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Day 7 Christmas Countdown

Today take a day to move outside your circle of acquaintances suggests Pauline Wallin, a Clinical Psychologist in Pennsylvania.  Call a long-lost friend to wish them a Merry Christmas or join a community activity such as a town square tree lighting, or volunteering at a charity.

27 Miracles

If you are looking for a charity to be a part of consider The Gift of Life



Merry Christmas from 27 Miracles

Merry Christmas from 27 Miracles!!!! Hoping that this Christmas season you are able to be with those that matter to you the most, friends and family. Today’s Christmas blog is a very special and dear one to my heart.

On October 13, 2009, I had a baby boy weighing in at 1lb 10oz.  He was 27 weeks at birth.  He life was not guaranteed, in fact daily we were told he may not make it.  We had an up and down rollercoaster with him for five months.  We thrived on hearing the good days when he had a great day in the NICU.  We lived on milestones, when he is 3 lbs he can wear clothes, when he is 4 lbs he can go home.

Kaleb reached 4 lbs right around December 1st, daily we trusted God and asked if he was going home and all we were told was, “we have to wait until the doctor determines how he is doing.”  Kaleb still had episodes where he would stop breathing right in my arms.  The news came around the 2nd week of December that Baby Kaleb was not going home.  I became very depressed at the thought that my little one would not be with us for his first Christmas.

The Child Development Department sent someone to talk to us and involved my teen age daughter in the process to help us cope.  The nurses right away embraced us and said it is okay, this too shall pass and you will have that special little boy in your arms in no time.  Throughout the weeks that followed, a few of the nurses bought Kaleb toys and some clothes to wear.  It was so funny as each nurse came by to see whenever he had their outfit on.  He did not lack for love.  On Christmas day they allowed for extra visitors and I remember my parents, Marcus and my two kids came to visit Kaleb. They showered us with hugs and love.  But most of all,  what I remember was receiving a book for myself, a toy for Kaleb and an umbrella for Marcus.  You might say what is so special about that, nothing really.  It is what it meant to us, someone remembered that we were there in the hospital on Christmas day hurting because our baby was hurting.

We brought some cookies for the units that took care of us, Labor and delivery, NICU 1 and NICU 2 as well as the high risk OB Unit.  I remember bringing the NICU an Ornament that said Hope and remember them hanging it on the tree.  DSC01737 DSC01149 DSC01155 DSC01156 DSC01401 DSC01459 DSC01516 DSC01530

Christmas night after my parents and kids left, Marcus and I returned to the NICU to spend more time with Kaleb.  I remember praying in the Chapel at Florida Hospital for God to intervene.  I felt so alone, but at that moment we went upstairs to the NICU and I saw the very ornament that we gave the NICU that said Hope and I felt like that was a sign from God saying, I hear your prayers, have Hope.

We finally did bring Kaleb home March 24, 2010 after 163 days of being in the NICU.  Why am I telling you this story on Christmas day?  The reason is that the following year we returned in 2010 to deliver cookies again to  the NICU and to bring Kaleb so that the nurses that took care of him could see him and his progress. In 2011 we went back and again brought some cookies.

In 2012 I met a woman at Good Samaritan Village, she had a most interesting ministry.  Her name is June Bainer and at that time she was about 91 yrs old I believe now she is around 92 or 93.  She is full of energy and with a heart as big as can be.  She went on TV 98( the village tv channel) and spoke about Bears ( this was about in October) she indicated that they had all these bears and the women of the village ranging in age from 68-90+ years of age made the bears.  The only problem was that they were not internet savvy and did not have the connection to the right group to donate to.

Immediately I contacted her and scheduled time to listen to her ministry and see how I could help her out.  I shared my journey with Kaleb and asked if we may purchase the bears on behalf of 27 Miracles so that we can donate them to the babies parents at the Florida Hospital NICU.  She said that she will donate them to us as the story touched her heart.  She indicated that they are called Love Bears and given to children who are hurting or sick, physical or emotional.  Mrs Bainer indicated that this was the first time that she has done this for the NICU and was very excited.  She donated 125 bears.  On Christmas week 2012 we donated 100 Bears to the NICU.  The staff took the bears and handed them out to the parents and we were so happy for that.

