Don’t Entrust Your Wedding Day to Just Anyone…Hire a Professional

You get what you pay for. That statement is true especially when it comes to the wedding industry. A great tip in regards to planning your wedding is to hire professionals. Wedding professionals value both their time and yours, providing you with great service catered to your needs.

27 Miracles believes that your wedding day should be everything you dreamed of. That being said, hiring a wedding planner will relieve stress, allowing you to be a guest at your own wedding. Also, there is no need to worry about finding the perfect dj, the photographer that will provide you with amazing photos, and other vendors. Our wedding planners can assist you in finding the vendors that suit your wedding style. Put your mind at ease knowing that you have the best vendors for your wedding.

To give you a visual understanding of why hiring professionals is important, here is a video of a wedding reception gone wrong.



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Here is a sample of the professionals that 27 Miracles works with….everyone dancing and having a great time!

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles




Happy Anniversary to Rhianna and Robert

27 Miracles wants to wish Rhianna and Robert a Happy One Year Anniversary, they were married on 10/11/12 at the Holy Family Catholic Church with their wedding reception at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista in their brand new Ballroom.   It was the first wedding in the new ballroom.

10/11/12 was a beautiful sunny day for a wedding, the weather was perfect.  Rhianna started her day by getting ready with the talents of A Story Telling Experience doing hair and make up.

557776_10151273912572065_2102963943_n598683_10151273910172065_23995716_n47564_10151273913157065_863942780_nRhianna chose to wear shoes designed by Angela Nuran to match her theme colors.

284122_10151271300717065_1209614053_n 156625_10151273909757065_344181630_n

Finally it is time to see the wedding bouquet that RJ Glamour and Innovation designed for Rhianna…..

557702_10151320988551340_853336437_n 66321_10151271498552065_1707580535_n

Rhianna and Robert’s heritage is from the Phillipines.  They had many traditions to share on their wedding day.  From their bridal party having Sponsors so that there were about 30 couples all together.  Their parish priest came from Lakeland to perform the ceremony.  They had the veil and cord ceremony included in their ceremony as part of their tradition.   ( See more on the tradition here

You may wonder what is the veil ceremony? “It’s a special square veil designed to go over the groom’s shoulders and the bride’s head. This veil represents everything and everyone who will protect them, their home and their families.”


The Cord (Lasso)


“Is a long cord in the shape of a figure 8 (infinity), often with a rosary attached, that goes around the wedding couple’s shoulders. It is a symbol of their intimate union and a sign of their bond to each other, and their inseparable unity.”


The Arras (Coins)


“Exactly 13 coins in a pouch or box is brought to the altar by a small child like the ring bearer or the sponsors.  The coins are given from the groom to the bride as a pledge and promise to financially support their new family. The bride accepts the gift of these coins along with the responsibility of building a loving home.”

Rhianna chose to use a cathedral length veil for the ceremony.  

155271_10151123890222795_1662881865_n (1) 247306_10151273933672065_1179878812_n 250561_10151259477756635_358825341_n 374164_10151259477611635_831058458_n 398298_10151273931972065_224973407_n 557018_10151123889917795_79573028_n

After the ceremony it was time for the festivities to begin….A limo ride to the Sheraton Lake Buena vista in a white hummer provided by VIP Limo

47930_10151273941427065_368706632_nOnce the bride and groom arrived at the Sheraton it was time to have fun taking some photos with the bridal party.  Including the couple’s dogs of course dressed in their bridal party colors!!!

with dogs 4875_10151282897306340_264673005_n 148268_10151376838206340_1678297398_n 320388_10151124483947795_1526094314_n 400929_10151273941722065_66644355_n 420515_4674132010334_1966590152_n 420967_10151274689672065_1249540276_n 486752_4674126410194_527776767_n 535691_10151259479456635_376255283_n 557660_10151124485702795_1181260985_n 559658_10151273941847065_346753022_nNow the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista built a beautiful new ballroom and Rhianna and Robert  were the first couple to celebrate an event in the new space.  With the decor provided by RJ Glamour and Innovation and the lighting by Roque Productions, the room transformed into a romantic atmosphere. The bride and groom got a first look at the room and they were in awe!

Take a look at the before and after pictures.




IMG_0926 IMG_0931 IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0938

The bride had a very emotional dance with her daddy to a song that he used to sing to her in Filipino “Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy” by Jose Marie Chan, it was very touching. IMG_0950 IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

The bride and Groom did the Dollar Dance.  But the tradition in the Phillipines  is for the guests to make a crown and banner of the money and then pin the rest of it to their clothing. The wedding money dance, or Saya ng Pera, is  a requirement at Filipino Weddings.   Rhianna and Robert chose  to play traditional Filipino folk music.

