In Honor of Our Soldiers

27 Miracles is honored to know and have served many military clients at their weddings.  Today is not the only day that we say thank you, but every day.  But in honor of Memorial Day, today we will take time to honor those men and women that gave up their family life so that we can be safe.

We salute you soldiers and thank you for your sacrifice.


Steall and Tom Wedding 040 314464_10100606997374242_5103493_59206845_1623790285_n 317419_10100606999400182_5103493_59206863_895730808_n Steall and Tom Wedding 004 Steall and Tom Wedding 005
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The Wedding of Lorena and Geoffrey

On a beautiful clear blue sky day in March Lorena and Geoffrey were married at the Church of Latter Day Saints in Windermere.  They started their day at the church with a traditional Sealing Ceremony and later the Bride and Groom changed into their formal wedding gown and suit for a family dinner.

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (1)

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (2)

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (5)

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (8)

If you remember, Lorena and Geoffrey took some fun pictures all over downtown Winter Garden and by the Lake for their engagement session.  If you missed their story, click on the link,

“When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend”

Lorena and Geoffrey Engagement Pics 165

As the engagement session said, When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend, that is Lorena and Geoffrey and you can see it in their eyes as they look at each other or as Geoffrey looks at Lorena’s children.

Sivan Photography captured this happy moment for this couple.

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (12) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (36) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (37) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (38) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (39)

The start of a new life with a new family for these boys….

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (40)

This fun little guy was captured by the camera, too cute!

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (44) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (47) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (53)

The bride and groom wanted to have their close family celebrating this special day with them after the Sealing Ceremony.  The Sealing Ceremony is an ordinance (ritual) performed in Latter Day Saints temples by a person holding the sealing authority.[1] The purpose of this ordinance is to seal familial relationships, making possible the existence of family relationships throughout eternity.[2] LDS teachings place great importance on the specific authority required to perform these sealings.  

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (63) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (72) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (73) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (75) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (77) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (78) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (79) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (80) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (83) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (86) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (87) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (91) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (94) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (96) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (100)


Geoffrey was doing the happy dance!!
Rodriguez_03-22-14 (101) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (102) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (103) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (104) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (107) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (113)
Rodriguez_03-22-14 (116) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (117)


The beautiful bouquet with roses and callalillies was made by RJ Glamour and InnovationRodriguez_03-22-14 (118) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (119) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (120) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (121) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (122) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (123) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (124) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (125) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (126) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (127)

Some relax time after a long day!

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (132) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (134) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (138) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (139) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (142) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (143) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (146)


The day would not be complete without some pictures in the city of Oakland where everything slows down to just the chirping of the birds and the leaves blowing in the wind.Rodriguez_03-22-14 (149) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (150) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (151) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (153) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (158) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (161) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (163)

Now what is so funny you ask?  Hmm inside joke…..we will never tell….

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (164) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (167)
Rodriguez_03-22-14 (169)


Rodriguez_03-22-14 (168)

So in Love!

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (170) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (171) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (173)


Romance…Rodriguez_03-22-14 (178) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (180) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (184) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (186) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (190) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (194) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (197)


Thank you to Party Flavors for the beautiful pineapple rum cake!

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (198) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (199)


Thank you to RJ Glamour for the bouquet and centerpieces for the family dinner.  Rodriguez_03-22-14 (200) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (201) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (204) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (205) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (208) Rodriguez_03-22-14 (209)

Rodriguez_03-22-14 (211)

So for tips and advice Tuesday we leave you with this, when selecting what to wear on your wedding day, save the dress shopping for after you have selected the wedding venue.  Shopping for the dress after selecting the venue allows you to imagine yourself in your gown on your wedding day at the venue.  See how Lorena’s dress matches perfectly to the style of wedding she envisioned.

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Blooming Flowers for Your Wedding Day

The season of Spring is close by. During this season, beautiful flowers bloom. With this being said, 2014 brings a trend of decor surrounded by floral arrangements.


