Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Greetings from 27 Miracles. Today is May 5th which marks the holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Do you celebrate this special day? Well, Cinco de Mayo is more than a day to gather with friends and party. Moreover, May 5th is the day “Mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla” (A&E Television Networks, LLC). This battle, surrounding the claim of Puebla de Los Angeles, was fought against French troops. The Mexicans gained their victory on May 5, 1862 which is why this holiday is called Cinco de Mayo.

If you are someone that enjoys this holiday, how would you like to turn your wedding into a Cinco de Mayo themed wedding? Bright colors, Mexican food, a cactus wedding cake, and a mariachi band are some ideas to consider for such a wedding. Another fun idea is to include a photo booth in which your wedding guests can dress up in sombreros and other Mexican outfit pieces.  Or into a themed celebration for your Quinceañero?

Watch Frances Quinceañero below and you will see the  Mariachi Band come out to sing Happy Birthday


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Happy Cinco de Mayo!



A&E Television Networks, LLC. (2014). Cinco de mayo. Retrieved from http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/cinco-de-mayo

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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Dee’s Rose Surprise Celebration at Her Quince

When Quinceañero Planner Rosie Moore gets requests to surprise the Quinceañera she uses her Rose Surprise to rally up the vendors and distract everyone from what is really happening.  In this instance the surprise was a mime dancer that prepared a special dance for the Quinceañera.


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Dream To Reality Show….Brides and Quinceañeras

Brides and Quinceañeras come on out to the Dream to Reality Bridal and Quince show!!!  There will be three fashion shows one for the Brides, one for the Quinceañeras and one for the Prom Girls.  You will have an opportunity to meet with qualified vendors for your event needs. Some of the vendors include photographers, videographers, wedding officiants, florists, bakers for your cake, DJ’s and get to see the season’s wedding/quince/prom dresses and tuxedos without having to travel.  You will have an opportunity to see the ballroom at the hotel and meet one on one with the only Bilingual Master Bridal and Event  Consultant in Orlando, experienced in the wedding and quince industry.  For questions contact Florida Hotel at 407-414-7404 or contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454…..

Florida Hotel Flyer

Orlando/Tampa Vendors Want to Thank Ivonne and Andrew

Orlando and Tampa vendors have the biggest hearts that 27 Miracles Knows.  Watch as Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ, expresses his heartfelt thank you before the rest of the vendors show their appreciation for their clients Ivonne and Andrew.

If you missed any of their stories, just click on the link and you can read all about them.


See the 27 Miracles Rose Surprise

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Celebrating Dee’s Quince

27 Miracles was honored to help Dioberkys and Cesar celebrate Dee’s Quinceañero at the Radisson Resort in Celebration.  Her theme was high heels.

Dee was dressed in a beautiful purple dress that later in the evening became a short dress for dancing by Minerva’s Quince Shop.

Her centerpieces by RJ Glamour Innovations were beautiful converse sneakers with flowers inside.

RJ Gl;amour did the stage decor and draping of the room to enhance the decor in Dee’s theme of purples and turquoise.

Her cake was from Party Flavors and it was a high heel shoe as well.

Photo: Party Flavors

The evening started out with the court coming in to await the grand entrance for Dee.  But prior to her entrance was the presentation of her fun video when she was with all her friends having a grand time, if you missed that blog click here..


Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ was the MC for the night going through the traditional exchange of shoes as Dee went  from little girl to a young woman. To the placement of the crown.  Dee had some special dances choreographed by her friends to entertain her.

A beautiful Night for Dee as you will see in her video filmed by Nannuk Media.

27 Miracles wants to thank all the vendors that helped make this day spectacular for Dee and her parents as we celebrated her Quinceañero.

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Celebrating the Quinceañero of Frances

The day has come to put all the planning of the big Quinceañero into play.  Two years of planning and working with the parents, the Quinceañera and the team of vendors has arrived.  This is the day that the parents of the Quinceañera introduce to the community of family and friends their child to a mature young lady.  But remember it is not all about the date and the event, it is about a daughter that is loved. As well as her parents that sacrificed 15 years to bring her to where she is today. The day should be about the Quinceañera but also about the parents being honored. No matter what the Quinceañera will always treasure this day and remember the sacrifices of time, love and money to make this event possible.

Today, stands Frances a little girl, in a few minutes watch as she transforms into a young lady in her high heels to enter the world.  So let’s all Celebrate Frances as this beautiful transformation takes place.

Frances and the Prince by carriage

27 Miracles wants to extend a special thank you to the following vendors that made this day a success.

Megapixel Video, Miami Pro DJ’s, AJ Photography, Jose Betancourt Hair and Makeup, Unique Cakes by Frances, Minerva’s Bridals and Quinceañeras, RJ Glamour and Innovation, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, Chair Affair, Catherine Way Harp Strings, Mireya’s Mariachi Band, Bjoely Catering, The Eagle Eye Bodyguards and the team at 27 Miracles that made this happen for 470 people at the event!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Surprise Mother/Father/Daughter Dance

The party is just beginning!! That is what Rosie Moore from 27 Miracles says!! Another part of celebrating your Quinceañero, is the entertainment.  There does not always have to be entertainment beyond the traditional;  but sometimes some of our clients feel that they want to do something a little extra.  Here is a special dance by the mother and father of the bride with their Quinceañera, Frances.  Later in the evening you will also get the opportunity to see some more entertainment by the Victory Dancers.  So sit back and enjoy the entertainment!! The guests did and they enjoyed every bit of it!!!

A Surprise For The Quinceañera

27 Miracles always tries to do a little something for each client that they have.  In this instance the father of the Quinceañera was not able to be involved in planning the Quinceañero because it is something that the Quinceañera and her mother were involved with the planner.  So of course when Dad asked planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles, to assist him in something that would be a surprise to his daughter without his wife knowing, 27 Miracles was more than happy to comply.

Watch as the Quinceañera is surprised by her father and a few of the vendors and bodyguards at the Quinceañero.

Father/Daughter Dance

As the planning of the Quinceañero continues, 27 Miracles encourages our Quinceañera to practice her dances. Usually there is a  choreographed with the father, the mother and the court.  The Quinceañera practices months in advance.   The traditional father-daughter  dance is the waltz dance and usually it is a song that is significant to the father and daughter.   It does not necessarily need to be in Spanish, just meaningful to both.

Now right after the Quinceañera dances with her father, the court usually joins in so that the Quinceañera can dance the Waltz with her prince. 

Let’s watch as Frances one of our lovely Quinceañeras dances with her father and then the court joins in.

Ceremony for the Quinceañera

 27 Miracles continues with the series of Quinceañera events. There is a special ceremony during the Quinceañero.  This ceremony can either take place in a church or at the reception hall.  The ceremony can be adapted to the country that the parents are from or traditions can be mixed up.  Earlier on if you recall there were two little girls in the court, one carried the Bible and one carried the shoes.

The presentation of the Bible is done by the minister.  The Bible is presented to the Quinceañera as her first Bible  as a young lady, then there is a special prayer of blessing over the Quinceañera.  Next is the shoes, up to now, the Quinceañera has been wearing ballerina slippers signifying that she is a child.  However as she turns 15 and into a young lady, her father will change her shoes into high heels.  Once her shoes are changed at this moment she will dance with her father and he will present her to the community.  She is presented as the young lady that she is.

Sometimes this is also the opportunity if the Quinceañera has a doll, that she will present to a younger sister or younger child to signify that she is leaving her childhood behind.   At this time the parents take a moment and also may present her with a necklace, ring, earrings or a bracelet.

Let’s watch these two ceremonies take place, The Bible Presentation and the changing of the shoes.