27 Miracles Countdown To Christmas Day 5

“Dig Out The Holiday CD’s”

“The holidays are stressful.  If you are tempted to knock a partridge out of a pear tree, turn on some music.  Your whole system begins to slow down when you listen to familiar soothing music.”  Suzanne Hanser, chairwoman of Berklee College of Music’s Music Therapy Department in Boston.

Funny, as I was sitting here writing this blog, what song should come on?  But of course the 12 days of Christmas.  I had a good chuckle.  Now I am listening to my favorite ballet, the Nutcracker, after years of dancing it and watching it, I never grow tired of it.  I have a lot of work to do at my desk, but listening to the Christmas music took me back to many memories and it uplifts your mood.

Christmas is only here for a season, enjoy the music as you shop, sing Christmas songs even if you are off-key with your kids, with your spouse or spouse to be and make memories!

Of course Kaleb’s favorite song to sing is Jingle Bells, he has the two dogs as captive audience!

20 days left until Christmas!! Wow with weddings in-between will I be ready?? I better get some of Santa’s elves over to help!

Merry Christmas!!

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It is Here the “Do You Wanna Video”…Lombardo!!!

For all those fans waiting to see Lombardo’s video it was released yesterday evening to the public.  Take a moment and watch the video.  There will be much more than this in the next few months from this very talented young man.  Go ahead and like his page and comment on it if you want to see him come tour your city! But just know Orlando is making it’s hits on him….so let’s show Michael Lombardo that Orlando the City Beautiful is not the only one that loves him!  This video was filmed in Miami funny enough….but it is still Florida.

To learn more about Lombardo and hear his music, visit his pages below.

Instagram: lombardo_music
Skype: michael.lombardo88

Thank you from 27 Miracles……