IMG_1004 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1000 IMG_1003The night is not complete without the garter removal.  The bride elected to change in to her second dress of the evening to enjoy some dancing time with her guests.Garter shoes in pic 425865_10151274699432065_1441731321_n

The guests enjoyed lots of dancing, they did not want the party to end thanks to the high energy of the very talented DJ Roque of Roque Productions

IMG_1008 IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0982 IMG_1006


The night ended with the bride and groom having a bubble exit after much love received from the guests….



554943_10200740753460256_594883599_n 282518_10151376836826340_1839321418_nA beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple….

550951_412531802135789_829940352_n 545566_412535258802110_2135875888_n
1382092_10151994403751340_106798456_nOne Last surprise for the bride and groom ….petals await them from the entry of  the room to their bedroom ….Happy Anniversary and many more!!!

couple on bed pic 2

27 Miracles

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista

Roque Productions

RJ Glamour and Innovation

The Story Telling Experience

Angela Nuran Shoes

VIP Limo

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…..The Wedding of Michelle and Eric

For those of you that know Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles, you know that given a task for a dream wedding and she is there! All her weddings no matter what the theme is, have that magical start and end to it. So when Michelle and Eric asked Rosie to be their wedding planner a year and half ago, with their Disney Themed Wedding, the fun began!

The wedding was held on 4/10/13 at the Castle Hotel.  Notice the Castle is Pink (Rosie’s favorite color!!)


The Castle represented Cinderella’s Castle for the beautiful Princess Michelle and Prince Eric to be wed. Andy Martin Photography did a wonderful job of capturing the special moments that will tell the rest of the story.

So we begin like this….Once upon a time there was a Princess named Michelle and a Prince named Eric that loved each other so much, that they decided to get married and celebrate in the style that they love most.  That would be “Disney Style.”

We begin with the decor at the terrace top that overlooks in the distance the Epcot Ball and fireworks at night.  Although very windy on the terrace,  RJ Glamour and Innovation our Florist that would make dreams come true for this couple, got creative.  Look at the Mickey Mouse Head that they made, battling the wind was not an easy task, but they stayed put long enough for the Bride to see it.



Now while the ceremony and reception preparations were happening, on the 8th floor a different preparation was taking place.  A few Fairy God Mothers getting a Princess ready for the Grand Wedding!


The Bride’s dress is from Alfred Angelo’s Bridal Boutique.


Now most brides have a maid or matron of honor. Michelle had a Man of Honor.  Donnie did his job quite well!  He is also the hair dresser for the  girls in the bridal party as well as the bride.


Look at the bride’s necklace, Tinker Bell from Swarovski Crystals….


Placing the Princess Tiara on the Bride


And the flowers, in Tinkerbell green, the wedding colors…The handle on the bouquet, was wrapped in Tinkerbell ribbon.


Donnie admiring his best friend and how pretty she looks. Donnie has a Bow-tie with Mickey Mouse heads in green.



The pixie dust girl dreaming about her wedding someday…..

0043 0051

A Moment with mom……


Big Brother giving Michelle away in place of her dad….


Now let’s see what the groom has been up to…..Mickey cuff links…..



Today is the big day….deep in thought……


The Groomsmen awaiting the moment…..


Some support for the groom….


Now that everyone is dressed and ready to go….it is time for the ceremony  to begin……

The guests enter to the beautiful Disney instrumental music of the talented Harpist Christine Mac Phail.


Here come the  groomsmen ready to enter to Hi Ho….

The Pixie Dust Girl had a magic wand that sprinkled pixie dust on everything….coming in to Bibiddy Bobbidy Boo


Here comes the Bride escorted by her older brother to A Dream is a Wish….


The First Look at the Bride…

The First Look at the Groom


Big Brother giving the Bride away…


It was a very touching moment to see your best friends getting married as the bridal party and the guests wipe tears of joy…

0152 0156 0157 0181

Hmm the pixie dust worked!!!


Eric’s father passed away on December 25, 1991,and although he was not there to share in this happy occasion, a rose of remembrance was placed in his chair next to his mother….

0193 0195

And the two shall become one…

0197 0203

The Kiss…..


Go ahead Michelle, it is okay to step on the Mickey outline, this day it was very windy on the roof top and the petals were flying away…but stayed long enough for the bride and groom and the guests to see.


Right after the wedding the bridal Party took some fun shots on the property of the Castle….

The happy groom with his groomsmen ready to get the evening started!

