A Love that Lasts Forever….Gabby and Frank

What does it mean when you say a love that lasts forever?  Is it a love that lasts until the first fight? A love that lasts until one gets bored with the person they are with? Or is it a love that withstands the test of all times?  Let me share a love story that surpasses the fairytale romance of the wedding day.  For those that don’t know the story of Gabby and Frank, read their engagement blog here to see their story https://27miracles.com/2016/03/31/high-school-sweethearts-fall-in-love-gabby-and-frank/

Today, a man and a woman stand before God and their families to declare their love.  Neither of them have any idea what the future holds, but does anyone?  However that did not matter to either of them. They were best friends and they were in love.

If you recall in our engagement story, the Orlando wedding community joined together to give this deserving couple the wedding of their dreams.  With the many challenges that they faced financially for all the medical care that Gabby had to have, their would not be anything left to plan a wedding.

April 2, 2016 the day had arrived.  Thunderstorms were not going to keep this wedding from happening.  The day started out hot, muggy and stormy, but no one seemed to notice, all that mattered on this day was that hundreds of people were coming together to make a couple’s wedding dreams come true!

Gabby started her day getting her hair and make up done by Stylist Professor Maria Ivette Hernandez and her team of hair and make up artists as Gabby contemplated this day and her wedding dress 123-39 123-42


123-57Gabby’s mom helped her in to her dress while her mother in law to be looked on..

123-52As Frank awaited the moment that he would see his bride….123-6 123-11It’s time for the wedding….Rings and bouquets are ready, the church is ready and the team of 27 Miracles planners and assistants were ready.

123-23 123-53Formal of planners

First the mothers came in and lit the candles, it was a touching moment as they entered. to the song Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion.123-59 123-63 123-65 123-67Now it is time for the groom to enter accompanied by the best man and the officiant. The song that they selected was A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

123-71 123-77The bridal party started their entrance and as the flower girl enters and lines the aisle with petals, the groom looks on as he knows that the bride will soon be by his side…123-91Everyone rise, announces the officiant…here comes the bride escorted by her father.  Gabby selected Marry your daughter-Brian Jr and Niko McKnight as the special song that she wanted to enter to as she approached her best friend, waiting for her at the altar.

123-101 123-104Frank gets filled with emotion at the sight of Gabby…

123-100As the father of the bride gives her away….you can see the emotion he is going through knowing that he is giving away his little girl to a man who will now be taking care of her for the rest of her life.

123-93 123-94 123-98

The ceremony has begun and as Officiant Marcus Moore,  takes the couple through the wedding ceremony…123-112 123-129 123-133The bride and groom share their own special vows…there was not a dry eye in the church, it was so moving..

123-135 123-140

As they entered in to prayer and the ring ceremony they lit the unity candle, uniting their marriage to one another.

123-142 123-145 123-150 123-153“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”123-162 123-163 123-167 123-156 123-158

Congratulations to Gabby and Frank as they take their special family pictures…

123-168 123-169 123-170 123-194 123-201 123-207 123-213 123-231

The bridal party celebrated with Gabby and Frank as they know the struggles this couple went through…

123-266 123-283The Bride and Groom share special moments alone ….

123-318 123-320 123-325 123-337 123-349 123-354 123-356It is time for the  Ballroom Reveal, when Gabby and Frank get to see their ideas come to life!

The reception was held at First Baptist Orlando Faith Hall, the catering was provided by Oley’s Catering, the decor by RJ glamour and Innovation.  The up lighting was provided by Roque Productions and Orlando DJ and Lighting.

Juan Carlos and Rigo Lugo of RJ Glamour and Innovation captured the Bride’s vision to the last detail.

123-360 123-362 123-368 123-371The cake a 4 tier Amaretto flavored cake was made  by Cut the Cake.  The bride had always dreamed of having a 4 tier cake that would be taller than she was when she was cutting it……..123-548Gabby and Frank, could not believe their eyes when they entered in to their dream wedding…123-377

As Gabby and Frank walked around the ballroom, they wanted to take it all in and not miss anything.  They started by the photo booth with Eddie from Just for You Photo Booths.

123-378 123-381 123-603

Frank had a special person in his life that could not be there for him on his wedding day and that was his Godfather.  A special place setting was created for Frank’s Godfather in his memory as well as a picture collage placed on the gift table.

123-392 123-397 123-399

It was time to let the guests inside the ballroom and get the festivities started.

123-406They had their first dance and you could feel their love was so strong as they danced together to How Will I Know by Sam Smith.

