Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 6

One of the things 27 Miracles wedding planner Rosie Moore, loves doing is a  good wedding surprise for each and every couple.  The joy that it brings to her heart is amazing.  She plans each wedding as if it were her own with love and caring for her special bride ane groom.  When Kimberly and Steve planned their wedding day, they wanted to do something for their mothers that they would not forget.  Kimberly being an event planner in Melbourne at FIT( Florida Institute Technology) had met Myles Savage of the Platters.  He had heard that she was getting married and offered to sing at her wedding.  That was great news! But he had a concert the very same day so he could not stay long.  Kimberly and Steve were happy with having him sing two songs for the mothers at the top of the preceremony after the mothers had entered.  Kimberly had said I will be happy hearing him from my dressing room.

Hearing Myles Savage from a dressing room.  Hmm, Planner Rosie Moore began to think ahead when the plans were being made.  She contacted Myles and asked if he could sing a wedding song about love of his choice to the bride and groom when they got to the altar if we started the ceremony earlier.  He indicated that he would love to!

One other surprise that was planned for Kimberly was having Louise of the Royal Plaza Hotel there.  Louise is the catering manager that had been working with us for two years on the wedding weekend for Kimberly and Steve.  Well, knowing how much Louise loved the Platters and knowing how much Kimberly loved Louise, how can Rosie not make that happen. Just before Kimberly was to go out, Rosie surprised her in her room with a visit from Louise.  She was  so thrilled to have Louise there.

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Here it is the day of the wedding, with torrential rain that could stop traffic.  All that Rosie Moore could think about was, Kimberly, Steve and her Father’s surprise not being able to get through due to the rain delaying the guests.  Most of the  guests were from out-of-state or out-of-town.  But as the afternoon progressed, that was not the case, guests were showing up early.  Oh boy when it came time for preceremony we had a full house!!

Rosie went to work and got the musicians to shorten preceremony and here comes the bride with her dad.  As she got to the altar with her father, the minister thanked everyone for coming and on cue, Myles Savage of the Platters sang Twilight Time.  Kimberly, Steve and her father were all too surprised as you can see the expression on all of their faces.

When you pay your love forward to someone else, it comes back to you two fold…..Love  with your heat daily…..

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Myles Savage/The Platters/The Drifters

Happy Nurse’s Day!!!

Many of you are wondering what does National Nurse’s Day have to do with weddings and events?  Well Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant is a registered nurse.  It makes the role of wedding planner even more exciting because not only does she take care of planning the wedding of her couples dreams, but she also takes care of her couples medical needs.

Kimberly and Steve can attest to that.  This couple just days before their destination wedding in Orlando they arrived with sore throats and the weather did not help much.  They had to run their choreographed dance that Thursday evening and right after both were feeling drained and under the weather. Nurse Event Planner( as some call her) took the couple to her home-made them Echinacea Wellness Tea with Honey and Lemon and some home made pumpkin bread.  Teh couple went back to their hotel room feeling better.  The next day at rehearsal she had the hotel bring hot water at dinner for tea and again gave them their tea and one more tea on the wedding day.  By the time the wedding started spirits were up, sore throats were gone and a fun filled wedding was had!  The happy couple left the next day for Hawaii( the groom surprised the bride) and they were able to enjoy the entire  honeymoon.

Kimberly and Steve Rehearsal Dinner 226

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Although you see Rosie Moore planning her weddings and events, you will always see her caring for her couples well-being whether getting enough rest and sleep to being the designated medication holder and giver when she has sick brides or grooms.

Today is National Nurse’s Day and it is the day that is celebrated to honor the nurses and all that they do for you.

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Marry Me…..Proposals and Wedding Day Fun…

An upbeat song may not be appropriate as a song to walk down the aisle to, but you can still find a way to incorporate the song if you would like. Take “Marry You” by Bruno Mars as an example.

This song has been popularized with proposals and weddings as well. It’s a fun song about saying yes and marrying the love of your life. However, how can you walk down the aisle to such an upbeat song? Songs such as “Marry You” can be performed by instrumentals and switched into a softer version. Or the song can be used at a reception like 27 Miracles used at the wedding of Kimberly and Steve during their famous Rose Surprise!

Also, if you are a huge Bruno Mars fan, check out this page for more wedding song ideas.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

Happy One Year Anniversary to Kim and Steve!!!

It was a year ago today that 27 Miracles had the pleasure of seeing a year and half planning come to reality! It was the wedding weekend of Kimberly and Steve.  This year at least the weather is holding out, but last year I would say it was duck weather.  But that did not stop our happy couple and their guests, they made the most of the weekend and had a blast!  Watch some of the videos of that fun wedding weekend as we wish them a Happy First Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Kimberly and Steve may you always be as happy as you were on the day of your wedding!!

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27 Miracles Rose Surprise for Kimberly and Steve

After a year and half of planning a wedding weekend together with Kimberly and Steve, Rosie Moore from 27 Miracles and Louise from the Royal Plaza, decided that a great way to show their appreciation to the happy couple, was by doing 27 Miracles own unique Rose Surprise. Kimberly and Steve were such a pleasure to work with and on behalf of 27 Miracles and The Royal Plaza Hotel, this is for you.

Thank you to our videographers Brian and Tatiana of Brian K Video

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