Next Time You Feel Stressed About Planning Your Wedding..Think of Vikki


Today we want to bring you in her own words, the story of Vicki, a bride who had every reason to become a bridezilla. ,  Although she claims in her story she became one with her family, her family states otherwise.  They state that Vikki was calm and focused. As a bride, you want to enjoy the wedding process, it is a very special day.  Although your planner may have done hundreds of weddings, they too enjoy seeing your day finally arriving . As Rosie Moore always says, “I am sad to see the day have gone by so quickly.”  One thing she never says is,  it is a shame that she could not enjoy the day, because “when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

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Read as Vikki in her own words shares her story:

June 19th, 2013. That was the date my now husband got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes. June 22nd I had gotten my acceptance letter into Pharmacy School at the University of Florida. We decided we wanted to be married on December 13th, 2014. Okay, well I wanted to get married on that date. I have a thing about sequential numbers. Back to 2013, we moved to Orlando. Two small town kids moving to a big city. We knew no one, we knew nothing of the area, and we were just down right confused. School started for the both of us, my husband started his bachelors program for computer science and I was beginning my first professional year of my doctorates program. We thought we could plan a wedding on our own. We were so wrong. That’s when my husband started doing some homework, behind my back mind you. He saw how stressed I was with school, this move, this wedding planning, you name it. He started looking for wedding planners in the area and Rosie popped up. We met with Rosie; she listened to our completely vague description of our dream wedding.


After speaking with Rosie and getting to know her, she contacted us with more information on venues. I couldn’t believe how ‘easy’ it was to just pick some venues out and go see what the venues were like. Having Rosie with us at every visit helped take stress off of my shoulders. Rosie knew what questions to ask each venue, who knew all of this went into planning a wedding?! She worked with my rigorous school schedule and we communicated mostly via email or text message. I remember having an exam one day and then going to look at a venue the next. It felt like my professors had it out for me because they seemed to enjoy posting exam grades just as I was in the middle of a tour of the venue.


There were many tears shed through the process. Many words were said, tensions were high, and my husband and I just about called off our wedding. The stress of school was getting to me. Taking 18 credit hours a semester with next to no sleep and working was miserable. I never knew just how difficult this program was going to be and I certainly didn’t expect it to run my life like it had. Rosie was a shoulder to cry on. Rosie and her husband helped my husband and me through so much. We probably would have just called it quits if we didn’t have them.

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Let’s go ahead and fast forward to June 2014, six months from the wedding. Final exam schedules were posted. Just my luck, my first final exam (in my hardest class) was on my wedding day. I was destroyed. I already had the date set, I already sent out the invites to my out of state guests, and there was really no turning back. I tried everything in my power to not take the exam on my wedding day but to no avail. I knew it was going to be a tough semester; it was the hardest year in pharmacy school after all. I struggled through the semester both mentally and physically. Between packing on 40, yes forty, pounds since starting pharmacy school, I barely fit in my wedding dress. What time did I have to work out? I’m a stress eater and those carrots were not doing it for me.


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The day before the wedding. The wedding day was so close. My game plan was to get checked into the hotel and immediately study while waiting for my out of town bridesmaids to get there for the rehearsal dinner. In no way does this next statement reflect on the hotel or its staff, simply the people who stayed in the room I was to check into. I waited in an extremely crowded lounge with a million tiny little cheerleaders screaming and running around. I could not study. I sat there for the next 2 hours waiting to be checked in. My family started to arrive, and of course it meant they wanted to chat. Not a problem, but I needed to study.

Cumulative final that holds my entire future at 9am the next morning. Turns out the people who stayed in my suite prior to me decided they wanted to check out late. Rehearsal started at 5pm, it was now 4pm. I still had to get my luggage taken to the room and get changed for the event. I’m pretty sure I experienced my ‘Bridezilla’ moment prior to the rehearsal. My bridesmaids were all there and ready to go for the rehearsal at 5 on the dot. My father, bless his heart, was running around with my niece, also my flower girl, and a beer in his hand. He was not taking this seriously. My husband was running late. He swears I said 6pm. His groomsmen were hightailing it to get to the hotel. We started our rehearsal late, so more time I could have spent studying, but it was short, sweet, and to the point. Everyone knew what was expected of them, and we moved on to pizza.

