Christmas Countdown Day 14 Light a Candle

If you have ever sat in front of a fireplace, you will know how deeply relaxing it can be just staring in to it with a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa with the one you love or just by yourself after a stressful day.  Well in Florida not everyone has a fireplace, but if you light a white or blue candle on a table from afar and gaze in to it and stare into it, slow your breathing down and let stressful thoughts float away, you will be relaxed in no time.

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27 Miracles

Stress Getting to You?

As Monday starts the week off, many do not look forward to waking up early with hours of work ahead of them. To obtain the energy needed to get through the day, some take the time before work to drink a cup of coffee. Have you ever considered how this routine can affect your health?


We, at 27 Miracles, want you to look and feel your best on your wedding day. This begins with releasing any stress you may feel. During the wedding planning process, don’t let school or work stress you out.  Instead of drinking a cup of coffee, how about drinking a warm, calming tea? Coffee has its own benefits such as lower risk of Type II diabetes, but adding sugar and creamer to your coffee does not help.


Also, prioritize your work so that you can still get a good night’s rest. Having an organized schedule can go a long way. A good tip is to set aside time in the morning to meditate on your goals for the day, starting your day with a positive attitude and motivation.

Reading a book

Contact us today at 407-905-5454 or for a consultation. There’s no need to stress out about your wedding day. Just feel relaxed, beautiful, and healthy.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 18

“Scent for Company”

“To Quickly make your house smell festive, add a tablespoon of  each of these herbs to 2 cups of water. let simmer on low heat in an old pan, taking care not to boil dry cinnamon, bay leaves, sage leaves, rosemary and lavender.”

There is always something nice about walking into a home and smelling the scents of Christmas cookies baking or the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree.  In the busy world we live in we don’t always have time to come home from work, picking up kids and bake cookies so that when we walk in the door it smells like Party Flavors, one of the Best Bakeries in town.  So with a little help from a Christmas Cookie candle Scent or Pine Scented candle to give you the smell of fresh-baked cookies or fresh cut Christmas tree, can uplift you.

Merry Christmas

27 Miracles

Party Flavors


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