A Surprise Rehearsal Dinner for Gabby and Frank

Today was the start of a special celebration for Gabby and Frank. They traveled to Orlando from South Florida for their wedding. They had their rehearsal at Henry Chapel at First Baptist Orlando.

After the wedding rehearsal was completed, we started the celebration with a rehearsal dinner at the Star Island Resort.  It was beautifully decorated in the bride’s favorite color of pink.

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The couple did not have any idea that this was being planned for them while they were at First Baptist Orlando for their wedding rehearsal. Eric Clark with 27 Miracles coordinated the rehearsal dinner set up, while Adam Rubman of Orlando DJ and Lighting set up draping and uplights ( in pink of course) to accent the room.  Nick Sabatino of 123 Photyography and Bruce Reynolds of Treasured Moments awaited the arrival of the happy couple for their grand entrance.

The time arrived for the couple to be told why they were at Star Island Resort.   Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles welcomed the couple in and said, “this is your night with your family, a night with those that love you the most.”

Christine Mac Phail, Orlando  harpist, serenaded the couple as they came in with romantic love songs123-26123-19 123-30

Gabby and Frank were surprised.  A strawberry flavored cake awaited them from Party Flavors with pink butterflies ( a sign of new life).123-14The couple was taken back with the beauty of the island resort as they celebrated their love for each other. They wanted to explore and have a moment to dream about love, about their unique love.

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Gabby shared her story about the terminal illness that she was enduring.  She started to tell us the long ordeal she has been going through since 2013 until a doctor finally figured out what was wrong.   Listen as Gabby shares her heartfelt story in her own words.  Listen to the strength and faith that she carries in her heart, but most importantly the love and gratitude that she has for the man that will soon be her husband.  It is a love that is often only seen in the movies, but this here is true love…..

Follow us on our wedding blog for the continuation of Gabby and Frank’s wedding.

Thank you to all our wedding professionals who gave of their time and service to make this day special.

Rehearsal day:
1. Star Island Resort/Venue
2. Orlando DJ and Lighting/Adam Rubman/Uplights and draping
3.Orlando Harpist/Christine MacPhail/Harpist during dinner
4. Party Flavors/Priscilla Lucas/Cake and Gillian Duddy who gave her the cake
5.RJ Glamour and Innovation/Juan Carlos Lugo S, Rigo Reyes, Andie Sifontes /Decor
6. 123 Photography/Nicholas Sabatino
7.Treasured Moments Videography/Bruce Reynolds
8. Coordination/Room Set up/Catering set up/27 Miracles/Eric Clark/Rosie Moore
9.Oley’s Kitchen/Catering

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com


Who said Rehearsal Dinners Couldn’t Be Fun?

When Alicia and Mike were thinking about planning their rehearsal dinner, they wanted something fun that would speak about who they are and yet not so formal so as not to take away from the wedding.  Alicia wanted to also surprise Mike, with something to remind him of New York….

27 Miracles’ planned on having their rehearsal at the International Palms Hotel where a human chess board, pool tables, beach volley ball, fire pits and the best thing of all would be available to this fun group…a place where Gator Tales could be told.

You might ask, why Gator tales what is so big about that?  Well for die-hard Seminoles Fan, Alicia, think about it…..

Dinner was amazing with three choices for guests to select!

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Watch as their night unfolded after the church rehearsal with a surprise New York Scene to decorate the room by RJ Glamour!


Then the Gator Stories….

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27 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Treasured Moments http://tmvphdfilms.com/

International Palms Hotel http://www.internationalpalmsorlando.com/

RJ Glamour and Innovation  http://www.glamourinnovation.com/#!/RJ_GLAM

The Day After or the Night Before

Hmm What do you mean the day after or the night before???

Today is where to go Wednesday on the 27 Miracles Blog!  Today the team of 27 Miracles had their  planning meeting for all their upcoming events and TooJay’s Catering was at the top of the dinner menu! Heather was our host for the evening!

27 miracles team march 2014

Heather and her team came out for a night of fun food tasting !!!

See samples of what the Planners at 27 Miracles had!

Yogurt Bar Continental halved Continental Platter Fish Platter hot breakfast IMG_5818 IMG_5819 IMG_5820 IMG_5821

Here is a little history on TooJay’s Catering:

TooJay’s began as a modest New York style delicatessen on the Island of Palm Beach in the Spring of 1981.  Founded by Jay Brown and Marc Jay Katzenberg, they combined the common portion of their names to come up with the moniker “TooJay’s Gourmet Deli”.  Over the years the concept, the menu and the look have evolved and the number of locations has grown to 24 across the State of Florida.

Although TooJay’s is best known for its overstuffed deli sandwiches, spectacular salads and traditional deli favorites and comfort foods, we also pride ourselves on outstanding delivery and catering services.  Every creation reflects TooJay’s famous attention to detail and  presentation   Whether you are planning a holiday party, reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or groomsmen breakfast, rely on TooJay’s for everything from gourmet party platters to lavish hors d’oeuvres and fabulous hot entrée buffets.

From our classic deli platters to elaborate plated dinners, from Fortune 500 companies to family life cycle events, TooJay’s has been serving the catering needs of our communities for over 30 years.  We are proud of our tradition, and the diversity of clients we serve.

The next time the occasion calls for catering, trust TooJay’s with your menu, then sit back and enjoy!


So how does that tie in to our weekly where to go Wednesday?

When you are looking at where to go for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding or your day after the wedding brunch with family  contact 27 Miracles for planning.    We can have it  poolside or  in your home, TooJay’s Catering takes care of it all.  Or having family the day after the wedding enjoying a morning brunch to wish the happy couple good bye before they leave on their honeymoon, or if they left early, the family that is still here will benefit from spending time together in a more relaxed event, brunch!