After dinner I returned to my room to study. No Bachelorette party here, just me sitting at the desk reviewing notes and not catching up with my bridesmaids that I only ever get to see like twice a year. My mom and bridesmaids stayed with me in the hotel room that night.

18 At midnight my mom gave me a package that my husband had gotten me, I opened it and there was a note from him to me and a beautiful journey pendant necklace to wear as I walked down the aisle. A start to our new journey together. My nerves got the best of me. I had my little emotional breakdown in the bathroom at 6am. I was done with everything, I wanted to get this exam over with and enjoy my wedding. My mom brought me a light breakfast after my shower and drove me to meet with a friend who was driving me to my exam. I’m so thankful she drove down from Jacksonville to take me to my exam, she was taking the same exam and was actually staying at a nearby hotel and offered to take me so I could just focus on getting through the day without crying.7

I got to campus, a bundle full of emotions. I couldn’t believe it was my wedding day. I wore a ‘Bride’ sash and everything. My classmates were equally as excited for my wedding and congratulated me and wished me luck on this horrendous exam. I looked at the clock, 9am; it was time for the exam. The proctors handed out the exam. I took one look at it and wanted to cry even more. It was the hardest exam I had ever had to take in my entire life. About an hour to an hour and a half later I finished the exam. I knew I hadn’t done well on it but I prayed for at least a passing grade. I sat outside the door waiting for my friend to get out and we would be making our way back to the hotel.


I arrived at the hotel around 11:30am. The ceremony was to start at 3:30pm. I was greeted by my bridesmaids noshing on some light snacks and mimosas all around. My mom immediately gave me a mimosa and said it was time to get married. I immediately pushed the exam from my mind; I was not going to let anything ruin my day. My husband had arrived at the hotel and brought our puppy along with him; she missed her mommy and couldn’t be without me. She sat in my lap while I got my hair and makeup done. I enjoyed having my hair and makeup done by a woman I worked beside during my first year of pharmacy school; it was very casual and comfortable.


We hit a few snags. My dresses wasn’t pressed and neither were a few of the bridesmaids dresses and none of us knew how to use an iron on these types of materials. Normally I’m the biggest worry wort but I was the complete opposite of a ‘Bridezilla’. My dad’s girlfriend came to the rescue! She knew exactly what to do and immediately started grabbing irons from all of the rooms she could. She put my bridesmaids to work while I was getting into my dress. I’m not proud to admit it but it took 4 people to get me in that dress. I honestly did not think it was going to fit. I felt like an overstuffed sausage, but a gorgeous overstuffed sausage.

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I remember the photographer wanting to get solo shots of me in my dress before the wedding. I did not want my husband, or my family, to see me before the wedding so we got creative. We made sure my family was not going to be by the area we were going to and I donned a bathrobe over my wedding dress. We were taking pictures and I remember getting stares from other hotel guests and hearing the little girls go by asking if I was a princess. It was a great boost to my self-esteem. We got back to the room and the girls were getting ready. Some of the snowflake brooches I had gotten for the bridesmaid dresses were broken. I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my day. We had some super glue and we went to town on those brooches.

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The bouquets were delivered prior to the room prior to getting photos taken. We were missing a bouquet but Ashley, Rosie’s assistant, was on top of it! Everything was ready to go in time for the wedding. Ashley packed up my flip flops, classy I know, for me to change into after the ceremony. We loaded up into the van that was taking us to the ceremony site. I was 95% sure I wasn’t going to be able to get into the van. High heels and a bodice, it seemed impossible. Any who, I managed to get into the van. The driver initially took us to the wrong place and I was having a small panic attack. Or was it just that I couldn’t breathe? I can’t honestly remember. We were taken to the right spot and I hid behind the van even after being told not to get out. I had to get out. I was so nervous. My dad met me on the other side of the van. We were being signaled that we would be walking shortly. My bridesmaids went down the aisle, followed by my matron of honor, then my flower girl. I told my niece to toss the flower petals as she went but when she got to the end to just turn her basket upside down and drop the rest at the end, it’s what I did at her mother’s wedding when I was the flower girl. I heard the chuckles from the audience. It was time to walk down the aisle.

