Celebrating Dee’s Quince

27 Miracles was honored to help Dioberkys and Cesar celebrate Dee’s Quinceañero at the Radisson Resort in Celebration.  Her theme was high heels.

Dee was dressed in a beautiful purple dress that later in the evening became a short dress for dancing by Minerva’s Quince Shop.

Her centerpieces by RJ Glamour Innovations were beautiful converse sneakers with flowers inside.

RJ Gl;amour did the stage decor and draping of the room to enhance the decor in Dee’s theme of purples and turquoise.

Her cake was from Party Flavors and it was a high heel shoe as well.

Photo: Party Flavors

The evening started out with the court coming in to await the grand entrance for Dee.  But prior to her entrance was the presentation of her fun video when she was with all her friends having a grand time, if you missed that blog click here..


Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ was the MC for the night going through the traditional exchange of shoes as Dee went  from little girl to a young woman. To the placement of the crown.  Dee had some special dances choreographed by her friends to entertain her.

A beautiful Night for Dee as you will see in her video filmed by Nannuk Media.

27 Miracles wants to thank all the vendors that helped make this day spectacular for Dee and her parents as we celebrated her Quinceañero.

27 Miracles  www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Party Flavors http://www.orlandocustomcakes.com/

Minervas Bridals and Quinceañeras  http://minervasbridal.reachlocal.net/quince.html

Nannuk Media www.invitationsbynannuk.com

Miami Pro DJ http://www.miamiprodjs.com/

RJ Glamour and Innovation www.rjglamourinnovation.com

Radisson Resort Celebration www.radissonorlandoresort.com

Dee is Getting Ready to Celebrate Her Quinceañero

Turning 15 is a special time in a young girl’s life in the Latin culture.  It is an honor that parents take as they present their beautiful daughter to the community.  When 27 Miracles gets the call from a mother and father to help coordinate their daughter’s special day, it is with great pride that Master Planner Rosie Moore takes on the event.  It is a day like no other presenting 15 years of a girls’s life in to one 4 hour event, so the planning has to be impeccable.

Part of the planning process is when Rosie Moore works with a videographer that specializes in filming Quinceañeras because they know the right questions to ask in their interview to capture the personality of the Quinceañera with her friends in a more relaxed day before the formal party.

That is what Nannuk Media Group did on this day.  They captured Dee having a great time at the beach while talking about her favorite things.

Stay tuned soon for videos from the Quinceañero…..

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Can a Jack of All Trades Give You Everything That You Need

Can a Jack of all Trades do your wedding and event and have it come out flawlessly?  This is a question most recently asked?

27 Miracles asked several of their industry people for their honest opinions.  Their comments will amaze you…..

” I am a florist and have had similar experiences with planners. They think they can be florists.  Specialize in ONE thing… Walk in YOUR truth and you will be fine! I would never think of coordinating because I put all of my energy into the flowers and setting up the day of. So you have to think that they cannot possibly be giving 100% at both. I’m sure something is falling through the cracks.”

“I am a wedding planner and we pay attention to the details of the day, we do not mind helping but creating, let an expert create the big fancy floral.”

An entertainer stated, “A Florist could potentially end up burning themselves out doing EVERYTHING, especially if they’re not experienced enough. ”

A planner states, ” I noticed that caterers, florists and rental companies are offering planning services. I have approached the companies about their services to see who they work with and typically its anyone within the company that is wearing a planning hat. How interesting, they want to be the one stop shop for clients but then can’t make it happen, things fall apart on the event day. I have seen it time and time again. ”

At 27 Miracles we offer different services, however each service is completely handled by a different person.  Everyone helps each other out but when you have a planner assigned to your wedding, Quince, Sweet 16, or Event, rest assured that your planner will be focused on you.  27 Miracles is a full service wedding and event planning company offering invitations, favors, shoes, etc through our online boutique.  We offer officiating services, nanny services, floral services, entertainment services, however you will not see 27 Miracles doing all of these in one night by the same staff.  What you will see is a well planned event with you and your staff attended to the entire night.  If something is wrong or an emergency should occur, we are right there to see it or prevent it, we are not too busy running up and down serving food and fixing floras.  However having said that, if we are called on to help with an emergency that a waiter calls out sick on the spot or something crazy like that or flowers have to be set up because the florist was in traffic that was unavoidable, of course we are there to lend a helping hand.  That is our job to fix things so that you the customer do not stress.

We have watched events where there are caterers where the caterer serves cafeteria style to the guests everything that is on the buffet line, without labeling food to see if there are any allergies, they do the floral and decor, they do the coordination of the event, for 100 guests and then have something fall through the cracks.  On the surface the pictures look great of decor, but the service in the end was lacking.

So what we want to leave you here with today is that 27 Miracles is a full service wedding company, we are not a Jack of all Trades, because we want to bring you our clients the best vendors in the industry so that we can focus only on the details and the planning of your wedding or event.  This ensures us that no detail is missed as you only have this one time for your event!

 So the next time someone tells you all they do, ask to see an event that they are doing, check out their credentials, they may be licensed catering or floral, but are they certified and carry a business license to coordinate?  After all would you hire a mechanic to take your gallbladder out?

