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Welcome to our blog!  27 Miracles Wedding Consulting is a full service wedding consulting and coordinating company!  We have a variety of services that we can do to help you.  Our company loves to have fun helping you plan your special day. At 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting we believe that “your wedding day should be everything you dreamed of.”  Visit us  on our website:     www.27miraclesbyrosie.com where you will read about Central Florida’s Only Bilingual Master Bridal Consultant Rosie Moore and her excellent team of Certified Wedding Planners.


27 Miracles Celebrates Five Years…….

May 11, 2008, 27 Miracles was born!! Happy Anniversary to 27 Miracles! When 27 Miracles decided to open their own business they did not have to ponder too long on the name of the company.  It was simple, 27 for the date that Rosie and Marcus got engaged December 27, 2005.  The Miracles part was because it takes a  miracle to meet the right person, but it takes an even bigger Miracle to stay together!

In the five years that 27 Miracles has been in business they have done numerous weddings of all ethnicities, Quinces, Sweet 16, Events, Vow Renewals, Grand Openings for Hotels, Corporate Events and Baby Dedications. 27 Miracles has had the opportunity to work with several Charity organizations and what a blessing it is to help others in need. See some of their testimonials and reviews http://27miraclesbyrosie.com/about/testimonials.php

Rosie recently wrote a book called A Story of Faith  by Rosie Moore http://www.amazon.com/Story-Faith-Mrs-Rosie-Moore/dp/1468134809

Signed copies available upon request.

If you have not heard about 27 Miracles here is their press and media page that shows some of the places that they have appeared by television, blogs, magazine and awards that they have won.  http://27miraclesbyrosie.com/about/press.php

Most recently Rosie Moore obtained her Master Bridal Consultant, this is the highest achievement from the Association of Bridal Consultants. She is one of only 69 in the world and the only bilingual Master Bridal Consultant in Orlando.   She takes great pleasure in telling a happy couple’s unique story through their wedding ceremony and reception.   She was also named Best Wedding Planner in Windermere, FL.

Thank you to everyone who voted for 27 Miracles .  Click on the link below to see where 27 Miracles ranked in the US and Internationally.


So no matter how big or small your event is, your event will have an element of surprise for you and your guests.  27 Miracles is known for their  creative productions.

And this is how 27 Miracles does it!

Latest Wedding Trends..Surprises

27 Miracles loves a good surprise!!! From the very first day that Rosie Moore, wedding planner at 27 Miracles started planning weddings and events, her goal was the element of surprise and the wow factor. Her very first wedding to plan was her parents surprise wedding vow renewal.  She was all of 18 yrs old and decided that this was the time that  she would start.  She contacted people that were in her parents wedding 20 plus years ago and off to work she went.  She planned it in the large basement of her parents home up North.  And voila on December 21st her very first succesful wedding vow renewal.  Some day you shall have to ask her the details of how she got everyone to help from music to officiant to catering!

It is no doubt that ever since she was 4 she knew she wanted to be a wedding planner.

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Contact 27 Miracles for your wedding, Quince, Sweet 16 or Planned event and let them show you how they can surprise you and your guests.



Until next time Happy Planning!!!