123-384 123-391 123-409 123-423 123-424When a father gives his daughter away it is a difficult thing.  Gabby’s father was taken with emotion as he Danced with Cinderella…

123-432Frank wanted to dance a special song with his mom and he selected Momma, for all the things she did for him to support him in this journey called marriage.

123-438Gabby found her mother to be such a huge support for here she did not want to pass a moment to dance with her mother.

The happy couple had many well wishers as they toasted to their new life together.


Before the night slipped away, Gabby wanted to thank all her guests and wedding professionals for making her dreams come true.


The bride had always dreamed of a 4 tier simple white cake with flowers around it.  Sharon Haller of Cut the Cake captured the vision as the happy couple cut the cake.

123-557 123-560 123-561 123-564 123-569 123-570 123-580 123-584Cirque Kalandra and 27 Miracles wanted to give the bride a Disney experience with one of their acts at Disney…

123-501 123-502 123-503 123-506 123-509 123-512 123-517Now no wedding reception would be complete without everyone dancing and having a good time, even our fun-loving DJ’s Andres Roque of Roque Productions and Adam Rubman of Orlando DJ and Lighting joined in!

123-518 123-523 123-542 123-545 123-592 123-596 123-602 123-608 123-614

No one wanted the night to end, but it came to that time and yet another surprise, a chauffeured driven car from Southern Elegance Limousine to take them to a downtown Disney hotel for their honeymoon for a few days.


123-622Today we keep Gabby in our prayers for health and Frank for strength as they embark on this journey together. Do not marry the person that you can live with, marry the person that you cannot live without.  Enjoy your love with the person you are with for tomorrow is never promised.  Take the example of Gabby and Frank, best friends in love,  riding the waves of life together.  Some days the waves are crashing high and they hold on to the boat of life a little tighter as they ride the wave, other days they can sit back and relax in the boat as they rock gently back and forth.

Thank you to all our wedding professionals that donated time and service to make Gabby and Frank’s wedding day special.

On the Wedding Day…
1. First Baptist Orlando/Venue for Ceremony and their staff
2. Faith Hall/Venue for Reception Robin and her staff
3. Wedding Officiant/Marcus Moore
4.RJ Glamour and Innovation/Decor/Linens/Floral/Chivari Chairs
5.Pianist at Ceremony/Teresa.
6.123 Photography
7. Treasured Moments Videography
8. Oley’s Kitchen/Catering
9.Orlando DJ and Lighting/Adam Rubman/Uplights,DJ and MC
10.Roque Productions/Andres Roque/Uplights/DJ and MC
11. Our Volunteer Catering Servers, Alyssa, Anderson, Krystin Lapage, Enrique, and Jose
12. UCF Wedding Planning Students Shaye Glover, Tony-Ann Walker, Harriett Whitcombe, Moriah Tate, Kelli Hanrahan
13. Wedding Coordinator:  Rosie Moore/27 Miracles                                                                       14.  Day of Wedding Planners: Diane Jenson( The Wedding Party), Alla Vinnikova, (ABC Member) Elizabeth Fontaine ( First Baptist Orlando and 27 Miracles)
15.Hair and Make up for Bride and Wedding Party: Professor Maria Ivette Hernandez, Eric Clark and her senior students at Florida Technical College
16. Dessert Station/Pastry Chef Students at Florida Technical College
17.Wedding Cake/ Cut The Cake/Sharon Haller
18.Southern Elegance Limousine/Miguel Hernandez
19. Photo Booth/Just for You/Eddie Lebron
20. Entertainment/Cirque Kalandra/Vitaly Vinnikova
Without this team none of this could have been accomplished! I don’t say this to boast of what we did, but of what a community of wedding professionals is capable of doing when they put their heart and mind to help someone in need. On Behalf of 27 Miracles We want to say thank you for being who you are! God Bless your businesses always.



Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 2….Marrying Your Best Friend

What a wonderful gift to marry your best friend!  That is Abbey and Jeremy, high school sweethearts.  They were best friends so of course when Jeremy thought of asking his best friend to marry him, he thought what a great day to plan it on, Abbey’s Birthday! So on September 22, Jeremy proposed to his best friend…..

Nothing says love like the love of two people who grew up together as high school sweethearts! Congratulations to Abbey and Jeremy!

11885072_10200723031394613_8074242755293668411_n 11885345_10200723040754847_8334586918208404957_n


Having a fun engagement session in Historic Winter Garden with 123 Photography……

123-7 123-9 123-18 123-24 123-26 123-28 123-30 123-34 123-38 123-40 123-42 123-46 123-48 123-51 123-61 123-63 123-65 123-71 123-72 123-74 123-75 123-81 123-84 123-88 123-89 123-93 123-96 123-98 123-114 123-120 123-122

27 Miracles

123 Photography

February is National Month of Weddings

February is considered not only the most romantic month of the entire year, but did you also know that it is the national month of weddings?