0239 0244 0248

Michelle was so happy for this day to finally arrive, a princess indeed waited for her prince charming and low and behold….he arrived and swept her off her feet…


Donnie, the man of honor sneaking a few shots with his best friend…


The Bridal Party Girls and Donnie!!

0291 0292

Release the stress of the day and be silly….


Who are they all talking to?  Shouldn’t they be smiling at the camera like me?


Beautiful! Overlooking the balcony of the Castle….


We did it!! Married!!


Closest friends that supported the bride and groom on their wedding day…

0301 0302

The bridal party

0303 0309 0378

Where are they going?  And uh….what happened to his shoes?

0380 0382

Feet hurting already….hmmm may have been time for some Angela Nuran Shoes for comfort….


Look at the Bride’s shoes, Mickey Mouse hidden in the wedding Flip Flops, is that not unique!

0385 0387

As the sun sets on the roof top…

0388 0390 0391 0392 0393







Donnie did a great job of giving each bridesmaid a hair style for each Disney Princess….

0374 0376 0360

Having fun! Vogue!0361 0363 0365 0366 0367

Beautiful smile…Love it!

0369 0370

The master of the hair!


Finishing touch ups before the reception….


Now one thing that 27 Miracles likes to do for their clients, is allow them a sneak preview of the reception before the guests get a chance to see it and have their private moment…..Michele and Eric see their Disney Themed Wedding Come True…( Click on the picture)

The Vendors welcomed the happy couple…Thank you to Rechelle, Christine Mac Phail, Treasured Moments Videography as he captured the couple, Roque Productions DJ,  and the 27 Miracles team, Diane, Alyssa and Marcus…..

0412Emotional Moment at the sight of the cake made by Party Flavors with the glass Cinderella topper…the inscription says …and they lived happily ever after…

0414 0415

Roque Productions DJ and Lighting did the name in lights and uplighting of the room…


Michele and Eric wanted a grand entrance….Rosie Moore, wedding planner went to work choreographing a special Number to Disney’s Fanfare for the Grand Entrance….the Bride and Groom wanted to practice before the guests arrived in the ballroom…


But not before a special Thank you for making her dreams come true….Fairy Godmother at work!


Dance practice for the Grand the link to listen to their song

0420 0422 0425 0427

Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant with the Happy Couple Michelle and Eric right after the ceremony!


Uhh…is it time yet?  What are they doing in there?


The Bridal Party had a choreographed entrance prepared by Rosie Moore  to a  special song called “So this Love” truly magical… the link below to hear it


Awaiting the bride and groom entrance…


Just before the bride and groom entered  the Fairy God Mother Diane  appeared and explained that the magic ends at midnight, however she waived her magic wand saying “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” ….and in came Michele and Eric to Disney’s Fanfare #14.  Their choreographed entrance showed the love that these two had for each other and their love of Disney as a child goes to Disney for the first time.

(Click on the picture)

0474 0475 0476 0479 0480 0481 0483 0484

Right after their grand entrance they danced to their first dance Beautiful by Jim Brickman.( Click on the picture)

0485 0492

Michele’s Father had passed away a few years ago.  When thinking about who she wanted to give her away, she thought of her brother William and the song that came to mind was “My Wish” by Rascall Flatts. It was a very emotional moment for big brother William…( click on the picture)

0507 0508 0510

Family touched…

0511 0512

The bond of a brother and a sister….


The bridal; party touched…

0520 0522

As the proud mother of the bride looks on….0523 0524

Eric chose to dance to “Let It Be Me” by Herb Alpert with his mother…

( click on the picture)

0530 0533 0537

Now what Michele did not know is that her mom wanted to have the song “In My Daughter’s Eyes” played for her daughter….this coupled with some special words read by Andres the MC for Roque Productions and a slide show of Michelle and her mom, made for a very special moment for Michelle….


(Click the Picture)0541 0543 0545

Good childhood memories….

0548 0550 0551

Now you may be wondering what is Belle from Beauty and the Beast doing  here?  A few pictures later you will see…shhhh it is a surprise…..but thought we would give you a preview….

0553 0555

The Sweet Heart table decorated by RJ Glamour and Innovation


A few moments to mingle with guests


Guest amazed with the Goofy Cake made by Party Flavors…


Sisters can you tell?


The toast by the best man..

0572 0574

Michele and Eric wanted to thank their guests for coming to their magical Disney Wedding.


But this happy go lucky couple also wanted to let their vendors know what they thought about each of them.  The bride named each one by name…..


