Wedding Tails …Fitting Daisy Or Rusty in to the Wedding Day

Let’s face it, dogs and weddings aren’t exactly a good mix, but don’t tell that to trained dog sitters and trainers! Some people feel that their dogs are like their children and they partake in everything.  They go out to the grocery store, out to the park and ball games, so why not the wedding day?  The problem some people run across is not knowing what the dog will be like in front of crowds on a day when the attention and focus is not on the dog but on the bride and groom.

With the assistance of a pet sitting company, having your beloved pet at the ceremony can be accomplished.  Some pet sitting companies will arrive two hours before the ceremony to calm the dog down and dress him or her in their tuxedo or wedding dress.  The pet sitting company will coordinate the itinerary of the day with the wedding planner so that they know when people are coming in, what music will be played and where people will be positioned.

Another important detail that you want to think about is before you book your photographer, make certain that they are pet friendly and will be okay with the extra photos of you and your beloved pet(s).  Dogs can sense if you are not a dog lover.

The pet sitter will usually walk the pet down the aisle so that they can participate in the ceremony with their owners.  Once the ceremony is done, they will stay for the photos with the family.  At that point when it is time to go to the reception, the pet sitter will either sit for your pet at the hotel( if your reception is at the hotel and you have booked a pet friendly room) or take the dog(s) back home where they will get some well deserved pats on the head for being on their best behavior before turning in for the night after a long day.

Sometimes the dogs will only be in the photos because the venue may not allow pets on property.  It is important to let your wedding planner know beforehand if this is something that you wish to incorporate in your wedding.

Check out Rhianna and Robert, they had their two doggies for the wedding pictures after the wedding ceremony, because they did not allow pets in the church.

with dogs

Linda and Chris had their dog at their wedding …

Linda and Chris Dog Pic 2 Linda and Chris Dog Pic

If you can’t fit the dogs in the wedding day program, you can incorporate them in the engagement session, just bring someone with you to take care of the dogs while the two of you are taking your pictures after you are done with the dogs.

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Dogs and Engagement Photos Dog at engagement

Rosie Moore, Master Wedding planner and her family with the dogs!

Christmas Pictures KBJ 2013 069Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy New Year 2014!!! What a Way to Start the New Year for Rhianna and Robert

Happy New Year 2014!!! What a way to start the New Year 2014 for 27 Miracles’ couple  Rhianna and Robert married on 10/11/12!  On Dec 30, 2013 at 7:46am, Little Phoenix came in to the world weighing  6lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long .  The Happy Couple is doing great with their precious little angel Phoenix.  Many blessings to this new family.

14 550951_412531802135789_829940352_n 545566_412535258802110_2135875888_n

1470392_10152088335161340_1371202982_n 1555449_10152191165531340_20438126_n

Congratulations Rhianna and Robert!!!!

27 Miracles

Happy Anniversary to Rhianna and Robert

27 Miracles wants to wish Rhianna and Robert a Happy One Year Anniversary, they were married on 10/11/12 at the Holy Family Catholic Church with their wedding reception at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista in their brand new Ballroom.   It was the first wedding in the new ballroom.

10/11/12 was a beautiful sunny day for a wedding, the weather was perfect.  Rhianna started her day by getting ready with the talents of A Story Telling Experience doing hair and make up.

557776_10151273912572065_2102963943_n598683_10151273910172065_23995716_n47564_10151273913157065_863942780_nRhianna chose to wear shoes designed by Angela Nuran to match her theme colors.

284122_10151271300717065_1209614053_n 156625_10151273909757065_344181630_n

Finally it is time to see the wedding bouquet that RJ Glamour and Innovation designed for Rhianna…..

557702_10151320988551340_853336437_n 66321_10151271498552065_1707580535_n

Rhianna and Robert’s heritage is from the Phillipines.  They had many traditions to share on their wedding day.  From their bridal party having Sponsors so that there were about 30 couples all together.  Their parish priest came from Lakeland to perform the ceremony.  They had the veil and cord ceremony included in their ceremony as part of their tradition.   ( See more on the tradition here

You may wonder what is the veil ceremony? “It’s a special square veil designed to go over the groom’s shoulders and the bride’s head. This veil represents everything and everyone who will protect them, their home and their families.”


The Cord (Lasso)


“Is a long cord in the shape of a figure 8 (infinity), often with a rosary attached, that goes around the wedding couple’s shoulders. It is a symbol of their intimate union and a sign of their bond to each other, and their inseparable unity.”


The Arras (Coins)


“Exactly 13 coins in a pouch or box is brought to the altar by a small child like the ring bearer or the sponsors.  The coins are given from the groom to the bride as a pledge and promise to financially support their new family. The bride accepts the gift of these coins along with the responsibility of building a loving home.”

Rhianna chose to use a cathedral length veil for the ceremony.  