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The music started playing and my dad offered his arm. I was shaking. Excited but shaking. He told me it was going to be okay. That was probably the longest walk of my life. Trying to remember to smile, not cry, keep my head up, shoulders back, chest out, bouquet held at waist height, not trip, heel-toe, heel-toe, don’t trip, etc. We finally made it down to the end of the aisle, my dad handed me off to my husband.

MA (76 of 399) MA (81 of 399) MA (83 of 399) MA (84 of 399) The ceremony continued, the ceremony ended, cocktail hour started, pictures were taken, and then the reception rolled around. Now that all of the hard parts were done, it was time to break it down on the dance floor. I was surrounded by my family and friends and we had a blast. It was the best night ever. And it would not have been possible had it not been for Rosie. She made sure everything was in order, took care of any issues, and made my day far less stressful than I thought it was going to be. My husband and I returned to our hotel room to get changed and met with the rest of our bridal party after everyone had left. We sat around drinking champagne and saying goodbyes as my bridesmaids took off to return home and my mom was heading back to my apartment to take care of my cat while we enjoyed our night away from home. It was a beautiful evening and I was blessed to have been surrounded by my family and friends.

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Here is Vikki today…almost a year married!

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Congratulations to Vikki and Chip as we so fondly call him, in your studies and in your marriage!

Photographer: Michael Anthony Photography

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting

Having Your Wedding in A Church

Maybe an intimate wedding suits you more than a large hotel wedding. How does a traditional ceremony in a church sound?  If you are looking to have your wedding in a church setting, that is not your home church, contact 27 Miracles 407-905-5454 for referrals to different churches based on your  denomination and one of our planners will guide you through the process.

Here are a few 27 Miracles Brides that had their ceremony in beautiful churches.  But whether you decide to have your ceremony in a church or a venue, 27 Miracles can also recommend an officiant for your ceremony.

Robin and Maurice Wedding 020 _DSC6845_1 _DSC4080 313378_250825708294355_1437358270_n KBJ Wedding Pictures 288Kessinger (267)398298_10151273931972065_224973407_n

By Christine Pabelico Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

Wedding Planner Magazine Interviews Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant

Most recently Wedding Planner Magazine interviewed Master Bridal Consultant Rosie Moore.


Master Bridal Consultant™ Rosie Moore, MBC™


Mar 1, 2013

27 Miracles,, Windermere, Fla. 

Employees: Owned and operated by Rosie and Marcus Moore

Revenue Breakdown: 90% consulting and day-of coordination, 10% boutique sales on shoes, invitations, favors, honeymoons, etc.

Contact: 407.905.5454, 
Blog—,Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Family: Married to Marcus Moore for six years. We were engaged on Dec. 27, 2005, the reason for our company name, 27 Miracles. I have a son Christopher, 21; daughter Kayla, 17; and our miracle baby, Kaleb, 3, born at 27 weeks and weighing 1 pound, 10 ounces. We also have two dogs Rusty, 14, and Daisy, 6.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Received Association of Bridal Consultants Master of Bridal Consultants™ designation in 2012.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 853

On the Business: 27 Miracles is a full-service wedding and event coordination business. We meet the client’s needs from wedding consultation to full event coordination. We also plan destination and ethnic weddings; have an online boutique for stationery, favors, shoes, etc.; and work in the community with different charitable organizations.

Getting Started: I have been planning weddings since age 18 when I planned my parents’ 20-year surprise wedding vow renewal. I also planned for friends and other planners for years until a florist friend suggested I open my own company.  Within two weeks, we opened 27 Miracles in 2008.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 824

Goals: This year, I want to get more Sandals honeymoons booked. When people wait to have that all-important honeymoon, life gets in the way, and it becomes more difficult to have that once-in-a-lifetime event. We also would like to see more sales on my book, A Story of Faith, as it generates income for Nathaniel’s Hope, a special-needs ministry. And, we hope for more sales on the Angela Nuran Shoes we stock, which generates donations for Brides Against Breast Cancer.

