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Today’s Spotlight of the Week is On Galuwi Art.   When Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Approached Gary one of the partners for Galuwi, he knew exactly what to do.  We were contacted immediately to design the invitation that you see today for The Gift of Life and the event logo.

TGOL_Event logo

A Little bit about this team of creative people:

“GaLuWi Inc. is a custom print & photography studio fused with graphic art & design. We are unique and passionate about everything we do, in business and in life.

Our vision is to capture a moment-in-time with creative thinking and a camera lens. Our desire is to create a timeless image that will capture your full attention.

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When you mix our passion for photography with our attention to detail and design abilities, amazing moments come to life. Whether you choose from one of our photography moments or one of your very own, we are happy to design something special for you.”

When we asked Galuwi Art why they wanted to work with 27 Miracles and The Gift of Life event that will benefit Florida Hospital for Children’s NICU department, they said :

“When GaLuWi Inc. heard about the challenges that Rosie had in pulling together resources to tell her story of faith, we were touched and decided to help in some small way using our graphic abilities. Community involvement is important to us and we only hope that Rosie’s efforts will inspire others to contribute in any way they possibly can. We all are busy with our daily lives but it is important to remember those that are in need and the struggles and challenges others may face. Bless the children and families that have these challenges with a small miracle of your own today. “Hugs to all” Sincerely GaLuWi Inc. ”

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27 Miracles

A Story of Faith

Galuwi Art

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How to Customize Your Veil

How To Customize Your Wedding Veil

You might be considering wearing a veil for your wedding day, even though it’s a tad traditional. In fact, that may be one of the reasons that you are keeping it in mind. However traditional it is, though, it is completely possible to get a customized version of the veil that you want, so that you can mix the old and the new and come out with something that is uniquely you. By modifying the amount of tiers, personalizing the color and the accents, as well as changing the shape of the veil, you can create a veil that is perfect for you.

Tier Perfection

When choosing between a one, two and three-tier veil, it is important to consider the dress that you are wearing. While a one-tier veil is more suited to classic looks, a more romantic wedding gown will look better with a multi-tier veil. Another important thing to consider is the overall look that you are hoping to achieve, and how would you like to do your hair. If your wedding hairstyle is simple, a more complex veil will add that extra glam to your look. A blusher (the piece of veil you put in front of your face) can also add an extra layer that makes you look beautiful and original.

Choosing a Color

Of course, your veil must match your wedding gown in color, as well. While you might be able to find your perfect color with so many varying shades of white, ivory and champagne, you can also get a completely different color that compliments your wedding décor or a sash on your dress. Make sure that you order swatches so that you can compare with your dress during your search for the ultimate match.


There are so many different types of extras that you can put on your veil if you so wish to, such as accessorizing your veil with Swarovski crystals or pearls. You can also make differing patterns on your veil if you want, or you can get a veil that is simply adorned at its edges. Veils give you a lot of freedom to be original, so make sure you find something that is unique but also stays true to your sense of style.


What kind of edge do you want to give your veil? That will change the whole cut of your look. You can have a symmetric cut without edging which give it a very simple look, or add thick ribbon for a completely different look. Other options, like a pencil edge or a raw-edge veil, will make sure you look perfect throughout the day.

No matter what look you want to create, a veil can be a unique and complimentary way to accessorize your wedding gown. By playing around with the different elements of your veil you can match it perfectly to your theme while remaining unique to you.

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