Now Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles is very seldom surprised by anything ….but this time…hmmm a bride caught her off guard…after the thanks you’s to all the vendors …Michele and Eric thanked Rosie….with a special surprise…A Fairy Godmother….As Michele stated that Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother and Rosie was the Fairy Godmother that made their Disney Wedding Come true….

0581 0582

0585 0586 0587

A Keepsake Fairy Godmother! Beautiful….


Now when Eric asked for a special Surprise for Michele, Rosie went to work and thought of a few tricks up her sleeve….Watch as the moment unveils itself…. Rosie knowing that Michelle and Eric were going to Disney Land for their honeymoon, decided that she would seize the moment to do their famous Rose Surprise…With all the fanfare that they deserved Disney Style!  See as all the vendors and hotel management give the couple their single red rose…..


Marcus Moore/27 Miracles

0589 0590

Rechelle/Original Planner at the Castle 2 years prior to the wedding and now at Crown Plaza/wanted to see the wedding through

0591 0592

David/Manager of the Castle


Christine Mac Phail/Harpist


Jackie/Reservations/The Castle Hotel


Diane/27 Miracles Planner for the day from The Wedding party


Alyssa/27 Miracles Intern


Captain/The Castle Hotel


Chef Henry /The Castle


Rosie/Master Bridal Consultant 27 Miracles


The room was darkened prior to the entrance of  the Rose Suprise, with flashing lights and the Disney Electrical California Parade….

Now Eric wanted to surprise Michelle with something big, he wanted a character at the Wedding.  Michelle also wanted a Character at the wedding…so what better way to surprise them both ….

A guest appearance by Saxi, playing Belle from Beauty and the Beast  dancing a most special Dance with the love of her life…Goofy to her favorite song “If You Can Dream Disney Princess”

0611 0612 0613


A touching moment

0615 0616 0617 0620

The symbolism of this moment is Michelle’s love for Eric and Eric’s Love for Michelle, you can feel the love during this time…

0621 0622 0623

At the end Goofy was presented to Eric and the Rose to Michelle

0625 0626 0630

Now there is another little surprise here…Michelle gave Eric another Goofy in a tuxedo all ready for his wedding day…..


Now what wedding would be complete without Cinderella’s horse drawn carriage in lights?  Thank you to High Horse Carriage that provided this beautiful carriage.  Michelle and Eric wanted to surprise the guests with this so they went off for a few minutes  to capture some pictures before the guests could miss them……..and Belle of course was available for those special photo ops….

0632 0634 0635 0636 0637


0638 0639 0642 0643

Now it is time to have some fun and party to the tunes of Roque Productions with MC Andres Roque!

0646 0648 0652 0654

Show us the moves Eric!!

0655 0658 0663


Even the mother of the Groom was out on the dance floor having a great time!!


A guest stealing a moment to dance with the beautiful Belle!


It is time for the Honeymoon Dance!!! Cash, checks, credit! Let’s help this couple celebrate right in Disneyland!! But everyone just take a moment and congratulate them while you dance together… ( Click picture below)

This guest dancing with Eric below will pay a very special tribute at the end of the wedding….watch out for it…


The Groom gets a dance in with Belle!


MC: Uhhh Goofy, where is your dollar?

Goofy: Gwarsh…..I will have to give it to the bride when she visits me in Disney Land!!


Groom: Goofy, can I cut in here and dance with my Princess!

0734 0735

Cake Cutting time….Delicious flavors of Lemon, Amaretto, Rum and Pineapple by Party Flavors with a special saying on the cake…”and they lived happily ever after” to the tune of “Cut the Cake” by the Average White Band (Click the picture)

0736 0737

Now here is a cake serving pro! She is a baker at Publix!!



Be nice now…no matter what the crowd says!!

0747 0748 0757

It is time for that garter removal!  “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye  as Eric gets ready to do a little courtship dance here …( Click the picture)


0766 0772 0773

Bouquet Toss! “Girls just Wanna Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper (Click the picture)

0776 0781 0782 0787

Uhhh what is he doing here trying to catch the bouquet? I caught it!

0789 0790 0791

Ha, she got it!


Garter Toss! “Another One Bites the Dust” Queen (Click the picture)

0798 0801

Okay now you are in the right group and he is going for the garter!


Reach for it…


Got it!!!

0811 0813


Now tradition has it that whoever catches the garter, places it on the girl who caught the bouquet.  Now that seems pretty reasonable… why is bridesmaid Ashley laughing?


Well you see….or don’t see….sometimes when one is being silly, a few tricks can come to mind….Now sir, we will have to blindfold you as you place the Garter on the girl who caught it, all part of the tradition!