This month 27 Miracles will bring you different weddings, trends and traditions to share.

For now we will leave you with this video on true love…

27 Miracles

Love Is All You Need….

When you think about planning the big wedding day, the first thing that may come to mind is where to have the reception, where to shop for the wedding dress and so much more.  Many who follow my wedding stories are used to the big elaborate weddings and what decor was used and lighting etc.  Today I am going to leave all that out of my story because I want to take you through a story of love.  The pictures that you will be see will focus on capturing emotions, that is what I want to leave you with.  When you look at the pictures, focus on the looks, the tears, the laughs, the hugs, the moments that you share with those you love.  I know that is different from what you are used to seeing for a wedding blog, but Valentine’s day is coming soon and I do believe Love is in the air with all the new engagements.  So today, focus on love and nothing more…..

Today’s wedding is the wedding of Chelsea and Austin celebrating there one year anniversary on Jan 3!  They were married at Delaney Street First Baptist Church  with those that they love, their closest friends and family.  Watch as the story unfolds…

Chelsea and Austin dated for 4.5 years. They were perfect for each other! They met in college when he was a Political Science major and she was a Pre-Med English major. Their engagement was a total surprise, in the words of Chelsea,” Austin proposed on Monday, March 10th  2014 at the Baughman Center Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL and completely surprised me. The Baughman Center is located across the street from the dormitory where we met, became good friends, and fell in love. Three and a half years later and I am still so in love.”

1925079_10152012191458946_1184416474_n 1795483_10151995221308946_1770101954_n 164628_10151995221383946_1356562975_n 1939524_10151995221413946_1819262446_n 1798799_10151995221428946_1444035028_n 1932277_10151995221448946_1157836588_n 10009302_10151995221518946_1470296262_n 1013779_10151995221523946_1527866334_n 1069393_10151995222238946_218164412_n 1508588_10151995221648946_846174698_n 1979890_10151995221873946_1474162208_n 1972388_10151995221533946_1682414695_n 1912399_10151995221773946_1296597356_n 1979522_10151995221653946_1870214807_n 10006215_10151995221998946_872524196_n

Their wedding day started out like everyone else’s getting ready….thinking of the big day and how it will all turn out…It is always fun when hidden under the beautiful dress is the surprise colored shoes! 10920263_10152639341003946_7630948766801584471_oThere is always something special about getting dressed and seeing someone who has been there through the many things that happened in your life.  For Chelsea,  this is little brother Chadwick( or not so little anymore).  The emotion of a brother that looks up to his big sister on her special day, bonds family like no other.





Being pronounced husband and wife and soul mates,  always evokes emotion when you see the happy couple walking out of the ceremony.


There is something to be said about getting married in a historical church that has been around for 88 years since 1928, the church that your family grew up in. A place where traditions started and new ones will be made.

10835213_10152639360713946_36327101854370961_o 10921629_10152639361053946_8621660342288682679_o

10355460_10152639361793946_9003789997748959047_o 10896297_10152639362013946_931102290545469151_oThe church entrance makes a beautiful setting for the bridal party to take fun pictures

1547985_10152639338883946_657444914024342168_o 10838035_10152639342448946_7825914160199207629_o 10900040_10152639342263946_8419626385766287439_o

Those moments when a photographer sees beauty and decides that his creativity will come out through the lens of his camera unto a screen….breathless..

1492672_10152639628638946_2960940594489474558_o (1) 1523786_10152639628683946_4805041229883576234_o 1614212_10152639628298946_5649391996130620076_o 1669833_10152639629253946_8458924084669147344_o 10355410_10152639360373946_941294221233052591_o 10548091_10152639630083946_6202007289541060473_o 10580967_10152639628998946_8362066593453524740_o 10633949_10152639359723946_903012340010803554_o 10704304_10152639628303946_4793996212329660480_o