On the ABC: It gives you the education and purpose to ethically, morally, and professionally run a successful business.

Mentors: My mentor first and foremost is God.  Next is my husband who encourages me and gives me the time to do what I love to do. Then, it is Camelu Vargas, MBC™, who encouraged and supported me.  Elise Enloe, MBC™, stretches me to do better, reach for my goals, and never settle.  My best friend in the industry, Diane Jenson, kept me calm throughout the MBC™ process and is an excellent planner who is always there to help.

Inspiration: Simon Bailey and his Brillionaire club inspire me to rise above the negative. I also listen to Joel Osteen ministries. His positive outlook on life helps me see my life and the world in a whole new perspective, empowering me to succeed in business.

Marketing Strategy: Vendor referrals are our best source.

On Staying Fresh: 27 Miracles refreshes the company yearly by looking at what worked the year before, what we have learned, what we can do to improve ourselves, and by refreshing our marketing literature and our own presentation of ourselves.

Ideal Client: My ideal client is the destination bride, the Theme-Park-Corporate-Busy Bride, the ethnic bride and groom looking to bring their culture into the wedding.

Reading Now: Several—Simon Bailey’s Vuja De Moments, Joel Osteen’s It’s Your Time, and my daily devotion book from Sarah Young, Dear Jesus.

Hobbies: In my free time, I dance tap, jazz, salsa, and ballet.

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 419

Words of Wisdom: I advise other planners to get educated and never stop. Don’t look at other planners as competition; rather, look at each as someone from whom you can learn. A cooperative relationship will help you in the long run as you will focus more of your energy on your clients.

On Giving Back: 27 Miracles is involved in Love Bears, where a group of senior citizens knits bears to donate through our company, 27 Miracles, to sick or hurting children. Last Christmas, we donated almost 80 bears to Florida Hospital in Orlando at the Walt Disney Pavilion for Children.  This is the same neonatal intensive care unit that my own son, Kaleb, lived in for five months after he was born.  We also work with: Brides Against Breast Cancer, Nathaniel’s Hope, and the March of Dimes.

Vendor/Client Recognitions to Rosie Moore:

Vendor Accolades on Receiving MBC

Amanda at the Green Bride Blog: That’s fantastic! Happy to hear it!

Ana/Artistic Aisle Runners:  Congrats!  This article looks so nice and is very informative.

Ben/Kaleidoscope:  That’s great Rosie! So glad for you with. Hope things continue to get better.

Carmen/Mary Kay Consultant: Rosie, Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
Estoy orgullosa de ti como mujer, anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.

Christine Mac Phail/Harpist: This is fabulous Rosie!!  Congrats !!

Kevin Knox/Officiant: Congrats!!  I didn’t know all this about you!!  You should be proud how God has been using you.

Michael Thomas/John Michael Catering: That is so awesome, you’re amazing! Congrats!

Victoria Schultz/Harpist: Congratulations. That is wonderful I always wondered about the story behind the name, and happy to read about it!

Nannuk Media and Invitations: Felicidades esperamos que Dios te siga bendiciendo y te prospere en grande. Sigas siendo como eres una profesional integra. Que tengamos muchos años trabajando juntas. TQM Jose y Marisol, Nannuk Media Group & Invitations by Nannuk

Barbarajean Gannon WOW Rosie, that’s so awesome!! Yr business AND yr book!! God Bless you & family & that little miracle…Kaleb!!

Yolanda Prado Felicitaciones Rosie que el Señor los siga guiando y prosperando en todas sus labores. Que siga marcando la pauta la creatividad que hasta ahora han mostrado. Gracias por tus memorias para tu amiga y compañera. Te quiero mucho y te recuerdo siempre como una excelente y fiel amiga de Adriana. Dios te bendiga a tí y a la familia

Bonnie Garfield/Loews Portofino Hotel Universal Studios Orlando /Director of Catering What a lovely article. Congratulations on your achievements and successes.  You truly are a real professional.  The best to you and looking forward to working with you really soon.