155271_10151123890222795_1662881865_n (1) 247306_10151273933672065_1179878812_n 250561_10151259477756635_358825341_n 374164_10151259477611635_831058458_n 398298_10151273931972065_224973407_n 557018_10151123889917795_79573028_n

After the ceremony it was time for the festivities to begin….A limo ride to the Sheraton Lake Buena vista in a white hummer provided by VIP Limo

47930_10151273941427065_368706632_nOnce the bride and groom arrived at the Sheraton it was time to have fun taking some photos with the bridal party.  Including the couple’s dogs of course dressed in their bridal party colors!!!

with dogs 4875_10151282897306340_264673005_n 148268_10151376838206340_1678297398_n 320388_10151124483947795_1526094314_n 400929_10151273941722065_66644355_n 420515_4674132010334_1966590152_n 420967_10151274689672065_1249540276_n 486752_4674126410194_527776767_n 535691_10151259479456635_376255283_n 557660_10151124485702795_1181260985_n 559658_10151273941847065_346753022_nNow the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista built a beautiful new ballroom and Rhianna and Robert  were the first couple to celebrate an event in the new space.  With the decor provided by RJ Glamour and Innovation and the lighting by Roque Productions, the room transformed into a romantic atmosphere. The bride and groom got a first look at the room and they were in awe!

Take a look at the before and after pictures.




IMG_0926 IMG_0931 IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0938

The bride had a very emotional dance with her daddy to a song that he used to sing to her in Filipino “Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy” by Jose Marie Chan, it was very touching. IMG_0950 IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

The bride and Groom did the Dollar Dance.  But the tradition in the Phillipines  is for the guests to make a crown and banner of the money and then pin the rest of it to their clothing. The wedding money dance, or Saya ng Pera, is  a requirement at Filipino Weddings.   Rhianna and Robert chose  to play traditional Filipino folk music.

IMG_1004 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1000 IMG_1003The night is not complete without the garter removal.  The bride elected to change in to her second dress of the evening to enjoy some dancing time with her guests.Garter shoes in pic 425865_10151274699432065_1441731321_n

The guests enjoyed lots of dancing, they did not want the party to end thanks to the high energy of the very talented DJ Roque of Roque Productions

IMG_1008 IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0982 IMG_1006


The night ended with the bride and groom having a bubble exit after much love received from the guests….



554943_10200740753460256_594883599_n 282518_10151376836826340_1839321418_nA beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple….

550951_412531802135789_829940352_n 545566_412535258802110_2135875888_n
1382092_10151994403751340_106798456_nOne Last surprise for the bride and groom ….petals await them from the entry of  the room to their bedroom ….Happy Anniversary and many more!!!

couple on bed pic 2

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Classic Story of boy Meets Girl…Robert -LOVES- Rhianna

27 Miracles loves a good love story that is for sure!!  On 10/11/12 Rhianna  and Robert will tie the knot in a classical wedding celebrated Filipino style!!! You will just have to stick around and follow  their story to see all the details of their wedding and how our boy Robert celebrates his love for his girl Rhianna.  Ahhh….high school sweethearts indeed, but it goes beyond that.  14 years together!!! Sit back and read their love story….

November 1997, boy meets girl at a birthday party and they exchanged a simple hello. Boy and girl run in to each other in March 1998 at a St Patrick’s Day Parade in their hometown of Bergenfield, NJ.  Boy catches sight of girl and winks at her causing her to smile and flirt with him.  But once again they go their separate ways, never having a moment to speak.

Now Robert, “Boy” and Rhianna, “girl” attended different schools.  Rhianna was at Paramus Catholic High School and Robert was at Bergenfield.   In September 1998, Rhianna was a Jr. and had to relocate to attend Bergenfield High School.  Rhianna started 3 days late in school after returning from a family vacation in the Philippines.

During her 1st day of school, Rhianna took a tour of the place with her family friend who was very good friends with Robert.  Boy sees Girl; once again he smiles and winks at her. Girl smiles back with butterflies in her stomach.  From this day forth nothing will be an accidental meeting because Boy and Girl had  assigned seating right next to each other in their Algebra class.  Girl hears from their mutual friends that Boy is interested in her.  Girl did not believe it until Boy started to walk with her to her classes everyday and asked for Girl’s phone number from their mutual friend.  Boy calls Girl often on the phone & chats online with Girl.

In October 1998, after almost a year of serendipity, Boy finally got the courage to ask Girl to be his girlfriend.  Without any hesitation, Girl says yes to Boy. Now serendipity for all that don’t know is “the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it.”

Exactly one year later, Boy and Girl returned to their friend’s birthday party but this time around it was different.  Boy and Girl are no longer strangers.  Boy and Girl came back to this party as a couple. They dated for 7 months until Robert went away to the Philippines to college.  It was sure difficult to maintain a long distance relationship in a different time zone for them.  But Robert fought long and hard to maintain the long distance relationship.

A few years later in 2001 Rhianna went to the Philippines in an attempt to finish college as well.  While both in the Philippines, Robert came to see her with the intention of winning her heart once again. Robert had to go back to the US and Rhianna stayed behind to try to finish school.  In 2002 Rhianna joined Robert in the states.

Finally on June 20, 2011, Robert had Rhianna’s sister take her out for Cold Stone Ice Cream to get her out of the house.  Little did she know Robert was going to her house to speak to her father asking for her hand in marriage. Her father gave his blessing.

On June 26, 2011 Robert and Rhianna went to Pennsylvania with their close friends for a biking trip.  She didn’t know that with the help of their close friends, Robert was going to propose to her during this trip.  After 9 miles of bike riding down a mountain, Robert proposed to Rhianna with a beautiful lakeside view.  Overwhelmed with happiness she said yes!!!

On 10/11/12 after 14 years together, Boy and Girl will be Husband & Wife. Rhianna says, “You are my Past, Present, and Future.”

27 Miracles

Watch their love story below….