2013 Came and we got to see the bear exchange( this is the time when ladies all over the village and snow birds bring their precious bears to give them away.  These ladies kiss their bears good-bye some of them as they literally put their love in to making them. No two bears are made the same.  They all look different  and are different sizes with different facial features.  We left the Village that October day with 100 bears.

We were in contact with Florida Hospital and the date they selected for delivery of the bears was Dec 17, 2013.  Sara Channing, Media Relations, Nussi Afraz, Child Life Special Events and Chantelle Child Life as well, orchestrated my coming to visit the NICU.  I was able to meet with a few parents and explain to them the reason for my being there.  I let them know that I know what they are going through now while they are there during the Christmas season.  I provided them with hope and encouragement but most importantly not to lose faith. These parents were very touched by the gift of a bear.  The first mom, had twins and only one survived.  The second mom had triplets and only two survived.

As I walked around the NICU with Nussi and Chantelle, I shared with them that this is the first time that I stepped foot inside the patient room in the NICU since I left.  It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes to see where we are now and where we were then.  Nicholas, Photographer for Michael Anthony Photography, offered to take a few photographs for Florida Hospital, to remember this day by. Nicholas was also able to relate to this, as in South Florida,  a few years ago, he too had a preemie in the NICU.  His preemie is okay now.  So he understood where we were and where these parents are.

I share this testimony not to give myself any glory for what I did, but to give Glory to God who is the Master Planner and Healer.  Sharing some hope and encouragement provided me with the greatest feeling of hope and love remembering the days that I was there with our baby hanging on to a thread.  If I can show a little love and take a moment to bring someone a little Love Bear donated by the woman of Good Samaritan and those parents feel love, then I have done my job of support.

These bears were all stuffed in little white bags with their individual cards by Chad Morrison, Patrol Leader for Boyscout Troop 826. He spent several hours stuffing bears in a bag and stapling cards to the bags. If not for people like Chad who volunteer and other people like June Bainer and her ladies from Good Samaritan that make the bears this could not be done.

I thank God for giving me the ideas and allowing this dream to be born in my heart. For Mrs Bainer and the ladies from Good Samaritan for taking the time and effort to make these Love Bears.  My husband Marcus who allows me to do this type of work to help others* yes even during the busy Christmas and wedding season) and my daughter who helped transport the bears in her car there. To Nicholas Sabatino of Michael Anthony Photography, for taking pictures to share with me and Florida Hospital.  To Bruce from Treasured Moments for making this photo Montage on Christmas eve at the drop of a hat.  Finally to the NICU staff at Florida Hospital, Chantelle in Child Development, Nussi Afraz, Child Life Special Events and Sara Channing in Media Relations, for allowing me to share a little love with other parents and babies and Give This Christmas Away this year!

I will leave you with these words. please visit our web page about the Story of Faith, it will let you know how we are trying to get the word out to parents, to loved ones going through Breast Cancer, to single moms, to people in love and to people longing for true love.  If you read through it will provide you the information needed about the up and coming movie, ” A Story of Faith”

27 Miracles

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 24

“Be Very Blessed”

“On this Christmas Eve, take a moment to write down all the people and things for which you are grateful.  Remembering those who have blessed us is to be renewed and restored in the meaning of life, says Richard Olson a retired Lutheran Pastor and National workshop leader.”

Today as we get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with friends and family, let us remember that the reason we have Christmas to celebrate today is because of Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary so that we may have life everlasting.  Merry Christmas to all and remember ” Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

Merry Christmas from the staff of 27 Miracles to you!

Merry Christmas from the Moores, we hope that you enjoyed our series 27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas.  Stay tuned for a very special Christmas blog on Christmas day!