Don’t think of floral arrangements as only centerpieces and bouquets.  If you are interested in a romantic outdoor look for your ceremony, focus on decorating an arch or a canopy full of floral varieties such as lilies, orchids, peonies, carnations, hydrangea, and roses.

Diana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 177298093_10100606996326342_5103493_59206831_649944260_nAshleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 328

For a cool reception idea, add hanging floral arrangements.  As the flowers drop down from the ceiling, the reception hall is filled with an elegant touch. Also, do not be afraid to think big and bold for the centerpieces.  Blooming flowers at guest tables’ can only add beauty to your reception.

Kessinger (458)29305_412745206968_3372717_n


Lastly, while having a nice variety of flowers at your wedding is beautiful, it is YOUR wedding regardless. Add your favorite flower to give your wedding the personal touch.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

27 Ways to Wow Your Guests



“27 Ways To Wow Your Guests”


1. A list of trivia questions about you for each table.

2. Favors that relate to your hobby or special interests.

3. Childhood photographs of you and your fiancé displayed in an album or on a table.

4. Your parents and/or grandparents wedding photos.

5. Put together a collage of your love letters.

6. A groom’s cake in honor of your fiance’s hobby.

7. Choosing your favorite flower for your centerpiece.

8. Playing your favorite team’s theme song.

9. Sharing your love story during your ceremony or reception.

10. A special thank you friendship dance with all your guests.

11. Name your tables instead of numbering them with places you and your fiancé have been.

12. Choose your favorite poems to read at the ceremony.

13. Announce birthdays, anniversaries or engagements.

14. Give a dance lesson at your reception.

15. Write special vows to each other.

16. Include special ethnic or traditions and dances.

17. Treat your guests to your favorite wine or dessert and tell them about it.

18. Include your signature animal, team, hobby, activity in your wedding theme.

19. Have guests write thoughts and wishes for a time capsule that you open on your 10th wedding anniversary.

20. Honor Military personnel present at wedding with a tribute song.

21. If you or your fiancé are talented, wow your guests with that talent whether singing to your bride/groom or dancing.

22. Bring back conversation tables if the location has them.

23. Surprise guests with a choreographed first dance.

24. Have a slide show of bride growing up when dancing with her dad/mom.

25. Pictures of your pets.

26. Do an anniversary dance while eliminating the shortest married couple (you) with the last married couple left.
27. Table cameras so that when you greet each guest someone takes a picture of you and your guests at that table and when you develop the picture you send a copy to them with their thank you.

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As the Holiday Season Arrives..Remember to Give This Christmas Away

Happy December 1st!!! Wow in 24 days it will be Christmas day or as the stores look at it 23 more shopping days till Christmas not including today! How many long lines will we stand on?  How many gifts will we buy? How many parties will we attend? It is a busy time of year.  27 Miracles only asks one thing, as the season starts, take a moment to just make a difference in even one person’s life.  Give this Christmas Away.  What do I mean by that? Take a moment to make a difference in a person’s life or an organization’s life. Donate a new unwrapped toy to Toys for Tots, Donate a wedding gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, Volunteer at the Food Bank to serve others during the holiday meal, donate time to sit with a senior citizen at a nursing home who does not have family.  There are so many things that we can do to make a difference.  If you want more information on organizations that can use your help, please contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454,

ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (58)ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (170)ChristmasExtrav_SivanPhotography_2010 (147)

Here are a few videos of giving Christmas Away….Many vendors in The Orlando Community come together to do this yearly, sometimes you do not even have to wait until Christmas, you can give any time of year.

Organizations in need of help:

Nathaniel’s Hope

When you purchase our book  A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore, directly from 27 Miracles we will   donate from the proceeds to Nathaniel’s Hope  Watch the video on the book

Toys for Tots

Brides Against Breast Cancer

When you purchase Angela Nuran Shoes directly from 27 Miracles, we will donate from the proceeds to Brides Against Breast Cancer

A Christmas Extravaganza 2010

A Christmas Blessing Wedding

A Gift of Love Wedding


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Happy First Anniversary to Stella and Tom

27 Miracles wants to wish Stella and Tom a Happy First Anniversary! Stella and Tom were married 9/24/11 at the Villas of Grand Cypress in a beautiful Military Ceremony.  The night was full of surprises by both the bride and the groom and 27 Miracles of course had their own surprises as well!  We wish you Many years of happiness together.