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A Surprise Rehearsal Dinner………………….

The last thing that Ivonne and Andrew had on their mind was that anyone would donate a Rehearsal Dinner to them. Rosie Moore, planner for 27 Miracles worked with Michael Thomas of John Michael Catering and Events and with Sascha Voss of the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown to do just that, give this deserving couple a Rehearsal Dinner like no other.

Jeff VerSchage of White Rose Entertainment made sure of that.  He welcomed the happy couple to their surprise rehearsal dinner.  The bridal party and family left the Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista with directions on where to go.  Ivonne and Andrew had a bit of a delay as they would be led to their surprise location. The Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown.   They were given a few side tracks like almost turning in to the Royal Plaza Hotel in Lake Buena Vista(which they would find out on their wedding day donated a 2 night Honeymoon stay at their hotel) .  When we finally arrived at the Holiday Inn, there happened to be a shuttle awaiting at the hotel and planner Rosie Moore in her playfulness said oh, here is our transfer to our next destination. The driver caught on and gladly opened the door so they can get in, but just before they got in, Ivonne said , “oh wow, wish it would have been here this place is amazing!!!” At that point planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles let them both in on the secret, it is here!!

Mission accomplished…a true surprise for Ivonne and Andrew.  They walked in to a beautiful room  with Blue up lighting enhancing the white linens and fine china set on the table.   The  centerpiece was an orchid with a floating candle and natural stones.  The bride and groom were like two kids in a candy store, trying to take it all in.

The fabulous dinner was through John Michael Catering it consisted of

Garden salad with ranch and balsamic dressing

Braised beef tenderloin tips served with trio of sauces

Vegetable lasagna

Shallot and rosemary roasted potatoes

Vegetable sauté

Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries

Red Velvet Cake

The guests were so thrilled with the dinner.  We were blessed to receive beautiful hand-made menus and escort cards by Elegance of the Pen by Chelsea.

During dinner Jeff of White Rose had the most perfect Spanish Medleys that left the families ecstatic listening to old world songs from respected musicians from back in the day.  Jeff never having met the family took a guess that this would be perfect for them and it sure was.  But then it was time to Rock the House and that is what Jeff did , got everyone out on the dance floor!!!

Later that night Janvi  Lalani of Ready Set Dance, wanted to be involved in some way and she decided that she would use her talent of dance to dance for the happy couple.  She did a Bollywood Dance.  You may ask what is Bollywood dance?

As one website refers to it: What is Bollywood dancing?
Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. “It’s a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body. ”  http://www.bollywoodworld.com/whatisbollywood/ The songs chosen for Ivonne and Andrew were the weddings songs celebrating two people in love.

The night ended with many thanks you’s to all the vendors that made this fabulous rehearsal dinner possible by Ivonne and Andrew.

Click on the link below to see the pictures from the rehearsal dinner. Jerdan Photography 


Bruce with Treasured Moments captured all the fun on video.

Click the link below to see the video by Treasured Moments:

Stay tuned for the wedding video and more stories to come…..if you have missed following  the stories go to 27 Miracle’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151121880186969.416722.116615151968&type=3

Or our blog page here under A Gift of Love

Vendors that Donated their Time and Service:

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown  www.hiorlando.com

White Rose Entertainment  http://www.orlandodj.com/

John Michael Catering http://www.johnmichaelevents.com/

Elegance of the Pen chelsea.ann.1091@gmail.com

Jerdan Photography http://jerdanphotography.com/

Treasured Moments Videography http://tmvphdfilms.com/


One of America’s Funniest Entertatiners Yee Ha Bob at a Rehearsal Dinner

What do you get when you have an already happy crowd celebrating the marriage of two great people and one of America’s Funniest Entertainer’s in America together?  A whole lot of slap happy, tap dancing, belly laughing folks! That is what happened at the Royal Plaza Hotel at the rehearsal dinner for Kimberly and Steve.  Who is  Yee Ha Bob? 27 Miracles can tell you first hand who he is.  He made doing their work that day very exciting as he made sure the 27 Miracles staff and the Royal Plaza Staff had a blast!

Bob has been bringing laughter and music to audiences at Walt Disney World for more than fourteen years. Bob combines his great boogie woogie piano skills with comedy and singalong to create a unique audience interactive experience. ”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Brian K Videography http://www.briankvideo.com/

KBJ Photography http://www.kbjphotography.com/index2.php

Royal Plaza Hotel http://royalplaza4-px.trvlclick.com/

A Rehearsal Dinner Can Be Fun and Exciting!!

Sometimes families get caught up with all the wedding plans and how everything should turn out that day.  27 Miracles is here to tell you that you can have fun at your rehearsal dinner.  Sure it is a time to enjoy your friends and family, but you can also relax and forget about the wedding day.  Let 27 Miracles handle your wedding day and the stress melt away.  See how planning a fun rehearsal dinner  took the stress off the happy couple.

 Yee Ha Bob made sure that every guest, even the planners at 27 Miracles could not escape Bob Jackson, comedian, singer and entertainer’s fun streak!  You ask, who is Yee Ha Bob?  Hello Music Lovers!!!!  Why in his own words he says he is “America’s funniest entertainer. Bob has been bringing laughter and music to audiences at Walt Disney World for more than fourteen years. Bob combines his great boogie woogie piano skills with comedy and singalong to create a unique audience interactive experience. Check out his website http://www.yehaabob.com/