27 Miracles



Wedding Of Ruthie and Jeff Royal St Cloud

Sensational Ceremonies’ Marcus Moore Officiating the wedding of Ruthie and Jeff at the Royal St Cloud!

Thank you to Simply Different Photography for the beautiful Pictures!!!

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies


Simply Different Photography

579879_3700080653287_1634398237_n 11810_3700091573560_796322198_n 37015_3700088173475_307714116_n 148987_3700088573485_1346585965_n 149380_3700088853492_749157069_n 150412_3700086213426_293699762_n 150461_3700083173350_661795575_n 156152_3700084653387_258786900_n 156418_3700091893568_1616972985_n 178902_3700080373280_1603748194_n 178941_3700089733514_192002091_n 179593_3700083693363_1391561002_n 181198_3700086533434_1867133944_n 182312_3700092653587_1733349973_n 301804_3700204496383_867637026_n 301804_3700204496383_867637026_n (1) 303403_3700085653412_824775017_n 317923_3700205136399_518590666_n 317923_3700205136399_518590666_n (1) 380310_3700091733564_874348447_n 385654_3700085133399_403970599_n 389358_3700093773615_362350674_n 392435_3700204816391_1193182566_n 392435_3700204816391_1193182566_n (1) 403460_3700093013596_1101932394_n 428515_3700087573460_234394894_n 428515_3700087573460_234394894_n (1) 487189_3700092133574_980441135_n 522224_3700080173275_643127174_n 522861_3700093173600_1917225836_n 522861_3700093173600_1917225836_n (1) 527787_3700204096373_713871016_n 527787_3700204096373_713871016_n (1) 533050_3700082053322_1820570225_n 536350_3700086013421_381626564_n 536804_3700080853292_864317692_n 538715_3700093533609_1079343777_n 538786_3700095093648_1107744959_n 540054_3700081653312_1063209001_n 540497_3700094693638_966911945_n 542169_3700081853317_2127131048_n 546453_3700083453357_1388750147_n 547549_3700094093623_2057213363_n 550529_3700090293528_1835097150_n 550874_3700094453632_412990669_n 551040_3700084213376_201098071_n 551769_3700203416356_1188318117_n 551769_3700203416356_1188318117_n (1) 554596_3700082453332_563406339_n 556084_3700087293453_362098790_n 560109_3700089333504_516879462_n 560121_3700081053297_1731797219_n 560156_3700089973520_424889397_n 562184_3700087973470_389219403_n 576780_3700089613511_1654085270_n 576872_3700092373580_686149174_n 577061_3700095293653_1405255778_n 578185_3700086853442_2024523010_n 579409_3700084893393_591233963_n


The Wedding of Lisa and Shawn Rosen Shingle Creek

A Sensational Ceremonies Wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

Thank you to Rhodes Studios for the beautiful pictures captured on this very windy day!! But beautiful none the less.  Congratulations to Lisa and Shawn!

Marcus Moore/Sensational Ceremonies


Rhodes Studios


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Sensational Ceremonies Weddings and Marcus Moore Officiating

Marcus Moore, Wedding Officiant for Sensational Ceremonies…

Photo Locations:

Cypress Grove, Orlando

Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek, Disney

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Friedlander Farms, Lake Wales, FL

Bella Collina, Mt Verde

Winter Park Civic Center

Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee

Lakeside Reception Center Orlando

Fulton’s River Boat, Downtown Disney

Hilton Hotel, Clearwater Beach

Davis Island Garden Club, Tampa

Grand Oaks Resorts, Weirsdale, FL

Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando

Shades of Green, Walt Disney WorldSabrina and Bradley Cypress Grove Orlando Maria and Eddy Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek


