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Wedding dresses range from mermaid and trumpet styles, ball gowns, A line styles, and much more.  Do any of these sound familiar? Now, have you heard of a crop top wedding dress? Yes, they do exist and are actually a new trend seen this year.

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Crop top dresses are non traditional dresses, consisting of a midriff-baring top paired with a skirt. This style is a great fit for daring brides that want to make a bold statement at their wedding.



Check out this blog by The Knot, “Would You Wear A Crop Top For Your Wedding Day?” for more crop top wedding dress ideas. Designer, Hailey Paige, designs crop top wedding dresses. Watch as she shares a wedding dress tip for brides.


This wedding style may or may not suit you. Regardless, if you are in need of a wedding dress, look no further. Contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or to schedule a consultation. We can gladly assist you with your bridal gown shopping. See one of 27 Miracles Brides dress shopping…..


27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 15

“Examine Your Sole”

“Christmas shopping not only can take a toll on your wallet but your feet as well.  When you get home, put a towel around one foot, grasp both ends of the towel and pull your toes towards you for 15 seconds, then release.  Do this until you feel the soreness slip away.  Then switch feet.” Better Homes and Gardens

Shopping can not only take a toll on your feet, but on your neck, back and legs.  When you are shopping you get so focused on where you are going that you don’t even notice that you have a shoulder bag and you have three or four shopping bags at the mall at a time.  Pace yourself and try to distribute the bags evenly and maybe switch your purse to a cross body or better yet to a small purse that only holds your phone, your money and drivers license.  This will lessen the lad a little bit.  Then go home and take a nice bath and relax!

Merry Christmas!!!

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What Christmas Traditions Do You Have?

Christmas is a time of the year in which most enjoy spending time with their families. Decorations are put up. Christmas cheer is spread. Traditions are made.  

How do you tie in the Christmas season with your fiance? Well, this is also the time of the year to create traditions with your significant other. As your relationship strengthens and you enter marriage, your significant other becomes family, and new traditions start to unfold.  Afraid of where to begin?

Kara from says one way to start the holiday season is to,“take a break from the crowds at the malls and do some of your holiday shopping at local craft shows.”

As a fellow Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, I enjoy making crafts and other homemade goodies for my loved ones.  I also enjoy baking chocolate filled goods such as fudge.  Activities such as making crafts and baking with your fiance can be an enjoyable tradition as well as one that is more personal and intimate.  This gives you and your fiance a chance to spend the holidays together, while creating meaningful traditions; sending out homemade goodies to your other loved ones is a way to incorporate them into this new found tradition.  This lets your loved ones know that you care about them through the work invested into making the goodies.  

With the comfort chocolate provides me during the holidays, I will be enjoying this holiday season with my significant other, baking and decorating whilst taking sips of hot cocoa.  Take this time to enjoy the holiday season focusing on spreading love and cheer.

Written By: Christine Pabelico, Wedding and Event Planner for 27 Miracles

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 10

“Munch on a Candy”

“Pluck a striped candy cane of the tree and indulge in this classic holiday treat. Peppermint oil in the  cane acts as a calming tonic for stress relief.  Make sure the candy canes you buy contain real peppermint oil.” Better Homes and Gardens

One of the many memories I have as a kid growing up is one of my mom and I going Christmas shopping.   We always took some candy canes with us to eat as we shopped for gifts.  To this day I love candy canes and when  they are not around during the year the regular starlight peppermints give the same calming effect.

Merry Christmas!!! Throwback, yep that is my mom and me!!


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Thinking of Getting Engaged During The Holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! A time for reflection, spending time with family and the start of holiday shopping for loved ones.  In particular that girl that makes your world rock!! So are you thinking of popping the question sometime over the holidays?  27 Miracles wants to assure you that buying a diamond for that special person doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  The difficult process is finding that special someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  The rest, will fall in place as far as shopping is concerned and planning.  Now as for shopping, do your homework and think carefully about what your girlfriend will like.  Here are some pointers on diamond shopping:

A diamond’s price will depend on the carat, clarity, cut and color.

Carat is the actual weight of the diamond.  Whether 1 carat or 1/2 carat.  The way the diamond is cut and mounted, can make a diamond appear larger or smaller than its actual weight.

Clarity is the presence of inclusions in a diamond. What are inclusions you ask?  Inclusions are fractures or minerals in the stone itself that are in the diamond when they are being formed in the earth.  They look like crystals, clouds and shadows inside the diamond.  They are ranked on a scale for clarity from F( Flawless) all the way to the letter I.  Some inclusions in a diamond are not visible because the way it is set it is hidden in the mounting.

Color is graded also on  a scale from D( colorless) to Z.  diamonds are not all white, there are some that are blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or red which is very rare.  Although a white colored diamond is the most popular.

Cut  is the angle and proportion of how the diamond is cut.  A well cut diamond will reflect light internally from one facet of the Diamond to another.  When a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow it will lose light and make the diamond look dull.   Cut also refers to shape, round, pear, marquis or the heart are a few examples.  The most brilliant stone of all diamond shapes is the round because it is symmetrical and reflects all the light that enters it. 

Now how much should you spend? Buying a diamond is forever so think wisely.  The diamond will represent a large emotional committment and financial investment.  It may in the future be passed on to family and it will become a family heirloom.

So happy shopping and be sure to contact 27 Miracles after your shopping is done and she says yes! We will help you plan your special day.  If you would like 27 Miracles to  take you shopping for that special someone or arrange the surprise engagement and capture it on photo, video or both,  give us a call and we can arrange that, 407-905-5454.

Until next time….

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