27 Miracles

Sivan Photography

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Treasured Moments Videography

If you want to see other stories about this couple visit the following links, this couple has an amazing story to share!

Final Dress Fitting

Stella’s Rose Surprise and Surprise song by the groom

Stella Thank you

Stella Wedding Clip:


Baby Matthew Turns 3, See…Miracles do Happen in This Day and Age

Today Micca and Gerry celebrate Baby Matthew’s Birthday.  By his Chronological age he is 3 years old.  It seems like just yesterday that someone said to these parents, your son will not make it, he was born too early.  But God had the last word and the faith of these parents impacted the miracle that we have today.  Matthew running around like a normal little boy, getting in to things as all baby boys do at this age.  Many blessings and congratulations from 27 Miracles to you Matthew and your parents.

When Matthew came out of the hospital, his parents wanted to do a baby dedication to show God and the world how much they believed in Miracles by dedicating Matthew to the Lord. Thank you to the vendors that made this event successful.

27 Miracles

Rev Marcus Moore

Sivan Photography

Cinematique Films

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Party Flavors( Cake)

RJ Glamour/Centerpieces

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Harpist Christine MacPhail

First Baptist Orlando

Vocalist Christopher Gaitan

Vocalist Laura Knowles


The Story of Matthew a Miracle from God:

It was April 2009 when Micca discovered that she was about 4 weeks pregnant, Gerry and Micca were very happy to bring a child into this world, especially Gerry. Elda was one of the first people that found out that Micca was pregnant.  Little did they both know the strong bond of support that Elda would be providing for Micca as she and Gerry were going to embark on a journey of trials.

The pregnancy was a challenge from the first few weeks of conception. During a routine examination of the baby and blood work, it was revealed that Micca’s progesterone level was very low, so the doctor ordered progesterone to be taken up to the baby’s 13th week of gestation. Without the progesterone, the baby would not survive.

The 14th week of life brought abdominal pains.  Gerry tried to comfort Micca and thought that it was normal growing pains.  The pain persisted over the next day.  While she was visiting with her mother in law Rosa she was not feeling well and when she went home, she started to have spotting.  Micca was home alone when she started having bleeding and unbearable pain.  She thought to herself that she had to get to the emergency room. There was no time to call anyone. On her way there, she heard the song, “He’s My Son” and at that very moment she cried out to the Lord for Him to have mercy on her and her baby.  She did not know if she was having a son or not, however she just wanted the baby to be healthy.

While at the hospital emergency room, they did an ultrasound and sure enough they told her she was having a boy and his heart rate was strong.  Along with that news came some more news.  The doctor came in and stated that she has a shortened cervix and the baby would not survive the pregnancy much longer. They will have to deliver the baby and he will not survive.

She asked to be transferred to another doctor and hospital.  She ended up at Florida Hospital under the care of Dr Ahmalt. Soon after she arrived, Dr Ahmalt examined her cervix and informed her that she would only have a 5 percent chance to save the baby.  Micca, with faith in her heart, told the doctor to give her 10 percent and leave 90 percent with God.  The doctor smiled and said “okay, surgery in 7 days”. Within those 7 days, Micca prayed, from morning till night about the coming surgery.  The special surgery, called a Circlage, would help Micca to keep the baby in her womb longer.

Micca remained in the hospital 101 days.  During the 101 days that Micca was in the hospital on bed rest, Gerry never left Micca’s side.  He came to visit every day and spent the night at her bedside after work, despite being tired to encourage her.  Micca had a good support system going with her mom, mother in law, grandparents and sisters. They all brought her encouragement and comfort food while she was on bed rest.