MC:Can you see?


MC: Good!!


MC: Let me guide you to the girl….



A sexy courtship dance….


Oh my….kissing feet…


Eric can’t stop laughing……lol blindfold removed!!!!



Guest:  Leg hair, wondering why this girl did not shave her legs!

0845 0847

Okay now for real….to the tune of “Something There” from Beauty and the Beast (Click the picture)



0851 0852

Okay your feet I can Kiss….






Now one of the guests had a surprise for the Bride and Groom,,,,The King Lives on!! Medley of Elvis songs!!!

0882 0883 0884 0888 0889 0894 0899 0904

A Magical night comes to an end ” A Whole New World” as they both sing to each other while dancing to the music….(Click the picture)

0908 0913 0915

Now the guests will have a final dance to “Time of My Life”

(Click the picture)





Now remember the guest earlier on that would pay a tribute at the end of the wedding…


Well she started to sing the Mickey Mouse Club Song and got all the guests (who by the way are also Disney lovers) involved as a tribute to Anette Funicello who had passed away two days prior…

(Click the picture)

Tribute to Anette

And now it is time for a Sparkling Grand Exit! The Guests are excited when they see the Cinderella Horse and Carriage.  Michelle and Eric exit to sparklers, cheers and the song” Remember the Magic”

(Click the picture)






And they lived happily ever after…….

Here are some of the details of the wedding decor…..

Goofy wearing the bride’s necklace from is a Tinker Bell!


The Castle


The Dress from Alfred Angelo


Bridal Suite at the Castle!


The Bouquets each made with ribbons and pins for each princess that the bridesmaid would be….Made by RJ Glamour and Innovation


Mr and Mrs Mickey Ears


The Figurines that were placed on each centerpiece.  Each table was beautifully decorated with a different theme….Snow White, Fairies, Beauty and the Beast, Villains, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Aladdin.  RJ Glamour decorated each table according to the color theme of each story.  So the flowers and the linens matched the story.  Very unique!


One of Rosie Moore’s favorites!0961 0962 0963

The Beautiful Belle…the Bride’s favorite Princess…


The bride and groom’s theme was Tinker Bell and Goofy as Tinker Bell is the bride’s favorite character.   In fact, her bouquet ribbon and buttons had Tinker Bell on it.  You could see the theme throughout the wedding programs, menu cards, seating chart and invitations….

0965 0967 0968 0969 0970 0971 0972

The favor was a horse drawn carriage candle…

0974 0975 0976 0977 0978 0979 0980 0981

Look at the detail of the centerpiece with each figurine sitting on its respective flower, you have to hand it to the Florist RJ Glamour and Innovation…they are all about unique!!

0982 0983 0985 0986 0987 0988

The Cake Topper was made of glass……it is Cinderella’s Castle

0989 0990

The Toast would not be complete without Mickey and Minnie on the champagne glasses….

0993 0995

The Bride was very creative and made her own place cards with the characters for each table in 3D puffed character stickers….

0999 1000

The Centerpiece for the sweetheart table was Mickey and Minnie in their wedding attire…


Now you have to hand it to the bakers at Party Flavors…Look at the detail of making this groom’s cake of Goofy watching football, but not just any football team, the groom;s favorite, the Jets!  With his hot cocoa, brownies, chips, dip and of course the remote…


Good detail captured by photographer Andy Martin….


Look at the Jets on TV…pretty amazing….Way to go Party Flavors with that detail…and Andy Martin Photography for capturing it..Love it!

1005 1009 1010

Here is Tinker Bell in all her glory! The Bride’s favorite!

1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1018 1019 1020

And Rosie Moore’s “New” favorite, “The Fairy Godmother”




The Prince…..


Cinderella on the wedding day…1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033

Mickey the Sorcerer!

1035 1036 1040

This was a lighted gift card box….


With the horse and carriage


The Lighted wand that the Fairy God Mother Diane used for the reception….


The lighting  and the name in lights with the Castle by Roque Productions.  The draping and decor by RJ Glamour and Innovations


1051 1053

One of the tables with the centerpieces on them, each one was a different linen and different chair tie to match the table.


The main uplighting for the room was Tinker Bell green.


This goofy in his tuxedo was the gift from the bride to the groom….He loves Goofy!


The wedding cake from Party Flavors…the cake says ” and they lived happily ever after”

1060 1061 1066 1067

The Place cards, guest sign in book and the pictures of both dads.


The guests looked at their place card and looked at the centerpiece to figure out which table they were seated at.  It was fun watching everyone look at all the tables and naming characters to find their spot.  This also allowed all the guests to see all the different centerpieces.