Alexa and Keegan Winter Park Farmers Market Cara and Allen Friedlander Farm Lake Wales, FL Cristen and Frank Bella Collina Mt Verde Elizabeth and Steven Winter Park Civic Center Jaqueline and Christopher Orange Lake Resort Kissimmee Jean and Jesse Lakeside Reception Hall Orlando Katie and Eric Fulton's Riverboat Downtown Disney Amanda and Russell Hilton Clearwater Beach Brooke and Jason Davis Island Club Tampa Brooke and Jason Davis Island Garden Club Tampa Joiner_DeFranco_www.carriewildes.com_0345_0_low Pam and Jai 19509_464538733605909_1616556840_n Sarah and Bryan Gaylord Palms Hotel.Orlando Owens_Snyder_www.carriewildes.com_0276_0_low 542734_10151186546632795_43271750_n


Contact Marcus Moore 407-905-5454 or email him at

The Train on Your Dress…..Bustle it Now, but wait I don’t have one..

Ahh the train on your dress beautiful.  All brides that have a train want it fanned out as she enters the ceremony.  It is part of the beauty of the dress.  But when the ceremony is over and the formal pictures are done, what do you do with that train?  Well bustle it if course.  What is a bustle you say?  The bustle is what a seamstress puts in a dress to be able to gather it after the formal portraits are done so that way throughout the remainder of the wedding you can dance and walk around without having anyone stepping on it or tripping over it. 

Depending on the style of the dress you can have an American bustle which is on top of the dress attached with buttons or eye hooks. Or French which is a gathering under the dress again depending on the style of the dress fastened with buttons or eye hooks. These are the two most popular types that we see.  However if you click on this link here this is a seamstress website that explains with pictures a lot more styles of bustles.

Here is a story encountered by Rosie wedding planner for 27 Miracles.  It was the anniversary weekend of Rosie and Marcus Moore (officiant).  Marcus received a last minute call to do a wedding rehearsal on Friday and wedding on Saturday from one of his officiant colleagues literally on the day of the rehearsal.  Apparently the bride had waited last minute to book and thought that she had given the officiant the date and realized she didn’t so the officiant was already booked.  Well I indicated that it would be okay as we could go out to eat after the wedding.

The bride and groom and the families were very sweet and welcoming.  Now when I come along for rehearsal I am not there as the planner just merely as support to my officiant husband Marcus.  The day of the wedding was very hot  (95 ++) everyone was stressed out due to the heat and excitement of the day.  I was planning on staying  inside until absolutely necessary to go outside. I  remained with the bridal party staying cool. I could not help but listen to all the stress going on in front of me with questions of what to do, how to do it, when to do it.  The banquet manager helped to her best ability and kept saying,  I love weddings but I am not a planner I just coordinate the meals and location, not the event.  Hmm what to do?  I thought to myself, I am not the planner…but heart strings pulled to do the right thing.  I gave the family and bride the words they needed to hear.  It is okay, it will all work out, just walk in, smile , hold your bouquets, I will help you get your dress straight before you walk out( that was the bride’s stress as she walked in.  Her shoes were too tight earlier and now they were too slippery with the amount of Vaseline in them) …she needed my Angela Nuran Shoes to comfort her feet!   At that moment the bride said, “I know that you do not typically stay for the reception, but can you and your husband stay for dinner.” I indicated that I would check with him.  Hmm my thoughts, it is our anniversary dinner tonight as the next day on our real anniversary date we have a family barbeque with friends.  I thought surely she is just full of emotions.

The ceremony took place and all went well.  The walk back to the lobby with the bride and groom was a long one.  We walked with the bride and groom, parents and bridal party ahead of the couple. The bride addressed Marcus and said that she would be honored if he and I would stay for the wedding to at least have dinner and then we could leave after if we did not want to stay.  We  graciously accepted.  As pictures were taken with the officiant and couple and the family, the parents and bridal party and family members came to speak with us at different times making us feel like part of this happy family gathering.