10830450_10152639631263946_1343002526376224280_o 10842005_10152639631188946_2832699085703691142_o 10856815_10152639628438946_7284671848805361171_o 10860982_10152639629473946_2232654169094670261_o 10887100_10152639629728946_8769760593565889549_o 10896361_10152639629158946_3868180665803264298_o 10896405_10152639628883946_5100383609815369702_o 10904053_10152639629113946_6771846724355519344_o 10904560_10152639360163946_6301449423576934743_o 10904627_10152639629898946_6309722242398176266_o 10914764_10152639628363946_3240170724907167149_o 10914770_10152639630943946_3632185217507337485_o 10914986_10152639628563946_6026690093276655402_o 10916387_10152639360128946_644027184444027703_o 10920097_10152639629603946_8339556004874595582_o 10922761_10152639628958946_3599469167913082074_o 10924682_10152639628603946_2432388003054773977_o 10925463_10152639631228946_8492168856063179363_o 10927852_10152639628238946_4968650793138973009_o 10930132_10152639360288946_8120658518097699269_o Hair love 2 love

When the bride and groom have their first dance, have you ever stopped  and really watched?  When two people are truly in love, their love fills the room to the point that you get goosebumps as they dance and transfer that love to you the guest.  It is not only about them, but it is about the guests.  This is the moment that they want to share the most important day of their lives with you and they hope that you feel that love as well.

10712632_10152639463863946_5182515341397000683_o 10848948_10152639463918946_4239292510798003971_o 10926790_10152639464363946_9150540994355846030_o

10922389_10152639464068946_3065398564515505837_oThe love of a father to his little girl, is so special.  All the years of driving them to school, birthday parties, the mall, and countless hours of homework and teen age activities, all come together for this one big moment.  Not only the day that he gives her away, but the day that he takes his daughter and dances with her that very special number selected with love by his daughter for her father.

10845862_10152639464848946_6856269584658744783_o 10865953_10152639465163946_7798196996589250473_o 10911481_10152639465153946_896734958801738960_o 10923813_10152639465093946_4577941882451599581_o

What a special moment, dancing with her grandfather. Not everyone is blessed to have grandparents able to attend weddings in good health , but on this day, Chelsea had that opportunity


Sharing with the one you love is something that you will do every day.  Cutting the cake together and feeding it to each other  is a long-standing tradition. Many old  traditions say that the reason you feed it to each other is to symbolize that the husband will always take care of his wife and she will always take care of the home  and the family.  The key thing is that neither should touch each other during the feeding and each person is to feed the other without any help or guidance. This is the start of trust.  So the smooshing of cake takes that trust away and respect.

Chelsea and Austin observed this tradition.  They had a naked wedding cake that was sleek, pure and classical, like their love…pure…

10333541_10152639468633946_1396629793080372879_o 10355480_10152639467483946_3053863192818292493_o 10904430_10152639468718946_4728929457575980143_o

After a long day, it was time for the happy couple to leave and go on to their honeymoon in one of the oldest cities in Florida, St Augustine…

10854923_10152639474643946_2013126540786234680_o 10917963_10152639474593946_3016613517014790212_oHappy Anniversary to Chelsea and Austin…

12321137_10153305691463946_8428239374288119646_nWedding photo credits to Danny Gorman Photography

27 Miracles 


Christmas Countdown Day 12 Tie One On

Tie an apron!When you start baking all those delicious cookies and cakes, and you add a little festivity to it with a Christmas apron, it puts you in the spirit of Christmas;  especially when shared with your special someone!  It is not so much about the baking, but more about the moment that you share with your sweetheart or the kids!

So this Christmas season, bake away and make memories!

83464363 images (1) images

27 Miracles

Christmas Countdown Day 4 Write a love Note

In this busy holiday season we get wrapped up in shopping, baking, parties and other exciting things during the holidays.  Take a moment to tell your kids and your sweetheart that you love them.  Don’t text it, write it down on a piece of paper and place it somewhere where they will see it.  We live in a world of instant technology and social media, reserve those displays of affection for private and hand write those notes!

Kessinger (45)Kessinger (66)There is a reason why brides and grooms write special letters to each other on the day of their wedding and have them delivered when they have not seen each other in almost 24 hours.


Kaleb my son, may not have been able to read at this time, but he knows that there is always a card to look for in a gift!

Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 12….Graduation Surprise

When the love of your life, your BFF is graduating from College, you stop and ask yourself, what is the  best gift I can give ? Well that is what Blake was thinking about and he did not have to think too hard to find the perfect gift….

Here is their story….

On June 27, 2014 Karla was  graduating from Keiser University. Karla’s dad was in town for the first time in 5 years as he would not miss this important day, family was present at the graduation. Karla’s dad dropped her and Blake off to prepare for graduation.  As the students practiced their entrance and exit, the Dean of the school made an announcement and stated  that before he starts letting people in for the graduation, there was a special speaker with a few words to say.