Micca believed that there were three angels that were placed in her life with a purpose, her three friends, Elda, Karen and Daisy.  They visited her faithfully with words of support and encouragement.

Then on an unexpected Thursday September 24th 2009, the baby could no longer stay inside, he was breech, and started kicking and was affecting the cervix staying closed.  Delivery was a necessity. Micca was 27 weeks; she could not hold the baby any longer, as the baby was breech and kicking. The doctor ordered an immediate C-section to prevent Micca from losing any more blood. Micca was devastated at the doctor’s decision because she had sacrificed so long on bed rest and wanted to have a normal delivery time.   Baby Mathew was delivered at 5pm on the 24th of September, 2 lbs 2oz. Gerry had just left an about an hour before all of this happened.  His first reaction was that of shock but at the same time proud that he was a father.

Matthew was admitted to the NICU as soon as he was born. He had tubes and monitors coming out everywhere.  This was very overwhelming for both Micca and Gerry.  At this time the prayers for the baby’s survival started. While praying for Matthew the song He’s My Son” kept coming back to Micca and it gave her strength as she prayed to the Lord…..

Many days and weeks went by with daily visits to the NICU at what seemed good and bad days.  Or as they always said in the NICU two steps forward and ten steps backwards.

Things began to take a turn for the worse in the middle of October.  Matthew began to require more oxygen every day and the doctors eventually found out that Mathew had contracted a hospital borne illness called Seratia, which had gotten into his lungs.  If not treated, Seratia can become very dangerous for a premature baby.  Matthew was also treated with steroids to help with the maturation of his lungs, but Matthew did not tolerate the medications.

Matthew got to the point where he required 100% oxygen.  This lasted months.  To Micca and Gerry this was very scary. During this desperate and trying time, Matthew had two nurses who fell in love with him, Charlotte and his nurse practitioner Lisa. They never gave up on Matthew and kept trying to find out what else they could do to help Matthew.  But at the same time, they knew Matthew was running out of time. Charlotte took care of Matthew like he was her own son. Whenever Micca found out Charlotte was on a shift, she knew this was the opportunity to take a much needed break because she knew Matthew was loved and under the best care possible.

Lisa, Matthew’s nurse practitioner and Dr Goldberg also never gave up on Matthew. They were always trying to find a solution towards Matthew’s care. Matthew’s unstable breathing patterns were not easy to deal with from day one. After a month of being on 100 % oxygen, Matthew’s condition worsened instead of improving.

One Tuesday night the nurses had to manually ventilate Mathew twice because his heart rate kept slowing down to the point that he would not survive if left untreated.   That Tuesday night Micca was working and Gerry was in the hospital with Matthew.  When Micca arrived for her evening visit, the nurse’s face showed nothing but worry for Matthew.  At the same moment, the Doctor on call said, “Mom Adolphe, Matthew may not make it tonight, he is very sick and we are not sure what is going to happen.  The doctor as gently as possible told Micca that she needs to start thinking about the next step” Micca’s faith was once again tested.  She looked at the Dr. right in his eyes and said “As long as my God is good, my son will live and he will come home”.

Gerry and Micca were upset, but they held their head up high, because they felt they had to be strong for each other and Matthew. Micca started to pray Psalm 23.

Micca accepted that God could possibly take Mathew and she committed her son to the Lord and said, “God, May Your Will Be Done”. But in her heart she was dying, crying, asking God for Mercy, telling God to take her instead and give Matthew life. Micca called her mother and told her the news about Mathew.  Micca’s mom, also being a woman of faith said, “My child, close your eyes and let’s Pray.”

Where two or more of you agree together in prayer about anything, you will have what you ask, because I am also there in your midst.  Mother and Daughter agreed in prayer for Mathew’s life and Micca went back to Mathew’s room with a sense of peace and hope in her heart. Micca’s father Orius prayed as well, asking our Heavenly Father to give life to Mathew because of the child’s innocence. Gerry’s mother and sister Jeanette also came to provide support and encouragement to Micca and Gerry.  They cried, telling Matthew how much they loved him and for him to stay strong and not to give up.

