Reach Out To Others

Day 7 Christmas Countdown

Today take a day to move outside your circle of acquaintances suggests Pauline Wallin, a Clinical Psychologist in Pennsylvania.  Call a long-lost friend to wish them a Merry Christmas or join a community activity such as a town square tree lighting, or volunteering at a charity.

27 Miracles

If you are looking for a charity to be a part of consider The Gift of Life



27 Miracles Countdown To Christmas Day 7

“Reach Out to Others”

” “Take a day to move outside your normal circle of acquaintances”, suggests Pauline Wallin, a clinical psychologist and life coach in Camp Hill, PA.  “Call a long-lost friend to wish them a happy holiday.  Or join the camaraderie of  community activities, such as a town square tree lighting and holiday plays.”  Better Homes and Gardens

What a perfect way to end the day remembering the excitement in my little boy’s face today as we were watching the Winter Garden Christmas Parade today.  Everyone is there for the same reason to enjoy and support those in the parade.  These are the memories to build with family.

I remember back in 2010, how 27 Miracles did the Big Christmas Extravaganza and closed down the streets in Winter Garden to be able to host an event of entertainment to benefit Toys for Tots, Honor those serving Our Country, Support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer and to allow the children of the boys and girls club to come and enjoy the event and receive gifts from Santa!  The little town of Winter Garden really embraced this event with their donations. Check the link here to the event

Some photos of today’s parade…



My Little Pumpkin watching the parade after eating a blue lollipop!!!


Photo: Blue teeth


Make memories !!! Merry Christmas!!!

27 Miracles