and dolphin tails…..The cake table was a  barrel with greenery around the cake…

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle HI0I0519

The night ended with the happy couple being driven by VIP limo to their hotel, the stepping stone before their exotic honeymoon in Australia.

Tiffany and Kyle being in the wildlife business working with animals got amazing opportunities to hold some exotic animals…

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And finally home after an amazing three-week honeymoon as Kyle carries Tiffany over the threshold…..


27 Miracles wants to wish Kyle and Tiffany an amazing life together. If you would like to see more pictures, go to our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/27-Miracles-Wedding-Consulting/116615151968 and look for Tiffany and Kyle’s Eco Friendly Green Wedding Album

Thank you to all our vendors that made their wedding special.

The Science Center www.osc.org

John Michael Events ( Caterer) www.johnmichaelevents.com

Pilster Photography www.pilsterphotography.net/

Miami Pro DJ’s http://www.miamiprodjs.com/

A Chair Affair  www.ChairAffairRentals.com

Party Flavors www.orlandocustomcakes.com

The Collection www.thecollectionbridal.com/

Absolutely Fitting  www.absolutelyfitting.com

Megapixel Productions www.megapixelpro.com

VIP Limo www.VIPtg.com

Candi Eckstrom/Hair and Make up http://www.allaboutyourweddingday.com/default.asp

Suzanne Nichols Design Group www.suzannenichols.com/

Victoria Angela Photo Booth  www.victoriaangela.com

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com 
and last but not least the amazing team that helped on this day from 27 Miracles Amanda and Chelsea …..and Nannuk Media

A Surprise Rehearsal Dinner………………….

The last thing that Ivonne and Andrew had on their mind was that anyone would donate a Rehearsal Dinner to them. Rosie Moore, planner for 27 Miracles worked with Michael Thomas of John Michael Catering and Events and with Sascha Voss of the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown to do just that, give this deserving couple a Rehearsal Dinner like no other.

Jeff VerSchage of White Rose Entertainment made sure of that.  He welcomed the happy couple to their surprise rehearsal dinner.  The bridal party and family left the Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista with directions on where to go.  Ivonne and Andrew had a bit of a delay as they would be led to their surprise location. The Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown.   They were given a few side tracks like almost turning in to the Royal Plaza Hotel in Lake Buena Vista(which they would find out on their wedding day donated a 2 night Honeymoon stay at their hotel) .  When we finally arrived at the Holiday Inn, there happened to be a shuttle awaiting at the hotel and planner Rosie Moore in her playfulness said oh, here is our transfer to our next destination. The driver caught on and gladly opened the door so they can get in, but just before they got in, Ivonne said , “oh wow, wish it would have been here this place is amazing!!!” At that point planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles let them both in on the secret, it is here!!

Mission accomplished…a true surprise for Ivonne and Andrew.  They walked in to a beautiful room  with Blue up lighting enhancing the white linens and fine china set on the table.   The  centerpiece was an orchid with a floating candle and natural stones.  The bride and groom were like two kids in a candy store, trying to take it all in.

The fabulous dinner was through John Michael Catering it consisted of

Garden salad with ranch and balsamic dressing

Braised beef tenderloin tips served with trio of sauces

Vegetable lasagna

Shallot and rosemary roasted potatoes

Vegetable sauté

Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries

Red Velvet Cake

The guests were so thrilled with the dinner.  We were blessed to receive beautiful hand-made menus and escort cards by Elegance of the Pen by Chelsea.

During dinner Jeff of White Rose had the most perfect Spanish Medleys that left the families ecstatic listening to old world songs from respected musicians from back in the day.  Jeff never having met the family took a guess that this would be perfect for them and it sure was.  But then it was time to Rock the House and that is what Jeff did , got everyone out on the dance floor!!!

Later that night Janvi  Lalani of Ready Set Dance, wanted to be involved in some way and she decided that she would use her talent of dance to dance for the happy couple.  She did a Bollywood Dance.  You may ask what is Bollywood dance?

As one website refers to it: What is Bollywood dancing?
Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. “It’s a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body. ”  http://www.bollywoodworld.com/whatisbollywood/ The songs chosen for Ivonne and Andrew were the weddings songs celebrating two people in love.

The night ended with many thanks you’s to all the vendors that made this fabulous rehearsal dinner possible by Ivonne and Andrew.

Click on the link below to see the pictures from the rehearsal dinner. Jerdan Photography 


Bruce with Treasured Moments captured all the fun on video.

Click the link below to see the video by Treasured Moments:

Stay tuned for the wedding video and more stories to come…..if you have missed following  the stories go to 27 Miracle’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151121880186969.416722.116615151968&type=3

Or our blog page here under A Gift of Love

Vendors that Donated their Time and Service:

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown  www.hiorlando.com

White Rose Entertainment  http://www.orlandodj.com/

John Michael Catering http://www.johnmichaelevents.com/

Elegance of the Pen chelsea.ann.1091@gmail.com

Jerdan Photography http://jerdanphotography.com/

Treasured Moments Videography http://tmvphdfilms.com/