During this time, Lisa, Matthew’s nurse practitioner left and care was transferred to Dinorah, another nurse practitioner.  Lisa entrusted baby Matthew in her hands.

At that moment Micca said to herself. “I’m going to fight this battle, not with my own strength, but with prayers lifted to the Lord above. So Micca began to look for God that night with prayers.   The next morning Charlotte, Matthew’s primary nurse was bathing Matthew and as Micca approached the room, she heard her softly whisper “Lord, May Your Will Be Done for Matthew.”

During that time, Micca’s sister in law called her to give her a number to Dr Ajai, a pulmonary doctor.  What a small world, that very same morning Charlotte also gave Micca the number to Dr Ajai.  Dr Ajai and his partner Dr Verma developed a plan to get Matthew off the vent.

That same day Micca cried to God, wondering why He was not listening to her prayers, so she called on Jesus name asked him to speak to God, telling God that Matthew needs Him to please hurry because there is not much time left.  I knew that Jesus would hear my prayer and that he would come to visit Matthew. The Days went by and Matthew was still very critical and sick but as the days progressed Micca kept her faith and believed that God was intervening in her son’s life.

Micca would whisper in Mathew’s ear, small affirmations of faith.  “Don’t worry my son, Jesus will come visit you and he will heal you”. 14 days later, Mathew started to make small improvements and eventually was taken off the ventilator.

As the holidays approached Matthew grew and grew.  He got to wear clothes as soon as he reached 3 pounds.  What joy to see Matthew in clothes that were big enough for a doll to wear.  But with the holidays fast approaching, the news came with the sadness that Matthew would not be home for Christmas.  All around people were rejoicing with their children.  Micca and Gerry wanted to be strong so that they could enjoy Christmas despite what was happening with Matthew.

Right before the holidays Micca met a couple in the NICU named Rosie and Marcus.  They were the parents of baby Kaleb, also born at 27 weeks and a mere 1lb 10oz, just two weeks after Matthew was born.  Micca told Rosie and Marcus the story of how she remembered seeing Rosie walking in to the NICU for the first time.  Without knowing a thing about Rosie and Marcus, Micca prayed for them, even though she had her own set of challenges with Baby Matthew.

The weeks went by and Matthew grew stronger and stronger, despite the fact that he would have set backs after a progress forward.  The last few weeks there was a lot of back and forth on Matthew’s  feedings and whether he could tolerate the feedings or not.  The end conclusion was that he was not tolerating the feedings.

It was decided that On March 12th Matthew would have a g-tube placed to help him with his feedings and bilateral inguinal hernia repairs.  This brought Micca and Gerry back to the day he was born, due to the fear of having him on the ventilator again following the surgery. But it was a necessary procedure and all were hopeful that Matthew would do well.  

The Lord certainly heard Micca and Gerry’s prayers because Matthew had his surgery and came off the ventilator after he was intubated!!!!!!!The preparation started for Matthew to go home in a week. CPR classes, monitor training with the apnea machine, breathing treatment training, medication training, g-tube care and feedings.  WOW!! Very overwhelming!  But the excitement of finally leaving a place that became Matthew’s first home for 6 months was more exciting.

On 3/19/10 Matthew took his first car ride and it was to go to his home with Mommy and Daddy!! The song that came to mind was Celebration by Kool and the Gang:

Everyone Meet Matthew Adolphe, a miracle of God…….


Mathew has been a miracle child from the beginning and God’s thumbprint has been all over his life.  Gerry and Micca witnessed the birth of their son. Their friends and family provided much needed support to help them get through one of the most difficult things any couple can ever go through.  Micca and Gerry wanted to celebrate this miracle with you by sharing their story, celebrating Mathew’s life and God’s faithfulness to them.

Let’s rejoice with Micca and Gerry as they have their little Miracle from God Baby Matthew in their arms.


Happy Birthday Matthew!!