27 Miracles

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 23

” Wander, Wonder”

“Don’t drive to see the best decorated houses in your neighborhood; walk instead.  You’ll reap the rewards of a closer look while squeezing in some exercise, which is important because, with all the demands of the holidays, it’s hard to find time for a formal workout.”  Better Homes and Garden

We love to look at the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Sometimes we will drive to downtown Celebration and walk around there and see the pretty Christmas lights.  It is a memory of oohs and ah’s from my little boy as he looks at the lights and marvels at them.  Make memories with your family and your special someone.  Walk hand in hand drinking hot cocoa looking at the lights and remembering that Christmas is the season for spending time with those you love the most.

Merry Christmas!!!

27 Miracles


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27 Miracles Count Down to Christmas Day 22

” Save Face”

“Forgot to mail a card to a friend or relative who won’t forget it? Don’t let it stress you out-send an email card that will arrive instantly.  Get free ones from websites such as”

Well this year I am guilty of sending my cards out late.    They are here just not written.  However, some of the etiquette frowns on that as well as sending e cards.  We are our own person and considering that the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas day, I will stand firm and say that My card may arrive to you the day after Christmas but it will be there. Weddings, work, family and a late Thanksgiving date can do all that to you.  I know no excuses.

So on that note, Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

27 Miracles

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 21

“Light in the Night”

“December 21st is the shortest day of the year.  The lack of sun can make even the cheeriest sorts a little gloomy.  Make your home as bright as possible with extra Christmas lights and candles.  And take a walk outdoors around lunch when the sun is at its brightest.”

It may be the shortest day of the of the year, but today it was the most memorable day.  It was the day that we sure did take a walk around outdoors at the 50th Wedding Vow Renewal of my parents!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

27 Miracles


27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 20

“Curtail Sores”

It never fails, just as the big day approaches, a cold sore breaks out.  Use a Christmas y cure.  By a small bottle of myrrh tincture at a health food store and dab the liquid directly on the cold sore using a cotton swab.  Do this at least three times and as much as 10 times a day until the sore is gone.”  Better Homes and Garden

The holidays can bring a lot of stress on you.  It is best to not allow this stress to get to you, because your health is more important.  So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment and sip some chamomile tea and just sit on the couch and enjoy some relaxing Christmas Carols , meditating on the great memories you have had throughout the years.

It was not too long ago that our Miracle Baby Boy of 1lb 10oz Kaleb, was enjoying his first Christmas at home with mommy and daddy.

27 Miracles

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27 Miracles Count Down To Christmas Day 19

“Dust off a Lawn Chair”

Bundle up and sweep off a lawn chair.  It’s tempting to hide inside, But it’s important to remain connected to the outdoors all year round.  Sit quietly for a while and just watch wildlife scamper in your backyard( yes there are still critters out there).  Better Homes and Gardens

A few friends have been spotting black bears in their backyards, I would stay away from those.  But it is so pretty to watch the sand cranes walking around.  Did you know that they mate for life? So if you see one walking by themselves, know that their mate passed away.

Merry Christmas


27 Miracles

27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 14

” Light Your Fire”

“If you’ve ever stared into the flickering flame of a campfire, you know how mesmerizing it can be.  A Christmas candle produces the same effect.  Put a white or blue candle on a table at arm’s length.  Light it and gaze into it’s war, glow.  Slow your breathing and let stressful thoughts float away.”  Better Homes and Garden

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in front of the fireplace, watching Hallmark movies, sipping tea with my best friend, Marcus after the kids are in bed.  Although we have Rusty and Daisy joining us too!

Merry Christmas!



27 Miracles

27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 13

“Rest Your Weary Head”

“About halfway through December most people feel a little overwhelmed.  Fight back by taking a nap.  You don’t have to necessarily fall asleep but you do have to lie down in a dark quiet place, says James Mass, a psychologist at Cornell University and author of Power Sleep.  Fifteen to twenty minutes is ideal.”  Better Homes and Garden

I am not really a napper but being able to just sit in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy the twinkling lights or in the living room watching the dogs sleep with the fireplace on, is very soothing.  With all the holiday shopping, parties and activities to do with the kids, remember to take care of you and pace yourself.  Enjoy the Christmas season, we work so hard to prepare but forget to enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!

27 Miracles


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