The Ramada Gateway Vendor and Client Appreciation Event

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway partnered to do a special Vendor and Client Appreciation Event.  The “Ramada Gateway Hotel offers  beautiful Banquet rooms and halls for your event. Whether for meetings, conferences or your wedding, you will find the best facilities and accommodations  to have an exceptional and unforgettable experience. ” Remember 27 Miracles feels that everyone should have an experience https://27miracles.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/do-you-want-service-or-an-experience/ 

When booking a wedding or event that is exactly what you will recieve at the  Ramada Gateway when working with Erika Solis and 27 Miracles. Visit them on their website http://www.ramadagateway.com/secciones1.php?modo1=seccion&idseccion=169&idioma=I&

27 Miracles and The Ramada Gateway wish to extend a special thank you to the vendors that helped make teh evening a success with their services.  Another special thank you  to all the guest vendors and clients that stopped by to see The Ramada Gateway.

Hotel Space/Food and BeverageWedding 
The Ramada Gateway

 Wedding and Event Coordination
27 Miracles

 Perfect Wedding Guide

Party Flavors

Specialty Catering:
Abracadabra Ice Cream

Chocolate Fountain Rental
RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Miami Pro DJ

Get Lit Productions

Treaured Moments

27 Miracles

Rev Marcus Moore

The Flipbook People

Party Booth
Diverse Entertainment

Chivari/Ceremony Chair Rentals
A Chair Affair

KBJ Photography

String Music
Harpist Christine MacPhail

Over The Top

Hair/Make up
Lena G

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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The Surprise Dances at the Quinceañeros

27 Miracles has been bringing you a series of traditions about Quinceañeros and how different things are incorporated into the event.  Today we will talk about the surprise dance.  There is always the father/daughter dance that is always expected as well as the Waltz dance.  Those are the dances that are for as the kids say “the parents” but then the teens want to celebrate with something more popular.  The Quinceañera today selects, Merengue, Bachata, Regatone, Salsa, Hip Hop, Techno or a combination of all of them put together,  They are usually Choreographed dances learned by the entire court.

Let’s watch as the court for Frances, our beautiful Quinceañera,  show their dancing skills in the surprise dance.


All About the Surprise Entrances at the Quince

When planning the Quinceañero, there is always the element of the court entrance and the grand entrance of the Quinceañera with her prince for the night.  It is important to have a good MC in addition to the DJ.  27 Miracles recommends that family be allowed to enjoy the evening and the MC be a professional.  The reason that we say that is because there are so many details that go into the Quinceañero. There are rapid changes between dresses and elaborate costumes and if there is a necessary change, only an experienced DJ/MC team along with the Quinceañero planner can make those decisions quickly, smoothly and without any flaws or interruptions to the event. In this Quinceañero, you will see the very talented MC/DJ team of Andres Roque and Kr from Miami Pro DJ’s https://www.roqueproductions.com  27 Miracles does many events with this team of MC/DJ and our clients are always satisfied at the outcome, as is the planner( me!!) because the MC /DJ team makes the night a success.

The entrance of the court is usually choreographed and is done prior to any of the dances.  Once the parents and the padrinos(Godparents) enter, the court will follow(damas and chambelanes, this is Spanish for the girls and the boys in the Quinceañero Court).  The entrance is set to a special song selected by the Quinceañera and her parents.  Once the Court is lined up then it is time for the Quinceañera’s grand entrance.  Sometimes there is a thank you video shown prior,  as you saw in our prior blog.  Then it is time for the Prince to let the Quinceañera out of her secret hiding place, if she has one.  Sometimes the Quinceañera comes through the doors, other times she comes out of a stage prop like a rose, background scene, castle, dependent on the theme.  In this video for Frances,  you will see the lovely Quinceañera come out of the carriage.

It is one of the many exciting events of the evening.  Stay tuned for more on Quinceañeros.

To plan your Quinceañero call 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454 or visit us on our website www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

The Perfect Quinceanero

The perfect Quinceañero requires a lot of planning, but it does not have to be a nightmare. 27 Miracles and their outstanding team can help you make sure of that.  Stay tuned the next few days as we talk about a different aspect of the Quinceañero and how simple it is when you have the assistance of a professional Quinceañero planner like Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and her team!

Let’s start with some basics, the Quinceañero is an important tradition in the Latin Culture.  It signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood.  It is a time when the the parents of the Quinceañera introduce her to the community as a young lady and they thank God for the wonderful fifteen years that they are celebrating.  So the Quinceañero does have a religious background to it.

Some families have a dilemma with the girls as to whether they offer the quince, the trip or the car. Sometimes these conversations happen in our office and as the planners we cannot get in the middle of it, we can only speak to the planning of the quince.  The rest is up to the family decision.  Rarely do the girls get two or three choices, it is one or the other.  We see it both ways the car and the party. 

Now today’s video will show you the Quinceañera Frances as she transforms into a young lady.  Thank you to the videography work of Dan with Megapixel www.megapixelpro.comhair and the hair and makeup of AJ Photo/Hair and Make Up  studio http://www.aj-photography.com/.

Stay tuned for the next video series on planning your Quinceañero.  By the way many people ask me why it says Quinceañero in some places and Quinceañera in others. Here is your Spanish 101 lesson, Quinceañero is the “party” itself, Quinceañera is the “birthday girl” one is the noun( person, place or thing) and the other one is the verb( action) okay so I gave you the English lesson too!!