The bride’s grand entrance, hmm train on the floor not bustled for the first dance or the father daughter dance.  I thought maybe by choice. After all the formal dances were completed a very distressed young lady approached me at my table and said, “Who is Rosie, there is an emergency and the bride needs you.” I thought wow what could have happened.  As I  approached the bride behind the sweetheart table, there is the banquet manager kneeling on the floor with the back of the bride’s dress in hand.  She stated that the dress does not have a bustle.  The bride indicated that two strings were sewn underneath and she was told that they should be able to tie them and make a bustle.  Well in looking at the bustle, that was not the case.  The two strings were not going to hold.  I quickly realized that French bustle was needed due to the style of dress.  I asked the banquet manager for large safety pins. I worked my way through the middle and the sides and in less than 5 minutes had three safety pins and a French bustle made.  The bride was ecstatic and said to her friends around her, “I knew that Rosie was a wedding planner and she would know how to fix this mess.” She turned around to me and said before you leave I will have to pay you for all you did today.  I said, “Do not worry you are fine, it was my pleasure to help.”

The whole night the parents of the bride and groom continued to check on us and make certain that we were okay, as did the uncle of the bride.  We were treated like true guests.    What is the moral of this story?  There are two.  One,  when you get your wedding gown, do pay the extra fee to get your dress properly bustled, too many times brides do not pay the extra fees to hold up the dress and it impedes dancing the night of, or the dress ends up torn when someone steps on the train. Second, on the day of your wedding you do not need the stress of implementing and expecting others to implement your wedding plans that are not trained staff.  Read 27 Miracles frequent asked questions, Here you will see questions covering topics such as what if my venue has a coordinator and many more 

Happy Planning….. Look at this beautiful bride’s Cinderella Gown( it took 32 eye hooks/buttons to bustle her gown) but quickly bustled in ten minutes.

Want to Keep up WIth 27 Miracles? Now You Can..

In this day and age of technology between Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Facebook and all the rest of the social media, it is hard not to be up to date on the latest wedding trends, the latest that your favorite wedding or event planner is up to, the latest on Quinces, Sweet 16’s, parties and also the latest on author Rosie Moore and what she is doing next.  This is a very exciting time for 27 Miracles with different projects that they are working on.  You just don’t want to miss it.  So the best way to keep up, subscribe to this blob, subscribe to A Story of Faith Blog and their facebook page and twitter.  Twitter is easy 27 Miracles.  Pinterest is easy 27 Miracles.  Facebook pages here they are.  There are several to suit everyone’s needs.

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The Ramada Gateway Vendor and Client Appreciation Event

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway partnered to do a special Vendor and Client Appreciation Event.  The “Ramada Gateway Hotel offers  beautiful Banquet rooms and halls for your event. Whether for meetings, conferences or your wedding, you will find the best facilities and accommodations  to have an exceptional and unforgettable experience. ” Remember 27 Miracles feels that everyone should have an experience 

When booking a wedding or event that is exactly what you will recieve at the  Ramada Gateway when working with Erika Solis and 27 Miracles. Visit them on their website

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway wish to extend a special thank you to the vendors that helped make teh evening a success with their services.  Another special thank you  to all the guest vendors and clients that stopped by to see The Ramada Gateway.

Hotel Space/Food and BeverageWedding 
The Ramada Gateway

 Wedding and Event Coordination
27 Miracles

 Perfect Wedding Guide

Party Flavors

Specialty Catering:
Abracadabra Ice Cream

Chocolate Fountain Rental
RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Miami Pro DJ

Get Lit Productions

Treaured Moments

27 Miracles

Rev Marcus Moore

The Flipbook People

Party Booth
Diverse Entertainment

Chivari/Ceremony Chair Rentals
A Chair Affair

KBJ Photography

String Music
Harpist Christine MacPhail

Over The Top

Hair/Make up
Lena G

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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27 Miracles and the Services Offered

27 Miracles is a full service wedding and event company servicing not only the state of Florida but nationwide and outside the US.  Our mission is to be able to serve  you  and your guests on yoru special day!!  So don’t stress with all the details, give us a call today  for your free consultation,.  407-905-5454 and visit us on our website

Photo Credits AJ Photography Studios

Sivan Photography

KBJ Photography

Treaured Moments Videography

Voice Over/Miami ProDj’s Andres Roque