1072 1073 1074 1076

Eric’s Dad


Michelle’s Dad

1080The Unity Candle with Cinderella and the Prince



The ring bearer’s pillow was Cinderella’s shoe on a pillow!



RJ Glamour decorated the aisle runner with green petals in the shape of Mickey Mouse….

The lantern lighting the way carried by the Man of Honor!

Each girl’s bouquet was a different princess


A rose on the chair for the father of the groom


A rose on the chair for the father of the bride


Cocktail hour by the Castle Hotel


The Wedding Rings…

1111 1114

This is too cute!!!


The Bride’s bouquet by RJ Glamour…  the ribbon on the handle is Tinker Bell with the the hidden Mickey’s in the flowers.

1118 1121

The Castle lit up at night!


Goofy for the Groom!1134 1135

The porcelain Minnie and Mickey Bride and Groom


Stay tuned for video clips coming up in the next few weeks…The Pictures tell the story and the video will bring the story to life!

Congratulations to Michelle and Eric on their wedding day!!!

The couple went to Disney Land for their Honeymoon!

Thank you to all our vendors!

Coordination/Choreography/Honeymoon/ 27 Miracles

Photography/Andy Martin Photography

Video/Treasured Moments Video

Harpist/Christine MacPhail

DJ/MC/Lighting: Roque Production

Cinderella Carriage/ High Horse Carriage

Wedding Cake/Groom’s Cake/Party Flavors

Floral/Draping/Linens/ RJ Glamour and Innovation

Venue/The Castle Hotel

Honeymoon Night/Hyatt Regency Orlando Int’l Airport

Honeymoon/ Disney’s Grand  Californian


Reviews from our Readers:

Thank you to all the followers of 27 Miracles for all the beautiful comments on facebook and on the blog:

I have to admit, being in business for over 25 years now it is hard to find people who really care about what they do. , Rosie is one of the best there is to work with, So anyone on the fence about a planner, Don’t think just do it, She can make your event the greatest. xoxo
Excellent service!
Very nice!!
Yolanda Prado /Follower
I am impressed!! A lot of details !!! Very nice! Good Rosie! I am sure your clients love you!
Christine MacPhail/Harpist  I love the sunset photos; absolutely beautiful!

Roque Productions, LLC  :  Awesome blog!!  Nice job!

Pam Martinson/Mother of the Bride:  Everything was so beautiful.

Michelle and Eric Thank Their Vendors

27 Miracles

Treasured Moments Videography

The Castle Hotel

Andy Martin Photo

Miami Pro DJ’s

RJ Glamour and Innovation

Thank you to all the vendors that became part of teh 27 Miracles team this day to make a bride and groom’s dream wedding come true!

What a Groom Would Not Do For The Love of His Life

How did you spend Valentine’s Day yesterday?  Are you still celebrating throughout the weekend?  Here is a short video expressing a groom’s love to his bride.

27 Miracles as you all know that follow our blog, loves a good surprise.  Some of you know us for our Rose or Sparkler Surprise.  Well this is a first, this is a cookie surprise.  Being that Tiffany and Kyle were celebrating a green wedding, there were no flowers or sparklers.  We used cookies and they were each a different animal.  But here the groom is singing to the bride and that was the reason for the distraction. What a true expression of love when you listen to the words of the song.  For Kyle to sing that took a lot as we encouraged him, but he really wanted to surprise his bride.

What a nice way to end the evening!

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie,com

Megapixel Pro

Pilster Photography

Miami Pro DJ’s

A Green Wedding Tiffany and Kyle 10/27/12

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Remember our Valentine’s Day Couple last year Tiffany and Kyle?  Here is the  link in case you missed it….

Well here it is a year later.  They tied the knot and had a beautiful green wedding.  So sit back and enjoy the pictures of this most unique wedding.

Tiffany and Kyle are 27 Miracle’s very first couple who picked their wedding date to be on the 27th of the month!! Many have tried but none have been able to get it to work so that it would be on a Saturday in the month of their choice. Tiffany and Kyle, otherwise none also as our Tuesday couple( their days off together…) came to Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles a few days after they got off their cruise to Alaska with the exciting news, they were getting married.  Rosie was one of the first people to know.  What an honor!! The planning for the green eco-friendly wedding was to begin.  The planning went on for 15 months.