At this time Karla focused her eyes on the aisle and saw Blake  walking down the aisle towards the stage.  Karla was looking around wondering why is he walking on the stage. Once he reached the stage he spoke in the microphone and said, “Hello everyone my name is Blake and I want to say a few things about my girlfriend Karla.”   Everyone turned around wondering who is Karla  and soon they figured it out as Blake addressed Karla.  Karla remembers that Blake spoke the most amazing and sweetest things about her.  One of the teachers asked Karla to stand up and walk on to the stage.  Karla shared, with planner Rosie Moore, that at  this point she was at a loss for words,  she was in shock that Blake would speak freely about his love for her in front of so many people because Blake is very reserved.

When Karla walked on the stage, Blake got down on one knee and asked Karla to marry him. Karla shared that she was still in shock and had forgotten to answer him  and everyone in the room was screaming “SAY YES” and then of course she  said yes and they walked off the stage. Karla shares that this proposal was a total surprise and the most memorable proposal she’s ever seen.


Love makes us do things that are sometimes out of our comfort zone when it comes to surprising the one we love all in the name of Romance. We have had grooms sing for their brides, grooms bring in Disney characters, roses, and so many other things that create the element of surprise…..

When you are in love, don’t ever think that an idea is silly.  If you truly love that special someone, do not worry that you are singing off-key, do not fear that you are not good at public speaking, just love that person enough to say I love you and I will travel the ends of the world for you and if that means getting on a stage front of people I don’t know to say that I Love you I will…..

KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-2 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-4 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-5 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-9 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-12 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-15 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-16 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-22 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-23 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-24 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-27 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-30 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-31 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-36 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-38 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-40 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-42 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-46 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-47 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-49 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-51 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-55 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-56 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-58 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-61 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-63 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-65 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-68 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-70 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-71 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-72 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-73 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-76 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-77 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-78 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-79 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-80 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-82 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-84 KarlaBlakeEngagement-11.16.14-85


27 Miracles




Captured By Elle Photography

Let Lips Linger This Holiday Season

Day 3 of Christmas Countdown:

Let’s face it, stress is part of our daily lives.  We are stressed about emotional, intellectual or physical demands of our time on a daily basis.  Managing stress is the key to having good health and a happier more fulfilling life.  At times there are things we cannot change, control or avoid.  But if we can practice relaxation techniques to help us.

One study shows that couples that kiss often, are eight times less likely to feel stressed or depressed.  So meet under the mistletoe as often as you can for some therapy! Don’t worry if you don’t have mistletoe, see these couples below they make it happen!

DCJ_7401 401534_10150578819722795_1586620679_n 424859_10150578825467795_909736141_n 1604685_10151999455382795_1674484504_n 10382456_10152635290887795_5387043340730380279_n

27 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Photo Credits:

Michael Anthony Photography

Eternal Light Photography

Pilster Photography

Tis The Season for Love!

Welcome to the 24 days of Christmas blog! December 1, 2014

Day 1 Christmas Countdown

The holidays are here and that means parties, family gatherings, eating, and Christmas plays and so much more….It is truly a season to enjoy that special time with that special someone….so today tell that special someone that you love them.  It doesn’t have to be in a fancy way , a little note left for them in their lunchbox or on the bathroom mirror and follow it up with an in person confirmation of love!

5D3_2449 5D3_2501 5D3_3074 5D3_317427 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Love at First Site Is So Sweet For This Special Pair!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today’s blog is a special one of thanking God for Love at First Site!

Both Migdalia and Edwin hoped to find true love and prayed for a special soul mate for several years and on this one special day in the month of love, February, it finally happened!

As we are all sitting talking about the wedding plans, Migdalia shares their engagement story as Edwin laughs and looks at her like a school kid in love…gotta love it… Ed (as Migdalia calls him)  knew that he was going to propose to Mig  (as he kindly calls her), so he spoke to her sister and her daughter to just let them know that he wanted to propose, but did not say when.  He had a special day planned to ask her.  He had bought some dessert to bring for dinner and some other things,  Mig being her helpful self, wanted to help bring stuff in.  She went in the trunk of the car and saw a little bag from a jewelry store.  When Mig saw the little bag she turned to Ed and  said, what’s this?  Poor Ed, he turned all sorts of colors and nervous and just gave it to her and said can you pretend that I did not give it to you yet.  He wanted to ask her after dinner in front of everyone, but Mig says she was so nervous herself that she came in to the house and just told everyone.

Stay tuned for the big date when this fun-loving couple will tie the knot on the anniversary of their engagement! How cool is that !

Many blessings are wished for Migdalia and Edwin as they start their new life together soon….

Now that is something to be thankful for !! Happy Thanksgiving!

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