They started out with an engagement session at Discovery Cove, this is where Kyle works.  Chad captured this lovely couple and the love of birds that they share.  Discovery Cove at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida engagement session of Tiffany and Kyle KT3Q6361-2 Discovery Cove at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida engagement session of Tiffany and Kyle

If you missed their Valentine’s Day Blog, click here to read all about it and see the rest of the great pictures captured by Pilster Photography

Now 10/27/12 came with a bit of uncertainty, you see it was the weekend of hurricane Sandy.  Now we all know in Florida that hurricane season goes through November 30, however most times Florida is pretty safe after September 30.  Well this hurricane missed Florida, however the effects of the rain and dreary conditions did not.  We had rehearsal day inside of the Science Center because of the downpour of rain.  It was almost a guarantee that the rain would hit Saturday.  What a disappointment.  We had three back ups depending on whether the rain would come or not.  Rosie of 27 Miracles wanted to do everything in her power to make this happen under the 300- plus-year-old tree, it was there before the signing of the US Constitution!! Tiffany our bride had done the research about this tree being eco-friendly she wanted to know the history of everything that would be the most important day of her and Kyle’s life.  She worked with her trusted vendors  Kevin and Nicole at the Forcasting Consultants Company to get up to the minute weather on whether it was possible to take a chance outdoors for the ceremony.

On the morning of the wedding the girls all went out to get their nails done.  While all this was going on, 27 Miracles had their team with rain gear outdoors at the lakefront having planner Amanda test the grounds with her high heels and see if it was safe to have the ceremony outdoors.  She gave the thumbs up at 10am.  But Rosie Moore wanted to personally share the good news with Tiffany when she was at the hotel getting dressed. What joy to find out that the event was outdoors!!! Tiffany and Kyle’s dreams were coming true.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Prior to Tiffany and Kyle saying their I Do’s they had a “Not First Look” what is that you say, exactly that, they are around the corner or holding hands but without looking at each other until their eyes meet when they walk down the aisle.


Tiffany and Kyle were married under the 300-year-old tree as planned.  Tiffany barefoot and Kyle in his boots! The decor by Suzanne Nichols Design showcased the rustic look that Tiffany and Kyle were trying to create outdoors with candles and an aisle of twigs.  The chairs from A Chair Affair were fanned out to be able to fit everyone under the tree.


Considering the gray, dreary cool day that it turned out to be

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

KT3Q9444Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Tiffany and Kyle celebrated their cocktail hour on the Terrace of the Science Center overlooking the Lakefront.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

And now it is time to party like the Dinosaurs( or maybe a bit more lively than they do!!) you see Tiffany and Kyle had their reception on the 4th floor of the Science Center, home of Dino Diggs.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle


Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Tiffany and Kyle had their first dance with the dinosaurs making the perfect backdrop.

Their cake was perfectly decorated by the one and only Party Flavors designing it with bird feet, rhinos and dolphin tails…..The cake table was a  barrel with greenery around the cake…

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle HI0I0519

The night ended with the happy couple being driven by VIP limo to their hotel, the stepping stone before their exotic honeymoon in Australia.

Tiffany and Kyle being in the wildlife business working with animals got amazing opportunities to hold some exotic animals…

14220_10151130282447337_1346471203_n 15110_10151130264622337_504735414_n 46213_10151130296687337_1214858954_n 68228_10151130330697337_1217476368_n 148489_10151130282667337_572127550_n 182537_10151130296897337_2075365265_n 188543_10151130296332337_774205920_n 189700_10151130263802337_1284059245_n 189771_10151130328447337_398912716_n 230069_10151130283112337_1814797472_n 247051_10151130329022337_1370019613_n 259828_10151130330747337_1098725463_n 259863_10151130331212337_1857541439_n 423058_10151130297722337_1208373732_n 430728_10151130297147337_758549352_n 480596_10151130282557337_1281921833_n 484963_10151130265442337_1058396111_n 530883_10151130296427337_1843527658_n 530959_10151130265147337_2043325001_n 536789_10151130296152337_219167576_n 602365_10151130298092337_599741005_n 643911_10151130326232337_1988576685_n

And finally home after an amazing three-week honeymoon as Kyle carries Tiffany over the threshold…..


27 Miracles wants to wish Kyle and Tiffany an amazing life together. If you would like to see more pictures, go to our facebook page and look for Tiffany and Kyle’s Eco Friendly Green Wedding Album

Thank you to all our vendors that made their wedding special.

The Science Center

John Michael Events ( Caterer)

Pilster Photography

Miami Pro DJ’s

A Chair Affair

Party Flavors

The Collection

Absolutely Fitting

Megapixel Productions

VIP Limo

Candi Eckstrom/Hair and Make up

Suzanne Nichols Design Group

Victoria Angela Photo Booth

27 Miracles 
and last but not least the amazing team that helped on this day from 27 Miracles Amanda and Chelsea …..and Nannuk Media

27 Miracles Reveals the Surprise Wedding Location for Ivonne and Andrew’s Dream Wedding!!

It Seems like we have been planning the wedding of Ivonne and Andrew for a long time, but believe it or not it has only been 4 weeks. In these four weeks the Orlando Community has come together to do all that they can to help this beautiful couple during a time of need and illness.  Ivonne and Andrew were given a wedding by the Orlando community.

On July 2, 2012 wedding planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles along with her fellow vendors Donna Cooke at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista, Miami Pro DJ’s and Nannuk Media and Invitations gave Ivonne and Andrew the surprise of their life! The BIG REVEAL of their wedding and reception venue.  A big thank you goes out to all of these vendors who within 1 week assisted 27 Miracles in making this happen.

Click on the link for the video!

There are many more surprises in store for this very special couple.  If you would like to read more about them click-through the following blogs and follow their story here through 27 Miracles Blogs and 27 Miracles Facebook pages.

27 Miracles

Sheraton lake Buena Vista

Nannuk Media

Miami Pro DJ’s

America Loves Ivonne and Andrew……

You might say who is Ivonne and Andrew? And why does America love them?   If you haven’t been following the story of Ivonne and Andrew, here is a brief synopsis of it.  Ivonne was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  She has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate the tumors that she has.  She was planning to one day get married in the future to her true love Andrew. Unfortunately this diagnosis changed all their plans to have the wedding of the dreams. Treatments, medical expenses, loss of a job, placed them in a situation that made the planning of a wedding impossible and to also move the wedding up to August 2012 as opposed to next year was even harder.  Their story has touched people all over the US as the outreach of donation offers is coming from places other than Florida and even out of the USA.

Minerva’s Bridal  contacted Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and asked if there was anything that we could do to help this bride in need.  Rosie went to work contacting her fellow Orlando/Tampa vendors to help.  The response was overwhelming with the offers that she received. At this time the wedding is pretty much planned.  There is a surprise honeymoon destination, however the  fare is what is needed.  27 Miracles is asking for your support if you would like to help, please send an email to 27 Miracles at and you can receive details there as to how to give to help this couple. 

In The meantime 27 Miracles wants to give an open thank you to the following vendors below.  Now there are many other vendors involved, however those will be revealed after the wedding as they are saved for a wedding day surprise…..

Minerva’s Bridal, Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista, A Chair Affair, Gaylord Palms Hotel, Nannuk Media, Nannuk Invitations, Andy Martin Photography, Key Moments Videography, John Michael Catering, About Face, Miami Pro DJ’s, Pastor Silva and many more that will be revealed soon on the wedding day…….

Follow Ivonne and Andrew’s story as it develops in the next few weeks. on 27 Miracles Blog .

Most recently  Studio Ten.TV had the happy couple Ivonne and Andrew as well as  Rosie Moore on their morning show to hear Ivonne and Andrew’s story.  Click on the link to see the show.

A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore

As A Story of Faith is being read on Kindle, Nook, Paperback all over the US and outside the US in places such as Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany and other countries that we may not even know about, we encourage those that have not taken the time to purchase a book, to consider purchasing one today.

Why purchase A Story of Faith? Here are several reasons, it is a true story where an ordinary family’s faith is put to the test.  It is a testimony that God never fails us, we fail Him, but He is right there to cradle us when we fall.  If you know someone who is going through a life threatening illness, a trial that is weighing them down, a moment when faith is needed like that of a mustard seed, then this is a book for you to read. Part of the proceeds are being donated to Nathaniel’s Hope when mentioned that you viewed this message.  You may ask what is Nathaniel’s Hope?  It is a Special Needs Ministry : Read their Mission Statement: ”

Nathaniel’s Hope is dedicated to sharing hope with kids with special needs (VIP kids) and their families.

This includes:

  • Bringing hope and resources of encouragement to VIP kids and their families
  • Providing practical assistance by offering free respite care for VIP kids
  • Educating the community on how to be a Buddy to VIP kids and their families
  • Equipping the community, especially churches, with opportunities, tools, training, and resources to reach out to VIP kids and their families
  • Extending hope to VIP kids overseas
  • Sharing hope with grieving families

(Kids with special needs are our VIPs. Buddies are friends of VIPs.)”

27 Miracles Greatly appreciates your purchases to date….To make a purchase today email us at  or call us at 407-905-5454.  You can visit us on our website at or visit our fan page at!/pages/A-Story-of-Faith/328844927127645